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Disability Poster “Nothing is impossible” Report (Assessment)


Sometimes people are either born with a disability, or the disability develops later in life. It is the objective of the society to treat persons with disabilities in a way that makes them feel comfortable within society. One of the ways the society does this is through communication, such as the posters developed by the students. This paper seeks to analyze one of the posters in different dimensions.

Nothing is Impossible

Among the many posters developed, the poster named “Nothing is impossible” was chosen for analysis. This poster portrays a young child who has won a race despite being physically disabled. The boy’s leg is amputated from the knee, but he has undergone a medical procedure to attach an artificial limb which enables him to walk.

The poster depicts that there is a race in which the boy has emerged the winner. It is not clear from the poster about the physical nature of the other competitors, but it can be assumed that the boy ran so fast that he left them way behind where we can’t see them. It is very clear from the poster that the boy is very happy, satisfied, and comfortable with his life.

Idea Communicated by the Poster

The picture is trying to communicate to the audience or the society that in spite of any misfortune that may befall anyone, there is always a way around to overcome the disability. As can be seen from the poster, the boy had a physical disability due to the amputation of his leg. This is a physical disability that can hinder a person to integrate with the physical aspect of life effectively.

Day to day activities such as walking, working, and exercising can be very difficult for persons with this type of disability. The boy has gone round the physical problem by having an artificial leg that allows him to function just like a normal human being (Shakespeare, 1998).

The author of this poster was very creative in communicating the idea of overcoming a physical disability by directly handling the particular problem. He has used a picture of a very young boy which communicates to the audience that disability can be handled at a very early age hence giving the person the opportunity to live a complete life.

The boy in the picture looks very happy, which indicates that he has overcome his disability and is happy and content with life. The boy is alone in the picture which depicts that his disability is his problem, and he has successfully handled it. The boy has also finished and won the race, which indicates that despite the disability, he is equally capable of handling challenges of life such as walking and running.

Disability Model Reflected

This poster reflects the medical model of disability. According to the medical model, “people who have impairments are somehow abnormal. Their impairment is seen as a “problem” and more to that their problem, not society’s” (Moore, 2002, p. 402). The poster depicts a person with a physical medical condition that reduces the quality of life of the person.

The medical theory tries to identify the problem and look for all possible ways such as surgery or physiotherapy to minimize or overcome the challenges posed by that particular condition. As can be seen from the poster, the boy has undergone a medical procedure which has made him overcome the challenges of living without a limb. This has restored in him the quality of life, and thus, the boy can interact with the society comfortably.

Ways of Improving the Poster

The author of the poster is creative since the poster has been able to communicate most of the aspects to the audience. However, the poster misses one key aspect called comparison. It would have been more effective if the author had included other human beings who have no disability in the race.

This would have brought the element of comparison between the boy who has overcome the disability and other normal boys of his age. The poster can be more catching if the race consists of other boys of his age who are normal and the boy wins over them. It is also recommended that a cheering audience be incorporated into the poster. This would show the support and acceptance that society is supposed to give to persons with disabilities (Tassoni, Beith, & Bulman, 2005).


In conclusion, the poster has been creatively designed to portray that any condition that can reduce the quality of human life can be overcome and total functionality restored. The poster has been successful in depicting the medical theory of disability. It portrays a disability which has been overcome and restored the full functionality of the person. The poster is creative. However, it lacks comparativeness, and it would be more effective if other competitors and audience were incorporated in to the poster.


Moore, S. (2002). Social welfare alive! Nashville: Nelson Thornes.

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Tassoni, P., Beith, K. & Bulman, K. (2005). Children’s care, learning and development. London: Heinemann.

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