Transportation Industry Essay Examples and Topics

Park and Ride system in Abu Dhabi and comparison to other cities in UAE and the world

Abstract The park and ride program introduced into Abu Dhabi by the department of transportation is critical in the preservation of the environment. It is a form of transport that is being in use in many parts of the world. The success of such a program in different cities of the world underlies the rational […]

Transportation and Logistics System in Argentina

Introduction Transportation and logistics system acts as one of the major reflectors of a country’s economic capability and resource availability. Such elaborate system, determines various trends within market environment based on critical aspects. Consequently, nature of transportation and logistics systems within a region determines costs and ultimately nature of pricing on consumer goods. For example, […]

Australian Transportation Industry

Introduction This report is about the Australian Transportation Industry, which has several transit partners, including Onyx that endeavors to transform transportation in Melbourne. The report is divided into various segments, with detailed information about the technology and how to achieve the intended goal in the transport industry in Australia. Moreover, the status of the industry […]

Energy Efficiency in the Saudi Transport Sector

Introduction Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the world that relies heavily on energy to prosper economically. Energy is a very important factor that determines the productivity of economy sectors like the transport industry. Other economy sectors, such as the industrial, health and commercial sectors, also rely heavily on the available energy resources. […]

Things that Move: Lift as a Mechanism that Moves Without Help

Mere movement of inanimate objects is subject to certain mechanisms and principles. However, the principles of movement of various objects need to be analyzed to define the reasons and initial origins of these movements, including the controlling mechanisms and the various meanings they have for people1. In this respect, it is possible to consider an […]

The Impact on Transportation Standards from regulations

Throughout the past decades, the rapid global economic growth increased the level of the products consumption. Globalization provoked the expansion of the goods distribution streams worldwide, and the manufacturing, storage, and consumption of the goods induced the negative impacts on the natural environment. Global warming caused by the extensive greenhouse gasses emissions is regarded as […]

Singapore Public Transport Model

Introduction Singapore has been touted as one of the countries with some of the most sustainable urban transport policies in Asia. This is mainly indicated by the country’s apparent success in containing traffic growth, vehicle ownership and emphasizing and expanding the role of public transport systems (Barter 6). Low motorization through sustained car ownership has […]

Multimodal and Intermodal Concepts in Transportation Policy

Introduction Transportation modes are the ways that are used in the transportation of people and freight. When deciding on which modes of transport to invest in, an emphasis needs to be put on the long-term consequences, for example, on the environment. Often, there are rarely neither hard nor fast distinctions between the available modes of […]

Critical Review: “The status of Transportation Demand Management in Greater Vancouver and energy implications” by Clark Lim

The paper by Lim dubbed ‘the status of transportation demand management in Greater Vancouver and energy implications’ provides a clear and well-organized strategy to be employed towards improving the transportation system in the Greater Vancouver region. The author has presented the problems of the deterioration in the transport system as the resources become limited in […]

The Role of Transportation in the Development of Tourism

Introduction The growth and development of tourism depends on transportation to a great extent. Although transportation and tourism development are, nevertheless, this paper has tried to demonstrate that the relationship between these two issues is somewhat controversial owing to the many schools of thought that are available. Nevertheless, new technologies in transportation has greatly improved […]

Geneva Motor Show 2011

The automotive industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. The marketing aspect was as simple as selling a well-built car and then provide a decent after-sales service. But after a short time, buyers became more sophisticated and as a result auto manufacturers had to develop more effective marketing strategies to succeed […]

How Green of a Traveler Am I?

Introduction “Green Travelling” is a popular term nowadays, it is associated with such notions as “sustainable environment”, “ecotourism” and “responsible travelling”. A green traveler is the one who tries to save the natural environment and to minimize personal impact on the cultural treasures of the region where he/she is travelling. In this report, I am […]

Analysis of the better Place electric car scheme

Introduction Better Place’s (BP) idea to roll out electric car charging points is a step in the right direction. Electric Vehicles (EVs) as offered through BP’s scheme are quite promising because most challenges associated with EVs have been addressed by the organisation. Prospects for future improvements are also quite high as indicated through current innovations. […]

Chicago General Plan

One of state law requirements is that cities should prepare general plans and regularly update them. General plan is a long range and internally constituted statement of the city development and preservation policies. It serves as a constitution for the future physical development (Mell 45). It acts as a statement of community goals, values, objectives, […]

Market Trends of Luxury Cars

Introduction The background of the present luxury car is extremely expensive, frequently the custom-bodied luxury sporting cars of 1920s to 1930s. Normally made by Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Delahaye, Lincoln, Delage, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz among others, these highly stylish status cars were preferred by aristocrats, film stars, gangsters and playboys for projecting elegant and profligate images. […]

Role of Alternative Energy Resources in Reshaping Global Transportation Infrastructure

Abstract Transport infrastructure is one of the most important and ancient developments in human history. Since the invention of wheel in ancient world, improvement of transport sector has dominated human activities. Over the years, infrastructure has improved in virtually every country. Recent developments have seen production of several PHEVs. This is mainly attributed to economic […]

Investment in public transport

Introduction Despite its dented public image, public transport remains a better option in the long run. To begin with, public transport helps in environmental conservation through efficiency in energy consumption, reduction in air pollution as well as traffic congestion. Moreover, public transport is cost effective given the efficiency in land use, reduced payments on repairs […]