Railway Transport Essay Examples and Topics

Edinburgh Tram System Project

Abstract Tram systems offer a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to providing public transport to city residents while also serving to reduce traffic congestion. The Edinburgh tramway project, which forms the basis of this paper, was initiated for the same reasons. The paper presents an analysis of this project in terms of its description […]

The Role of the Railroads in the Settlement of the Great West

Railroad construction is an important event to consider when mapping the history of the United States. Most of the immigration and emigration that happened in the West was a direct result of these railroads. The first transcontinental railway construction was championed by President Abraham Lincoln. In 1862, Lincoln signed the Pacific Railways Act of 1862. […]

Railroads in Saudi Arabia

Statement of the Problem Saudi Arabia has already developed transportation and communication networks to experience long-term economic growth, expand business, connect national citizen with foreigners, decrease congestion, and ensure more facilities for the people of KSA and tourists. However, Library of congress (2006, p.17) reported that the existing railroads remain relatively undeveloped, though demand of […]

Australian Rail Organization: The Existence of Porter’s 5 Forces

Rail Australia is undoubtedly the leading organization in the provision of rail transport and passenger services in Australia. Major rail operators in Australia have formed an alliance to deliver joint tourist-oriented and passenger services. Rail operations and infrastructure are not only owned and managed by government agencies but also by private operators. Rail operators include […]

The D.C Metro System

The collision of two trains in the metro system of the District of Columbia raised concerns on the increasing neglect of the transport system that serves a large number of commuters. Preliminary analysis indicated the flaws in the trains’ control system as the cause of the accident. Further investigations revealed that the train that caused […]

Pros and Cons of High-Speed Railways in California

California is at least 30 years behind the rest of the world in the development of high-speed railways (Thanawala & Dreier, 2012). The need for high-speed trains in California is obvious. California residents are tired of spending long hours in traffic jams. The new high-speed railways promise to bring Los Angeles residents to San Francisco […]