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Sustainability in Auckland City, New Zealand Report

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Updated: May 5th, 2022

The transport industry has been blamed for environmental damages in different parts of the world; Auckland city, New Zealand is suffering from air pollution believed to have been caused by industries, households, and the transport industry (Abhishek & Colls, 2009). The city depends on buses, trains, cars, and ferries for transport within and without the city; however, the modes of transport are not environmentally friendly. This paper analyzes the environmental un-sustainability in Auckland city, New Zealand; it will focus on the transport industry.

The un-sustainability problem

Buses, trains, cars, and ferries used in the city consume diesel and petrol from fossil fuels, when fossil fuels are burnt emit greenhouse gasses that are hazardous to the life of human beings animals, and plants. Vehicles and the planes used in Auckland city to move from one place to another is major source of pollution. This happens because as we move the motor vehicle produces some smoke that gets into the air and causes a great threat. Motor vehicles produce carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide which are health risks to the people of Auckland city. When carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide get it to the air, it is immiscible and thus one may think that the air is very pure but the fact is that there is a lot of pollution in the air. When the particles get into the atmosphere, they remain there for a long time, when it rains the particles are mixed with water, and what is referred to as acid rainfalls. When the acid rain falls, the entire emission that the motor vehicles had emitted finds its way to the water bodies. The water purity is thus reduced; the purity of water is crucial for the survival of aquatic life (Auckland city Government press, 2011).

The economic and living standards of the people is high, any number of people can afford to use private means of transport, the higher the number of private cars, the higher the pollution from the vehicles. When people are using ferries, the ferries leave a trail of pollution on the water bodies especially when fuels used on the ferries leak. Noise pollution is another challenge that is facing Auckland city; the mode of transport produces a noise when moving from one place to another making the city polluted by sounds (Stephenson, 2010).

Explain what you believe is the background, and cause of this situation/practice

The main cause of the problems facing Auckland city is the relaxation of environmental conservation policies; the government is not keen on the enacted laws and neither are they willing to enact more laws to face the changing needs of the communities. The increased living conditions in the country that is one of the agenda by state and local government is seen to pose some challenges to the city; people are owning personal cars and using them in the town; this has increased pollution in the city (Agarwal, 2009).

The role of engineers

When planning the city, the services of engineers are called for; when they are planning the city, they should put into consideration the efforts they can take to ensure there is minimal pollution. For example, they can design the city without roads trespassing the city especially for people who have no business in the city; by-passers, this can be done using bypasses that do not enter the city. The planners should put more focus on the development of railway lines that use electricity instead of fuel. This will assist the city to reduce pollution.

Possible ways individuals, communities, and/or governments might address the bad situation/practice

It is paramount to have combined efforts of all stakeholders in reversing the bad environmental practices experienced in the city; the government, community group and individuals should be engaged in such programs. The main role that the government should play is to educate people on the need for clean unpolluted environments; then it should ensure that communities and individuals well understand their contribution to pollution in the city (Dearnaley, 2005).

After enlightening the communities and individuals, the government with the assistance of Auckland city council should develop and implement laws targeted at managing the state of the city’s environment. For example, they may decide that personal vehicles will not be getting access into the city but alternatively develop public means to access the city. The means of transport into the city should be regulated to ensure they pollute the environment very minimally. For example having electric trains and busses that carry a large capacity can help.

On the other hand, the problem need to be addressed from a national level, the country vehicle manufacture and importation policy should be checked to ensure that only fuel efficient vehicles are admitted in the city’s roads. Currently, the automobile industry has developed electric motor vehicles, bio-fuel vehicles, and fuel efficient vehicles; they should be the ones advocated for in the country. When this is done it is likely to reduce pollution( Auckland council, 2011).


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