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Updated: Apr 4th, 2021

What do you know about architecture engineering history?

It is a well known saying that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Human beings have that intelligence and caliber that can create things according to their needs. There are numerous instances that can be illustrated regarding such inventions. In order to protect him from the climatic inclemency and the attacks from animals and other human beings, a man started making shelters; birds’ nests, animal lairs, etc. were sources of inspiration (Fletcher, 1905, p. 4). This can be considered as the advent of architecture in human life. As humans became more civilized, the architectural forms also became more improvised. The initial architecture styles were from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Other architecture styles were inspired by these three styles; like Fletcher (1905, p. 6) claims that “Roman architecture was prevalent in Europe in a more or less debased form up to the tenth century of our era, and is the basis on which European architecture is founded”. Each and every structure that humans made comes under architecture engineering. Gradually, the architecture started taking the form of art. The value of any structure depended on its artistic nature. Columns can be considered to be the first artistic element of architecture. These were created by the Greeks, as were the arches. After Greece was conquered by the Romans, the latter adopted this architecture engineering and build masterpieces such as the Colosseum of Rome. Today, architecture engineering has attained great heights and is an important field of civil engineering.

Is it an ancient form of engineering like civil engineering or has it emerged recently?

No structure can be designed and built without the help of architecture engineering. The earliest wonders of architecture like the columns and the arches were built long ago. Without architecture, we would not have had great structures like the Colosseum of Rome, Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, etc. So it is imperative to understand that likewise civil engineering, architecture engineering is also an ancient form of engineering.

Colosseum of Rome.
Colosseum of Rome.

What do engineers in this field of study do? What are some examples of their work? Mention modern examples of this type of engineering and consider any trends in the field.

The architectural engineers study “the planning, construction, and operation of engineered systems for all different kinds of buildings” (Major: Architectural Engineering 2013, par. 2). People might get confused between an architect and an architectural engineer. An architect simply designs a building (the layout), whereas an architectural engineer’s job includes the structural and/or mechanical details of that building. Some of the aspects of building construction that architectural engineers are concerned with are electrical, heating, cooling (air-conditioning), and plumbing. But the architects and the architectural engineers have to work in co-operation in order to make a building serviceable, safe and more stable. “Efficiency in new construction is normally one of an architectural engineer’s main concerns…architectural engineers…assess the safety of a building and provide guidance when designing building to withstand natural disasters, like hurricanes” (Architectural Engineer, 2013, par. 1).

In recent years, architectural engineering has become the epitome of design and functionality. Many superstructures have been constructed that we could not even imagine. Following are some of the modern wonders created by architectural engineers:

Turning Torso.
Turning Torso, Sweden.
The Basket Building.
The Basket Building, Ohio, USA.
Lotus Temple.
Lotus Temple, Delhi, India.
Device to root our evil.
Device to root our evil, Vancouver, Canada.

How does this type of engineering serve society? Reflect using examples from the engineering achievements. What are some of the interesting aspects of these achievements?

Architectural engineering ensures the safety of the people residing or working in a building. It can also be mentioned that even the aspects of luxury and comfort of people are taken into consideration while constructing a building. And moreover, it’s not only the buildings that are made safe and functional by the architectural engineers; many bridges across wide spans of rivers and seas have helped society in manifold ways. Due to the bridges, distances have been narrowed and businesses have bloomed. In the absence of bridges, the commercial establishments would have to face a lot of hindrances and delays; goods will have to be transported by ships and this would definitely involve lots of cost and time. But at the same time, some people are of the opinion that bridges, buildings, and other structures are not good for our environment. The construction material being transported at various sites creates environmental hazards. In order to decrease the risks of environmental hazards, many companies have come up with a novel idea of green buildings. “Green building is a trend in the architecture field to build structures that are water and energy efficient out of environmentally friendly materials” (McGrath, 2013, par. 1). Following are some of the structures that have been constructed on eco-friendly principles:

World Trade Center.
World Trade Center, Bahrain (with wind turbines).
Kurilpa Bridge.
Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane (uses solar power).
Clinton Presidential Library.
Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock, Arkansas (has floors made from recycled tires and an efficient rainwater harvesting system).

What different roles do engineers in this field have and what are some of the obstacles they are likely to encounter (on the job)?

Architectural engineers have a very important role to play because society’s safety has to be taken care of while building structures. Another aspect that architectural engineers have to take into consideration is the commercial aspect. They have to build structures that might help people save money, directly or indirectly. During the past couple of years, a major task or responsibility has been added to the portfolio of architectural engineers; the safety of our environment. They are obliged to design and construct such structures that comply with the environmental regulations laid down by various nations. Governments have realized the fact that in order to survive and prosper, it is very important to save the environment. “The growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. The manufacturing, design, construction, and operation of the buildings in which we live and work are responsible for the consumption of many natural resources” (Why green building is important, 2013, par. 2). In other words, architecture engineers make ‘smarter cities’. “Smarter cities drive sustainable economic growth and prosperity for their citizens” (Smarter cities, 2013, par. 1).

Describe the factors that have personally inspired and motivated you to study this field of engineering? What are your future career goals?

There are two things that have inspired me to pursue my career in architectural engineering; eye-catching designs and eco-friendly nature. I have been mesmerized by the jaw-dropping designs of many buildings and I plan to construct such buildings at a suitable period of time in my life. Being a responsible citizen and a conscious member of society, I am also concerned about the safety of our environment. “One objective of green building is to provide occupants with clean air to breathe, while minimizing resources consumed by the building during its construction and lifetime” (Fulton & Caron, 2013, par. 7). The green buildings have inspired me to make such buildings one day in my life. I plan to pursue my education in the field of architectural engineering and become a responsible and qualified architectural engineer.


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