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Design Essay Examples and Topics

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

In addition, iRobot contains a wall feeler, which is located on the right area of the fender and makes iRobot travel adjacent to walls and around gadgets without touching them. Irobot fits into consumer engineering [...]

Pre-Stressed Concrete

The aim of this paper is to discuss the historical developments of pre-stressed concrete, the basic concepts of pre-stressed concrete, and the manufacturing of the pre-stressed concrete.

Fashion designers: Coco Chanel

This quote is relevant to this essay because it indicates that the experience of clients and their needs guide the work of a fashion artists. This is one of the details that can be identified.

The Niels and Mellie Esperson Buildings

The second topic that should be examined is gender, especially the stereotypes about gender and the role of women in society. In this case, one can speak about the importance of Mellie Esperson who initiated [...]

Fashion and Personality

In addition to this, it is not difficult to notice that Field had a good idea about fashion and personality based on the outfits and make up for her characters.

Five Stages of Designing a Warehouse

The process includes determining the required number of stores, the technology to be applied in the prospective departments, and the manner in which the orders would be arranged.

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

The fountain is surrounded by a beautiful park and it forms the heart of the architectural composition. The height of the monument is 64 feet which equals to the 64 floors of the Tower.

The Socialite club logo and brochure design

Each element was created individually using the text, colour, and shaping tools from the Indesign palette. After assembling the text and shapes into the desired logo design shown below the elements are then grouped together.

CN Tower in Toronto

By the end of 20th century, the American Society of Civil Engineers concluded that the tower is indicative of a contemporary wonder of the world.

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

The use of concrete covers both the exterior and interior of the church, mainly the wall surface of the Basilica. The uses of stained glasses are popular in the churches mainly because it is a [...]

Lloyd’s Building

At the time when the construction of the Lloyd's Building started, the British government was in the process of bringing about some major changes in the government policies, mainly pertaining to the labor class.

Blenheim Bridge

The image below shows the site of the bridge: Nicholas Powers, the man who is credited for the design of the longest wooden bridge in the world went to Schoharie in New York to carry [...]

Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta

While Bottega Veneta grew and expanded to other countries courtesy of its discreet design and quality craftsmanship, The Balenciaga boutique moved to Paris to find new market after it was forced to close its operations [...]

Living in a Samoan Fale (house)

The type of materials that was once used in construction of structures that people used to live in among the Maori people was the things that they would find readily available in the swamps as [...]

Capstone Project

This will be done by elaborating a brief history of the building and identifying some of the functions of the offices within the building and the activities taking place in the same.

Circus Maximus in Rome

Apparently, the chariot-races, held at the Circus Maximus, were not merely meant to serve the purpose of entertainment, but also the purpose of endowing spectators with the sense of pride, on the account of their [...]

Refection Paper about a City

Reflection about planning of Los Angeles shows that it is a complex city that is extremely hard to define in terms of its center, borders and extensiveness.

Architecture of Frank Gehry

The color of the limestone was dictated by the match it will bring with the existing building, Deusto University. The building was design in such a way that it looks like a ship, this indeed [...]

Art of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb

The surprising fact is that upon the discovery and excavation of the tomb, there were so many treasures in the tomb. The entrance of the tomb was at the base of a sloping hill.

McDonald’s Corporation Product Design

This paper is going to focus on how product design is applied in decision making in McDonald's corporation and a description of product life cycle in the same corporation. In conclusion, product design is applied [...]

Design, size and facilities

Washington Convention Center is the largest construction in the District of Columbia. The building had to reflect the ideals of the residents.

Interior Plants Density

The regulations require the designer to comply with the standards set by referring to guidelines for Indoor Environmental Quality in the new International Green Construction Code. The project elective clarifies the proposed changes and improves [...]

Liz Claiborne Inc. and its Portfolio of Brands

Knowledge and expertise of the managers failed to identify the factors that could have maintained Liz Claiborne's lead in the apparel and fashion industry. Claiborne perfected the concept of subcontracting to different factories in Asia [...]

Graphic Design History

This was a phase of the broader industrial revolution.period is believed to correspond to the end of the 19th century up to world war 1.the raise of technological revolution was marked by the use of [...]

Social Construct of Codes

The idea at that time was opposed because the public felt that it contradicted social norms that defined how a private home should be constructed for the good of the public.

The Palace of Fine Arts

At the side of the rotunda, there are eight large insets which have paintings for Robert Reid: four of them portray the beginning of art, the progress, and the human recognition of the art.

Use of Ladders on the Workplace

This particular classification is important to take note of since it refers to the capacity of the ladder for particular work loads and the type of jobs that they can be used for.

Harold Washington Library

HWLC is a monumental building and was commissioned as a part of the renewal of the urban landscape of the city. The next section of the paper presents the culture that prevailed during the construction [...]

Rationale and Interactivity Design

The propagation of wireless technology has brought in a variety of mobile devices such as the Personal Digital Assistants and the wireless handheld phones that have a wide range of applications such as video messaging, [...]

Rockefeller Center

Based on my previous visits to the area as well as the contexts adhered to it in pop culture the Rockefeller center can be considered an icon of American progress due to its location in [...]

A Comparative Analysis

In the article Louis Sullivan: Growth of the Idea, Boudreaux puts forward the assumption that ornament was the chief characteristic of the building defining its function and practical usage.

Graphic Design: Timelines

The following trends have to be mentioned: Functionality: the vast majority of artists truly believe that the form of the work should be determined by function, this is why it was necessary to consider the [...]

Visual Argument

In fact, the use of colors in this advertisement has largely realized the ultimate goal of enticing the target group of the product In the advertisement shown above, the advertisement seems highly appealing by presenting [...]

Picture of a House

At first glance, an old house in the picture may seem to be a mere building consisting of walls, windows and doors, but its atmosphere and every its part would mean a lot for several [...]

The Getty Center in Los Angeles

A review of the work done by Richard in his design of the Getty centre begins with the plan, which entails the network and paths necessary for the creation of the entire centre.

Trends and Fads: Love Is a Fallacy

Nothing has changed since then: raccoon coats are no longer fashionable, but trends and fads continue to dominate the hearts and minds of people, giving them a false sense of belonging to a privileged class.

Beverly Buchanan and Frank Lloyd Wright

Being involved in the ethnic and cultural tendencies of building, Wright pays attention to functional elements of architecture and attempts to create a multifunctional space where all parts of a construction are united in one [...]

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Users of a web site need to know the person they are dealing with in any activity they get involved in,the persons credentials,values,beliefs and ideologies that are captured in the process of web design.

Proscenium Theatres and Thrust Theatres

Proscenium theatres are those kind of stages that have a space that are characterized by a big archway usually at or close to the front of the stage by which the audiences get the opportunity [...]

The Future of the Home: Houses in 2030

In this paper, the evaluation of three types of homes will be offered to define how materials and requirements for building as well as ethical aspects and technological use may be changed: a luxury home [...]

The Concept of Metadata

Metadata is also used in the extraction and maintenance of information. It provides insight on the ways of creating data, the reasons for the data and the date of creation.

Gucci Luxury Brand

This implied that specifically designed products would be sold, with part of the produce reserved for orphans and the homeless children worldwide. He combined the skills he acquired at the workplace with the unique talents [...]

The U.S. Capitol Building

The architecture of the building portrays Greco-Roman influence as the Capitol was meant to symbolize the idea of democracy, which is connected with Greece, and the idea of power, which is associated with the Roman [...]

Meaning of the Color Red

Color in general is the outlook of something that conveys a message to the viewers. One particular thing that the red color red is associated with is demonstrating emotions.

The Subculture of Designer Toys

The unique feature of designer toys is that they have re-defined the meaning of 'toy' as such and appear to have combined toys with the notions of art and design.

Shipyard Design and Layout

The report looks at innovative approaches to challenging constraints experienced both in the design and implementation of the ship yard on the physical location of the facility.

Architectural Wonders

The diagram below shows a picture of the CN Tower Figure 1: A figure showing the CN Tower Climate and site issues considered in the design of the building The engineers of the CN Tower [...]

Design in “Cradle to Cradle” by McDonough

The commercial design standards are unique since the intention is not to emulate the design of neighbouring designs but to replicate the partial plan of the existing buildings in terms of the open space for [...]

The History of Barbie

To my mind, it is quite captivating to investigate the creation of Barbie dolls, specify the impact of Handler's daughter, and clear up why this very doll turns out to be so interesting for lots [...]

Adamson House in Malibu, California

The exterior style of the Adamson house complies with the style of the outside space. The Adamson house is located on the seaside and, therefore, much of the elements in style are reminiscent of the [...]

Beijing National Stadium

The stadium is one of the major breakthroughs in the construction technology. The removal of the retractable roof helped in reducing the weight of the building holding the stadium.

The great mosque of Cordoba or Mezquita

During the re-designation period of the mosque, the most outstanding and notable reconstruction activity involved the construction of the Reconnaissance cathedral in the middle of the structure, courtesy of a Spanish king Carlos who was [...]

Summary about Romanesque architecture period

Of importance is the fact that the history of Romanesque architecture was primarily linked to the dedication of people to religion, a fact that resulted into the construction of several churches in England which adopted [...]

Movie Before Sunset

Urban planning is defined as the process of controlling the utilization of design and land of an urban development, with the aim of ensuring that communities and settlements in the urban areas are orderly developed.

Fashion History’s Understanding

Fashion distinct classes of people in the society where complex and sophisticated fashion is related with the rich and modernity. Tailors, dressmakers, and designers have contributed to the increased trend in change of fashion.

Fashion Goes Round in Circles

In the 2000s, the generation involved in arts and fashion looked back to the past decades for greater inspiration, and it was able to keep new fashions.

Sacred Archetypes by Mimi Lobell

It was this dynastic ancestral divinity, which reigned at the height of a syncretism state-culture religious conviction that centered on the "godly" rulers ritualistic and symbolic mediation.

In the Mind of Architects: Ideas and Reality

Sugimito's house is an old building constructed in the year 1743 under the ownership of the Sugimoto family; today, the Sugimoto house situated in Kyoto town has been reconstructed in a strategy to preserve the [...]

Interaction Design

The interaction designer is able to identify the needs of the users by first understanding the tasks that the users will be undertaking while using the system.

Materials for Wood Interiors: Hardwood and Bamboo

Wood is sustainable because it is possible to grow them afresh after harvesting."The U.S.hardwood sawmilling and processing industry, the largest in the world, depends upon the hardwood forests of the United States for the widest [...]

Fashion and Identity

Werner continues to argue that the contemporary generation is deceived to think that personal identity is determined by the physical attributes in a person.