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Project Plan of car tracker software Report

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Updated: Apr 17th, 2019

Executive Summary

This project is meant to create awareness of software that were developed by students of this university. The management of this university has been encouraging creativity and innovation from the student body. As a result, various groups of students have made massive efforts, with the help of their lecturers, to come up with new products that will make a difference in the society.

The software helps in tracking of cars in case they are lost. The software does not only help in tracking the car, but also takes and transmits photos of the person driving the car. This software is an improvement of the existing car tracking software that helps in tracking cars when they are lost. Its ability to transmit the image of the parson driving the car is meant to help detect the person who has stolen the car.

This will make arrest of the criminal easier. The criminal will have liberty of covering his face, but this will only jeopardize chances of being arrested by the highway officers who will want to know the reason why the face is hidden.

The software also has a further capacity of capturing and transmitting the image of the immediate environment. This helps in tracing the direction taken by the carjackers. This is a massive project that will help advertise this software in the market.


Purpose of the Report

This report is meant to advertise car tracker software developed by a group of students within the campus. Although my society members consider universities as institutions for inventions and innovations, they have not taken seriously the fact that very good products can come from these universities.

The fact that students lack enough money to bankroll expensive television commercials, their products always fail to get public attention, making it difficult to get the market they need.

Their invention ends up being stolen, if not cheaply bought by major companies which have the capacity to commercialize the product. This project aims at helping these innovative students by ensuring that their products receives the much needed public attention that will help make the known in the market.

Background of the study

Students have been complaining that they work hard to come up with various innovative ideas but the ideas are never developed. They state that they come up with ideas, but because of enough money, their ideas are always bought cheaply by companies who use them to earn a lot of money.

In some cases, they are always surprised by unethical actions of some companies which steal their ideas at their inception. This group that came up with this project worked very hard to ensure that the project is a success.

Sure enough, they have been able to test and confirm the fact that the device works well and can help reduce cases of theft of cars (Murch 2004, p. 112). The main concern is now to ensure that the device reaches the market in time, and that the developers of the software get to benefit, and not greedy companies that are always ready to steal these ideas.

What the Report Will Cover

In this report, the focus will be on how effectively this software can be popularized in the market. This project is geared towards ensuring success of another project. This project focuses on how to make the software project succeed in making their product successful in the market (Panneerselvam & Senthilkumar 2010, p. 90).

The developers have worked had to ensure that the devise works. However, they lack the capacity to make their product known in the market. This is where this project comes in.


According to Nagarajan (2005, p. 79), in every project are expectations. There are people who have their expectations of any given project. It is always important to specify the objectives of the project in order to ensure that people’s expectations are regulated. Every project manager always aims at offering satisfaction to all stakeholders.

This may be jeopardized if their expectations are not regulated. In this project, there are some limitations that is important to be stated. It is important to note that this project is limited to creating awareness of the product. It is not related in any way, to the effectiveness of the product, or its functionality.

Any technical aspect of the product is not in any way related to this project. It is also important to note that the scope of the project is limited to this country. The project does not cover creation of awareness beyond the borders of this country.

Activities of the Project

Project Scope

As stated above, the scope of this project is limited to advertisement and other mechanisms through which the software can be known in the market. The scope of this project does not include any technicalities of the product. It is also important that this project does not cover delivering the product to the market. It specifically focuses on the awareness creation of the product in the market.

Project Objectives

According to Nagarajan (2005, p. 112), it is always important to specify objectives of a project. In this project, there were specific objects that the project manager, together with project members, wishes to achieve.

  • Creation of general awareness of the product within the domestic market within a period of four months.
  • Make the market know the existence of the product and some of the features that make the product unique.
  • Deter any form of piracy, or an attempt to mimic this technology by major industry players through massive advertisement and warnings.
  • Help the students who developed this idea take their product to the market.

Project Deliverables

Project deliverables are some of the tangible and intangible outcomes of a project. In this project, some of the project deliverables include the extent to which people will be aware of this product after four months that the project plans to take (Kousholt 2007, p. 89).

Another deliverable in this project includes the amount of income that the developers shall generate through the sale of their project. The ability of the product to be sold in the market without any form of piracy is also another deliverable in this project.


In every project, there are always project constrains that should be considered in making the project successful. In this project, the first constrain was time. As a student, it was not easily to get free time to conduct a massive awareness of the product in the market. Another constrain was finance to enable project members move from one corner of the country to another; and to use some of the major media stations in this country.

Stakeholders Management and Project Organization

The management of this project is shown in the diagram below. Although the project will be done by a group of marketing managers, it shall also incorporate developers of this project. Their participation is important in ensuring that that they understand important issues concerning marketing of their project.

Stakeholders Management and Project Organization

The project manager will be at the helm of all the activities talking place in this project. The developers will have a special niche in this project where they will be allowed to give their views on this project, but will not directly take part in the activities of the project.

Risk Management, Project Quality, Monitoring and Control

It is always important to understand some of the risks that are always presented in any given project, and how to manage them (Kanda 2011, p. 76). In this project, the management of project risks will be conducted by a special group which will be responsible for quality management.

They will be responsible for detecting and managing of the risks in time. The team will be responsible for monitoring various activities within the firm, and determining the best control methods for these risks and other issues that may arise in the process of project implementation.


This project is focused on ensuring the car tracking software that were developed by a group of university students reach the market to the benefit of students. It has been so unfortunate that students in the universities have been coming with creative ideas that are stolen by major companies within this country. The Gantt chart in the appendix below shows the timeline within which the project is expected to bring to a conclusion.

List of references

Kanda, A 2011, Project management: A life cycle approach, PHI Learning Private Limited, New Delhi.

Kousholt, B 2007, Project management: Theory and practice, Nyt Teknisk Forlag, New York.

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Timeline for the Project

In every project, there must be a clear schedule that should be followed to ensure that it achieves its objectives. This project should be completed within four months. The system should be up and running within the four months from the day it is officially set operational. The Gantt chart below specifies the activities that will be carried out in this project

Gantt chart

Time: 2013 January February March April
Project Activity
Project Planning
Project Proposal Development
Project Proposal Approval
Recruitment of Project Team members
Development and Test
Detailing Requirements
Development of Prototype
Approval of the Prototype
Development of a version
Test the version
Apply the correction on the version
Approve the final version
Train all the users
Rolling out the final version

The above Gantt chart demonstrates all the activities that should be accomplished within a specified duration. The activities should be accomplished within a time span of three months. The activities will start from January 2013, to April the same year.

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