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Health & Medicine Essay Examples and Topics

Accident Causation Models

The concept of an accident has a long history and it is inextricably linked to the development of the human society.

Health Informatics in the United States

The following paper aims at reviewing the main directions of projects that are made possible with the new discipline and identifying the practices involving health informatics used by Cobb and Douglas Public Health organization.

Hospital’s Risk Management Program Analysis

The risk management plan for new employees or physicians is designed to offer information and training sessions needed to ensure that all new employees are familiarized with the healthcare facility services, processes, culture, and systems. [...]

Disaster Preparedness Issues

Professionals develop the measures that need to be undertaken to ensure that the county can identify the upcoming disaster and mitigate its influence.

Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Facilities

In case of an emergency event, the following sources of information can be used to estimate the number and the severity of casualties: An emergency manager could be contacted to get relevant information from first [...]

Devic’s Disease in Childhood

NMO is a form of autoimmune disorder, and based on the nature of immune attacks, patients that suffered from the effects of Devic's disease are affected by autoimmune attacks on the optic nerves and the [...]

Healthcare Cohort Study

This approach to study design is a form of iatric investigation, and it is frequently utilized to designate the reason for the ailment, especially in the detection of bursts of contagious sicknesses or in the [...]

Telehealth: New Methodologies

Namely, the researchers find that the telehealth models can adequately support the primary care practices and reduce the pharmacy and medical costs of the treatments, reduce the number of admissions to the hospital; in addition, [...]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Its Causes

While it is possible to clearly articulate the symptoms of OCD, the final and definite answer to the question about the causes of the disorder is yet to be found. Currently, it is hypothesised that [...]

Patient Transfer Device

The most important benefit is that the construction will provide safety: owing to the fact that rubber stoppers will protect the device from sliding, the risks of injury are lower.

Child Obesity in Australia

Despite a subtle positive tendency evidenced in the statistics in Graph 1, the situation requires an immediate response from both the government and the society: Among the crucial pathogenic causes of childhood, obesity implies a [...]

Marie Stopes International: Balanced Scorecard

These financial targets can support the organization to achieve its overall objectives set out in its 'Power of 10' strategic plan. The effective management of excessive cash is crucial for the organization to achieve its [...]

Impact of Technology on Healthcare Ethics

The first area of consideration is the technical capability of robots to perform the functions necessary for the delivery of care with a level of quality sufficient for ensuring adequate safety. Further research and development [...]

The Culture of Safety in Hospitals

The principal goal of the research was to determine whether or not the hospital corresponds to the notion of High Reliability Organizations.

Suicide and Older Men: Causes and Prevention

Considering the factors of age and gender, it can be argued that the influences contributing to the high suicide rate among older men include psychological pressures, health problems, and social issues.

Intrapartum Hypnosis’ Analysis

The review was organized logically and supported the need for the study, with background information presented at the beginning to lead to the research's conclusion that there was a need in analyzing a sizeable nationally-representative [...]

Medical Conditions: Background Information

Although the patient was above the average age of 48 years as asserted by Kim, et al, it is vital to note that the symptoms were triggered by a hysterectomy done to address hypermenorrhea. Also, [...]

Obesity in America: Multimedia Education Program

Therefore, in the recommended school-based education program, only positive messages must be transmitted to avoid adverse impacts on the psychological state of overweight students and school culture as a whole.

SAP Implementation in a Hospital

To unveil the reasons behind the success of this implementation, this paper addresses such aspects as major peculiarities of the process of implementation, challenges, driving forces and restraining forces to the change, factors contributing to [...]

Vaccinations’ Importance

Nevertheless, the origin of vaccines as an endeavor date later in the 1700s from the works of the farmer Benjamin Jesty and Doctor Edward Jenner on the appearances of milkmaids that demonstrated the capacity of [...]

Respiratory Care of Thoracic Injuries

Besides, the existence of the given problem conditions the rapid evolution of the spheres and tools that are aimed at the provision of help and assistance for those who suffered from the road traffic accident [...]

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

Therefore, patients with a recorded history of neuroleptic malignant syndrome are not recommended to go through an antipsychotic therapy and should rather be prescribed alternative methods of treatment such as the administration of benzodiazepines, carbamazepine, [...]

Infant Mortality Rate in the UAE

The evaluation of the value of the country depends on the average income of every person in the nation. The total health expenditure of UAE in 2014 is 3.6.

Priority Patient Safety Issues

In the background, the review examines national healthcare quality initiatives and medical error statistics to support the need for the study. It clearly justifies the need for research on the perspectives of the nurses on [...]

Cultural Differences and Healthcare Provision

First, one needs to understand the characteristics of Mexicans who come to the United States in search of the American dream, and secondly, one also needs to understand the issue of health literacy within the [...]

Risk Management in Healthcare

In both cases, it is essential for a risk manager to understand the degree of control that the facility has over the providers, as its liability directly relates to the providers.

Medicine Wheel Pedagogy

In this regard, the Medicine Wheel pedagogy becomes a critical aspect of reconciliation as it helps to perform a comprehensive investigation of relations between Aboriginal people and other individuals who want to establish trustful relations [...]

Intensive Care Unit Patients Therapy Differences

The meta-analysis study explored the differences between burn ICU and general ICU patients. The differences are brought about by the fact that the injuries of burn patients are both external and internal.

The Technology Impact on Health Care Ethics

Machine learning, which is an evolving aspect of artificial intelligence, is a potentially revolutionary development in improving health care technology but requires an ethical set of standards to maintain the safety and privacy of patients. [...]

Layout at Arnold Palmer Hospital’s New Facility

In order to address capacity issues in the new facility, the administration came to the idea that changing the form of the layout from the rectangular to the circular type would significantly increase the overall [...]

Diabetes: Treatment Technology and Billing

For instance, Kennedy, Runge, and Brown state that existing and future devices give patients an opportunity to send the gathered information to their smartphones and computers, which then can be shown to physicians and medical [...]

Staffing Ratio Mandates

Studies conducted to assess the impact of staffing ratios have proved that there is a causal relationship between the quality of care provided by Health Service Organizations and overall patient outcomes.

Modern Medicine and Herbs

The author argues that an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of natural methods of treatment, the characteristics of herbs, and their possible roles in disease prevention and treatment may help medical professionals and patients [...]

Euthanasia: Fighting for the Right Cause

Sommerville is a renowned Samuel Gale Professor of Law at the McGill University in Montreal, the Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Founding Director of the Center for Medicine, Ethics, and Law. The [...]

Mental Health Practice in the UK

The report from the Department of Health and the National Health Service outlined an endeavor to enhance the nation's health care system by fixing the shortcomings of the mental health sector.

Schizophrenia: Diagnosis and Treatment Approaches

A detailed analysis of the factors that affect the patient's condition, including the internal and the external ones, must be mentioned as one of the essential strengths of the studies that have been conducted on [...]

Massage Therapy and Labor Outcomes

In the assessment of the effectiveness of massage therapy administered by a registered massage therapist, the study hypothesized the therapy would relieve labor pain and defer the use of epidurals.

Recognizing the Ordinary as Extraordinary

The study found that the nurse's role in the recovery of medical errors follows the near-miss model, thus stressing the importance of both organizational and human factors in preventing adverse patient outcomes.

Utilization at Houston Methodist Hospital

The hospital has implemented a powerful utilization management program to address the needs of more patients and deliver quality care to them. The second function of the program is "the admission, continued to stay, and [...]

Utilization Management at Hospital

Utilization management is "the evaluation of medical appropriateness, necessity, and efficiency of the use of health care procedures, services, and facilitates the provision of applicable health benefits".

Personal Leadership Style in Nursing

Her ability to balance between the democratic and democratic styles of leadership is inspiring because neither of those leadership styles is entirely suitable for emergencies and events that frequently occur in medical surgical units.

Urinary Tract Infections

The infection can affect the lower and upper urinary tract. In both lower and upper UTI the infection is commonly spread by uropathic microorganisms that ascend along the ureters.

Differences in Revenue Cycle Management

As for outpatient RCM, it begins after the discharge of a patient, when codes and claims are to be reconsidered and adjusted according to the diagnosis and further services.

Health Care Finance: Tools and Techniques

My plan to enhance out-of-pocket accounts receivable would include the implementation of policies to encourage prompt payments and the utilization of technology to improve payment processes.

Gender Dysphoria and Its Signs in Children

In particular, Bressert specified that some of the most common symptoms of gender dysphoria in children were the strong desire to wear the clothes typically worn by the representatives of the opposite sex, as well [...]

Sepsis as One of the Main Healthcare Problems

When the body omits the infection, the immune system releases chemicals into the bloodstream to protect the body. Septic shock is the condition that occurs in the body when sepsis promotes the development of circulatory [...]

Otitis: Difficulties and Types

During the physical exam, the otitis media is seen in the signs of inflammation in the tympanic membrane, bulging in the posterior quadrants of the tympanic membrane, the presence of thick oozing, and pain without [...]

Primary Presumptive Diagnosis

The signs and symptoms of the disease are a chronic cough, wheezing, fatigue, and fainting or breathlessness that intensifies during activities and reduces during rest.

Sepsis Case: Symptoms and Resuscitation

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the presented case study, give definitions and criteria for sepsis, identify signs and symptoms of septic shock, and give criteria for organ dysfunction using recent academic literature [...]

Sore Throat Differential Diagnosis

The following paper is intended to cover differential diagnoses that can also be considered as a sore throat. Such illnesses as diphtheria, epiglottitis, scarlet fever, and other diagnoses with similar issues and symptoms can be [...]

Narcolepsy Treatment and Management

Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that is affected by the condition; with the lack of hypocretins deteriorating alertness and preventing rapid eye movement sleep from occurring at the right time. It is also [...]

Digestive System Diagnostic’s Case

According to McCance and Huether, the pathological processes involved are the formation of gallstones, the blocking of the bile duct with a gallstone, and the inflammation of the gallbladder respectively.

PTSD as the Primary Factor Causing Infant Death

The lack of studies on the issue of expecting mothers and their subgroups needs to be mentioned among the primary issues that hamper the process of addressing the problem concerning high infant death rates.

Reproductive and Genetic Technology

Parenthood is a critical criterion of selection because it helps to minimize the emotional attachment to the fetus and reduce the risk of the psychological disturbance caused by the separation of the surrogate mother from [...]

Freedom Hospital Geriatric Patient Analysis

The importance of statistics in clinical research can be explained by a multitude of factors; in clinical management, it is used for monitoring the patients' conditions, the quality of health care provided, and other indicators.

Aphasia: Diagnostics and Treatment

The cause and the site of the brain affected determine the severity of the aphasia. The form of stroke called hemorrhagic stroke also causes Broca's aphasia, global aphasia, and Wernicke's aphasia when the blood vessels [...]

Prenatal Stress Outcomes

The research of causes and effects of prenatal stress helped to achieve significant results in the elaboration of effective intervention practices that allow mothers to improve their life quality, reduce the level of stress hormones, [...]

Prenatal Medical Technology and Testing

While the non-invasive PT techniques, such as ultrasound, could help to predict genetic disorders in the fetus with less amount of precision, the prenatal DNA diagnosis received through analysis of maternal blood sample is a [...]