Water Transport Essay Examples and Topics

Introduction of the Shipping Container

The invention of the shipping container was a revolutionary idea. The container was good for the global economy. The shipping container also improved the rate of industrialization. The development resulted in the production of many products for every global consumer. Most of the targeted consumers were thousands of miles away. Most of the port operations […]

Challenges to the Security of Ports

The importance of maritime trade for the North American economy cannot be overestimated. Billions of tons of foreign and domestic goods are transported through U.S. ports each year. 53% of all imported goods reach the United States by ports, and the remaining 25% by land, and 22% by air. If we look at the export […]

Port Security Challenges

Tackling the issues associated with port security is of high significance for international trade. Beginning from 2001, the reality of the terrorist threat to America’s ports has increased considerably including the risk of the nuclear attack with the so-called “dirty bomb”. However, terrorism is not the only port security challenge. Illegal human and contraband trafficking, […]

Maritime Transportation Security Act

The U.S. Maritime Security is made up of a variety of laws, regulations, different agencies that bear the responsibility for ensuring that the ports are safe and that the cargo goes in and out securely. Since the 11th September, the National Congress has created and passed an array of laws that relate to the maritime […]