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Flow: For Love of Water Essay

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Updated: Jul 15th, 2021

During Natural Science classes, the topic of water resources and their accessibility to people around the globe remains open and causes a variety of reactions. After watching the movie Flow: For Love of Water, I was deeply touched by a number of existing water-related problems that millions of people fail to identify and understand. This essay aims not just to prove that water concerns must be solved but to explain why it is high time for the population to treat water resources as a universal issue and develop a commitment to preserve water and think about its possible absence each time a tap is turned on.

Regardless of the level of awareness and the intentions to study the world around, not many people comprehend how dangerous and life-threatening the lack of water can be. The point is that the population in developed countries does not directly face a water problem, and the population in developing or low-income countries cannot find a solution to this concern. On the one hand, our planet is a massive body with water as its basis that covers more than seventy percent of the surface.

This amount of water seems to be enough to meet the needs of the globe. On the other hand, approximately two million people die because of water-borne diseases annually, meaning that the quality or the presence of water is not as perfect as it has to be, and new ways for its protection and sanitation have to be developed.

In Flow: For Love of Water, its authors underline the fact that people do not think about the sources from which water comes. I was moved by the part where experts say that although more than $400,000,000,000 is spent in the water industry, water privatization cannot be stopped, and many children from South Africa or South America do not have access to water sources the same way American or European children do. Water is not a property, but a natural resource and every person has the right to use it at any time.

Water scarcity is not a problem of the past or the future. It is today’s problem with no definite solution being made. Instead of thinking about the ways to provide the population with water, the government and special organizations focus on the obligation to pay taxes, promote public discussions, and give promises that cannot be fulfilled even within the next ten or twelve years.

I believe that the combination of financial and social aspects of water-consuming has to be engaging for me, as well as for other students and citizens, because of our common potential to contribute to the solution of the problem. There is a chance for people to develop initiatives with the help of which less water can be used at different levels. I understand that it is time to interfere and make society realize how dangerous the absence of water can be regarding the experiences of poorly developed countries.

Universal impact solutions are to improve the decisions people made every day in regards to water consumption and promote knowledge about water scarcity in different countries. When young people are educated about the world and its needs, they are in a position to help, offer new ideas, and choose future careers to prevent the development of new water-related problems.

With my new, increased awareness on the subject of water consumption and deficit, I am going to develop a plan and an idea of loving water as a citizen and as a human. Water conservation should be based on theoretical and practical aspects. First, it is expected to educate people on how to monitor the use of water, develop new strategies for water management, and explain the main ways of water consumption. Second, it is important to divide countries as per their access to water resources because there is no universal impact solution to deal with water scarcity in all regions in the same way. Solutions usually vary between nations regarding their economic positions and governmental participation.

Volunteering in developing countries where people are challenged by the lack of water can be encouraged. The organization of clean water initiatives is a step forward to water scarcity. Donation with personal time, skills, or finances can be either effective as water-related solutions. It is not enough to use social media websites to talk about water problems. Thematic conferences and open meetings may be organized for people to share the wisdom of water conservation and harvesting.

Special technologies to recycle and conserve water may be offered to the population. For example, rainwater recycling can prevent scarcity and save some money. Many companies continue producing water-saving nozzles that may be applied to all taps and reduce the use of water. Future technologists, researchers, and inventors should focus on this problem and offer crazy but effective decisions for nations with different incomes.

In general, the problem of water use is a global environmental issue with no clear solution. Although people are in burning need of water, some of them do not appreciate a chance to using it whilst many of them try to survive by drinking dirty and unsafe water. After watching Flow: For Love of Water, I went to the two of the taps in my house and checked if there was any leak. In addition, I start observing how often the members of my family and friends use water and keep taps turned on without any need. I automatically close all of them and believe that if at least several people do the same, some progress can be achieved with time. Even if this step can hardly be recognized globally, it may be a serious achievement for me as a human.

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