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Technological Advancement: Automatic Vehicles Research Paper

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There has been improvement in technology across the globe in the past few decades. This has resulted in significant changes in the way things used to be done in various fields. Some of the fields that have been affected include car manufacture industries, homes, medical fields, movie industry as well as advancement in computer technology. This paper is aimed at looking at some of the changes that have resulted in these areas due to improvement in technology.

Effects of technological advancement in car production

In the past decades, people complained of the quality of vehicles that used to be produced. Some of the complaints made were the vehicles were tiring for people who used to travel over long distances. This is because the cars were manually operated. The cars polluted environment with the smoke they produced while others complained that they vehicles were not fast as they expected. It took people a lot of time to travel from one place to another. Improvement in technology has led to production of automatic vehicles. Nowadays it is possible for one to drive his or her car remotely. One does not have to be involved in a lot of manual operations as it was before. There has also been establishment of vehicles that travel at a very fast speed. These include vehicles such as Feralli. This has resulted in reduction of time spent in traveling from one place to another. The adverse effects brought about by cars polluting environment has resulted in need for production of vehicles that are less polluting the environment. To achieve this, it has called for the need of production of vehicles that do not use petroleum products as source of power. Advancement in technology has resulted in manufacture of cars that use hydrogen as fuel. Currently, most of the automobile industries are concentrating on production of cars that use hydrogen as their source of power. Cars that use hydrogen as fuel include race cars, bus and tracks. The pictures below show examples of cars that use hydrogen as their fuel.

Car Bus

How technological development has helped improve life expectancy

Another contribution that has been made by technological advancement is improvement in life expectancy. There has been emergence of new technological methods in surgery as well as treatment. For many years people have been dying due to poor treatment methods as well as unsuccessful surgeries. Today doctors are able to conduct their surgeries through use of machines which are accurate leading to reduction in errors that might be caused by human. Since the introduction of technology in medical field, life expectancy of American citizens has been seen to improve with year two thousand and four recording the average life expectancy of Americans as seventy seven years. Improvement in technology has also led to production of effective drugs. One of the breakthroughs that have resulted from technological advancement is production of anti-retroviral drugs. For many years people have been dying from HIV and AIDS at a high rate. Production of anti-retroviral drugs has seen people living for up to or even over twenty years with the disease (Chow, 2009, para. 2). Technology has resulted in production of life supporting machines. These has been used to support human life for those whom some of their body organs fail to function. With availability of machines pumping and purifying blood for patients, people have been able to survive under the support of these machines for even up to twenty years. For many years people have died from air contamination such as carbon monoxide released by vehicles as well as coal in the atmosphere. Improvement in technology has led to people being able to produce vehicles and combustion chambers that completely burn this fuel getting rid of carbon monoxide. This has significantly contributed in improving life expectancy. The picture below shows some of the HIV drugs that have helped in improving life expectancy (Chow, 2009, para. 5).

HIV drugs

Effects of technological advancement to our homes

Improvement in technology has not only affected the way we now build our homes but has also significantly changed the kind of products and equipments used at homes. For many years people have not been using hardwood to make their floors due to floors loosing their beauty after a short period of time. Floors could also not last for a long period before wearing out. This discouraged many from using hardwood on their floors. Improvement in technology has resulted in people coming up with other products that strengthen hardwood floors making them beautiful and durable than before (Rob, 1999, para. 1-3). Establishment of polyurethane has led to people using hardwood in constructing their floors. Advent of nanotechnology has led to increase in use of its products at homes. Some of the products manufactured through this technology include socks that prevent one from being infected with fungal diseases, shirts that do not get stains, boardshorts that protect people from sun burn and building paints.

Latest technological inventions

Most of the latest inventions in technology appear to be inclined to communication. One of the latest inventions is introduction of square in communication industry. This is a plug-in that is attached to mobile phones helping people to make and receive payments through credit cards. Square uses a scanner that is put in the audio jack of the phone. When the credit card is swiped, all the information from the card is read and transferred to one’s bank account. There has also been invention of new form of chips that are transparent. These chips are referred to as transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM). With this technology it has become possible for people to use mirrors and windows found at home as television screens or computer monitors. Technological advancement has also led to invention of new types of tires through biomimicry. Biomimicry stands for science that mimics natural world to manufacture new products. These tires have the capability of going flat (Inventor-strategy.com, 2010, para. 2-5). Instead of relying on pressure the tires have been designed using six-sided cells that are arranged in a manner representing a honeycomb. This has helped in reduction of noise made by ordinary tires as well as heat generation.

Effects of technology on working environment

Improvement in information communication technology has results in flexibility in working environment. One of the major contributors to this is introduction of mobile computing and enhanced communication. It has become easy for people organize their works in a way that they are able to meet other responsibilities such as civic duties and family obligations. Availability of fast and readily available internet has led to many people being allowed to work from home. People are now capable of accessing organization severs from homes making organizations relax their conditions on where employees are supposed to work from (Forlanda, 2009, para. 1). For many years people have been forced to travel to work places. It was hard for one to work from home as he or she did not have access to organization servers. It was also hard for employers to monitor remote employees working out of the organization’s office.

For people working in chemical manufacturing industries, they have been suffering from gases produced during their operations. Their working environment has been too dangerous with a lot of people falling sick due to inhaling these gases. Incorporation of technology in these industries has facilitated in elimination of these gases making working environment clean for employees. Some of the poisonous gas produced in these industries is now neutralized or converted to less harmful gas before being emitted to the environment. Most of the companies have been conducting almost all of their operations manually (Forlanda, 2009, para. 3). This has left many employees fatigued to an extent of not being able to work the following day. As a result many companies have suffered loss to low employee productivity. Advancement in technology has led to most of the operations being mechanized. This has reduced the amount of workload that employees used to encounter.

Advancement in computer technology

In the last five years, people complained of limited specifications and functionalities that most computers had. It was hard for one to perform most of their tasks using computers. Limited storage space that computers had meant that one could only store limited information in them. Today, a lot of strides have been made with respect to development in computer technology. There are computers with big storage space ranging up to two hundred and fifty gigabits. Graphics representation in computers has also significantly improved. Currently, it is possible for people to view and present graphics in three dimensions. Another improvement that has been noticed in computer technology is improvement in operating speed. Currently, there are computers with big random access memory making them fast in processing speed. Increase in need for functionalities performed by computers has led to development of portable computers or the laptops (Shoman, 2010, para. 1). Laptops have been made thinner and with increased features. Currently, there are laptops with web cams. This has made it possible for people to communicate face-to-face through laptops. Their batteries have also been improved making them store more charge than before. Inclusion of DVD-burning capabilities in laptops has also led to increment in functions that these computers can perform.

In the past computer manufacturers concentrated on improving storage space and processing speed. The latest technology has resulted in production of hard drives and random access memories that allow one to store and transfer a lot of data from one computer to another through networked systems. Communication over network through computers has been made easy (Shoman, 2010, para. 3). There have been productions of mini-computers which are handheld such as personal digital assistant (PDA). A month ago, Stealth Ideas Inc., invented a flash drive that can enable one to surf the internet without disclosing his or her identity. The device has been named StealthSurfer II ID. Problem that was being experienced when it came to viewing data stored in handheld devices has also been solved. There has been introduction of DigiMemo 629 Digital Notepad. It is now possible to record information stored on handheld devices with ink. The device stores all collected data and does not require one to scan the data. It has a cable that allows one to transfer the data to his or her personal computer. Another area that has been seen to develop fast in computer technology is the area of computer games. There has been invention of new computer games such as Xbox 360.This is a system that facilitates in playing of video games over the computers. The system can also be used in playing DVDs, MP3s and CDs (Shoman, 2010, para. 5).

Movies involving technology

Improvement in technology has also been experienced in movie industry. It was not possible for people to watch movies online. This was due to cost and conditions that were to be met for one to be allowed to watch movie online. Today, it is possible for people to watch movies online thanks to technological advancement. Development in technology has resulted in establishment of three dimension movies. However, these movies have not yet been fully released in the movie industry due to various requirements that need to be made before they are allowed to be viewed. Production of these movies requires special cameras used to capture images in three dimensions. To view the movie, one is required to wear special type of glasses (Parrack, 2008, para. 2-4).

Technology used in the medical field

Technology has led to significant changes in the medical field. Some of the changes that have occurred include disease prevention methods, testing methods, surgery as well as treatment. Technology has resulted in development of new surgery equipments leading to change in the way surgery used to be conducted in the past. With use of X-rays and other scans, doctors can now detect problems from patients before they become acute. This has led to them coming up with new preventive methods for such problems (Pope, 2009, para. 3). In past, there were diseases that had no drugs for treating them. Technology has led to production of numerous drugs that caters for different diseases. Currently, there is no disease that does not have drugs. Some of the technologies used in medical field include Bluetooth technology and radiology. Bluetooth is used in production of stethoscopes. The technology is used in conjunction with personal computers to record patient’s condition. Information about the patient’s condition is transferred via Bluetooth to a computer. Radiology on the other hand uses imaging technology such as x-rays to establish and treat diseases. Dragon voice recognition is another technology used in medical field. This is software that helps doctors use their voice in when making reports that are highly detailed. This eliminates the need for doctors to type, scroll or click as they compile their reports. The technology has helped medical field in reduction of cost associated with medical transcription (Pope, 2009, para. 4).


Improvement in technology has led to a lot of positive changes in various fields. Some of the areas that have benefited from technology include film industry, medical field as well as car manufacturing industry. There have been reductions in environmental pollution resulting from vehicles due to production of cars that use hydrogen as fuel. Working environment has also been improved with most organizations allowing their employees to work from home. Technology has led to production of quality computers. Today, there are computers with big storage space and high processing speed.

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