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Transportation Industry Essay Examples and Topics

The European Intermodal Rail-Road Freight Transport

With its help, governments wanted to increase price and competition in the sphere so that the development of the intermodal transportation can be streamlined. Thus, it can be concluded that regulation and deregulation lead to [...]

Intermodal Transportation: Role of Authorities

Despite the clarity of this viewpoint, I tend to believe that the government could not be viewed a primary catalyst for innovations and development, as the majority of the changes are driven by the companies [...]

Containerization of Intermodal Transport Service

Nowadays, seagoing vessels play a leading role in the system of cargo delivery, and it is possible to say that the advancement of maritime shipping has influenced the tendencies in the evolution of other transport [...]

Transport Infrastructure in Kenya

However, such issues as the high poverty level in Kenya and the low level of education do not contribute to the development of the transport infrastructure in the country.

Tesla Motors: Innovations and Accidents

The fundamental problem of innovations is the fact that new technologic devices are likely to have some issues because of the lack of testing and the unpredictable nature of the device.

Automotive Industry in the USA

The USA is one of the modern most powerful states the prosperity and rise of which are conditioned by the efficient functioning of various branches of industry. Yet, the rise of the industry started in [...]

Designing for Bentley Exhibition

The new products and the events associated with the presentation of the cars are characterized by the "extraordinary new heights" which means that consumers are to be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the models.

Innovations at the Roads and Transport Authority

According to Mattar Al Tayer, the executive, and chairman of the RTA Executive Committee, RTA takes part in initiatives and programs that promote innovation. In the same spirit of innovation, RTA will complete the ongoing [...]

Transit’s Impact on Local Economy

The major purpose of the paper is to provide the review of the articles connected to the importance of the usage of the light rail transit and public buses, and what impact they have on [...]

Automotive Industry Evolution

But because of the design and because of the high weight-to-power ratio, it was limited to rail transportation, heavy trucks, and buses. As a result, Ford was one of the first to develop a system [...]

The UAE Transport Industry

The research procedure includes such stages as the planning of the research, the collection of the data related to the transport industry in the UAE, the analysis and interpretation of the data, the discussion of [...]

Modes of Transport in Dubai

In this section of the research, the focus will be to analyze some of their works in order to have a better understanding about the modes of transport within this city.

Are V8 Engines Better Than V6 Engines?

One of the pertinent issues is the relationship between the size of an engine and the performance of a vehicle. N/V is a ratio that denotes the relationship between the speed of the car and [...]

Distracted Driving

The article notes that the results of the study highlighted the dangers of DDB other than texting and using cell phones.

Civil Aviation Agencies

The organization is tasked with the responsibility of formulating key techniques and strategies to promote the efficacy and safety of operations in the international aviation industry.

Hybrid Cars: Product Evaluation

However, hybrid cars also have their weak aspects, and the most notorious one is their vulnerability to the effects of the outside factors, especially weather. However, in the process of manufacturing Hybrid cars, twice as [...]

Transportation and Logistics System in Argentina

Transportation and logistics system acts as one of the major reflectors of a country's economic capability and resource availability. This has eventually made Argentina to be recognized as one of the competitors within international grain [...]

Australian Transportation Industry

The city is mainly served by buses and trains, which are considered to be more effective in facilitating the movement of people within the city and connecting to other destinations in the country.

Various Modes of Transportation

The result is a marked difference in the use and deployment of the various modes of transportation. Air transport is the most risky and sophisticated mode of transportation.

Suzuki Motorcycle Media Plan

With the manufacturing of technologically advanced touring motorcycles, the company has been able to meet the needs of the wealthy class in the US market.

The Impact on Transportation Standards from regulations

The given paper is devoted to the analysis of the relations between the environmental protection regulations and the transportation standards as well as the integration of the environmental regulations in the logistics and transportation management.

Transportation Labor Unions

Therefore a clear indication of the importance of unions and management co-operation in relation to employees and the industry welfare. The need for labor laws that are beneficial to employees in term of enhancing their [...]

Singapore Public Transport Model

There is also the role that the government of Singapore has played in the growth and management of the city. Due to the federal limitation, implementing a plan in Melbourne in the magnitude of Singapore [...]

Transport Policy in the UK

This paper explores the recent policy framework that seeks to reengineer the road transport mode in the United Kingdom using The Future of Transport: a network for 2030" White Paper as the core of the [...]

Kelowna’s Public Transit System

This growth has called for the improvement of the transport system in the city of Kelowna to accommodate the growing population by implementing the Smart Transit Plan that is planned to come into effect by [...]

Geneva Motor Show 2011

The success of the event is also seen in the way it caters not only to the dealers and manufacturers but also to the consumers.

Role of Each Mode of Transport

Air, land, and water are the most common modes of transportation in the United States of America and many other nations in the world.

710 Freeway Extension and Expansion

Department of Transportation, the 710 freeway project is not a typical highway project due to its magnitude and the immense impact that the project will have on the freeway system once it is completed.

Chicago General Plan

In conclusion, when coming up with a Chicago City transport plan, it is important to consider the city's vision, mission and objectives.

Market Trends of Luxury Cars

For the firm to charge a higher price to the consumers it must carry out price discrimination, which is the purchase or sale of varying units of service or goods at price discrepancies indirectly matching [...]

The Cars Usage Regulations

The status associated with cars has however not diminished as some brands like Mercedes and BMW are meant to distinguish classes in spite of the fact that an individual is on car wheels and the [...]

Investment in public transport

Public transport has proven beneficial to the general public in the long-term compared to the use of private cars in many instances.