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Evolution of Hospice Care Essay

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Hospice is a kind a philosophical care center that diagnoses symptoms of terminally ill patients. The idea of hospice was coined in the United States marked with an England origin. Over the past thirty years, as an NCI-funded-demonstrated project in the new haven Connecticut the hospital has had fundamental development.

The hospice movement began in 1967, in England. Thereafter hospice was regarded as a medical institution that handles people’s problems such as physiological, spiritual needs for dying people, physical and social needs. The doctors and nurses forecast on the management of the pain, which is achieved with Bromptom Mixture. Consequently, the mixture contents contain heroin an opioid that could not be prescribed in the United States of America as cocaine.

If Hospice was to be emulated in the United States, one could get the most effective way to provide excellent pain relieving solutions with exclusion of Heroin. The hospice development in United States usually approaches the management of chronic pain in person (Children’s Hospice International 2010).

The role of hospice encompassescatering for family members by providing assistance in the making of the decision. Hospice care concentrates on the patient rather than the problem since quality matters more than quantity as reflects on the patient’s life. A team, the hospice team, consisting of professionals and volunteers, conducts their service.

Core service providers include the medical, nursing, counseling and social services as well as providing medical equipment. The medical staff direct care and educate the family members on how to care for the patient between visits if care is providedat the patient’s home.

This includes the bathing, and toileting house chores done by the patient. The role of the social worker is to provide emotional support to the patient and the family as well as the spiritual services offered by the clergymen and women. The volunteers from the hospice team provide companionship to the patient and give family support while the other team carries out office work (American Hospice Foundation 2010).

At the time of the service provisions and care to the patients, many expenses needed to be met. Hospice receives funds from the private insurance reimbursement by Medicare, Government programs, and from donation made by the corporation or the public and the private insurance for the care provided to patients.


Hospice care is available 24 hours a day including holidays and weekends, the patient and the care providers’ access hospice professionals when they need them and at the right time.

Choosing hospice means avoiding,sudden unprepared,hospitalization and medical treatment, which are extremely expensive. This is when the patient is truly criticallyill and needs comfort and care. The hospice group provides support to the ill and makes extensive advances to ensure achievement of the patients’ desires as a way of reaching their goals and objectivesfor care givinghospice (Hospice Foundation of America 2010).

Hospice services reduce the medication and hospitalization expenses and bills respectively. This comes in since medication equipment and private insurance covers are bore by the patients.

Disadvantages of hospice care

Hospitalization in hospice is discouraging to patients under clinical care because they do not provide short-term hospital bed rest even as symptoms management mechanism. The organizationfails to make facilitation of experimental treatments or clinical trials because they deem to be life prolonging. The patients bear the cost of purchasing the diagnostic tubes for x-rays and blood. This is because these tests are expensive and might not be of any benefit to hospice care (Hospice Foundation of America 2010).


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