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Patient Care Improvement Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

The rising complexity in health care has compelled practitioners to learn, as well as understand ways to improve the patient’s care based on the medical terminology. In this respect, this paper considers the system-based practice/program. This is one of the key competencies where medics should be proficient in order to deliver quality and safe patient care.

Systems-based practice is seen as a way through which society can be examined. The system is linked with the metaphor ‘village,’ which implies that the practitioners are supposed to work with a community of care provider in delivering optimal care to patients.

To begin with, the systems-based practice competence requires practitioners to be well versed with the relationship between patient care and health care systems. This is crucial in determining how the system guarantees safety and quality of patient care. The system current effort is based on medical education (Croskerry, 277). This focuses on mastering of medical terminology, as well as treatment. This results in preoccupation with the system elements.

For this reason, the system all together plus its impact on a patient’s care remains visible. The systems-based practice is necessary in providing broad awareness about the health care system (Abrams and American Medical Association, 32). This is achieved using the aspect of systems thinking. System thinking is regarded as the foundation of how organizations such as a health care organization perceive their environment.

The safety of the patient is used as a main entry point into this system-based practice/program. In this case, its concepts regarding safety, errors, and harms identified, all have an effect on the patient or provider within this framework. Additionally, this program fosters the ability of identifying the input of this system, which is significant to medical physicians and patients in the delivery of safe and quality care.

The systems-based program best targets the community residents. Its main focus is to make the residents aware of and responsive in the larger context of health care systems about patient care. This is enabled through their participation in establishing faults and executing probable resolutions to the health care systems. In addition, the system is meant to test the resident’s ability to call on the other resources of health care systems in the provision of optimal patient care successfully.

Based on the system-based practice, the residents are entitled to work effectively in assisting and coordinating delivery of patient care. In addition, they should consider certain aspects related to the patients. One of the aspects is the cost awareness. The other is a risk-benefit analysis. Moreover, the residents should champion for enhanced and ideal patient care. Finally, this program encourages residents to embrace inter-professional teamwork in order to improve the safety and quality of patient care.

The community residents are also the biggest beneficiaries besides being the targets of such a program. This program enlightens residents on how to enhance patient care within the community. In turn, this keeps them in a better place whenever they may be the victims. The residents are kept knowledgeable about diseases, diagnostic skills, as well as their treatments by understanding the medical terminologies.

Overall, effective ways of improving patient care within the community should be created. The way should enhance the teaching of medical terminology. Many people are not acquainted with medical terminologies. The systems-based practice/program as described above is one of the effective ways.

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