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Railway Transport Essay Examples and Topics

The Success of the Underground Railroad

The establishment of this clandestine movement was not initiated only by the slaves themselves but also through the help of sympathizers and other citizens who have the capacity to help.
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Railway Disaster Management Plan in Qatar

However, in addition to comfort and reliability for passengers and businesses that will use the railway for transportation of goods, the major concern of Qatar Railway is safety on the whole and in emergency situations [...]
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California Railroads and Their Significance

As the paper reveals, the construction of the railroad in California was meant to achieve the goal of improving its transport system, bringing distant towns and mainstreams closer, improving its economy, and ending the then [...]
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Railway Services Improvement in the Saudi Arabia

The focus of this business plan is to serve the regular passengers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the busy students of different educational institutions, the pilgrims of different nations from around the world who [...]
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High Speed Railway System and Tourism Market

It is hard to say whether the obtained investment is good and whether it will be enough for the USA to get on the new level. The fact that trains are safer will also appeal [...]
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Edinburgh Tram System Project

According to Boateng, one of the reasons for the initiation of the project was to support the region's local economy in terms of improvement of accessibility of various places within it1.
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Railroads in Saudi Arabia

This is because Saudi Arabia is the member of World Trade Organization, which gives the opportunity to the foreign companies to invest and provide technological support for the development of transportation networks; in addition, the [...]
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The D.C Metro System

The collision of two trains in the metro system of the District of Columbia raised concerns on the increasing neglect of the transport system that serves a large number of commuters.
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Pros and Cons of High-Speed Railways in California

California is at least 30 years behind the rest of the world in the development of high-speed railways. The project will create 450,000 permanent jobs and facilitate the movement of people and capital; it will [...]
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