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Managing an Online Course Essay

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Updated: Jan 14th, 2022


With the increased computerization and civilization of modern society today, more people find it convenient to study online. Studying online cuts costs such as transportation and accommodation. It also gives students a chance to choose lessons at their own convenience. One can decide on the best time to take his or her lessons without the interference of other activities. On the other hand, studying online requires a high level of self-discipline since there is no supervision. This article will look at the suitable ways of managing an online course so as to make the best out of it.


Several universities across the globe today offer online degree courses. This has made it easy for students in other countries to access quality education from well-known universities in foreign countries. One such university is the Colorado State University Global Campus. This university offers a variety of courses ranging from engineering to business-related subjects. In this essay, the writer will use a case of a student studying Human Resource Management at this university. The paper will look at typical assignments given to such a student and illustrate how he or she can manage his or her online course effectively.

Managing an Online Course

As mentioned earlier, taking an online degree course requires a lot of self-discipline. The student must be conscious of the sole purpose for undertaking this program. This is where the question of time management arises. Lack of contact between the tutor and the student creates some sort of partial adherence to instructions laid out (Collis and Moonen, 2001). For instance, cases of late submission of assignments are bound to be experienced if the student lacks self-motivation and control. In order to beat all the deadlines and come out with a good grade, a student taking an online course should prioritize his studies. This means that time set for lessons should not be used to indulge in other activities. The drafting of a timetable is a helpful step towards the achievement of the student’s objectives. The student should further make a personal commitment to strictly follow the timetable.

Since an online course is in no way different from a normal degree program, the student should give it the seriousness and sacrifice that it deserves. This includes buying course books and other helpful materials that will take the student a long way in getting a higher grade. The student should also conduct intensive personal research away from what is instructed by the tutor (Heizer and Render, 2011). It would also help if this student finds other students taking the same course in local universities and then engages them in constructive discussions on various topics in Human Resource Management.

The most challenging part in taking an online course is when the student has to go in the field to collect data. According to Belanger and Jordan (2000), it has been an upcoming trend for most online students to guess figures and then come up with exaggerated or falsified conclusions. However, a devoted student should actually go into the field and collect genuine data that is an actual representation of the situation as it is. For instance, this Human Resource Management student may be instructed to conduct a research on the effect of stress on an employee and an organization as a whole. Although it is easy in this case for the student to guess correctly and come up with the data, he or she must get the practical bit of it by engaging in the real thing.

A student who desires genuine points would set out to interview employees and employers from different firms and backgrounds. He or she would get the data from different points of view. The student could make use of an appropriate sampling method such as random sampling. This will ensure that unbiased data is collected. The data collected should then be compiled and analyzed. The last step would be for the student to convert the data into charts and graphs to make it easy to present it to the tutor.


From the foregoing, it can be seen that online studying has become common over the recent past. It is also evident that online courses deserve the same level of devotion and commitment just like other regular courses. There are also a number of productivity measures such as buying of course books and proper time management. Finally, the student should show total commitment as far as field research is concerned.

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