Land Transport Essay Examples and Topics

Transport: Extended Definition of Bicycles

The primary components of a bicycle are the wheels and the frame. The frame holds the wheels which are propelled by pedals. Also, the bicycle is steered using handlebars that are joined to the frame. Bicycles can be grouped into many categories. Classification of bicycles is based on their function, mode of propulsion, the number […]

Toyota Premio Vehicle

Toyota Premio is a sedan vehicle manufactured in Japan by Toyota Corporation. (Toyota Motor Corporation Global Website 1). The vehicle is a fashionable and more comfortable sedan compared to the Toyota Allion. As such, the vehicle was purposefully designed to fill up the differences linking Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry. The vehicle is deemed a […]

Traffic Problems

Traffic is a common problem. However, despite the availability of solutions to traffic congestion, economic viability is a significant barrier. Additionally, any construction may face additional risks according to the area’s weather patterns. Wilmot and Cheng (2003) write that- after the hurricane damage has been accounted for- Louisiana will pay 75% more than the state […]

Audi Car Dealership: Building and Construction Description

Introduction This report is a review of an Australian architectural contemporary work. This work reviews an Audi car dealership building that is situated at Philip Canberry in Australia. The main focus of this report is the engineering work performed on the building and how the various parts of the building were joined together to produce […]

Automobile Industry in Australia

Background The automotive industry is one of the major industries in Australia. Australia is capable of designing and making automobiles. The isolation of Australia necessitated the local production of cars. This was more economical than importing cars from distant locations. Holden and Ford Australia are the major automobile manufacturers. Holden is a subsidiary of General […]

EPA Regulations and the Impact on Transportation Standards

The regulations concerning transportation standards developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have one main objective – the minimization of greenhouse gas emissions by light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles. The purpose of the transportation regulations of EPA is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions that are […]

LaBanze Bus Services. Proposal to provide transport services during World Expo 2020 in Dubai

Executive Summary This business proposal is submitted by the LaBanze Bus Services to the government of the UAE to offer transport services during the 2020 World Expo event to be held in Dubai. The UAE government stand to benefits from the LaBanze’s transport services since it covers the major cities such as Dubai, Abudhabi, Alain, […]

Chinas Motor Industry

Introduction China is one of the rapid growing economies in the world. The country has a high potential of growth in the future. Various economic sectors have witnessed rampant growth. For example, with regards to the motor industry, the country’s ranking has undergone significant annual improvements since 2005. In the first quarter of 2010 the […]

Comparison of electric and gas-powered vehicles

Introduction The auto industry has been undergoing changes since the first car was invented in 1871. Most of these changes are designed to help improve the efficiency and comfort of cars. Because of the increasing cost of gasoline and diesel, most of the latest developments in the performance of cars have been directed at the […]

Traffic in Abu Dhabi

Like other cities, Abu Dhabi has heavy traffic jam. Commuters spend several hours stuck in slow-moving jam. Traffic congestion in Abu Dhabi has a number of causes and effects. In the recent past, Abu Dhabi has experienced a population explosion. Consequently, there are increasing numbers of vehicles on roads as commuters seek to get to […]

Autoxpress car rental system

Introduction In Abu Dhabi, like in most other developed cities, car rental is a thriving business. With modernization, technology has found its way into the business, especially in the form of computer usage in the assignment of cars to clients and in the tracking of the vehicles when the hand-over is complete implemented by world […]

The Effect of Pets on Driver Distraction

A lot of attention is being directed to talking on cell phones, playing with pets, and texting while driving as these actions result to significant driver distraction. The exact statistics on distraction by small lap dogs are hard to come by, but a survey from the Nationwide Mutual Insurance has noted that over ten percent […]

Electric Cars Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction We live in a fast paced world with constant need for movement to various destinations, which warrants use of motor vehicles for fast and convenient transport. From ancient times, vehicles powered by energy from hydro-carbon sources have been used to meet the need for locomotion. Incidentally, fossil fuel is non-renewable, has fluctuating prices and […]

Compare and contrast SUVs and Motorcycles

Most people make choices about the type of automobile they buy based on different factors, which range from personal opinions to the characteristics of the particular automobile. This paper is going to compare and contrast SUVs and motorcycles in order to determine the better options. Sports utility vehicle (SUV) These vehicles are known to be […]

Banning phone use while driving will save lives

Introduction Vehicle accidents occur when a car collides with another car, pedestrian, or animal. A vehicle may also veer of the road and hit some stationary object such as a tree or pole or reaches a rough terrain such as a steep slope. Traffic accidents cause injury and death to millions of persons around the […]

Problem of the Elderly Driving in the US

Introduction As individuals get progressively older their mental capacities, response times, and physical abilities tend to deteriorate yet despite such limitations people aged 60 and above still continue to drive on America’s roads and highways (Cobb, 411). Based on data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a total of 3,981 individuals age 70 and […]

Car’s Unique Types

Introduction Over the years, various types of cars have been developed. Manufacturing companies have designed and different types of cars to meet various consumer needs. However, there are three types of unique cars that have been marketed to meet specific consumer needs. Economy cars Characteristics: price and functionality Unique characteristic: Low price Example: Toyota corolla […]

Traffic in Washington D.C.

Traffic congestion is one primary problem facing most of the world’s biggest towns, a case that is common in most United States cities for example, Washington D.C. This is because, with increased populations and changing world’s economic status, most individuals opt for private transport it being more convenient. Although this may be the case, most […]

Car Accidents Prevention

Car accidents happen daily and can significantly change the life of a person. Accidents occur without warnings and sometimes result in death. Everyday, unforeseen, innocent victims are killed in car accidents. It is important to note that anything can cause a car accident (Transport Canada par. 1). The first cause of car accidents is impaired […]