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Building Information Modeling in the UK Transportation

The study focused on examining the relevance of Building Information Modeling in transportation projects and the key drivers and barriers to the implementation of BIM in transportation infrastructure projects.

Port Operations, Designing, and Logistics in China

According to Bichou, the effective operation of ports is dependent on, among others, the mission statement of the planners. Harlaftis, Tenold, and Valdaliso note that the studies aim at understanding the uncertainties and evolution of [...]

Drunk Driving vs. Texting While Driving

Specifically, it presents the issue of drunk driving and texting while driving to investigate which of the two distracters causes more accidents on the roads.

Weather Conditions Impact on Road Accidents in Manchester

The literature analysis reveals that although weather conditions can be regarded as one of the major causes of severe accidents, driving habits, authorities' capability to enhance road and traffic situation, road and automobile management, as [...]

Water Transport Systems in the World

The development of the three and four Masted ships in the 16th century was a major event in the history of the water transportation system.

Railway Services Improvement in the Saudi Arabia

The focus of this business plan is to serve the regular passengers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the busy students of different educational institutions, the pilgrims of different nations from around the world who [...]

General Motors Company’s Fuel Cell Technology

An alternative approach to the future customer obtaining the needed fuel for the prototype vehicle will be achieved by the development of a gas station that will have electrolysis interface or reformers to provide the [...]

Traffic Causes in Dubai and Optimal Solution

These impressive steps made by the government and private sector to boost the local economy are often negatively affected by the growing traffic congestion in major urban centers in the country, especially the city of [...]

Public Transportation Usage Increase in Dubai

To make it easier for the police to cope with their duties and ensure people's security, the government urge the necessity to use checkpoints.

Mass Transit and Its Benefits for Americans

That is why the reconsideration of the approach to the public transit system and the use of specific pricing models could become a perfect solution to the problem of transportation in big cities.

Efficiency Measurement in International Transport Systems

The specified phenomenon is especially evident in the context of the global market, where the well-coordinated actions of the participants allow for the proper functioning of the supply chain and, therefore, the timely and successful [...]

Intermodal Transportation in the 21st Century

The customer is no longer satisfied with the schedule of one part of the journey or delivery he/she wants to be guaranteed that the whole process will run smoothly and within a specified period of [...]

International Transport Systems and Functioning

As a result, a comprehensive analysis thereof will become a possibility, and the options for enhancing the efficacy of ITS-related operations will be identified.

Freight and Rail Transport in International System

Furthermore, the availability of the terminal and the possibility of future expansion should also be considered, as the continuously changing economics of countries may affect customer's demands.

Transportation Industry as an Economic Sector

Third-party logistics can be used to provide reliable and cost-effective transportation services to companies in the transportation industry. Intelligent Transportation Systems and automation are examples of technologies that companies can implement to improve their capacity [...]

Ports Regionalisation

In the given report, the focus will be made on such characteristics of regionalisation as inland terminal development, inland logistics, and collective action.

Wildlife Control In and Around Airports

The main purpose of the paper is to describe possible ways to protect and control the airport area from wild animals and birds that are potentially dangerous to the safety of passengers and can disrupt [...]

High Speed Railway System and Tourism Market

It is hard to say whether the obtained investment is good and whether it will be enough for the USA to get on the new level. The fact that trains are safer will also appeal [...]

The European Intermodal Rail-Road Freight Transport

With its help, governments wanted to increase price and competition in the sphere so that the development of the intermodal transportation can be streamlined. Thus, it can be concluded that regulation and deregulation lead to [...]

Intermodal Transportation: Role of Authorities

Despite the clarity of this viewpoint, I tend to believe that the government could not be viewed a primary catalyst for innovations and development, as the majority of the changes are driven by the companies [...]

Containerization of Intermodal Transport Service

Nowadays, seagoing vessels play a leading role in the system of cargo delivery, and it is possible to say that the advancement of maritime shipping has influenced the tendencies in the evolution of other transport [...]

Tesla Motors Inc.’s Strategies and Global Trends

However, the company decided not to focus on one specific sector, and the global strategies of the company involve the production of cars that will satisfy all the segments of the modern market.

Uncovering Factors Affecting the Destiny of Tesla

This paper attempts to analyze the success of Tesla cars in its entry in the competitive car industry and how the driving public, both in the United Kingdom and China, has accepted it as a [...]

Transport in China: Cars vs Bicycles and E-Bikes

As reported by The World Bank Group, the urban transportation strategies that were developed and applied at the beginning of the 2000s and the end of the 1990s was mainly orientated at the economic and [...]

Public Transport Use Stimulation in Abu Dhabi

The study conducted by Road Safety UAE shows the levels of road safety monitoring based on the answers of respondents and implies that sustainable development is the key goal in the transportation of the UAE.

Policy for Vehicles with Automated Driving Systems

The acceptance of the new technology will create the best environment for producing superior automobiles that conform to every testing, compliance, certification, and verification process.

Transport Infrastructure in Kenya

However, such issues as the high poverty level in Kenya and the low level of education do not contribute to the development of the transport infrastructure in the country.

Payment Technology in Abu Dhabi Public Transport

There is a tendency to increase the mentioned population, and the use of public transportation would mean the reduction of traffic congestion and the stabilization of the transportation process in general.de O a, de O [...]

Obtaining a Driver’s License in the USA

One can only get a license in a state he or she lives in and has to be eligible to apply, which means people with health conditions like epilepsy are not allowed to drive.

Self-Driving Cars and Related Ethical Concerns

The problem is, the general public is commonly not aware of the critical dangers of self-driving cars and is only interested in the uniqueness of the technology and its benefits.

Tesla Motors: Innovations and Accidents

The fundamental problem of innovations is the fact that new technologic devices are likely to have some issues because of the lack of testing and the unpredictable nature of the device.

Popularity of the Tesla Motors World

It is of paramount importance to note that Elon Musk is considered to be not only a talented executive, however, one of the most famous people in the sphere of innovations.

Automotive Industry in the USA

The USA is one of the modern most powerful states the prosperity and rise of which are conditioned by the efficient functioning of various branches of industry. Yet, the rise of the industry started in [...]

Hierarchical Task Analysis and Pilot Embarkation

Pilot embarkation is the task that allows the pilot to get to the ship safely. The stakeholders are the pilot, the shipping authorities and rules, and the ship staffs.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Safety Improvement

The growth in technology has led to the development of sophisticated UAS with relatively simple user interfaces, which has led to the ability of different commercial entities to harness the opportunity of using unmanned aircraft [...]

UAE Public Transport and Economic Development

The public transport system determines the conditions for economic growth, increasing the competitiveness of the national economy and the quality of life of the population.

A Flying Car: Project Proposal for Tesla Company

The proposed project of developing and creating a flying personal vehicle requires Tesla to engage in activities connected to the implementation of innovation.

Half-Track That Needs No Driver

In such a case, the control system of the half-track will be able to choose an appropriate route from the database.

Chinese Rail Services’ Feasibility in Jamaica

MSS Yen Railway of China provides the population of the country with the opportunity to travel to different locations with high-speed rail and transport various goods.

Ford-150 and Chey 1500 Trucks Comparison

It is also useful because it is to market and explain the various aspects of the truck brand for the company both in appearance and performance.

Did President Obama Save the Auto Industry?

As a result of all the failure, such industry giants as General Motors and Chrysler were unable to pay their bills, and to avoid a collapse had to plead for the government's help.

Designing for Bentley Exhibition

The new products and the events associated with the presentation of the cars are characterized by the "extraordinary new heights" which means that consumers are to be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the models.

Buying a Car

Using the help of a friend or relative will assist in seeing whether all documentation and car's features meet the requirements highlighted by its owner.

Top Ten Most Expensive Cars in the World

Lamborghini Veneno is the second most expensive car in the world with a market cost of $4. The car model can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a period of 3 seconds.

The Smart Balance Wheel, Its Pros and Cons

An important advantage of the smart balance wheel is that it has a smart feature, which means that a person automatically maintains balance while on it.

Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles’ Current State

Innovative smart vehicle technology is the way of the future, but the safety and reliability debate has persisted. Google has developed and tested an autonomous, driverless car to demonstrate the actual application of the smart [...]

Health Promotions: Bicycles Safety

Therefore, making the parents and the caregivers aware of their role in promoting helmet use among their children can lead to an increased use of the protective hat.

Aviation Industry’s Risk Management

Numerous international and regional organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the Arab Civil Aviation Commission, the African Civil Aviation Commission, and the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission oversee [...]

Electric Cars and Benefits of Their Ealry Adoption

The business problem of the research consists in the fact that catalyzing early adoption of a clean vehicle, in other words, plug-in hybrid and battery-only electric vehicles might be rather advantageous in the case of [...]

Marine Transport Use Optimization Theories

The biggest challenge occurs in the allocation of berthing systems especially in continuous terminals, which may result in undesired delays at the port, the dissatisfaction of customers and building a negative reputation for the port [...]

Buenos Aires Airports Strategies

Alternatively, an airport's physical design comprises different aspects such as the number of runways, locality and length of the landing strips, taxiways, junctions, and the distance between the landing strips.

Innovations at the Roads and Transport Authority

According to Mattar Al Tayer, the executive, and chairman of the RTA Executive Committee, RTA takes part in initiatives and programs that promote innovation. In the same spirit of innovation, RTA will complete the ongoing [...]

Berth and Allocation Problem: Literature Review

The scholars assert that the challenge defines the task of quay cranes to containers and the order of chores to be administered by each quay crane concurrently.

Airbus A380 Engine

Four years later, the Trent 900 engine was the one that launched the start of the A380 engine. The flight time of the Engine Alliance GP7000 is approximately one million hours.

Electric Cars: Advantages and Concerns

Clearly, the future of electric cars does not look promising, considering that the government's financial support and funding are unlikely to increase.

DHL over Baghdad and Qantas Flight 32

The missile hit the left wing of the plane and, although the left engine was not damaged, all hydraulic systems and flight controls were lost, which is why the flight crew had no other choice [...]

Automobiles: Benefits and Threats to Society

It goes without saying that automobiles carry a large number of benefits for the human society, but at the same time this technology is also the source of some negative influences on the society and [...]

Electric Cars: Types, Pros and Cons

They include the hybrid electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, extended-range electric vehicle, and the battery electric vehicle. An example of this type of electric car is the Ford Fusion hybrid.

Distribution Effect on Transportation Flow

As a rule, the density of the TF may vary depending on the number of vehicles on the road, the width of the latter, the time of the day that the TF is measured at, [...]

How Hybrid Cars Generate Electricity?

By using the motor of a car as both the generator of electricity and the key source of the mechanical power to rotate the wheels, the designers managed to make a logical compromise between the [...]

Dubai Road and Transport Authority

Apart from the management of the system, RTA has an additional mandate of regulating transport systems in the UAE and Dubai.

US Air Transportation Industry’s Regulation

However, the government realized that it was in the interest of the players in this industry to let these factors be defined by the market forces.

Airline Loyalty Programmes in Customer Patronage

The first is the benefits that can be obtained through the frequent flyer loyalty program of airlines while the second is the affordability that low-cost carriers offer.

Dry Bulk Terminal Technology and Its Benefits

The use of technology enhances the efficiency of operations in dry bulk terminals. Notably, it is essential for individuals to be well informed about the operations and security of the dry bulk terminal.

Transit’s Impact on Local Economy

The major purpose of the paper is to provide the review of the articles connected to the importance of the usage of the light rail transit and public buses, and what impact they have on [...]

Shipbreaking on the South Asia Beaches

The main reason for the surge in shipbreaking activities in South Asia is the availability of cheap labour due to the high population in the region and lax laws.

Hybrid Cars: Benefits and Controversies

The manufacture of hybrid cars involves the combination of a battery and an engine. This is an effort by governments to promote and encourage the purchase of hybrid cars.

Automotive Industry Evolution

But because of the design and because of the high weight-to-power ratio, it was limited to rail transportation, heavy trucks, and buses. As a result, Ford was one of the first to develop a system [...]

Frankfurt Airport Nightly Closure: Economic Impact

The paper is a case study of the Frankfurt airport and the effect of the nightly closure order passed by the courts in Germany that was effect from 21 October 2011.

Land Transport Evolution and Development

The combination of the horse and the wheel made transportation system simple as it facilitated exchange of crops. This was the origin of movement of a large number of people in the 18th century.

The Transport System in the City of Dallas

The report examined the effects of heavy capacity buses on the roads in the residential areas of the city. The report recommended for the improvement of the communication system between the citizens and the city [...]

Subaru Outback: Car Observation

It shows that the owner is independent and likes to be in control. Green, as is the case with the car in question, shows that the owner has a calm personality and avoids confrontations.

Social Lives of Emirates Airlines Crew

Little has been studied about the social lives of Emirates Airlines crew and the type of people they tend to socialize with.

Airport Commercialisation Security Implications

It is within the airport that passengers, their luggage and other types of cargo pass, in addition to allowing aircraft to take off and land to and from any part of the world.

The UAE Transport Industry

The research procedure includes such stages as the planning of the research, the collection of the data related to the transport industry in the UAE, the analysis and interpretation of the data, the discussion of [...]

Modes of Transport in Dubai

In this section of the research, the focus will be to analyze some of their works in order to have a better understanding about the modes of transport within this city.

Improving Aviation Safety in Africa

Key stakeholders in the aviation industry, such IATA, ICAO and other regulatory bodies have recognized the need to enhance air safety in Africa.

Federal Aviation Administration’s Vision for 2025

Though the overall strategy of transformation is well-developed, further actions should be taken to improve the plan and provide a successful realization of the strategy aimed at promoting the safety of aviation.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Fleets: Industrial of Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the consequential elements of the overall usage of a specific vehicle; however, because of the necessity to conform to a range of norms and standards, the process of maintaining vehicles in [...]

Are V8 Engines Better Than V6 Engines?

One of the pertinent issues is the relationship between the size of an engine and the performance of a vehicle. N/V is a ratio that denotes the relationship between the speed of the car and [...]

Alcohol and Drugs in Fatally Injured Drivers

The researchers targeted to examine the prevalence of drugs in a sample of drivers. The other variables included the time of the crash, and fatalities reported after the accident.

Distracted Driving

The article notes that the results of the study highlighted the dangers of DDB other than texting and using cell phones.

The Dangerous Habits of Drivers

The problem is in the fact that, in most cases, the real cause of such accidents is the irresponsible actions of a driver.

Private Aircraft Ownership – Air Transportation

In the operation of the aircraft, the operator must ensure the aircraft has airworthiness certificate that is a condition for safe operation and grants the authorization for the operation of an aircraft in flight.

Pilot Fatigue and FAA Regulations – Air Transportation

To discuss the problem in detail, it is necessary to focus on the definition of pilot fatigue and its causes, on the other associated issues experienced by pilots within the aviation industry, on the statistical [...]

Weather and Aviation Accidents – Air Transportation

The weather conditions that led to this accident were a thunderstorm and heavy rains in the region of flight. This leads to a reduction in the efficiency of the braking system, and it might cause [...]

Hybrid Cars’ Disadvantages

Although hybrid cars have enough power to the benefits of their users, the power output is generally lower than the same car model that is powered by gas. The number of mechanics specialized in the [...]

The History of the Vehicle Industry

The history of the vehicle industry began in the mid 18th century where the first steam engine vehicle was invented in order to facilitate the transportation of humans.

Why People Should Study Driving?

A driver is therefore encouraged to be on alert and be on the lookout while driving to avoid risking the life of these stakeholders.

Personal Car Driving’ Importance

To overcome the obstacle of reckless driving, other aspects of life have to be attained and taught as well, which has a positive effect to not only the person but the entire community in general.

Aircraft Capacity in the UAE

In turn, the approximate number of flights in Sharjah Airport is 189. In turn, the number of passengers coming to the UAE has grown by more than 183 times.

Air Transportation: Airport Commercialization and Threats

Consequently, in this context of increased demand for commercial flights and the expected growth in the aviation industry, the industry has continued to focus on safety measures to improve outcomes and potential threats in the [...]

Civil Aviation Agencies

The organization is tasked with the responsibility of formulating key techniques and strategies to promote the efficacy and safety of operations in the international aviation industry.

Transportation Congestion and Seaport Security

To manage transport congestion effectively, a combination of behaviors of the physical traffic and users' expectations of the operational ability of the system are merged.

Transport: Extended Definition of Bicycles

The fifth classification of bicycles is the utility bicycles that are designed for transport. Also, they are the most common class of bicycles in the world.

Hybrid Cars: Product Evaluation

However, hybrid cars also have their weak aspects, and the most notorious one is their vulnerability to the effects of the outside factors, especially weather. However, in the process of manufacturing Hybrid cars, twice as [...]

Toyota Premio Vehicle

The vehicle is a fashionable and more comfortable sedan compared to the Toyota Allion. The vehicle is a product of the Toyota Corporation.

Traffic Problems

2 billion dollars in 1997, and 11% of wage hours were spent in the commute to-and-from- their place of work. For preventive technologies and laws, the balance of employment shifts to a greater need for [...]

Transportation Solutions for People Defence

Due to the increasing rates of attacks on commuters in public transport vehicles and trains, the need for surveillance cameras in such modes of transport has reached critical levels. However, it is important to note [...]

British Airways

How Management and Leadership Styles Affect the Direction of the Business BA's management and leadership styles are bound to affect the direction of the company because they are the main wheels behind the efficiency and [...]

London Airports Operations

The examination will consider the organization of each of the six airports to uncover the general strategy in use to manage air transport in the city.

Transportation and Logistics System in Argentina

Transportation and logistics system acts as one of the major reflectors of a country's economic capability and resource availability. This has eventually made Argentina to be recognized as one of the competitors within international grain [...]

Audi Car Dealership: Building and Construction Description

Other issues discussed include: Site selection for the building Role of the building and the challenges encountered during the entire process of coming up with the wonderful structure Relationship between design, materials used and structural [...]
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