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Health & Medicine Essay Examples and Topics

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Epidemic

A histological analysis of SARS will be developed to clarify the main signs and symptoms of the disease, its epidemiology and etiology, the histological changes, and the existing treatments.

Medical Implants and Their Effects on Life Quality

These controversies revolve around the impacts of the medical implants on the health and the quality of life of patients. Medical implants such as breast and cochlear implants improve the quality of life of those [...]

High Staff Turnover in Healthcare Institutions

Due to the complexity of the phenomenon, becoming a sustainable organization is impossible without developing a comprehensive plan of actions paying special attention to the most critical elements of the system.

Healthcare, Human Services and Foster Care in the US

Particularly, it is essential to enhance the importance of the caretakers' role in both the provision of the necessary healthcare assistance to their foster children after the people in question become legal guardians of the [...]

Childbirth Options and Complications

The choice of a particular birth option can be influenced by the cultural and social backgrounds of a woman, the availability of support resources, and potential health risks.

Prescribing Psychotropic Medications to Children

First and most obvious, the enhancement of the quality standards can be carried out by the manager so that the prescription of psychotropic medication should be provided in the cases that actually need the application [...]

Articular and Muscular Systems

It is worth noting that the articular and muscular systems are the two most important parts of the human body due to the fact that they perform the functions of the musculoskeletal system.

Pocket Guide for Alcohol Screening

Guideline for Alcohol and Substance Use Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment was used to gather information, and the client falls into the Harmful Use category.

The Treatment for Anaphylaxis

The main chemical mediators of an anaphylactic reaction are IgE, histamine, and tryptase, and the presence of these chemical agents in blood serves as the major indicators of anaphylaxis.

Patient Privacy and Mobile Devices in Healthcare

The use of text messaging to communicate patient information is of particular concern with regards to the issue of privacy and confidentiality in healthcare settings because more than 70% of healthcare providers use text messaging [...]

Gua Sha in Cancer Therapy Against Myalgia

Despite the fact that the use of convenience sampling may have contributed to the creation of research biases, the choice of the Laser Doppler imaging as the means of retrieving the relevant data along with [...]

Public Health Informatics and Vaccination Coverage

Public health informatics is the field that optimizes the utilization of information with the purpose of improving individual and community health, health policy, health and biomedical services, and public health practices.

Infant Feeding in Developing Countries

Gibson, Ferguson, and Lehrfeld carried out this research in developing nations with the view of assessing the nutrient and energy sufficiency in various complementary foods given to children during winning period.

Biohazards and Safety in Clinical Laboratory

The only way to avoid incidents, according to Sample, is to ensure that the design of lab operations is safe and that all staff is adequately trained to adhere to all of the guidelines.

Radiation Dosimetry Program

The goals are designed to enable a radiation oncology professional to fulfill the mission statement that directs a dosimetrist to impart the requisite skills and necessary knowledge to any graduating student to develop competent skills [...]

Gastric Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Gastric cancer or cancer of the stomach occurs when normal cells of the stomach change to become cancerous cells. This type of gastric cancer is usually as a result of problems that are caused by [...]

Lifecare Hospital: Accounting Information System

In the conditions of economic development, the enterprises face multiple changes in the business environments, and it provokes the necessity for the design of managerial tasks aimed to control the external and internal transformations and [...]

Clinical Information System Design

The following project will observe the scope of the problem along with its causes and will provide the IT solution applicable to the needs of both patients and health care providers.

How Can We Delay the Aging Process in Skin?

Hsu, Li, and Fuchs note that the intrinsic and extrinsic biological factors such as the changes in the stratum corneum structure and corneum along with the occurrence of lipids justify the use chemical peels as [...]

Intestinal Obstruction, Diagnosis and Intervention

There are a range of symptoms of intestinal obstruction, depending on the severity of the condition; nausea and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, severe pain in the abdomen and bloating, cramps, bloating, and swelling are the [...]

Stem Cell Treatment, Its Benefits and Efficiency

Stem cell treatment is a method that uses the transplantation of cells to facilitate the process of cell regeneration. In conclusion, stem cell therapy is expected to provide a breakthrough in the treatment of adverse [...]

Waxing Teeth Procedure and Preparation

Such movements must be constantly controlled to ensure the proper clearance of the developed DB and MB embrasures. The most difficult part is working on M and D marginal ridges.

Endocrine System and Age-Defined Morbidities

Nevertheless, the evidence summarized in the reviewed article suggests that the hormonal factor of aging and age-related morbidity can be intervened to enhance the quality of life and functionality in aging individuals.

Medical Resources and Life Expectancy in Sudan

The recent study by Chetty et al.shows the increasing gap in the standard of living of the poorest and richest residents of the United States, while the high income increases the life expectancy of the [...]

Respiratory Care Aspects

It provides information in numerous fields, including courses for respiratory therapists, created by experts in the field of respiratory care education, research, and management, for the purpose of increasing the students' depth of knowledge.

Skin Aging Process

This essay discusses some of the methods that are applicable in the endeavors to delay the skin aging process. Fourth, enough sleep is essential in the skin developmental and aging processes.

The Smoking Ban: Arguments Comparison

The first argument against banning smoking employs the idea that smoking in specially designated areas cannot do harm to the health of non-smokers as the latter are supposed to avoid these areas.

Shaken Baby Syndrome and Pathology of Death

The purpose of this research paper is to describe the relationship between shaken baby syndrome and the pathology of death. The energy associated with the acceleration events recorded during shaking can increase the motion of [...]

St. Leo University’s Anger Management in Patients

By working with adults with autism and autism spectrum disorders as a volunteer, I learned a variety of important techniques and acquired the information that will help me create efficient treatment strategies in the future [...]

Abortion Counseling and Psychological Support

One recurrence is a woman's lack of autonomy which can directly pressure the decision to have an abortion. Women may be driven by a number of influences and ideological factors to have a certain level [...]

2012 Meningitis Outbreak in the United States

The investigation of a chronicle of the events that led to such an outcome should help to clarify the main reasons and comprehend the peculiarities of the case to avoid similar situations in the future.

Nursing Education Degrees in the United States

The first possible degree leading to the status of a Registered Nurse is the Associate's Degree in Nursing. The purpose of this research paper is to analyze various types of nursing degrees, their implications for [...]

Nutrition, Its Clinical and Psychological Factors

For ensuring the development of healthy nutritional intake that contributes to the improvement of well-being, the balance in requirements, and adherence to counseling, psychological factors should be identified, assessed, and addressed.

Population Health and Education in the USA

In this regard, the purpose of this paper is to examine the role of education in the population's health in the US, focusing on both positive and negative aspects and considering various links between the [...]

Human Physiology and Exercise

In the case of athletes, a primary concern is the need to sustain the ability to perform physically demanding tasks, and in order to accomplish that goal, the athlete needs to consume the right types [...]

The Sickle Cell Disease Concept

The disorder arises when there is a transmutation in the order of nucleotides in the gene that ciphers the beta chain of the human hemoglobin.

Cervical Cancer and Risk Factors

The development of the illness can be provoked by the background diseases which lead to the transformation of the vaginal part of the cervix: polyps, papillomas, cervicitis, erosions and others.

The Health Impact of Amazon Company

In the end, the conclusions are drawn to summarize the primary findings of the paper while referring them to the possible positive contribution of Amazon to the healthcare industry and determining the firm's contribution to [...]

Health Impacts of Transnational Corporations

This was exemplified in the 2010 controversy about Amazon selling the book "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct" Another example of Amazon's policies that allude to the damage it [...]

Patient Length of Stay in Hospitals

The system aims to redistribute and lower the costs, particularly on a case-by-case basis, through a variety of methods such as decreasing the average length of stay.

Traffic Incident on the South Market Street

One of the children remains in critical condition and unconscious. One of the patients required surgery, whereas three of the children acquired fractures and other tissue injuries as a result of the incident.

Aging-Related Physical and Behavioral Changes

Nevertheless, the process can be identified in several life stages from young adulthood, throughout maturity and up to the aging stage, where both the processes and the effects become the most prominent.

Medication Administration and Patient Safety

Thus, drug labeling is the policy of medications, solutions, and container labeling which might lead to reducing the rate of medication errors in the nurse's practice. Medication labeling policy might be helpful to reduce the [...]

Healthcare Quality Importance

In contrast, the free-market system delivers quality and affordable packages to patients. The business case for healthcare quality relates to an improvement in clinical outcomes and associated incentives.

Prevention and Detection of Obesity

In this regard, electronic tools for obesity may be executed by health professionals in the scope of medical backgrounds to improve the diagnosis and management of obesity.

Pharmacists’ Communication Skills

Speaking about the particular communication skills that are essential for the specialist, it is important to remember about the pharmacist's ability to concentrate on the specific needs of the client.

Asthma and Stepwise Management

The stepwise approach to asthma treatment and management is a six-step approach, according to which the number and the dose of medications and frequency of management are increased as necessary when symptoms persist and then [...]

Health-Teaching Project: Women With Hypertension

The high necessity of detecting hypertension is associated with the fact that it is a condition that does not show clear symptoms; thus, women should be vigilant about being in control of their pressure to [...]

Stress as a Risk Factor for Inflammation

In their article "Proinflammatory cytokines and DHEA-S in women with fibromyalgia: Impact of psychological distress and menopausal status," Sturgeon et al.evaluate the role of salient patient characteristics such as psychological stress and menopause on the [...]

Spinal Cord Injury: Types and Rehabilitation

The former refers to an injury that does not impair the functions of the spinal cord or causes only a partial functional impairment, while the latter implies the injury causing the complete rupture of the [...]

Infections: Abundant Diarrhea Mixed with Blood

The identification of pain characteristics, evaluation of other symptoms in combination with the results of collected by objective research, such as clinical analysis, in most cases, helps to achieve a high level of preliminary diagnosis' [...]

Trover Health System Organization

In the essay above, we will discuss how scenario analysis can be used to access the eventualities that may occur to www.trover health system organization by identifying the key drivers and how they will impact [...]

National Patient Safety Goals in Nursing Practice

One of the goals to increase medication safety as established through the National Patient Safety Goals requires that the drugs and other solutions are appropriately labeled in the perioperative area and during other procedures.