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Personal Nursing Philosophy and Vision for the Future Essay

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The ultimate of nursing practice is to complete the link or cycle of care delivery within the healthcare system. Professionals in this field collaborate with physicians and clinicians to ensure that high-quality services are available to the greatest number of patients. This paper gives a detailed analysis of my personal philosophy of nursing. It describes why I chose this field, my beliefs and values, and vision for the future. My current limitations and strengths are also outlined in this discussion.

Choice of Nursing

There are various reasons that explain why I pursued nursing as my career field. Firstly, my childhood dream was to join a profession that would empower me to meet the health needs of different patients. Secondly, one of my expectations is to support others and ensure that they address most of the challenges they face in their lives. Thirdly, I believe that I have a calling to work as a nurse. Camargo et al. (2018) indicate all nurse practitioners (NP) should be selfless, empathic, and sympathetic. The possession of such attributes explains why I have been able to achieve my goals as a practitioner.

Fourthly, nursing is one of the outstanding careers that give people an opportunity to engage in continuous learning and acquire additional skills. Such gains can make them successful in life and overcome the problems they face. This kind of understanding encouraged me to pursue such a career path. These explanations show that I will always meet the diverse health needs of my patients and guide them to transform their experiences.

Essence of Nursing

Personally, I believe that the core of nursing is the ability to provide timely care, support, and empowerment to all patients with diverse backgrounds. This means that those who select it should not be focusing on a source of income or career. Instead, they have to develop various values such as trust, honesty, empathy, respect, and effective communication, that will eventually deliver positive results in healthcare. These aspects should become a true foundation of nursing practice.

From a historical perspective, practitioners in this field have been pursuing action plans that can result in exemplary care. Over the years, new concepts and models have emerged to strengthen the nature of nursing and address patients’ expectations. Ethical values have become critical attributes that many professionals should never ignore. These include veracity, beneficence, justice, accountability, nonmaleficence, and fairness (“ANA code,” n.d.). The existence of organized political leadership and democracy has triggered different health systems that reshape the behaviors, competencies, and philosophies of nurses. Clinicians should, therefore, consider these issues to support the quality of services many hospitals provide to their patients.

Beliefs and Values

As a nurse, I have various beliefs and values that guide me when interacting with different people. For instance, I always put their needs first and pursue the concept of autonomy. Using the metaparadigms of nursing, I appreciate that patients are human beings who require adequate care. Those who have common diseases should receive continuous support in order to record positive outcomes (Masters, 2017). Individuals suffering from chronic conditions require adequate guidance to engage in lifelong management.

The relatives and family members of my patients play a significant role throughout the service delivery process. According to my nursing philosophy, a culturally competent approach is essential because it meets the demands of all patients. This means that their family members and relatives should be part of the process if positive health outcomes are to be recorded (Black, Balneaves, Garossino, Puyat, & Qian, 2015). I also believe that they require adequate support in an attempt to empower the identified patient. Such attributes will eventually result in holistic care.

The success of nursing practice depends on the nature of relationships existing among NPs and other health care providers. Personally, I consider the importance of a positive relationship with my colleagues. I embrace the concept of teamwork since it empowers practitioners to collaborate and maximize patients’ health outcomes. I implement several attributes that can ensure that all NPs pursue their goals diligently, such as respect, justice, fairness, integrity, collaboration, and cohesion (Camargo et al., 2018). I believe that all NPs should communicate effectively, solve emerging problems, and formulate shared decisions.

Another critical issue is that of my own health. Although my calling is to meet the medical demands of my patients, I still engage in practices and initiatives that will improve my experiences. For example, I consider the relevance of exercises, work-life balance, and medical checkup. I also seek timely treatment in order to overcome various illnesses. I understand that a positive personal health outcome will make it easier for me to deliver sustainable care.

Vision for the Future

A personal vision is relevant since it supports the attainment of career goals. Personally, my goal for the next two years is to practice in a new setting or unit that will make it possible for me to acquire and develop additional competencies (Masters, 2017). For instance, I will learn how to relate positively with my colleagues, apply different nursing concepts, and empower every patient.

Within the next five years, I am planning to enroll and complete my master’s degree in nursing. This achievement will be in accordance with my lifelong learning approach (Black et al., 2015). Consequently, I will develop new skills that can support me in my nursing practice. It will be possible to specialize and work in complex health settings.

My objective or vision for the next 10 years is to establish my personal clinic. I will pursue new studies in order to earn a doctorate degree in nursing. This gain why I will be able to start my private practice successfully and offer personalized, timely, and sustainable to all patients. This achievement will give me an opportunity to empower others and mentor them to develop adequate skills.


NPs should develop specific strengths and formulate powerful plans to address their limitations. My outstanding abilities that can support my goals include a strong grasp of the core values of nursing, such as integrity, empathy, professionalism, and justice. I also have good communication skills, relate positively with my colleagues, and embrace the concept of teamwork (Masters, 2017). The concept of lifelong learning will also take me closer to my professional goals.

However, there are specific challenges or limitations that might make it impossible for me to achieve my aims. The first one is that I am yet to appreciate the real benefits of critical thinking. This weakness affects my ability to make meaningful clinical judgments. The fact I fail to formulate adequate short-term goals is something that can affect my future aims. I will work on these limitations in order to emerge successful and transform the lifestyles of all my patients.


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