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Air Transport Essay Examples and Topics

Saudi Airlines: About the Company

The Hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca and part of the pillar of Islam. The Hajj is important for the airline industry in Saudi Arabia.
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Athens and Istanbul Airports Comparison

In the modern world, it is generally thought to be the fountain of modern civilization and democracy as a result of its systemic and societal influence on the Roman Empire and Europe as a whole.
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Airbus: Strategy and Statement Analysis

The high demand for aircrafts in the 1970s triggered a new model that could fulfill the needs of different clients. The first option is to consider the concept of diversification and produce efficient turboprops and [...]
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Airport Parking Lots and Their Redistribution

In this context, the question of parking lot spaces for short-term and long-term parking arises since the two distinct categories of airport visitors perceive parking and its price differently.
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Flight Attendant Management

Flight attendants are often referred to as the face of the airlines because they are always in contact with clients and provide services by which the quality and the reputation of airlines are measured.
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Aircraft Cabin Crew Safety and Health Policy

From the study, it is evident that the FAA is in a continuous process of adopting the policies of OSHA that would extend the operations of OSHA into the cabin of aircraft.
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Airlines and Related Strategic Planning Issues

They are the official state airlines and they mostly bear the name of the nation and the flag. The business decision that set the Latin airline apart from the rest of the airlines was the [...]
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Wildlife Control In and Around Airports

The main purpose of the paper is to describe possible ways to protect and control the airport area from wild animals and birds that are potentially dangerous to the safety of passengers and can disrupt [...]
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Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Safety Improvement

The growth in technology has led to the development of sophisticated UAS with relatively simple user interfaces, which has led to the ability of different commercial entities to harness the opportunity of using unmanned aircraft [...]
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Aviation Industry’s Risk Management

Numerous international and regional organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the Arab Civil Aviation Commission, the African Civil Aviation Commission, and the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission oversee [...]
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Buenos Aires Airports Strategies

Alternatively, an airport's physical design comprises different aspects such as the number of runways, locality and length of the landing strips, taxiways, junctions, and the distance between the landing strips.
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Airbus A380 Engine

Four years later, the Trent 900 engine was the one that launched the start of the A380 engine. The flight time of the Engine Alliance GP7000 is approximately one million hours.
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DHL over Baghdad and Qantas Flight 32

The missile hit the left wing of the plane and, although the left engine was not damaged, all hydraulic systems and flight controls were lost, which is why the flight crew had no other choice [...]
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Improving Aviation Safety in Africa

Key stakeholders in the aviation industry, such IATA, ICAO and other regulatory bodies have recognized the need to enhance air safety in Africa.
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Federal Aviation Administration’s Vision for 2025

Though the overall strategy of transformation is well-developed, further actions should be taken to improve the plan and provide a successful realization of the strategy aimed at promoting the safety of aviation.
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Private Aircraft Ownership – Air Transportation

In the operation of the aircraft, the operator must ensure the aircraft has airworthiness certificate that is a condition for safe operation and grants the authorization for the operation of an aircraft in flight.
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Pilot Fatigue and FAA Regulations – Air Transportation

To discuss the problem in detail, it is necessary to focus on the definition of pilot fatigue and its causes, on the other associated issues experienced by pilots within the aviation industry, on the statistical [...]
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Aircraft Capacity in the UAE

In turn, the approximate number of flights in Sharjah Airport is 189. In turn, the number of passengers coming to the UAE has grown by more than 183 times.
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Air Transportation: Airport Commercialization and Threats

Consequently, in this context of increased demand for commercial flights and the expected growth in the aviation industry, the industry has continued to focus on safety measures to improve outcomes and potential threats in the [...]
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British Airways

How Management and Leadership Styles Affect the Direction of the Business BA's management and leadership styles are bound to affect the direction of the company because they are the main wheels behind the efficiency and [...]
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London Airports Operations

The examination will consider the organization of each of the six airports to uncover the general strategy in use to manage air transport in the city.
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British Airways

At the same time the structure of the airline Industry within Europe tends to offer high priced services to consumers, ignoring the plight of the middle and low income earners.
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New Zealand’s Domestic Airline Market

Threat of Rivalry This is the threat that Pacific Blue faces from the established players in the market such as Air New Zealand and Qantas. This is also attributable to the dominance of Air New [...]
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Significance of the Jet Revolution

The most important breakthrough in the industry occurred in the 1950s and this was in the form of the invention of the jet engine and its subsequent adoption in commercial planes.
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Airport Screening

In response to the terrorist attacks, the US Congress moved with speed to pass the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, which in turn established the Transportation Security Administration to ensure the security of the travelling [...]
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

In making the judgment on this, an analyst will have to get the rating of the people to the new aircraft.
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Planning and Design of Airports

The construction and materials for the runways are very expensive and so, the manufacturers of the aircraft must keep in mind the amount of wear that the airplane will have on the concrete.
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Important News Stories

The following is the prime news highlighted by the company in the second week of October. On 10/13, the company highlighted news that the production was evaluating the significance of biofuels to aviation.
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Pilots and Minimum Flight Hours

Thus, the researchers' findings again rebuff the finding that there is a phase of special susceptibility for pilots at this experience stage and this corroborates that those pilots with lesser experience were possibly less prone [...]
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How the internet influences price Dispersion

The effect of prices on the Internet depends on route market structure and the airline firm and the higher penetration of the Internet among the consumers has the effect of lowering the prices of fare [...]
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Business Communication: Qantas Airline

One of the strategies which the firm has integrated is electronic commerce in communicating to the market. The firm has managed to achieve this through integration of integrated marketing communication.
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The Airbus A380 Supply Chain

The tailfin, which is manufactured in the German city of Stade, and cabin installations together with the front and back fuselage parts, which are built in Hamburg, are transported to the shipping docks and shipped [...]
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