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Personal Car Driving’ Importance Essay

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Updated: Apr 27th, 2020


Driving is a life skill that every person should acquire. Proper driving reflects on the overall approach to life. Driving is a fundamental aspect of life; it influences the overall behavior of the person. Learning car control techniques and tips apply to how an individual can have a broad outlook on life.

Driving encompasses lessons which one has to learn, to drive safely (Green Life). It is important to acknowledge that driving is a skill that once you have acquired, you will use it for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right instructor and allow sufficient time to take the instructor‘s advice. Traffic offenses’ amount not only to the violation of traffic laws, but also a violation to other people’s rights and when an individual drives carefully it means being a law-abiding citizen and shows his or her belief to protect lives (Crabtree).

In driving a personal car, it is less stressful and comfortable as it avoids synchronization of the various means of public transport. To overcome the obstacle of reckless driving, other aspects of life have to be attained and taught as well, which has a positive effect to not only the person but the entire community in general. Careful driving enables individuals to exercise their rights and become role models in society.

Private driving is convenient for; it is not organized on predetermined programs. Parents also use the time they take in a while driving to connect with their children due to their busy schedules (Ellaway et al.). Given these key factors, it is clear that driving a personal car is beneficial compared to public transport.


Flexibility and Convenience

Driving a personal car is convenient and flexible for the user. It reduces the use of public transport systems, which is designed to work according to schedules or timetables. Sometimes, these plans can be canceled or be delayed, thereby distracting prior arranged activities of a person.

Similarly, it saves time that could have been spent walking to the bus stop or train station or waiting at bus stops. With new residential areas and employment opportunities emerging away from the major cities, most people have resorted to driving because public systems do not extend beyond defined city boundaries (Crabtree). Additionally, workers who may be required to work late hours to meet deadlines can only do so if they can drive themselves around.

Eases the Demand for Coordination

Personal driving eases the effort of planning how to move from one destination to another, especially if there is heavy luggage to be transported. When driving public vehicles, a lot of coordination and planning is mandatory if a person is required to use more than one bus or train (Green Life).

Personal driving will reduce the coordination of the various modes of transportation and aid in achieving more by going to different places. In the same way, people who live far away from modern services can only depend on private driving to obtain services.

Privacy and Comfort

Driving a private car provides privacy and comfort; this is difficult to come by in a public driven vehicle. Various public systems service providers do not make enough revenue to cover their costs. Consequently, driving a public vehicle is dirty and smelly due to poor maintenance. It becomes congested and overcrowded during peak hours, making the drive uncomfortable.

In a private car, family or friends have the liberty of discussing confidential matters without the fear of another person eavesdropping on their conversation (Ellaway et al.). Parents can connect with their kids or help them with their homework in the middle of their busy schedules. One can also choose the music they like, control the temperature, drive at a comfortable speed, and adjust the seats to suit their height or body weight. There is no fear of theft or losing personal items.

Convenient for Children, Elderly and Disabled

Driving is faster and convenient for children, disabled, elderly, or ailing people. It is not advisable for a parent to take the bus or train with a baby.

Private means of driving offers a convenient opportunity for people with disabilities to go to work school or run critical errands since their cars can be customized to suit their various needs and give them a sense of independence and self-determination (Ellaway et al.). The elderly and ailing will avoid the stress found in public transport system. Correspondingly, an expectant mother, cannot rely on a public driven vehicle; she requires private vehicles for emergencies.


Driving is the skill that is carried out by the subconscious part of the brain. It is a life skill that is essential in developing different aspects of life, which enables one to make appropriate decisions in real-life conditions. This involves applying and realizing the brakes, accelerating, and having full control of the car (Green Life).

Driving your car is beneficial because it is more convenient, flexible, comfortable, and private. It is possible to run errands and accomplish most of the set plans because it is not dependent on timetables and schedules. It also reduces time wastage since private driving has no designated stops. Private driving is important because driving public transport is emotionally and physically exhausting.

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