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Health & Medicine Essay Examples and Topics

Integrations in the Health Care Institutions

The first major consideration is the type of integration to be assumed in this collaboration. The integration was inspired by a need to improved organization and service integration in health and mental health care circles.

Wellness in Adults and Young Children

Wellness is a choice of lifestyle and everybody has the obligation to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is therefore important for teachers to understand the elements of wellness.

Waterproof Sunscreen Lotions

However, this persuasiveness is lost when he informs the parent not to stop using the sunscreen they be just careful that it never find its way in their children eyes.

Ethical and Legal Issues

In contrast to the patient's interest, the physician, the nurse and the parents acted in beneficence. The action of beneficence is an ethical aspect that requires nurses to act in the interest of the patient.

Importance of the Medical Records in Medicine

Bearing in mind that the method enables medical care professionals to create a problem list indicating all the problems of the patient, it is very beneficial in the legal process since it displays all the [...]

Psychoactive Drug Testing on Animals

The alterations in behavioral traits of animals due to psychoactive drugs are primarily attributed to the changes in the brain functions or inhibition of certain brain components in animals which ultimately translates to changes in [...]

No More Abortion

Besides, abortion as a process is aberrant and poses a risk to the lives of the women involved. In my opinion, abortion lowers the public health of the women involved, and is a hazardous process.

Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, one is also expected to take and develop X-rays before a dentist analyzes the structure of teeth for other treatment procedures.

Physician-Assisted Suicide

Gorsuch asserts that physician-assisted suicide is a practice that should only be acceptable if the patient is likely to die from the disease.

HIV/AIDS stigma in Tanzania

The education sector is also affected due to the rise in the number of orphans who at times are forced to drop out of school owing to lack of parental care.

Therapeutic Recreation – Prader-Willi Syndrome

Patients of the syndrome exhibit a deficiency in growth hormones and are therefore short in stature. There is a significant number of people suffering from the Prader Willi syndrome and it is therefore necessary to [...]

Countering to the Hepatitis Disease

The state of affairs is worsened by the limited fiscal resources allotted by the exchequer. It is noted that others are known to cut off sections of the clitoris.

Communicable Diseases: H. I. V. and A.I.D.s

When the virus has "blown out" and having affected the white blood cells to a point that they cannot protect the body any more, optimistic diseases take advantage and affect the person; these optimistic diseases [...]

Fitness for life

This condition prompted Lincoln University to introduce a 'Fitness for life Program', which endeavors to, peg physical fitness of students to academic merit in the attainment of diplomas.

Obesity in Childhood

Childhood obesity is considered as one of the top ten global health issues, due to the fact that childhood obesity prevalence is on a dramatic increase.

Child Obesity in the United States

In as much as obesity is a well understood problem, it is vital to look into the causes, implications and solutions of child obesity with the aim of initiating sustainable corrective measures.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Thomas and Ulrike also explained that "the test result of the immunoassay and GC-MS are non-negative and confirm a concentration level of parent drug or metabolite above the well-known boundary, the MRO contacts the worker [...]

Childhood Obesity Problem

The purpose of the project is to do a survey on the prevalence of obesity and the intervention strategies of preventing the disease in children.

The Career of a Physical Therapist

The cost of attaining a degree in Physical therapy at the University of Delaware is estimated to be about 9,486 dollars for the in-state tuition fee and 23,186 for the out-of-state.

Marijuana Must Not Be Legalized

According to the national institute of drug abuse, the active chemical in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, act on the region of the brain responsible for time awareness, sensory, attention, thoughts, memory and pleasure.

Obese Children in America

One of the surest ways to prevent and cure obesity is to ensure that children take balanced diet in all their meals.

Girl Interrupted: Psychology Paper – Case Study

Apart from the dramatic and the entertaining aspect of this movie, it contains a psychological aspect and this is the major purpose of this paper; exploring the psychological disorders in the movie, giving their causes [...]

Drugs in My Neighborhood

In a bid to explore the various impacts that are brought about by drug abuse, I took it upon myself to investigate the various aspects that could have contributed to drug abuse in my neighborhood.

Schools and Good Diet

On the other hand, there is need for schools to include in their menus healthy diets, because it will be of no significance for schools to eliminate eateries that sale junk foods while maintaining their [...]

Concepts of Pharmaceutical Compounding

All through the 1800's the process of pharmaceutical compounding was a sole a function of specialized individuals, a fact that led to the discovery of more medicines, for example, Laudanum.

A Behavioural Health Clinic Mission

The mission statement of the Behavioural Health Clinic will be, 'to ensure provision of first-class health care services to mentally and socially related problems.' The focus will be on the wide range of ages and [...]

Healthcare personnel shortages

Narrowing our discussion to the situation in ABC hospital, the most probable reason for the shortage of surgeons is the fact that qualified surgeons are few and thus just like the other health centers; the [...]

The effects of body dehydration

The roles of this fluid in the body are mainly four: various forms of movement around the body, protection of various body organs, lubrication and body temperature regulation in order to fit to prevailing conditions. [...]

Healthy sexual relationships

One of the birth control methods which most people decide to undertake is the hormonal birth control method which functions by hindering the growth and development of the conceived egg in the reproductive system of [...]

Personal Health Change

Physical activity, aerobics and muscle training are some of the divisions of exercise which include a painless 20 minute walk to an intensified work out in the gym.

Performance-Enhancing Substances Legalization

Nevertheless, it is impossible to legalize the use of performance-enhancing substances due to the number of incompatible arguments: these drugs lead to grave health problems; legalization cannot prevent the use of new more dangerous drugs, [...]

Obesity and How Society views it

Obesity is a serious disease that is being heavily discussed in the United States and is contributing to the development of other chronic conditions and dangerous disorders.

Family Tree and Its Importance

This is the basis upon which such variances of family tree as family medical tree have been suggested and used in the medical field for keeping medical information for specific families. Knowledge of this medical [...]

Fertility Drugs: Functions and Side Effects

It is the purpose of this paper to critically evaluate the functions and side-effects of fertility-enhancing drugs with a view to demonstrate that their benefits outweigh social and health costs.

Health Care Communication Methods

In health care communication, considering the ability of the audience to read, understand and act on health information is essential. The speed and convenience of electronic devices is also important in health care communication.

Problem Identification in Health Care Management

Information technology issues have made data management problem a challenge to the health sector due to the ever expanding amount of data, applications, data base that use data and regulations governing the sharing of data [...]

Competition for Status and Power Between Physicians

In consideration of the Hurricane Katrina, at the Gulf States of Louisiana and Mississippi, the natural disaster with magnificent damages left thousands in need of medical assistance and in conditions where the government of the [...]

Bipolar Disorder and Its Main Phases

The mixed episode phase entails a mixture of depression, mania, and hypomania feelings. Hypomania is the transition point between mania and depression while mixed episode phase entails conditions of all other phases.

Why Do We Sweat?

During warm or hot days, the vessels carrying blood in our skin open up and the glands contract resulting in the sweat glands releasing the fluid through the sweat pores found on the surface of [...]

Ethical decision making in pharmaceuticals

The systematic identification of the problem is the foundation for analysis of any department in accordance to the law. In relation to Buerki and Vottero, on identification of moral parameters, it is important to engage [...]

What is Hypertension?

The former has a blood pressure ranging from 139 systolic to 89 diastolic and in most cases, it is a clear indication of likelihoods of hypertension occurring.

Gendered Issue of HIV/AIDS

It also placed forward the importance of campaign to help the women in the effort to counter the disease. The common scenarios in the East and Southern Africa according to the recent concerns by the [...]

Disruptive Behavior in Children

Evidence from the first form suggesting ADHD include Teddy's failure to look at the worksheet when it is given to him and his failure to pay attention to the teacher as the teacher explains the [...]

Sexual and reproductive health

This is considering the fact that the low income people in the society are highly vulnerable to sexual and reproductive health problems.

Giving an Overview of Music Education

Music therapy is the use of music as something that will have positive effects in social, psychological, and physical functioning of people with different educational or health needs.

Aids in Lesotho, Africa

The earliest known form of the virus was detected from a blood sample of a man in the Democratic republic of Congo, but the means with which this man got the virus is mystery up-to-date.

The Right to Live or Die

Kevorkian's actions turn out to be a good approach to decide whether the right to live or die is still available to people, or whether it is necessary to pay more attention to doctors' activities [...]

Seminar Article on Cystic Fibrosis

The flow of the article is built in an appropriate manner by first elucidating the mechanisms of the disease, followed by the latest diagnostic methods employed to detect its presence, the symptoms and clinical manifestations, [...]

Managing Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar spectrum, that is, the range of this disorder lies within three broad categories: bipolar II, cyclothymia, and bipolar I.this spectrum depends mainly on nature and asperity of the mood episodes that one goes through.

Nursing and Philosophy

It, therefore, needs some level of faith because people are bound to the old paradigms and as a result they become so rigid to change.

Healthcare Information needs at Presbyterian Hospital

The study aimed at establishing the informational challenges and needs of physicians and nurses at Presbyterian Hospital. Differences in information needs Physicians expressed a different need for information availability from that of the nurses.

Computer systems in Hospital

The central database will be important to the physician as well as pharmacy department as it will be used to keep a record of those medicines that the hospital has stocked.

Prescribing psychotropic medications

Second, the medication and treatment should be linked to a larger treatment modality that is consistent with the diagnostic formulation. Third, the family should be involved in the treatment plan with full parental consent prior [...]

The Junk Food’s Risks

Junk food has high content of fat and cholesterol that leads to clogging of the heart arteries. The content of many junk foods is unhealthy and it may expose the brain to premature aging and [...]

Role of Human Resources Management in Health Care Industry

Due to the increased diversity of cultural backgrounds of both patients and employee, the human resource managers should pay closer attention to the influence of globalization and technology on healthcare delivery and teamwork training, leading [...]

Hemoglobin A1c Test

Higher levels of glucose appendages in the RBCs will most probably demonstrate high and unsustainable levels of blood sugars that have the capacity to occasion or worsen diabetic complications.

Health care information systems terms

The environment helps in electronic recording of medical services for all patients by health practitioners in management and monitoring of services in a health care organization.

Effects of Sleeping Disorders on Human

On the other hand, Dyssomnia relates to sleep disorders that develop as a result of lack of adequate sleep. In some cases, antidepressants have been used to cure sleep disorders that are as a result [...]

“In the fMRI Lab”

Therefore, the role of these fMRI visuals is to display the degree of the activities of the brain. The degree of the activities of the brain is measured with the help of fMRI visuals.

Long-Term Care Insurance

It is important to note that the services and products of long-term care insurance will be much expensive than today majorly due to the inflation.

Communicable Diseases

Hence, there is a need to prioritize the control and prevention levels for these diseases upon the occurrence of the calamities.