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Design Essay Examples and Topics

CuteCircuit Fashion House and Its Technologies

The path of CuteCircuit to the wide popularity has started with the emphasis on exclusiveness and extravagance of its creations. On the example of CuteCircuit's Hug Shirt, the evolution of the approach to creating wearable [...]

Plantscape in Mason Office Building

In the proposal for plant service, the author clearly and coherently states the necessary objectives of the proposed project. Firstly, the size and number of plants should conform to the size of the cabinet.

Umbrella History, Design and Usage

Third, some people tend to assume that the use of umbrellas as fashion accessories is just a fantasy because it is cumbersome to carry an umbrella around, especially during normal weather conditions.

History of Graphic Art: Design Schools

Glasgow School of Art in Scotland became the influential school at the turn of the century because of the activity of such architects and designers as Charles Mackintosh, Herbert MacNair and Margaret and Frances McDonald [...]

Women’s Fashion: A Little Black Dress

However, I prefer to believe that is color is a classic one, it suits everyone and makes people look elegant and sophisticated. This message is the one that appeals to me, and also I wear [...]

Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in San Francisco

Speaking of how Vedanta Society manifests Hinduism, the main goal of this community was to establish a Universal Religion in the United States of America, and it emphasizes and supports individual decisions in following his/her [...]

Wong Tai Sin Temple in San Francisco

Taoism pursues living in harmony with nature and the great Tao, which is the reason, the beginning and the ending of everything: "all things are produced by the Tao".

The Landscape Movement

William held the belief that the landscape should be motivated by nature, but should at the same time match the built environment, while Lancelot brought in the idea of replacing the geometric structures with rolling [...]

The Islamic Gardens

A canal is constructed at the front in a manner so that a reflection of the mausoleum can be seen in the water.

Sacred Gardens and Landscapes

Ornamental plants, flowers and sculptures were found in the garden. They reflected the importance of a house due to their size and magnificence.

Color Cycling and Fashion Industry

The most interesting and significant element employed by fashion artists, designers and photographers of 1946 1948 and 1952 1954 is that the photographs with generally light and homogenous compositions of pastel colors always have bright [...]

Fletcher Steele Role in Modern Day Garden Design

This resulted in a considerable level of creativity which manifested into one of the main influences that Steele has had on modern day garden design, namely the incorporation of concrete into developing the lines, shapes [...]

Filippo Brunelleschi and Religious Architecture

Because of the combination of the elements of the Ancient Roman architecture and the Tuscan Romanesque style, Filippo Brunelleschi managed to create a unique architecture style, which allowed for rendering a range of religious issues [...]

Chrysler Building in New York City

Description of the Work The correct name of this artwork is the "Chrysler Building". According to Stravitz, "the Chrysler Building presents the best of Art Deco architecture".

Sensing T-Shirt for Spinal Scoliosis Patients

Increased comfort and daily monitoring has the potential to improve the compliance of teenagers, give valuable insight into the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the chances of spinal curvature correction, Ohmatex reports.

Fabrics for the New Millennium

For instance, Japan, Australia, the UK and the US among others have focused on investments in technologies to produce performance apparel fabrics and other wearable technologies. Fabrics for the new millennium will be unique, technical [...]

Design Effects on the World

The first and the most characteristic feature of the specimens of my design deserving to be mentioned concerns the use of gender stereotypes.

Design Principles in Oldest Art

The first part of the essay summarizes unity and variety, balance and rhythm as key principles of design. The art of the past was in fragments and isolated.

American Architecture “Fallingwater”

A building that amazingly combines the elements of Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy of harmony, and the designing solutions, which serve as the characteristics of the Western esthetics, Fallingwater is one of the most famous [...]

Green Industrial Cities’ Designing

A green environment includes the geographical area and the natural state that has not yet been developed and development must not negatively impact the existing infrastructure and the environment.

Queens Midtown Tunnel

Besides, the time the engineers spent working in the Holland tunnel was three years longer than it took them to create the Queens Midtown tunnel, this is one of the advantages of the experience received [...]

Ward House Architecture

The building was constructed towards the end of the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution was the main civilization in the US.

Burj Khalifa: Behind A Wall of Text

Location and dimensions of the Burj Khalifa Starting, appropriately enough, with the description of the place in which the Burj Khalifa located, the author of the article provides not only a brief mentioning of the [...]

Toronto Urban Landscape

The other method of study that will be applied in this analysis is that of mapping the area to determine the intensity of buildings in relation to the land surface area and the activity that [...]

Emirates: Eco Friendly Construction

The goal of advancing eco friendly principles in the UAE The concept of sustainable development is a direct response to the concerns for environmental degradation and the energy crisis.

The Camper Showroom in Shanghai

The style of the building reminds us of the modern warehouse but with the elements of the old style in design. The design of the building is useful.

Modern Architecture In China

Nowadays the level of technology and the achievements in the design practice allows creating the real masterpieces both in the design of the exterior and interior.

Spatial Planning in China

The national planning framework in this country defines the role of the national government in spatial planning, and the roles that are left to other administrative levels.

Fashion of Lebanon

The rationale is that Lebanon's location has led to the spread of Arabic and European influences in the fashion industry. Historians point out that the culture of the country was an important factor that has [...]

Tunnel Design and Cunstruction

The main issues of interest include the construction of underwater tunnels, construction of tunnels in soft soils, and the examination of tunnel construction methods.

Contextual Urban Design

The Prince has stressed his views of neo-traditional urbanism, the need to account for humanity in designs, and the restoration of historic structures.

Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott

The collection is inspired by the theme of monsters and the unknown future. He is capable of creating new forms and exploiting the most striking concepts.

Product Design and Modernism

It is necessary to focus on the following important distinctions of this style, namely: the absence of ornamental elements and minimalism; pure geometrical forms; the use of new materials; the suitability of the modernist designs [...]

Building Material – Timber

One analyses the environmental feasibility of a material on the basis of the effect it has on the environment during manufacture, construction of the facility and energy use after constructing the house.

Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

The aim of writing this paper is to outline specific outstanding features of these two giants in the history of architecture in view of borrowing some of those elements and incorporating them in the contemporary [...]

Hollyhock House/The Creative Community

Now the building is recognized a National Historic Landmark and considered to be one of the top houses in Los Angeles. I suppose that the transformation is possible due to the cultural and historical advance [...]

Carbon Fiber Use

An overview of rubber-modified ERs with respect to their mechanical properties and the amount of hardener led to a collection of data as shown in tables 3.1, 3.

Good Wristwatches Design

Instead of serving the function of prompting people to lead 'socially-responsible' lifestyles, wristwatches should serve the function of increasing the extent of people's emotional comfortableness with the notion of a godless and chaotic universe, in [...]

Cascading Style Sheet Design

CSS design gives the designer a chance to switch the background image with another image during the design process. This is the hybrid design of both low-content and medium-content CSS designs.

Graphics Design – Literature Review

It is based on this that the researcher has developed the assumption that an understanding of the intended audience of a particular type of graphics design work is one of the elements in the creative [...]

Background of Graphics Design

By utilizing this particular theory as the framework for this study the researcher will be able to properly correlate the opinions of the research subjects regarding their assumptions over what practices lead to the greatest [...]

Construction of the Empire State Building

The way the project managers in construction projects handle the identified risks is proportional to the success of the project. Depending on the nature of the project, the managers will come up with the possible [...]

Indian Furniture and Finishes

The quality of skill that Indian designers use in making their furniture is very appealing, and people compete for their products in the whole world.

Blogging about Fashion

The blogs, as Huang, Chou, and Lin note, allows for individuals with common interest to come together to share information and ideas, as well as to gain knowledge from other members of the virtual community, [...]

Green Building in the Boston Area

On the whole, this project illustrates how innovative technologies and creative decisions of the architects can improve the sustainability of buildings.

Omega Watches Marketing Strategy

The choice of high-tech elements and a strong emphasis on them clearly shows that in the representation of its product, Omega has chosen the current future contrast.

The Landscape Reader

This reading had laid down some of the most important issues concerning landscape urbanism as a medium to modern cities. Lastly, it is essential to consider new projects that can transform landscape urbanism for the [...]

Amsterdam’s Futuristic Floating City

The floating city of Ijburg is designed to float in various instances such as in the event of a rise in the water level due to storm surges or extreme precipitation.

Victorian Art’s Evaluation

Critiquing the approach that Pevsner suggested to evaluate the art of the new epoch, the author touches upon the political context of Pevsner's ideas, thus revealing the correlation with Morris.

Sydney Opera House

It should be noted that the project of constructing the Sydney Opera House did not have a project manager but was actually a collaboration between the architect, J rn Utzon and Ove Arup who was [...]