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Al Ain Hospital: Managing Organization And People Case Study

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Updated: Jun 3rd, 2020

Managing and organization of people and their works is always a very individual task that has many layers, factors and levels. Every work place situation is different and special in its own way, this is why many flexible approaches are needed to perform a successful organization of a facility and manage its staff in the best way. This paper will be directed to find out the problems that Al Ain Hospital has faced and best possible ways to solve these issues leaving the workers satisfied and fulfilled and creating a field for progress and development for the whole organization.

The department of Al Ain Hospital is understaffed which causes a lot of trouble to the workers and the department itself. The employees suffer from too much overtime work and numerous errors in the process of allocation. Understandably, these issues make direct impact on the revenue the hospital receives. The whole working process is stressful and draining for the staff and the organization. A clever and immediate management is required to improve the performance of the employees and the current conditions they have to work under. Logically, these measures will lead to the improvement of the performance of the hospital, maintain a better reputation for it and bring more clients. This will result as a growth of income coming into the facility.

It is known that the staff of Al Ain Hospital is generally unmotivated and difficult to work with. However, there are some employees that are willing to take more responsibilities and are in a search for promoted positions.

As mentioned before, the process of management of employees is a very delicate work as it is very individual. To understand what motivation strategies are the best to use in the given situation we have to discover the kinds of needs the employees of Al Ain Hospital have and fulfill them. One of the most common reasons of management issues in hospitals is the conflict between the administrative professionals, people that put the financial needs of the organization first and the medical staff, people that identify themselves with their professional group (Jones & Bartlett Learning 84). I think this clash became the main cause of the errors in allocation of overtime that caused dissatisfaction of the medical staff.

Motivation and budget management: theories applied

In order to improve the current situation in Al Ain Hospital several different theories will have to be applied. I will use different theories to motivate the staff because I will be dealing with different kinds of workers, involved into different types of occupations and motivated by different factors. According to McClelland’s Need Theory there are three main types of needs employees could have, they are the needs for achievement, affiliation and the need for power.

The two most enthusiastic workers of Al Ain Hospital are clearly experiencing the need for power; they are trying to find opportunities for promotion. To my mind the best way to fulfill the needs of the enthusiastic workers is to give them what they wish for – a promotion. This will help a lot to improve the hospital’s organization. Since there are many complaints about the overtime allocation, it is logical that the hospital needs more people to manage the schedules and help sharing the working time equally between the employees.

The hospital also needs a better way to manage its financial resources and costs so a worker that manages resources and follows their utilization has to be assigned. The department is understaffed so the best way to avoid confusion is to merge similar duties for the workers and form groups. This will serve to have less people doing the same tasks and will result as a reducing amount of overlapping and tension.

Team workers are happier workers, because being in a teams and sharing the same interests will lead to more socializing within the group and fulfill the workers’ need for affiliation. In this case Herzberg’s Motivation Theory will be useful as it will help form the workers individually into the groups according to the job characteristics that certain employees find more motivational. It is also very important that the team workers feel comfortable and are treated with respect by their superiors. The issues in an organization and work process start when the employees become too worried for their own well being and start wasting time trying to feel more secure an protected. According to the Equity Theory, all the employees should work in the atmosphere of justice and respect.

Another very effective motivation for the workers is competition. Competition from other organizations for the provision of resources or services is one of the main environmental forces that push the progress in the sphere of health services these days (Schulz and Johnson 9). This is where the goal setting is needed. The goal setting serves to regulate the energy and attention of the workers, to direct the effort, and increases the determination of the workers.

Top-down approaches to maintain the motivation

Top-down approaches that could improve the situation in Al Ain Hospital are job enlargement and job rotation. The workers become tired and depressed quickly when they are involved into monotonous kinds of occupations with not many challenges and events happening. Job enlargement works through including more variety into a worker’s job. The difficulty of the worker’s tasks has to be varied as well because this helps to support the person’s interest towards the job, stimulate and challenge the employee, and make the process of work more appealing. Job rotation involves moving the workers from one specialized occupation to another in order to avoid the work process becoming too monotonous and homogeneous for the worker and cause the loss of interest and motivation. As we know monotonous jobs drain the workers’ energy and make people become disinterested, indifferent and disappointed in their jobs.


To sum up, Al Ain Hospital has been struggling with a number of issues caused by the lack of motivation. According to Tas, Zetter and Caylak, motivation serves to direct an employee’s effort, energy, activity and centers of interest at the achieving of the organizational goals (65). It is known that the department’s budget does not allow using raises and a financial stimulations to improve the working process and the employees’ wellbeing. In other words, the billing manager of the hospital would have to look for non-financial ways to motivate the workers. The redundancies in the process of work in the hospital are caused by the lack of workers and the general loss of interest is caused by the errors in overtime management. The application of motivational theories would assist to release the tension in the circles of workers, make the employees feel more secure and motivated, and set order in the working process by assigning new managers and reducing the redundancies.

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