Air Transport Essay Examples and Topics

British Airways

 Introduction This report gives a comprehensive overview of the business organization processes of British Airways (BA). Several aspects of the organization’s structure, including the structural style, management style, leadership style, motivation style, organizational design, organizational control structures, and the organizational culture constitute this analogy. This assessment will be an interesting analogy of British Airways because […]

London Airports Operations

Introduction London is one of the most significant cities in the world. Very few cities can boast of a rich heritage such as London. The city is centuries old and has been the seat of the monarchy. London is a very important city, not just in Europe, but also in the world. It provides vital […]

British Airways

Introduction British Airways was started in 1974 as a result of merger between two airlines, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) and British European Airways (BEA). BA is known to be one of the Leading Airlines in the world. By the year 2001, the company had approximately 360 aircrafts and operates in ninety seven countries covering […]

Social Media Analysis for Qatar Airways

Executive Summary Business organizations regardless of the industry are subjected to micro and macro-environmental factors. These factors play key roles in the determination of various operational aspects of any firm. In this case, Qatar Airways is dedicated to develop a social media, which allows the company to improve its airlines services and general customer communications. […]

“The World’s Leading Airline Partnership Alan Joyce, Qantas Group CEO”

Introduction The article chosen for analysis is about a business partnership between two of the most respected airlines in the world; Emirates and Qantas Airlines. It was an interesting article to analyze because it can act as a blueprint for other multinationals that want to participate in international alliances. This case study will provide an […]

New Zealand’s Domestic Airline Market

Introduction In the recent past, a lot of changes have taken place in the New Zealand domestic airline market. There have been changes in the volume of travellers plying the domestic route, changes in the number of players in the market, and changes in sales volume among others. It is estimated that in the year […]

Significance of the Jet Revolution

Introduction The invention of the engine-powered airplanes is one of the most significant technological inventions of the last century. This innovation led to a revolution in the transportation industry as it provided the fastest means to travel to any destination in the world. Over the course of its existence, the airline industry has not had […]

Airport Screening

Airport screening has become an essential component of transportation security policy in the United States following a security breach that precipitated the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (Fritteli, 2005). In response to the terrorist attacks, the US Congress moved with speed to pass the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), which in turn established […]

Deregulation of the Air Transport Industry in the Middle East

Executive Summary This research seeks to investigate issues surrounding deregulation of the air transport industry in the Middle East. Restrictions in the distribution of traffic rights have caused a key barrier to the entry and development of new carriers functioning intra-regional routes. The open skies policies of the UAE and the carriers’ triumph have granted […]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Introduction The interest in the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or better known as drones, has increased in the defense industry, particularly in military, where they are primarily designed for carrying various military operations. UAVs offer a more efficient and less risky way of carrying military operations when compared to the typical manned aircrafts. […]

Planning and Design of Airports

Airports have become a part of everyday existence, as air travel is necessary for many aspects of life. The design and technology that goes into building and engineering an airport is unseen but is very complex and structured. There are many details that are important to keep in mind in order to build a well […]

Important News Stories

ATA SmartBrief is a United State Company associated with airing noteworthy news concerning the U.S’ airlines and Aviation companies. The following is the prime news highlighted by the company in the second week of October (9th – 14th). The news is grouped into three main categories; Company Watch, Inside Aviation and Energy Bulletin (ATA SmartBrief, […]

Pilots and Minimum Flight Hours

Outline FAA – Minimum 1500 –Flight Hours –for Commercial airline Pilots – Whether CASA of Australia attempt to increase the flight hours as that of FAAs is justiable. Higher flight hours -to be prescribed in Australia – as done by FAA in USA- there will negative impact among regional and small airline operators in Australia […]

How the internet influences price Dispersion

The article I have chosen to analyze is “How the internet influences price dispersion? Evidence from the airline industry.” Airline industries have been receiving information from the global information distribution systems; these include the computer system that was introduced in the 1970s, and it was aimed at automating and controlling the distribution of tickets. This […]

Business Communication; Qantas Airline

Executive Summary This report entails an analysis of market communication within organizations. To provide a real life situation, the report entails an analysis of how market communication that has been integrated by Qantas Airline. The report gives the background information on the concept of market communication within organizations. The report also illustrates the various market […]

The Airbus A380 Supply Chain

The Airbus A380, also known as Superjumbo, is the largest passenger airplane ever manufactured in the world. The plane has four engines, a wide double deck body and an upper deck that spans the whole fuselage length. Its big size can accommodate 525 passengers divided into the usual three classes or maximum of 853 passengers […]