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Water Transport Essay Examples and Topics

The Accident of the Shipping Industry in UK

Therefore, the lord justice sheens report was basically to find out details on how and why the ship sank and the human errors that the associated with the tragedy plus the consequences of the accident [...]
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Flow: For Love of Water

Regardless of the level of awareness and the intentions to study the world around, not many people comprehend how dangerous and life-threatening the lack of water can be.
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Shipping and the Environment

The considerable increase in the number and scale of shipping operations means that it is now paramount to take into account the effects of these operations on the marine environment to prevent major environmental changes [...]
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Water Transport Systems in the World

The development of the three and four Masted ships in the 16th century was a major event in the history of the water transportation system.
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Marine Transport Use Optimization Theories

The biggest challenge occurs in the allocation of berthing systems especially in continuous terminals, which may result in undesired delays at the port, the dissatisfaction of customers and building a negative reputation for the port [...]
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Dry Bulk Terminal Technology and Its Benefits

The use of technology enhances the efficiency of operations in dry bulk terminals. Notably, it is essential for individuals to be well informed about the operations and security of the dry bulk terminal.
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Shipbreaking on the South Asia Beaches

The main reason for the surge in shipbreaking activities in South Asia is the availability of cheap labour due to the high population in the region and lax laws.
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Introduction of the Shipping Container

The shipping container also improved the rate of industrialization. The invention of the container also improved the nature of operations in every seaport.
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Challenges to the Security of Ports

With billions of tons transported by the seas and oceans, the security staff is faced with challenging tasks of assuring that the commodities inside the multi-ton containers are safe and may safely leave the ports.
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Port Security Challenges

Beginning from 2001, the reality of the terrorist threat to America's ports has increased considerably including the risk of the nuclear attack with the so-called "dirty bomb".
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Maritime Transportation Security Act

Since the 11th September, the National Congress has created and passed an array of laws that relate to the maritime security, including the 2002 Maritime Transportation Security Act.
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