Transportation Essay Examples and Topics

Aircraft Capacity in the UAE

Currently, the airport in Dubai has from 1000 to 1100 movements per day. Currently, it can have about 34 departures and 32 arrivals each hour. In turn, there are approximately 1286 movements in Heathrow (London Heathrow Airport, 2014). There can be about 45 arrivals and 40 departures at this airport. Overall, these airports are among […]

Air Transportation: Airport Commercialization and Threats

Introduction According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the global demand for commercial air transport recovered and has since increased from the year 2010 (International Civil Aviation Organization 6). Between the year 2009 and 2010, there was a remarkable demand for scheduled commercial flights, which rose by 4.5 percent globally. This represented positive financial […]

General Aviation Industry and Air Traffic Control Towers

Introduction The management of airline operations is often very complex and requires a high level of commitment from those involved. This paper looks at general aspects of the aviation industry and also provides a discussion on air traffic control towers. General Aviation Industry General aviation is a term used to denote the different aspects of […]

Civil Aviation Agencies

Transport and communication remain a key driver to most of the human activities carried out in today’s society. The two sectors of the economy are interdependent. However, in spite of this relationship, certain aspects of institutional streamlining are essential. The strengths and weaknesses of these two elements, as well as their impacts on the economy, […]

Transportation Congestion and Seaport Security

Abstract This research paper provides an insight into the convergence of transportation congestion and security at a United States seaport. Most of the streets in various states of the US experience transportation congestion due to increased use of road and rail networks among others. However, the analysis of seaport congestion demands comprehension of its effects […]

Transport: Extended Definition of Bicycles

The primary components of a bicycle are the wheels and the frame. The frame holds the wheels which are propelled by pedals. Also, the bicycle is steered using handlebars that are joined to the frame. Bicycles can be grouped into many categories. Classification of bicycles is based on their function, mode of propulsion, the number […]

Hybrid Cars: Product Evaluation

Hybrids have become quite popular among the general audience over the past few years. Car-manufacturing industries are left guessing what exactly triggered this popularity. Whether it was the environmental concern, the fascination with new opportunities or just the necessity to get a taste of something new, Hybrids seem to have become a huge hit. Their […]

Toyota Premio Vehicle

Toyota Premio is a sedan vehicle manufactured in Japan by Toyota Corporation. (Toyota Motor Corporation Global Website 1). The vehicle is a fashionable and more comfortable sedan compared to the Toyota Allion. As such, the vehicle was purposefully designed to fill up the differences linking Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry. The vehicle is deemed a […]

Traffic Problems

Traffic is a common problem. However, despite the availability of solutions to traffic congestion, economic viability is a significant barrier. Additionally, any construction may face additional risks according to the area’s weather patterns. Wilmot and Cheng (2003) write that- after the hurricane damage has been accounted for- Louisiana will pay 75% more than the state […]

The Tampa-Orlando Light Rail System’s Agreements and Disagreement

There are many ways of how American business may be improved, and recently, the government came to the conclusion that it was possible to promote the development of appropriate rail systems to meet several professional goals. It is stated that “the train stations are all beautiful, and most are real Antiques and well maintained in […]

Transportation Solutions for People Defence

Surveillance Cameras Due to the increasing rates of attacks on commuters in public transport vehicles and trains, the need for surveillance cameras in such modes of transport has reached critical levels. Attacks on innocent people in trains and buses are on the increase, and these people do not have the means to protect themselves. Victims […]

British Airways

 Introduction This report gives a comprehensive overview of the business organization processes of British Airways (BA). Several aspects of the organization’s structure, including the structural style, management style, leadership style, motivation style, organizational design, organizational control structures, and the organizational culture constitute this analogy. This assessment will be an interesting analogy of British Airways because […]

London Airports Operations

Introduction London is one of the most significant cities in the world. Very few cities can boast of a rich heritage such as London. The city is centuries old and has been the seat of the monarchy. London is a very important city, not just in Europe, but also in the world. It provides vital […]

Transportation and Logistics System in Argentina

Introduction Transportation and logistics system acts as one of the major reflectors of a country’s economic capability and resource availability. Such elaborate system, determines various trends within market environment based on critical aspects. Consequently, nature of transportation and logistics systems within a region determines costs and ultimately nature of pricing on consumer goods. For example, […]

Audi Car Dealership: Building and Construction Description

Introduction This report is a review of an Australian architectural contemporary work. This work reviews an Audi car dealership building that is situated at Philip Canberry in Australia. The main focus of this report is the engineering work performed on the building and how the various parts of the building were joined together to produce […]

Australian Transportation Industry

Introduction This report is about the Australian Transportation Industry, which has several transit partners, including Onyx that endeavors to transform transportation in Melbourne. The report is divided into various segments, with detailed information about the technology and how to achieve the intended goal in the transport industry in Australia. Moreover, the status of the industry […]

British Airways

Introduction British Airways was started in 1974 as a result of merger between two airlines, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and British European Airways (BEA). BA is known to be one of the Leading Airlines in the world. By the year 2001, the company had approximately 360 aircrafts and operates in ninety seven countries covering […]

Automobile Trade, Tariffs or Quotas

Tariffs and quotas can be described as various and different trade restrictions. These restrictions are mostly imposed on exports and imports. Different countries have come up with tariffs and quotas to protect their domestic industries and ensure that they earn revenues (Sheffrin 9). A tariff is a tax that is revised every now and then […]

Social Media Analysis for Qatar Airways

Executive Summary Business organizations regardless of the industry are subjected to micro and macro-environmental factors. These factors play key roles in the determination of various operational aspects of any firm. In this case, Qatar Airways is dedicated to develop a social media, which allows the company to improve its airlines services and general customer communications. […]

Edinburgh Tram System Project

Abstract Tram systems offer a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to providing public transport to city residents while also serving to reduce traffic congestion. The Edinburgh tramway project, which forms the basis of this paper, was initiated for the same reasons. The paper presents an analysis of this project in terms of its description […]

Introduction of the Shipping Container

The invention of the shipping container was a revolutionary idea. The container was good for the global economy. The shipping container also improved the rate of industrialization. The development resulted in the production of many products for every global consumer. Most of the targeted consumers were thousands of miles away. Most of the port operations […]

The Role of the Railroads in the Settlement of the Great West

Railroad construction is an important event to consider when mapping the history of the United States. Most of the immigration and emigration that happened in the West was a direct result of these railroads. The first transcontinental railway construction was championed by President Abraham Lincoln. In 1862, Lincoln signed the Pacific Railways Act of 1862. […]

Energy Efficiency in the Saudi Transport Sector

Introduction Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the world that relies heavily on energy to prosper economically. Energy is a very important factor that determines the productivity of economy sectors like the transport industry. Other economy sectors, such as the industrial, health and commercial sectors, also rely heavily on the available energy resources. […]

Things that Move: Lift as a Mechanism that Moves Without Help

Mere movement of inanimate objects is subject to certain mechanisms and principles. However, the principles of movement of various objects need to be analyzed to define the reasons and initial origins of these movements, including the controlling mechanisms and the various meanings they have for people1. In this respect, it is possible to consider an […]

“The World’s Leading Airline Partnership Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO”

Introduction The article chosen for analysis is about a business partnership between two of the most respected airlines in the world; Emirates and Qantas Airlines. It was an interesting article to analyze because it can act as a blueprint for other multinationals that want to participate in international alliances. This case study will provide an […]

Automobile Industry in Australia

Background The automotive industry is one of the major industries in Australia. Australia is capable of designing and making automobiles. The isolation of Australia necessitated the local production of cars. This was more economical than importing cars from distant locations. Holden and Ford Australia are the major automobile manufacturers. Holden is a subsidiary of General […]

Various Modes of Transportation

By definition, the term ‘modes of transportation’ refers to the means by which people, goods and services achieve mobility. In logistics and geography, the wide diversity of transportation modes falls under one of the three major categories- land, water and air. In addition, each mode is adapted to serve certain requirements of mobility for freight […]

Suzuki Motorcycle Media Plan

Company/Brand Information Suzuki is a Japanese Motor Company that began operating in 1909. Michio Suzuki founded the multinational company at the age of 22 after constructing a pedal-driven loom for the silk industry. The company has been famous for its motorcycles, but has also entered the automobiles’ field. After the 1950 financial crisis that resulted […]

Bombardier Transportation and the Adtranz Acquisition

Introduction In 1921 at the age of 19 Joseph Armand Bombardier opened a garage in Val court Quebec where he earned his living as a mechanic. After observing the problems people were faced by (during the winter season) he wanted to find a way that would make movement easier. For about a decade he used […]

New Zealand’s Domestic Airline Market

Introduction In the recent past, a lot of changes have taken place in the New Zealand domestic airline market. There have been changes in the volume of travellers plying the domestic route, changes in the number of players in the market, and changes in sales volume among others. It is estimated that in the year […]

Significance of the Jet Revolution

Introduction The invention of the engine-powered airplanes is one of the most significant technological inventions of the last century. This innovation led to a revolution in the transportation industry as it provided the fastest means to travel to any destination in the world. Over the course of its existence, the airline industry has not had […]

Airport Screening

Airport screening has become an essential component of transportation security policy in the United States following a security breach that precipitated the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (Fritteli, 2005). In response to the terrorist attacks, the US Congress moved with speed to pass the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), which in turn established […]

Challenges to the Security of Ports

The importance of maritime trade for the North American economy cannot be overestimated. Billions of tons of foreign and domestic goods are transported through U.S. ports each year. 53% of all imported goods reach the United States by ports, and the remaining 25% by land, and 22% by air. If we look at the export […]

Port Security Challenges

Tackling the issues associated with port security is of high significance for international trade. Beginning from 2001, the reality of the terrorist threat to America’s ports has increased considerably including the risk of the nuclear attack with the so-called “dirty bomb”. However, terrorism is not the only port security challenge. Illegal human and contraband trafficking, […]

EPA Regulations and the Impact on Transportation Standards

The regulations concerning transportation standards developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have one main objective – the minimization of greenhouse gas emissions by light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles. The purpose of the transportation regulations of EPA is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions that are […]

Maritime Transportation Security Act

The U.S. Maritime Security is made up of a variety of laws, regulations, different agencies that bear the responsibility for ensuring that the ports are safe and that the cargo goes in and out securely. Since the 11th September, the National Congress has created and passed an array of laws that relate to the maritime […]

The Impact on Transportation Standards from regulations

Throughout the past decades, the rapid global economic growth increased the level of the products consumption. Globalization provoked the expansion of the goods distribution streams worldwide, and the manufacturing, storage, and consumption of the goods induced the negative impacts on the natural environment. Global warming caused by the extensive greenhouse gasses emissions is regarded as […]

Tiger Files and their Usefulness for Transportation Planning

Introduction We are living in an evolving era where technology plays a key role in everyday life. Today, individual just simply navigate their cell phone with few finger press, and the phone can direct them to anywhere at any time. Moreover, they can inform one the shortest, quickest route to any destination desired by walking, […]

Deregulation of the Air Transport Industry in the Middle East

Executive Summary This research seeks to investigate issues surrounding deregulation of the air transport industry in the Middle East. Restrictions in the distribution of traffic rights have caused a key barrier to the entry and development of new carriers functioning intra-regional routes. The open skies policies of the UAE and the carriers’ triumph have granted […]

Transportation Labor Unions

Literature Review Labour can be described as the effort by laborers in the production of goods and services. Primarily, labour unions arise from the wage earners who form the unions with an aim of serving them in relation to their wages and working environment. Indeed, labour unions have been in existence for a long time. […]

Singapore Public Transport Model

Introduction Singapore has been touted as one of the countries with some of the most sustainable urban transport policies in Asia. This is mainly indicated by the country’s apparent success in containing traffic growth, vehicle ownership and emphasizing and expanding the role of public transport systems (Barter 6). Low motorization through sustained car ownership has […]

Multimodal and Intermodal Concepts in Transportation Policy

Introduction Transportation modes are the ways that are used in the transportation of people and freight. When deciding on which modes of transport to invest in, an emphasis needs to be put on the long-term consequences, for example, on the environment. Often, there are rarely neither hard nor fast distinctions between the available modes of […]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Introduction The interest in the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or better known as drones, has increased in the defense industry, particularly in military, where they are primarily designed for carrying various military operations. UAVs offer a more efficient and less risky way of carrying military operations when compared to the typical manned aircrafts. […]

LaBanze Bus Services. Proposal to provide transport services during World Expo 2020 in Dubai

Executive Summary This business proposal is submitted by the LaBanze Bus Services to the government of the UAE to offer transport services during the 2020 World Expo event to be held in Dubai. The UAE government stand to benefits from the LaBanze’s transport services since it covers the major cities such as Dubai, Abudhabi, Alain, […]

Planning and Design of Airports

Airports have become a part of everyday existence, as air travel is necessary for many aspects of life. The design and technology that goes into building and engineering an airport is unseen but is very complex and structured. There are many details that are important to keep in mind in order to build a well […]

Chinas Motor Industry

Introduction China is one of the rapid growing economies in the world. The country has a high potential of growth in the future. Various economic sectors have witnessed rampant growth. For example, with regards to the motor industry, the country’s ranking has undergone significant annual improvements since 2005. In the first quarter of 2010 the […]

Comparison of electric and gas-powered vehicles

Introduction The auto industry has been undergoing changes since the first car was invented in 1871. Most of these changes are designed to help improve the efficiency and comfort of cars. Because of the increasing cost of gasoline and diesel, most of the latest developments in the performance of cars have been directed at the […]

Transport Policy in the UK

Introduction The transport sector plays a critical role in the development of a sustainable economy of the United Kingdom. Policy stakeholders have argued that while it is critical for the sector to draw significant benefits to the growth of the economy, sector policy reforms must address the overall frameworks for total reduction in emissions of […]

Traffic in Abu Dhabi

Like other cities, Abu Dhabi has heavy traffic jam. Commuters spend several hours stuck in slow-moving jam. Traffic congestion in Abu Dhabi has a number of causes and effects. In the recent past, Abu Dhabi has experienced a population explosion. Consequently, there are increasing numbers of vehicles on roads as commuters seek to get to […]

Critical Review: “The status of Transportation Demand Management in Greater Vancouver and energy implications” by Clark Lim

The paper by Lim dubbed ‘the status of transportation demand management in Greater Vancouver and energy implications’ provides a clear and well-organized strategy to be employed towards improving the transportation system in the Greater Vancouver region. The author has presented the problems of the deterioration in the transport system as the resources become limited in […]

Issue-based Analysis of a Specific Transportation Mode

The various transportation forms or networks which man has created do play a significant role in our lives. Apart from them being very useful in mobility-related purposes, these channels also have a direct impact on our normal lives, based on a number of aspects. For example, some of these aspects are complex issues whose great […]

Autoxpress car rental system

Introduction In Abu Dhabi, like in most other developed cities, car rental is a thriving business. With modernization, technology has found its way into the business, especially in the form of computer usage in the assignment of cars to clients and in the tracking of the vehicles when the hand-over is complete implemented by world […]

The Role of Transportation in the Development of Tourism

Introduction The growth and development of tourism depends on transportation to a great extent. Although transportation and tourism development are, nevertheless, this paper has tried to demonstrate that the relationship between these two issues is somewhat controversial owing to the many schools of thought that are available. Nevertheless, new technologies in transportation has greatly improved […]

Kelowna’s Public Transit System

Rapid growth of population in Kelowna city has become both a challenge and an opportunity to develop a smart transit plan for the region to make transport efficient. The city of Kelowna in Okanagan is the highest growing City in British Columbia, the population is expected to increase by 50 percent in the next two […]

Important News Stories

ATA SmartBrief is a United State Company associated with airing noteworthy news concerning the U.S’ airlines and Aviation companies. The following is the prime news highlighted by the company in the second week of October (9th – 14th). The news is grouped into three main categories; Company Watch, Inside Aviation and Energy Bulletin (ATA SmartBrief, […]

Pilots and Minimum Flight Hours

Outline FAA – Minimum 1500 –Flight Hours –for Commercial airline Pilots – Whether CASA of Australia attempt to increase the flight hours as that of FAAs is justiable. Higher flight hours -to be prescribed in Australia – as done by FAA in USA- there will negative impact among regional and small airline operators in Australia […]

How the internet influences price Dispersion

The article I have chosen to analyze is “How the internet influences price dispersion? Evidence from the airline industry.” Airline industries have been receiving information from the global information distribution systems; these include the computer system that was introduced in the 1970s, and it was aimed at automating and controlling the distribution of tickets. This […]

The Effect of Pets on Driver Distraction

A lot of attention is being directed to talking on cell phones, playing with pets, and texting while driving as these actions result to significant driver distraction. The exact statistics on distraction by small lap dogs are hard to come by, but a survey from the Nationwide Mutual Insurance has noted that over ten percent […]

Railroads in Saudi Arabia

Statement of the Problem Saudi Arabia has already developed transportation and communication networks to experience long-term economic growth, expand business, connect national citizen with foreigners, decrease congestion, and ensure more facilities for the people of KSA and tourists. However, Library of congress (2006, p.17) reported that the existing railroads remain relatively undeveloped, though demand of […]

Geneva Motor Show 2011

The automotive industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. The marketing aspect was as simple as selling a well-built car and then provide a decent after-sales service. But after a short time, buyers became more sophisticated and as a result auto manufacturers had to develop more effective marketing strategies to succeed […]

Transportation Advancements for the United States

Creativity and innovation in the transport sector has seen this industry propel to higher levels of effectiveness, in terms of speed, time, and mass transportation of both goods and persons. The creativity and innovative thinking is not a new idea but it has been there since time immemorial, and has improved our lives as the […]

Australian Rail Organization: The Existence of Porter’s 5 Forces

Rail Australia is undoubtedly the leading organization in the provision of rail transport and passenger services in Australia. Major rail operators in Australia have formed an alliance to deliver joint tourist-oriented and passenger services. Rail operations and infrastructure are not only owned and managed by government agencies but also by private operators. Rail operators include […]

How Green of a Traveler Am I?

Introduction “Green Travelling” is a popular term nowadays, it is associated with such notions as “sustainable environment”, “ecotourism” and “responsible travelling”. A green traveler is the one who tries to save the natural environment and to minimize personal impact on the cultural treasures of the region where he/she is travelling. In this report, I am […]

Analysis of the better Place electric car scheme

Introduction Better Place’s (BP) idea to roll out electric car charging points is a step in the right direction. Electric Vehicles (EVs) as offered through BP’s scheme are quite promising because most challenges associated with EVs have been addressed by the organisation. Prospects for future improvements are also quite high as indicated through current innovations. […]

Business Communication; Qantas Airline

Executive Summary This report entails an analysis of market communication within organizations. To provide a real life situation, the report entails an analysis of how market communication that has been integrated by Qantas Airline. The report gives the background information on the concept of market communication within organizations. The report also illustrates the various market […]

The D.C Metro System

The collision of two trains in the metro system of the District of Columbia raised concerns on the increasing neglect of the transport system that serves a large number of commuters. Preliminary analysis indicated the flaws in the trains’ control system as the cause of the accident. Further investigations revealed that the train that caused […]

Pros and Cons of High-Speed Railways in California

California is at least 30 years behind the rest of the world in the development of high-speed railways (Thanawala & Dreier, 2012). The need for high-speed trains in California is obvious. California residents are tired of spending long hours in traffic jams. The new high-speed railways promise to bring Los Angeles residents to San Francisco […]

Role of Each Mode of Transport

According to Anderson (1999), transport is the movement of people, goods, and services from one location to another. Effective transport systems play a critical role in achieving the economic and social needs of a given society. Air, land, and water are the most common modes of transportation in the United States of America and many […]

710 Freeway Extension and Expansion

Introduction The expansion and extension of State Route 710 (SR-710) freeway is a Los Angeles County transportation network project that was proposed over 40years ago but still remains to be implemented. According to the U. S. Department of Transportation (2000), the 710 freeway project is not a typical highway project due to its magnitude and […]

Chicago General Plan

One of state law requirements is that cities should prepare general plans and regularly update them. General plan is a long range and internally constituted statement of the city development and preservation policies. It serves as a constitution for the future physical development (Mell 45). It acts as a statement of community goals, values, objectives, […]

Electric Cars Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction We live in a fast paced world with constant need for movement to various destinations, which warrants use of motor vehicles for fast and convenient transport. From ancient times, vehicles powered by energy from hydro-carbon sources have been used to meet the need for locomotion. Incidentally, fossil fuel is non-renewable, has fluctuating prices and […]

Compare and contrast SUVs and Motorcycles

Most people make choices about the type of automobile they buy based on different factors, which range from personal opinions to the characteristics of the particular automobile. This paper is going to compare and contrast SUVs and motorcycles in order to determine the better options. Sports utility vehicle (SUV) These vehicles are known to be […]

Comparison America’s Cars and Japanese Cars

Technology is important into determining cars and their viability in this twenty first century. Japanese cars happen to be the best cars in comparison to those of America, the comparison includes viability in terms of technology, economy and sensitivity to the environment. Background of Origin of Cars Cars are four wheeled vehicles that use motor […]

Market Trends of Luxury Cars

Introduction The background of the present luxury car is extremely expensive, frequently the custom-bodied luxury sporting cars of 1920s to 1930s. Normally made by Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Delahaye, Lincoln, Delage, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz among others, these highly stylish status cars were preferred by aristocrats, film stars, gangsters and playboys for projecting elegant and profligate images. […]

Banning phone use while driving will save lives

Introduction Vehicle accidents occur when a car collides with another car, pedestrian, or animal. A vehicle may also veer of the road and hit some stationary object such as a tree or pole or reaches a rough terrain such as a steep slope. Traffic accidents cause injury and death to millions of persons around the […]

Role of Alternative Energy Resources in Reshaping Global Transportation Infrastructure

Abstract Transport infrastructure is one of the most important and ancient developments in human history. Since the invention of wheel in ancient world, improvement of transport sector has dominated human activities. Over the years, infrastructure has improved in virtually every country. Recent developments have seen production of several PHEVs. This is mainly attributed to economic […]

Problem of the Elderly Driving in the US

Introduction As individuals get progressively older their mental capacities, response times, and physical abilities tend to deteriorate yet despite such limitations people aged 60 and above still continue to drive on America’s roads and highways (Cobb, 411). Based on data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a total of 3,981 individuals age 70 and […]

The Cars Usage Regulations

Introduction There has been a common perception which seems to be a fact that an attempt to establish regulations on the usage of cars generates protests. The protests are raised by motorists who feel that such regulations are infringements on their freedom of movement. An insight into circumstance about cars however gives an indication that […]

Highway Expansion: This Is the Road to Arizona

The Idea of the Expansion: Where Does This Road Take? However fast pace the development may take, there are always people who slacken its speed with non-stopping arguments and the doubts about the success of the campaign. In spite of the fact that all the necessary calculations have been carried out and that the most […]

Car’s Unique Types

Introduction Over the years, various types of cars have been developed. Manufacturing companies have designed and different types of cars to meet various consumer needs. However, there are three types of unique cars that have been marketed to meet specific consumer needs. Economy cars Characteristics: price and functionality Unique characteristic: Low price Example: Toyota corolla […]

Investment in public transport

Introduction Despite its dented public image, public transport remains a better option in the long run. To begin with, public transport helps in environmental conservation through efficiency in energy consumption, reduction in air pollution as well as traffic congestion. Moreover, public transport is cost effective given the efficiency in land use, reduced payments on repairs […]

The Airbus A380 Supply Chain

The Airbus A380, also known as Superjumbo, is the largest passenger airplane ever manufactured in the world. The plane has four engines, a wide double deck body and an upper deck that spans the whole fuselage length. Its big size can accommodate 525 passengers divided into the usual three classes or maximum of 853 passengers […]

Traffic in Washington D.C.

Traffic congestion is one primary problem facing most of the world’s biggest towns, a case that is common in most United States cities for example, Washington D.C. This is because, with increased populations and changing world’s economic status, most individuals opt for private transport it being more convenient. Although this may be the case, most […]

Influence of Transport on Lives of People who Live in Cities

Introduction The most developed cities in the world attract a lot of people to work there. There are many economic activities which are carried out in the cities which are facilitated by transport. Transport therefore influences the lives of many people who live in cities. The various modes of transport that are used in cities […]

Car Accidents Prevention

Car accidents happen daily and can significantly change the life of a person. Accidents occur without warnings and sometimes result in death. Everyday, unforeseen, innocent victims are killed in car accidents. It is important to note that anything can cause a car accident (Transport Canada par. 1). The first cause of car accidents is impaired […]

How Sun-Tzu’s tactics can be applied to vehicle purchasing

Introduction In essence, Sun-Tzu’s tactics in “the Art of War” are nothing more than a compilation of logical assertions and as such are not only applicable to war time stratagems but can actually be utilized in various situations in a person’s life, such as purchasing a vehicle. What must be understood is that the tactics […]