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Transportation Essay Examples and Topics

Planning and Design of Airports

The construction and materials for the runways are very expensive and so, the manufacturers of the aircraft must keep in mind the amount of wear that the airplane will have on the concrete.

Chinas Motor Industry

There has been a concentration of motor industry sales in the coastal region of the country more than it is in the western region of the country.

Transport Policy in the UK

This paper explores the recent policy framework that seeks to reengineer the road transport mode in the United Kingdom using The Future of Transport: a network for 2030" White Paper as the core of the [...]

Traffic in Abu Dhabi

Road congestion occurs as a result of increased use of the road network that results into increased time of travelling. Abu Dhabi road congestion also results from parking habits of both heavy and light vehicles [...]

Autoxpress car rental system

The client makes a choice and fulfills the requirements including the payment of the hire charges The car is availed to the client after signing the car hire details form.

Kelowna’s Public Transit System

This growth has called for the improvement of the transport system in the city of Kelowna to accommodate the growing population by implementing the Smart Transit Plan that is planned to come into effect by [...]

Important News Stories

The following is the prime news highlighted by the company in the second week of October. On 10/13, the company highlighted news that the production was evaluating the significance of biofuels to aviation.

Pilots and Minimum Flight Hours

Thus, the researchers' findings again rebuff the finding that there is a phase of special susceptibility for pilots at this experience stage and this corroborates that those pilots with lesser experience were possibly less prone [...]

How the internet influences price Dispersion

The effect of prices on the Internet depends on route market structure and the airline firm and the higher penetration of the Internet among the consumers has the effect of lowering the prices of fare [...]

Railroads in Saudi Arabia

This is because Saudi Arabia is the member of World Trade Organization, which gives the opportunity to the foreign companies to invest and provide technological support for the development of transportation networks; in addition, the [...]

Geneva Motor Show 2011

The success of the event is also seen in the way it caters not only to the dealers and manufacturers but also to the consumers.

Business Communication: Qantas Airline

One of the strategies which the firm has integrated is electronic commerce in communicating to the market. The firm has managed to achieve this through integration of integrated marketing communication.

The D.C Metro System

The collision of two trains in the metro system of the District of Columbia raised concerns on the increasing neglect of the transport system that serves a large number of commuters.

Role of Each Mode of Transport

Air, land, and water are the most common modes of transportation in the United States of America and many other nations in the world.

710 Freeway Extension and Expansion

Department of Transportation, the 710 freeway project is not a typical highway project due to its magnitude and the immense impact that the project will have on the freeway system once it is completed.

Chicago General Plan

In conclusion, when coming up with a Chicago City transport plan, it is important to consider the city's vision, mission and objectives.

Electric Cars Advantages and Disadvantages

There are three types of electric cars: those that are powered explicitly by external electric sources, those that have rechargeable batteries and those that have built in generators to provide power for thrust.

Market Trends of Luxury Cars

For the firm to charge a higher price to the consumers it must carry out price discrimination, which is the purchase or sale of varying units of service or goods at price discrepancies indirectly matching [...]

Problem of the Elderly Driving in the US

When comparing the survey results to accumulated scientific data as well as statistics on the number of vehicular accidents involving the elderly it can be seen that the respondents were unaware of the potential danger [...]

The Cars Usage Regulations

The status associated with cars has however not diminished as some brands like Mercedes and BMW are meant to distinguish classes in spite of the fact that an individual is on car wheels and the [...]

Car’s Unique Types

There are generally three unique types of cars common to modern consumers: economy, sports and luxury cars. Economy cars are also usually small and the features of the car usually depend on the year of [...]

Investment in public transport

Public transport has proven beneficial to the general public in the long-term compared to the use of private cars in many instances.

The Airbus A380 Supply Chain

The tailfin, which is manufactured in the German city of Stade, and cabin installations together with the front and back fuselage parts, which are built in Hamburg, are transported to the shipping docks and shipped [...]

Traffic in Washington D.C.

In addition, to the numerous number of individuals and diplomats driving in and out of the city daily, accidents are also great contributors to escalating traffic problem hence, the need for formulation of practical solutions [...]

Car Accidents Prevention

The annual costs of car accidents to the economy are estimated to be billions of USD and it is more in countries that import medicines and vehicles.