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Performance Management and Appraisal Essay

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Updated: Jun 12th, 2019

Elements of a performance management system or practice that inspire and motivate employees

Employee relations is a practice that inspires employees at the workplace. This is the aspect of maintaining good relationships with employees. Employee relations determine the achievement of goals because it creates a favorable environment to communicate effectively. Employee relations also improve the dispute resolution process because the parties involved can solve conflicts easily.

When proper employee relations processes are maintained, discrimination in the workplace is avoided. Employee relations create an avenue for the management to practice leadership skills. Therefore, the managers should practice the necessary leadership skills to encourage employees to achieve the organizational goals (Subrahmaniyam, 2009).

Employee engagement is another practice that inspires employees. This is determined by the involvement of employees in all activities of the organization. When employees are engaged, they feel secure, and they trust the management. This increases their performance.

Employee engagement encourages employers to have good leadership strategies so as to address all the issues affecting the employees. The problems affecting employees are easily identified when an engagement is employed. This is because the managers work together with the employees, and problems can be identified and resolved within the required time (Subrahmaniyam, 2009).

A labor union is another performance management system that promotes employee motivation. This deals with labor unions and the issues that affect labor unions. Labor unions form the link between the employees and the employer. This system ensures that the needs of employees are addressed. In addition, labor unions are involved in dispute resolution.

The employees are motivated to work when they have a work union because all their problems are solved easily. In addition, the employees can talk to the management through the union officials.

The unions protect the interest of the employees because the employer cannot impose issues onto the employees. Therefore, the employees can strike when they feel that their needs are not fulfilled. The union protects the employees from being sacked when they are on strike (Subrahmaniyam, 2009).

How performance evaluations can lead to or detract from employee engagement in the workplace

According to Albrecht (2010), performance evaluation enhances the engagement of employees because it helps employees to know how they perform at the workplace. In addition, performance evaluation helps the management and employees to be connected. This is because there is a close supervision and interaction between the management and employees.

When reviews are done regularly, the employees and the management understand the business processes appropriately. The reviews also lead to employee engagement when proper communication is practiced. Evaluations improve the employee engagement because they encourage leaders to identify the needs of the followers.

In addition, employees with poor performance have the risk of being fired. This encourages employees to improve their performance and engaged in all the activities of the organization. Therefore, evaluations promote improvements in the quality and quantity of work done because employees are corrected in areas where they have weaknesses (Quality Digest 2010).

On the other hand, performance evaluation can detract employee engagement when the reviews are not done regularly. In such a case, the reviews are perceived as events rather than processes to enhance the performance of employees.

In addition, reviews detract employee engagement when they are not linked to the goals of an organization. Employees usually expect an increase in wages after the performance reviews are done, and this may detract them from achieving the goals of the organization (Quality Digest 2010).


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