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Personal Nursing Philosophy, Values and Beliefs Essay

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Updated: May 18th, 2021


A personal philosophy can be defined as a set of beliefs, attitudes, concepts, and convictions that guide an individual’s way of living and doing things, personally and professionally. Many people consider the creation of personal philosophy as an elementary exercise that serves only to fulfill the requirements of certain academic endeavors. However, it is an indispensable component of proper life because it allows people to make better choices that are based on personal values and beliefs.

Moreover, it gives their life purpose because they act and behave in ways that aim to achieve certain desired outcomes. As a nursing major, my personal philosophy is based on my inclination to help people alleviate suffering and improve the quality of their lives. It is my duty to apply my knowledge and skills to prevent and manage illnesses so as to improve the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of patients.

My Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy is founded on certain beliefs and values that guide my decision-making and that inspire me to engage in a meaningful contribution in my career as a nurse. My beliefs and values influence the choices I make every day. Therefore, it is important for me to identify them, clarify their influence, and live them daily. These values include honesty, responsibility, compassion, lifelong learning, and kindness.

Nursing is not only a career, but a calling that requires the possession of integrity, knowledge, and compassion (Kim 54). My personal philosophy postulates that I have a responsibility to use my knowledge and abilities to help people alleviate their suffering by providing safe and holistic patient-centered care regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. It is my responsibility to meet my needs and those of my patients by being honest, kind, and compassionate. Moreover, it is my obligation as a nurse to create a healthy environment that will promote a speedy recovery and improve the physical and psychological well-being of patients. I am committed to lifelong learning because that is the best approach to improving the quality of my life and progressing in my career.

Who am I?

I am a passionate and spiritual human being who is committed to using physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities to live a meaningful life through service in the nursing profession. I am a product of my beliefs, ideas, and values that have been acquired through life experiences and the acquisition of knowledge. Spirituality is an important component that enhances an individual’s kindness and compassion (Smith and Parker 83). Important components of self-identity include world view, self-esteem, personality attributes, physical attributes, and knowledge of one’s skills (Masters 95). Self-identity is an important aspect of building a strong character. I chose to pursue a career in nursing owing to my attributes that include compassion and commitment to alleviate physical suffering.

My Goals

My goals are to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, maintain a lifelong learning habit, and help people to prevent and manage diseases through the application of skills and knowledge obtained in school. In addition, I want to become a nurse practitioner and researcher so that I can make meaningful contributions to society. After graduation, I intend to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and go into advanced nursing practice. I believe that pursuing a master’s degree in nursing will empower me to make significant contributions to society by becoming an advanced nursing practitioner (Hood 65). In addition, it will equip me with advanced research skills that will be useful in my commitment to lifelong learning.

Why I Am in School

I am in school to acquire the necessary knowledge that is required for advanced nursing practice. The nursing program’s courses, extracurricular activities, and personal as well as professional interactions and networks will equip me with the skills necessary for success in life. The main goal of attending school is to develop proper attitudes and competencies, as well as improving skills in human interactions, problem-solving, and decision-making (Smith and Parker 35).

The core skills, values, and attitudes of nursing can be obtained only by enrolling in an appropriate nursing program (Schober 62). One of my goals is to maintain a lifelong habit of learning. In that regard, attending school will enhance my creativity and research skills, which are necessary for lifelong learning. I am also in school to enhance my communication skills. Effective communication is an important skill to possess in nursing because it enhances the provision of quality health care (Smith and Parker 48).


My personal philosophy is applicable to all aspects of my personal and professional endeavors. It is based on values that include integrity, kindness, responsibility, compassion, and lifelong learning. My major goal is to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree after completing my undergraduate degree. I want to go into advanced nursing practice because it will offer me the opportunity to contribute to society in a meaningful way. The knowledge and skills that I will acquire in school will be necessary for the attainment of personal and professional goals.

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