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Health & Medicine Essay Examples and Topics

Zika Virus: Professional Coalition

Naturally, the problem could not remain unnoticed by the Centers for Disease Control: the Big Cities Health Coalition was formed to take measures regarding the virus and combat the consequences caused by it.

The Joint Commission: Human Resources Policies

Although the significance of medications and procedures applied in the course of treatment is hard to overestimate, effective communication and trusting relationships established between the patient and the care provider is none the less significant [...]

Treating Conditions of the Eye

Fourth, they should hold the dropper with the other hand close to the eye but not touching it. Then, patients should wipe the excess liquid from around the eye and do the same operation with [...]

Ancillary Service of Hospice Care

The philosophy of hospice care is built on the belief that patients and their families can live more fully thanks to the personal care and care of others.

Health Care Services: Social Justice Analysis

For instance, the level of poverty in the USA is on the rise, and many people simply have no funds to purchase their health insurance. In conclusion, it is possible to note that social justice [...]

Healthcare Quality and Governmental Spending

Thus, the increase of government spending on health coverage is not proportional to the increase in healthcare quality and coverage, which is one of the core problems in the United States health system.

Epigenetics and Its Role in Cancer

Epigenetics is a branch of biology which is concerned with studying the changes in the expression of genes that occur not due to the changes in the DNA itself, but because of the conditions in [...]

Public Health: Chlamydial Infections

The information that the nurse practitioner should consider is the possible non-sexually transmitted infections that can cause the change in the vaginal discharge and the urge to urinate frequently.

Cardiovascular Diseases in the UAE

Apart from the establishment of the registry, the authorities have launched a few promotion initiatives that are to encourage more people in the United Arab Emirates to undergo necessary examination and increase the awareness of [...]

Preventing Young Children Overweight

Alongside the increased rates of overweight and obesity among school-going children in Hong Kong, there is a rising infiltration of western world's fast food culture.

Key Data Measurements of Epidemiology

It is a measurement of the frequency with which a disease may occur in a certain population in a definite period of time. The example is the number of diabetes patients in a hospital divided [...]

Screening for Breast Cancer

The main goal of this paper is to describe the specific set of clinical circumstances under which the application of screening is the most beneficial for women aged 40 to 74 years.

Defining Healthcare Quality

As related to the definition of quality, the suggested intervention is likely to increase efficiency of care positively influencing safety and improving patient outcomes.

The Effects of Falls on the Elderly

The following paper is intended to cover the results of an interview with nursing professionals and literature review focused on the issue of falls and its influence on the patients' health.

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set

Even in conditions of small primary care practice, it is important to manage the quality of care and possible risks. Another intervention contributing to control and patient care efficiency in diabetes is the Healthcare Effectiveness [...]

The Role of Epigenetics in Cancer

The methyl groups used in the study were based on human genome motifs and were previously shown to be associated with the silencing of genes and methylation in the development of humans [3].

Sexism and Male Nurses

An example of this issue is the sexism that is experienced by male nurses, and in this case, the problem stems from the sexist attitudes that regard the job of a nurse as a typically [...]

Patient Safety Issues

Patient safety is one of the primary concerns of the healthcare system. The organization of the nursing staff is among the factors that influence the way the care is provided.

Electronic Health Record System Implementation

This report aims to discuss the implementation of the electronic health record system in the context of business continuity. The primary task is to implement the EHR system as it provides "efficient and real-time services [...]

The Nurse’s Role in Promoting Quality Health Care

Giving a chance to reduce the threat of a misunderstanding or misinterpretations of the provided information, as well as delivering the services of the finest quality, efficient communication between a nurse and a patient must [...]

Endocrine Disorders

The key difference from the previous type is that the pancreas of patients produces insulin, but the body cannot use it in a proper way.

Emergency Department: Leadership Strategy

The given paper discusses the approach to leadership and the strategy helping to reduce the number of avoidable ED visits. In the case under consideration, the task of a nurse leader is to invent and [...]

Fall-Related Injuries Among the Elderly

For example, to assess the scope of such a problem as falls in the elderly, one can define the type of fall and estimate the number of falls per person for people who did not [...]

Healthcare Root Cause Analysis

In the case scenario, the collaboration included a description of the difficulties in the work of the nurse and the pharmacist that might lead to a medication error.

Anti-Atherogenic Actions of Thymoquinone

However, the modern era of atherosclerosis has focused on the inflammatory process and the proliferation of smooth muscle cells in the arterial intima as a nidus for forming atherosclerotic plaques. The injury to the arterial [...]

Unprofessional Behavior and Patient Safety

In the case under discussion, the poor work of nurses can be explained by the lack of communication, an inability to express personal and professional opinions, and no intentions to listen to each other.

The Role of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

Placing importance on the role of SANEs is of significance for nursing due to the array of benefits for victims since regular RNs or physicians are rarely qualified enough to perform complex forensic evaluations and [...]

Smoking Cessation in Patients With COPD

The strategy of assessing these papers to determine their usefulness in EBP should include these characteristics, the overall quality of the findings, and their applicability in a particular situation. The following article is a study [...]

Nursing Ethical Principles Application

However, the nurse must assure the patient that his request would remain between him and the nurse to avoid any complicated situations with his wife: "collect, use, and disclose health information on a need-to-know basis [...]

Nursing Informatics Competencies

The areas that are the most relevant to the functions of nurse managers are information analysis, management, leadership, and administration, and oversight of compliance.

Terminal Sedation and Physician-Assisted Suicide

The ultimate goal of every process is to safeguard the rights of the greatest majority. In the event of war or an emergency, decision-makers should strive to protect life instead of choosing euthanasia and terminal [...]

The Opposite Sex Genitalia

The possession of the female genitalia is probably what makes women and girls be highly targeted by wicked men who just desire using them for sex, slavery, fun, and excitement to mention a few.

The Cost of Drugs and Their Effectiveness

The drug's effectiveness, its high cost, and specifics of the therapy were considered as factors that downsized the cost-effectiveness of the medication in the eye of the Services' administration.

Healthcare Standardized Coding Systems

The use of standardized terminologies and coding allows nurses to store this information for further use by professionals of other specializations. The use of standardized terminologies and coding is a necessary element for medical research.

The Concept of Case Management in Medicine

Healthcare institutions create the position of a case manager in order to support the diverse needs of the targeted patients. This discussion therefore supports the fact that the ultimate goal of case management is to [...]

The Hanston Township Crisis Case

The population has become diverse due to the increasing level of immigrants to the community. He is also aware of the issues affecting the people of Hanston.

Autism Treatment Network

In order to use these resources in PEACE, it is necessary to establish a budget that will cover expenditures on training courses for specialists involved in the program, educational materials, seminars, and individual counseling.

Determinants of Health Outcomes

As can be seen, it is a major disease present in all races that are highly dangerous and requires the education of patients to improve disease prevention.

Illness and Quality Health Care

The third explanation is that the treatment of diseases is a positive indicator of a sustainable health sector. This is the case because some diseases are unknown in terms of pathophysiology and etiology.

War and Remembrance: Casualties of the Mind

This paper will focus on the examination of the effects of American veterans with disabilities and PTSD concerns in the shadow of the Civil War and the associated treatment to be offered to veterans as [...]

CareCloud: Electronic Health Record

However, the cloud-based EHR is associated with a similar level of data security as regular storing systems and strives to ensure a high level of privacy and confidentiality for its customers and to minimize the [...]

Ministry of Health and Prevention Patient Smart Portal

This WBS will have three levels to summarize the information about the tasks that should be completed during the project, plan the project logically and proactively, and define manageable components of the activities to achieve [...]

Thrombosis and Anemia in Medical Practice

The potential reasons why blood clots continued to be misdiagnosed are related to the providers' level of professional experience and the similarities between the symptoms indicated and the signs of a heart attack.

Orthopedic Service Line Development

The management of the hospital is faced with the possibilities of constructing on its land, purchasing or to lease the area where the orthopedic service line will be established.

Knowledge Management: Data Sources in Medicine

The decision-making in the infection and control programme is highly influenced since a lot of time is spent on analysis and surveillance to avoid wrong assessment of information and conclusions There is a continuous decrease [...]

Plastic Surgery: Gaining Confidence with a Scalpel

Nevertheless, the 21 century is the time of cosmetology and plastic surgery; the beauty industry is so highly developed that people often lose their individuality in the pursuit of perfection imposed to them, and importantly, [...]

Mental Disorders and Adam Lanza’s Case

Compare and contrast three key similarities and three differences between mental illnesses and mental disorders. Anorexia Nervosa and bipolar disorder affect the individual's state of mind.

Harnett County Public Health IT Department

Strahan explained that the decision to purchase PDQ came from the need to update specific pieces of software, or remotely update the software on their employee's software in a more efficient manner.