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Toyota Premio Vehicle Essay

Toyota Premio is a sedan vehicle manufactured in Japan by Toyota Corporation. (Toyota Motor Corporation Global Website 1). The vehicle is a fashionable and more comfortable sedan compared to the Toyota Allion. As such, the vehicle was purposefully designed to fill up the differences linking Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry. The vehicle is deemed a merge of an executive car and a family car.

Premio’s silvery accent and wooden trims offer the vehicle a very refined and stylish look. Compared to Toyota Alion, slight modifications exist on it’s head and tail lights (Toyota Motor Corporation Global Website 1). Notably, Premio’s lights are more significant and cool.

Premio’s dimensions are more similar to Alion’s features. The inside of this vehicle is entirely made out of robust plastic material. The interior’s material offers the vehicle an impression of an economical car.

The vehicle is a product of the Toyota Corporation. The corporation is a leading Japanese automotive maker. Its headquarters is located at Aichi, Japan (Chambers 2). Premio models are manufactured in several plants around the city. Over the years, the corporation has expanded its factories globally.

The most well-known factories are situated in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. Premio cars are manufactured in all these factories. The corporation has expanded so broadly across all the continents because it is economical to transport the vehicles by land than it does through the sea.

After numerous researches, I identified that Premio cars are popular among most people for several reasons (Toyota Motor Corporation Global Website 1).

Most people buy the vehicle for its aesthetic appeal. Modern Premio models look good. The users assert that a Premio is the type of car individuals should try out before buying a Mercedes – Benz C Class. As such, the vehicle is renowned for the same modification and class enjoyed by Mercedes – Benz C Class vehicles but at a reduced cost.

Similarly, the vehicle is so popular among car owners because of its ability to economize on fuel. The vehicle offers the finest gas mileage. The vehicle is rated as the top fuel saving car among its rivals — also, buyers like this car for its strength. The vehicle is designed with strength and inflexibility in its structure.

Equally, the vehicle has seven airbags alongside with the electronic control systems. All the above aspects, combined with the relatively low price, makes Premio a popular vehicle among the buyers.

Currently, citizens around the world are more linked to one another than it was in the past. Information, products, and funds can now flow with ease across all continents. Products and services manufactured in one continent are increasingly becoming accessible in all parts of the earth. In this respect, I have noted that globalization is a fiscal tidal wave stretching very fast around the world.

Similarly, I have noted that Premio cars manufactured in Japan or other manufacturing plants in other continents are available worldwide owing to globalization. Concerning the globalization of the product, I believe that Premio has conquered the most significant hurdle that requires it to meet international standards.

Additionally, I believe that globalization concept has enabled the manufacturers of Premio cars to reduce the support that comes from their mother company and let the overseas plants to be independent (Fane 55).

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