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Medical terminology Essay (Critical Writing)



Medical terminology can be described as a language used by the medical professionals in the course of their work. It refers to terms used to define the human body. Medical terminology is widely used in the medical profession.

In most cases, the medical terminology uses words created using prefixes and suffixes in Latin and Ancient Greek. In medicine, the meaning and the etymology are informed of the source or the language of origin. The method is completely dissimilar to the Standard English. In this case, the root of the word can be independent in a sentence. For instance, the word nose is a word root in English that can be used without being modified (Ehrlich and Schroeder, 2).

Medical terminology for all health care workers

Medical terminology is a prerequisite for all health care workers. It is the jargon of the health care industry. The health care workers need it because the appropriate or accurate terminology effects or instrument quality patient care and fewer or no errors. Health care workers should know that medical terminology is medicine’s language and prolongs care for patients.

Medical terminology makes it easier for the health care providers describe the patient’s conditions accurately. In this case, by sharing precise medical language, they can share accurate information without much wastage of time. Medical terminology is the universal language of medicine (Chabner, 45).

Thus, it facilitates the movement of patients from one medical institution to another without a lapse in care. This works efficiently when the medical information is correctly coded. The medical terminology helps the health care professionals to communicate effectively while handling patients. Medical terminology helps the health workers to understand words and their meanings hence helps them to identify locations of critical organs and functions of the body (Simmers, Simmers-Nartker and Simmers, 139).

The importance of medical terminology to support staff

The medical support staff includes office, clerical, and custodial staff. The support staff too requires to be conversant with the medical terminologies. In this case, without this knowledge, they may end up loosing their career. After being employed in the healthcare organizations, they are trained under medical support programs that prepare them to work in medical offices. In many cases, they collect patients’ notes and make sure that the patients’ important records go to the required or correct health care professional.

It eases their work when they use medical terminologies. For instance, one can effectively put down something before checking the spelling later. In this case, the medical terminologies become effective as a medical officer can quickly write down what is said by the patient. In this case, clerks or office administrators may write NPO instead of nothing by mouth, DX instead of diagnosis, and STD instead of sexually transmitted diseases.

Consequently, the terminology is critical in cases where patients talk a lot. Therefore, using the terminology, they are able to capture what is being said. The support staff is part of health services Frontline staff hence cannot be excluded from using the medical terminology.


Any person working in any medical field requires use medical terminology while communicating. In the medical field, there can be no excuse of not knowing medical terminologies. All people involved in the medical profession and curious patients should be conversant with the medical terminologies to be efficient. Medical terminologies clear all doubts and confusions in the medical field, which is characterized by health care providers, support staff, and patients.

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