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62 Natural Gas Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Natural Gas Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Gas Infrastructure: Liquified Natural Gas
    It is important to note that, this type of fuel is a fossil fuel and is composed of hydrogen and carbon compounds; hence it is categorized as a hydrogen carbon fuel.
  2. Evaluation of US Natural Gas Industry
    The Act’s aim was to protect the consumers from the emerging monopolies in the natural gas industry through price regulation of the natural gas.
  3. Oil and Natural Gas Industry and Its Effect on the Economy
    The Purpose of the Research The main purpose of the research is to consider how oil and gas industry affects the economy of the country.
  4. Natural Gas Drilling and Health Effects on the Community
    The natural gas drilling usually has effects on both the environment as well as the community as it affects the air, water and the soil as well as the people who live near the drilling […]
  5. The Natural Gas Industry in US
    The use of the natural gas in the United States of America has increased compared to the recent past. The evolution of the natural gas markets is likely to be determined by the unconventional natural […]
  6. Environmental Effects of the Production of Electricity by Various Energy Sources: Natural Gas vs. Its Alternatives
    Speaking of the effects of a power plant that is run on natural gas, it is necessary to point out that the effects on the environment are drastic, as a rule, seeing how the use […]
  7. Natural Gas, Oil, Coal, and Uranium in Russia
    The country holds the largest natural gas reserves and is among the top ten in terms of crude oil reserves. In addition, Russia is the fifth producer and the third largest exporter of coal in […]
  8. Production of Liquefied Natural Gas
    1 billion is assumed that it would strongly attract ANOC in considering Exxon Mobil as the best foreign company in exploring and producing gas that will be shipped to the East coast of the U.S.
  9. Liquefied Natural Gas Role in Catering the Energy Demands
    Immediately, after the discovery of LNG in the North Sea of UK, import of LNG was ceased by UK and however due to recent fall in the reserves of gas, which compelled the UK to […]
  10. Liquefied Natural Gas Growth and Development
    Due to the safe properties of LNG and due to strict adherence of codes, standards and guidelines applying to LNG, LNG industry is being considered as one of the safeties fuel in meeting the global […]
  11. Gas Hydrates: Techniques of Extraction and Its Potential as an Alternative to Natural Gas
    The objectives of the given research are to consider the positive and the negative aspects of each gas hydrate production methods, as well as to revisit the alternatives to the gas hydrate use, which will […]
  12. Means of Mining Shale Natural Gas
    The invention of cheaper means of mining shale natural gas has resulted in an increase in production of gas in the U.S.
  13. Hydraulic Fracking for Natural Gas Extraction in Pennsylvania
    Moreover, the industry has embarked on the use of advanced technologies to ensure the safety and efficiency of the extracted gas through fracking.
  14. Oil and Natural Gases in Eurasian Region
    In other words, the oil and natural gas industry is an investment that holds the economy of the various states in Eurasia, and, therefore, the energy sector holds the power of the survival of these […]
  15. Liquefied Natural Gas Market, Supply and Demand
    This will create the shift in a supply curve, leading to the creation of the new equilibrium for Europe and the USA.
  16. Industry Changes: Floating Liquefied Natural Gas
    The entire process from extracting natural gas to delivering it to the market will be modified by the FLNG model, which makes FLNG a game-changer in the industry.
  17. Global Natural Gas Prices in 1940-2015
    Moreover, oscillations of the price of natural gas lead to significant changes in the market and can result in the appearance of the world financial crisis.
  18. Liquefied Natural Gas in Qatar
    It is noted that the increasing volumes of gas production in Qatar, along with the need of a number of countries for its supplies, indicate the confidence of the world in Qatar.
  19. Technology for Cheaper Natural Gas Prices
    The nature of the targeted arrangement is that these corporations will utilize most of their resources and innovations to deliver every outlined objective.
  20. Natural Gas and Environmentalists Views
    As noted by BP, “Natural gas is expected to grow faster than oil or coal, helped by the rapid growth of liquefied natural gas increasing the accessibility of gas across the globe”.
  21. Alberta Royalty Review Panel: Natural Gas and Oil Fields
    Hunter and the panel of experts have compiled the report to quantify the main grievance of the people of Alberta, Canada, that the people in this province do not receive a fair share of the […]
  22. Safety, Health and Environmental Issues in Liquefying Methane From Algerian Natural Gas
    As one of the leading producers of liquefied natural gas in the world, the demand for this natural resource from Algeria is growing by the day.

👍 Good Research Topics about Natural Gas

  1. Supply and Demand Trends and Plans for Natural Gas in South Korea
  2. Public Transportation and the Use of Compressed Natural Gas
  3. The Relationship between Crude Oil and Natural Gas Prices: The Role of the Exchange Rate
  4. The European Natural Gas Market: Imports to Rise Considerably
  5. Technology and the Prospects for Natural Gas Results of Current Gas Studies
  6. Russian Natural Gas Exports to Europe. Effects of Russian Gas Market Reforms and the Rising Market Power of Gazprom
  7. Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of Increased Natural Gas Prices and Selected Social Guarantees in Ukraine
  8. The Technology and Cost Structure of a Natural Gas Pipeline: Insights for Costs and Rate-Of-Return Regulation
  9. Trading Volume, Maturity and Natural Gas Futures Price Volatility
  10. Price Comovement Between Biodiesel and Natural Gas
  11. Price Controls and the Natural Gas Shortage
  12. Russian Natural Gas Policy and Its Possible Effects on European Gas Markets
  13. Theoretical and Numerical Analysis on Pressure Recovery of Supersonic Separators for Natural Gas Dehydration
  14. The Switching Relationship Between Natural Gas and Crude Oil Prices
  15. The Weak Tie Between Natural Gas and Oil Prices
  16. Strategic Storage and Market Power in the Natural Gas Market
  17. Strategic Investment and International Spillovers in Natural Gas Markets
  18. Time Series Analysis Applied to Construct Us Natural Gas Price Functions for Groups of States
  19. Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Importing Liquefied Natural Gas
  20. The Price and Income Elasticity of China’s Natural Gas Demand: A Multi-Sectoral Perspective

📌 Most Interesting Natural Gas Topics to Write about

  1. Transitioning the Tax System to Take Advantage of the Natural Gas-Rich Economy in Trinidad and Tobago
  2. The Reasons for Measuring the Moisture Content in Natural Gas
  3. The Fundamentals Underlying Oil and Natural Gas Derivative Markets
  4. Regulation and Long-term Contracting in U.S. Natural Gas Markets
  5. U.S. Energy Crisis and Increased Need for Natural Gas
  6. The Supply, Demand, and Average Price of Natural Gas under Free-Market Conditions
  7. The Resource And Product Market Of Natural Gas Production
  8. Predicting the Discoveries and Finding Costs of Natural Gas: the Example of the Scotian Shelf
  9. Price Convergence and Information Efficiency in German Natural Gas Markets
  10. The Global Natural Gas Market: Will Transport Cost Reductions Lead to Lower Prices
  11. Pollution Issues and Liquefaction of Natural Gas
  12. The Short-Run Residential Demand for Natural Gas
  13. The FPC Staff’s Econometric Model of Natural Gas Supply in the United States
  14. Using Natural Gas Generation to Improve Power System Efficiency in China
  15. Open Access and the Emergence of a Competitive Natural Gas Market
  16. The World Gas Model: A Multi-Period Mixed Complementarity Model for the Global Natural Gas Market
  17. Using Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Costs to Estimate Hydrogen Pipeline Costs
  18. Optimization for Design and Operation of Natural Gas Transmission Networks
  19. Single and Multiple Objective Optimization of a Natural Gas Liquefaction Process
  20. Trade Quotas And Buyer Power, With An Application To The E.U. Natural Gas Market

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