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The Concept Analysis of Graphic Design Essay

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Updated: Nov 2nd, 2021

The graphic designing field has a great attraction in itself by which it is gaining so much popularity worldwide. Graphic design is an emerging field nowadays. The demand for graphic designers has been increased a lot in the past few years. Picture, images have something in it which appeals customer’s attraction towards the product. A graphic designer is a person who plays with colors, themes, pictures, images, screens, etc in order to produce bewitching advertisements. A graphic designer is a visual communicator who communicates in images, colors. He doesn’t play with words in order to convey his message; he uses pictures, designs, and colors. A graphic designer’s primary responsibility is to communicate in a stylish way (Glasser, 2005: 34).

The degree of effective communication decides the path of success for him. A graphic designer can climb the ladder of success via his tools. Good graphic design doesn’t attract focus to itself but it conveys the information, message. As a communicator, it is the primary responsibility of a graphic designer to catch the information, in order to get a hold of the receiver’s mental approach and to develop a visual language for the reduction of the gap between them. A good graphic designer must know how to deal with an unexpected situation and must have the ability to change the visual at a moment’s notice.

The graphic designer must wear hats to deal comfortably with different situations. First of all, the qualities of a graphic designer must include the following:

He/she must be smart enough to catch the idea, he/she must have a sense of using colors and combinations, he /she must know what the currents approaches are going on in order to appeal’s customer’s attention. If a poster for a conference on genetics is required to be designed so a designer must keep the audience in mind. He must know in what mood and situation the audience will look into it. He doesn’t need to be genetics for designing this poster but he/she must know enough about speakers, and the audience. The graphic designer’s responsibility is to present an idea, message in a different and appealing way.

Little suspense also helps in getting the attention of the audience. For a successful presentation on genetics poster then he/she must have enough knowledge about the topic, speakers, and audience plus he must have command on using graphic tools, colors, images and words. All above responsibilities demonstrate the pillars of graphic design (PM Attacks Teaching of “Dumb 2006:3). The creative designer is also known as a truly gifted visual communicator who accomplishes them with liquidity and decentness boldness and temerity as called for by the special requirements of the poster; and he does all this with the aid of his own peculiar idiom, his sense of creativity and unique ideas. A good designer cannot afford to lose his customer or disappointment his audience that is the only reason why graphic designers emphasize knowing the type or class of audience.

There are different areas of graphic design each of which has its own requirements and specifications:

  • Visual arts
  • Typography
  • Page layout
  • Interface design
  • Printmaking
  • Chromatics

Visual Arts: Visual arts involve tasks that are basically visual in nature with a link with traditional media, to photography or computerized art.

Typography is the field that has techniques of type design, modifications of type glyphs, and arranging type.

Page Design: Page design is specifically used while designing posters and banners.

Interface Design: Interface design involves designing web pages, web media, and software design.

Printmaking involves sprinting on paper, cards, boards, etc.

Chromatics is the domain of eyes that how they perceive color and the explanation and arrangement of those colors in the retina.

The basic tools of graphic design are computer software which is widely used in the market for graphic designing and other equipment like printers, photo machines, etc. To have an honest understanding of the impact of graphic design on customers and to understand why graphic design is considered a perfect tool for capturing the audience’s attention its education must be so cautious. Graphic designing is a challenging job for which every designer should be sensible and responsible (S. & G. 2001: 23). Now the question arises that why is it so important for a graphic designer to be alert and responsible? No doubt we are smart enough to deal with the consequences of low-quality design and there are enough boulevards to blowhole our dissatisfaction should we be pained by it. Graphic design is usually seen as a smoother discipline, the effects of which are easily amended. After all, it doesn’t have the power to change the globe if it’s wrong. A woman named Theresa LePore in 2000 restyled a cheap piece of disposable graphic design. LePore holds the Florida County supervisor position, and that designed template was the infamous butterfly ballot. With the aid of her design, the presidential election adverted on the outcome from Florida with 300 votes between the leading participants: Al Gore and George Bush.

The key responsibility of a graphic designer is to have a focus on visual communication and presentation in order to increase sales of the firm. Thousands of methods are used to design and develop combined symbols, icons, images, or words to present a visual demonstration of ideas and information. A graphic designer can take advantage of typography, visual arts, and page layout techniques in order to produce a good quality result. Graphic design usually refers to the two processes designing and design which are indispensable for transferring ideas and messages. The graphic designer usually works for magazines, advertisements, product packaging, and web design. For example, A company wants to launch its new product so top management will ask a graphic designer to design a logo, advertisement, banner, and billboard to catch the attention of the public towards the new product. The composition and flow of scenes, words are essential for productive graphic design. The graphic design field has gained so much popularity and almost every field is using graphic techniques for the promotion of their sales. Graphic design has a great impact on the following fields: Advertisements, Poster, design, Brochures, Market research, Logo design, Magazine Layouts, Book layouts, Book covers, Billboards, Corporate Identity/Branding, Product packaging Websites, Newspapers, TV commercials, and T-shirt design.

The main responsibilities of the graphic designer are listed below for assistance:

  • Meeting with customers, project coordinators, the design director, and colleagues in order to discuss the theme of a design
  • Translating the project’s requirements in order to get new and different ideas from his collogues, giving an opportunity to all his co-ordinates to pipe up freely in order to get more and more ideas providing multiple platforms for discussions;
  • collecting feedback on design models and updating essential changes;
  • Managing multi-task environment in order to deliver several projects on time using a full range of media, which involves photography, illustration, design solutions, and software;
  • Making perfect and high-quality work;
  • Fulfilling requirements relate to production methods, materials needed, and costs; work hard to meet deadlines
  • Graphic designing is an attractive and challenging field and there are thousands of great graphic designers reside in different regions of the world.

Ron Arad

Ron Arad is a famous furniture designer, architectural designer artist. Ron Arad’s design has been presented at several famous museums, spots, and galleries all over the world and he holds a high public profile (Famous graphic Designer, 2009: 1).

Giambattista Bodoni

Giambattista Bodoni was an Italian typographer. He was a great designer and he got the popularity due to the fonts he designed.

Neville Brody

Neville Brody was famous for the typographic design work on several British magazines, especially The Face and Arena. Brody used the best techniques in order to polish his skills.

David Carson

Davis was a famous designer who designed thousands of logos and got a marvelous public graph.

William Caslon

William Caslon is famous for his printing techniques and samples. He designed the first edition of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is one of the most popular American graphic designers. He used several new techniques, icons, images and he designed several logos, web pages, etc.

“Graphic design is important. It may not save the world, but when it goes wrong it can certainly help to [mess] it up.”.


With the passage of time, the graphic designing field is climbing the ladder of success. In the early decades, the designing field was not recognized and most firms used printing media only. In recent years, the graphic designing field has reached the top and thousands of organizations are using new and new techniques in order to have high sales in the market. The graphic designer plays a pivotal role in an organization as his creativity can bring high sales and customers to the firm. Graphic designer post needs an attentive, creative and responsible person as this designation holds great pressure. One must be creative, know how to deal with unexpected situations, must know how to work in order to meet short deadlines, and must know how to create a free environment in order to get new and unique ideas from colleagues if he/she wants to be on the post of a graphic designer.

A graphic designer is a visual communicator and he doesn’t play with the words but he plays with images, colors, themes, and words. An advertisement is considered the lifeblood of an organization as it has the ability to increase or decrease clients. An organization’s sales also depend on advertisements and graphic designing of an organization. Little suspense in advertisements also helps in getting the attention of the audience. Graphic design must know how to capture the audience’s mind for an effective outcome of their designed product. There are many famous graphic designers who have proved their skills along with the combination of new and advanced technologies. Awareness and proper training can make graphic designing valid and authentic for every situation.


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