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Why People Should Study Driving? Essay

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Driving plays a significant role in a person’s life. It is an act that allows people to move from one place to another with ease and convenience. In learning driving, a person is only able to move or drive a car, but other life important aspects such as attitude, efficiency, responsibility and risk management among others are earned.

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles notes that a good driver has to own likable actions which can contribute to his or her driving experience. Perhaps having an accuracy of observation, attention, and apt use of a car control can increase his or contentment in driving.

Sobel and Nesbit argue that awareness of their personal limits and off the road and matching a car speed and the direction in the context can equally make driving a fulfilling undertaking (83). Driving skills are not meant for the road; a person who develops good driving can achieve success in ordinary life too. This is noted through their self-confidence, strong relationships with others, among other ethics. It is on this note that people should develop a habit of studying driving.


Effective drivers are efficient. Efficiency appoints maximum output for minimum input. Efficiency drivers ensure that whatever they do has a purpose and a reason hence there is no duplication of actions and their procedures are fulfilled with utmost economy. Besides, their engagements emerge to be smooth and stylish.

The drivers’ efficiency is extended to the vehicle. In this case, drivers show mechanical sympathy; they handle the vehicle’s controls carefully with coordination and feel that upholds tear and wear. They also complete their journeys at a considerably increased speed whereas using a reduced amount of gas than their counterparts with matching cars.

Texas Defensive Driving content that driving is a habit, a driver gains a habit when he or she continuously drives. However, ineffective driving can be a consequence because it leads to a crashing habit. The strength of a habit lies in what a driver does when he or she don’t consciously try to concentrate on what is supposed to be done. Texas Defensive Driving offers new insights into gaining driving habits. A driver should try to see and think about the familiar. This will construct new behavior of thinking.

Driving encourages responsibility. A person is the sole charge while driving hence all the decisions is perked on him or her. Drivers therefore accept responsibilities for everything they feel, think and do thus they are in control of their own actions. Drivers who avoid responsibility are always accompanied by guilt. This occurs because when they perform insufficiently they blame others or their car for their own failings. So, avoiding responsibility marries poor performance creating the feeling of being powerless and stressed.

Driving demands high awareness collected by a drivers’ senses. This awareness includes the emotions and other users of the road. According to Sobel and Nesbit (73) a driver should be aware of various stakeholders who use the roads. They include the pedestrians, a walker, individuals with disabilities on a wheelchair or on foot, a roller skater and a runner among others. The drivers need to be aware of these stakeholders.

The driver should be conscious to take all precautions or to be on a look-out not to harm these categories of people. It is the role of the driver to be cautious and be on a look-out not to harm these categories of people. Also, driving enables drivers to learn about various pedestrian victims such as the drinking public, small children and an older person Sobel and Nesbit (71).

These people, because of their circumstances and their position, can be vulnerable to risks connected to driving. A driver is therefore encouraged to be on alert and be on the lookout while driving to avoid risking the life of these stakeholders (South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles).

According to Industrial and Commercial Training, driving equips a person with great knowledge, to enable him or her succeed while moving and controlling a car (50). One important skill that drivers win is they know how to drive during various seasons of the year as in present times, weather patterns have become unpredictable. When it is supposed to be summer, we notice storms, when we believe it is cold, we see temperatures rising.

Hence, this situation has demanded new driving knowledge beyond the traditional learning skills acquired in a driving school. For example during the rainy season, a driver may go beyond the ordinary known driving skills learned, to a more creative or innovative approach. Skills which are acquired innovatively during this period are paying more attention when it rains after a long season of a dry spell.

Although this condition may seem a common sense issue, most people who have acquired driving skills seems to overlook it. Wells and Stacey (58) notes during a prolonged dry season, grease and engine oil heap and condense on the road surface. When it suddenly pours and the road or highway gets wet, the oil and grease mix hence making the road more unsafe than normal.

Another area of importance is the breaking system of the car. This is an important safety feature thus without it driving is almost impossible. It is therefore important for a person driving to guarantee his or her safety and that of others by clearly understanding the breaking system of his or her car (Industrial and Commercial Training, 49). Many things can happen or go wrong with the braking system of a car. To be on the safer side, regular inspection and preventive maintenance is important to avoid missing brakes while on the road.

The beauty of driving is stemmed from on defensive driving. Defensive driving allows a person to nurture good driving techniques. This includes; being able to manage time and space, proper planning and have the right attitude. This means using the available space a driver has to maneuver and time to react. Time works to the advantage of any apprentice to compensate for their inexperience and is worthless in reducing risk in traffic.

Kennedy (31) asserts that when driving defensively do it with the flow of other cars. Defensive drivers also should try to embrace anticipation. This is one of the most valuable arsenals for a defensive driver. The driver should anticipate the moves and needs of the neighboring drivers. Defensive driving is best utilized when the driver understands the road better. Knowing the road enables a driver to embrace defensive driving safer and better.

The change that a driver makes in driving largely influences other essential activities in his or her life. These activities are relationship with others, play and work among others. For example, by becoming a confident and competent driver will increase a person’s life esteem, being energy efficient will leave you with enough energy to do other activities. Besides, reducing anxiety from road relationship will have a positive effect in building strong relationship with others, and being judgmental on the road will support a person sporting activity.

Driving strengthens one’s effectiveness, responsibility and technical knowledge of a person. Rather than these skills being practiced in the driving field, they are part and parcel of a person’s life. They help a person to establish a healthy relationship with others and develop confidence. This is why driving is a must for everyone to learn.

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