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Subaru Outback: Car Observation Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: May 26th, 2020


In today’s society, image is everything. In most cases, we are judged and judge others according to the dress code, the car that one drives, or the region that one lives. These aspects can tell you a lot about someone. For example, posh cars symbolize elegance, wealth, and status, while muscle cars show that a person is confident and adventurous. This paper shall set out to detail an observation made regarding a Subaru outback.

Car description

On my way to the market, I saw a Subaru outback (4 doors station wagon) parked outside the supermarket. The car was light green in color, with a black line crossing centrally from the front bumper to the rear bumper. It had alloy rims and was squeaky clean. The rear seat was folded to create larger storage space. It looked new (or rather, well maintained), and I could say it is the second-generation Subaru outback (2000-’04). The interior was customized with leather seats and a CD player. In addition, a tree-shaped air freshener was visible as it hung on the interior rearview mirror. The number plate was standard, and there was a sticker on the rear left with the message “my drive to achieve”. Similarly, the car had a large Subaru sticker on the windscreen. Generally, the car looked simple but elegant.

Inferred personality

Arguably, people buy specific car brands in order to fulfill a specific emotional need. This is attributed to the fact that people are emotionally committed to look and feel like they are rational decision-makers. They often want to seem ethical and smart in their social circles. A Subaru Outback is a car that achieves this aim in more than one way. It shows practicality and nurturance. In addition, it says that the owner is intelligent and stable. This is because the car is relatively expensive and consumes more fuel than an average car.

The exterior, as well as the interior aspects of the car, indicated that it belonged to a professional woman who is married and has children. This is attributed to the fact that maintaining a Subaru outback is normally expensive, and creating more storage space is indicative of a large shopping. The simplicity and cleanliness of the car show that the owner needs to be in control while maintaining a low profile. The size of the car indicates that the owner is bright hearted and has plenty of room for everyone. In addition, it shows that the owner loves children and does not mind a little clutter.

In regard to ethnicity and religious affiliation, the owner is definitely an American and most likely a Christian. These assumptions are based on the fact that the car is popularly owned by Americans and the religious CDs on the dashboard shows that the owner is a Christian. The marital status is deduced from the fact that station wagons are mostly owned and preferred by women with children due to their flexibility, size, and convenience. Such a car has the ability to comfortably transport a family consisting of two parents and three children. The large storage space at the boot and the metallic rails on top of the car provide enough space to carry luggage without necessarily having to squeeze the passengers.

In regard to education and socio-economic status, it is clear that the owner is educated (at least a degree) and employed in a company that pays well. These assumptions are based on the fact that Subaru is expensive cars and requires a significant amount of financial commitment to maintaining them. The outback, in particular, consumes more fuel, and the spares are costly. As such, to drive such a car requires an individual that has money. The owner’s ability to maintain this vehicle shows that she is responsible and intelligent.

To a large extent, the car that an individual drive shows the values that the owner holds. A Subaru is indicative of a strong personality. It shows that the owner is independent and likes to be in control. The color chosen is indicative of the emotional status of the owner. For example, red normally infers that the owner is not afraid to test life. Green, as is the case with the car in question, shows that the owner has a calm personality and avoids confrontations.


Our mannerisms play a pivotal role in defining who we are. The choices we make when acquiring our material wealth reflect on who we are and what we represent in society. This paper set out to evaluate the extent to which a car can be used to identify the personality, gender, ethnicity, and religious affiliation of its owner. To this end, a detailed description of the internal and exterior features of a Subaru outback has been provided. Using these features and commonly held perceptions, it has been articulated that the owner is a married middle-aged woman who is educated and earns a good salary. As such, cars should not only be viewed as a means of transport but as a reflection of our personality.

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