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Airport Security Improvement Essay

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Updated: Apr 17th, 2022

The challenge of 9/11 shaped the system of the airport security in the USA. The attacks in Paris and the migration crisis in Europe pose numerous threats and new challenges to be addressed. It is crucial to make sure that airport security is ensured through compliance with the requirements assigned as well as the use of recent advances in the sphere of technology and management. Apparently, these security measures should take into account emerging privacy concerns. It is possible to introduce five improvements to make the airport more efficient in terms of its security.

Such programs as ASP (Airport Security Program), as well as AOSSP (Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program), and such organizations as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) come up with particular regulations and make sure that they are followed. The main focus of the security effort is made on screening passengers and carry-on baggage (Price 289). However, the terroristic act that led to the Russian airplane crash in Egypt unveiled the vulnerability of this approach. Clearly, it is essential to make sure that the baggage transported is as safe as the carry-on baggage or passengers. Besides, the system of screening is not perfect (Shepard par. 4). A new system Qylatron Entry Experience Solution can be employed (Shepard The Next Generation of Security par. 2). The system implies the use of chemical sensors, x-rays, and machine AI. It also ties the baggage to the passenger’s ticket, which is beneficial for detection purposes. If the system identifies a threat, alert messages are sent to the corresponding security department, and the passenger is blocked.

Another baggage-related method is the use of the improved Radio frequency identification (RFID). The primary goal of the system is the improvement of baggage tracking, but it has a valuable ‘side effect’ (Mishra and Mishra 143). For example, the system provides an opportunity to update data written on the baggage tag. The precise and rapid RFID method ensures 100% matching of passengers onboard and the baggage (Mishra and Mishra 143). The proponents of the RFID cards identify further extension of the use of the system stating that tracking passengers’ cards (apart from making their traveling experiences more enjoyable) can help identify possible unlawful movements (trespassing). To mitigate privacy concerns, it is possible to focus on the development of the tracking system that issues alert when passengers enter restricted areas rather than monitors passengers’ movements.

As far as the screening proper is concerned, it can also be enhanced. The use of Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) that has been used in many airports has proved to be efficient and, hence, it can be utilized in this airport (Elias 3). The AIT provides a detailed image of people’ bodies, which enables to detect arms or explosives if any underneath people’s clothes. It is necessary to note that privacy concerns are raised in respect to using the system. There are efforts to develop a system that will detect threats rather than screen bodies, but until this is system is not developed, the AIT can be deployed.

Admittedly, the use of specific tools is insufficient as it is important to employ an efficient safety management platform. Synergy 3 can become a good solution. The system is a command and control tool that manages major security devices including but not limited to access control panels, baggage screening devices, CCTV cameras, intelligent video analytics and so on (“Synergy 3 Command and Control Platform” par. 4). The platform enables the security staff to manage all the systems effectively as the data collected from a variety of sources is analyzed quickly and efficiently.

Finally, it is also clear that all the devices and systems may fail to prevent certain situations if employees are performing poorly (Shepard par. 4). Therefore, it is imperative to improve training of the staff as regards security issues. It is critical to make sure that the employees are qualified to use the devices, they are aware of all the necessary procedures, and they can respond to typical as well as emergency situations. The training should be cross-functional, and employees should understand the process that take place in different departments. The security manager responsible for the development and implementation of training will work in collaboration with the specialist in IT and HR departments. The training should focus on such spheres as compliance with principal safety recommendations, the use of technology, response to emergencies and communication.

In conclusion, it is possible to note that the airport will benefit from the improvements in such spheres as baggage screening and tracking, passenger screening and tracking, deployment of an efficient managing platform and employees’ training. Of course, it is necessary to make sure that the change will be implemented effectively, which will require assigning of the change team. Importantly, it should be an ongoing change that implies the use of the advanced technology and practices. This will ensure the ability of the airport to address the new challenges associated with terrorism and migration issues.


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