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Usage iPads in Schools Essay (Article)

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Updated: Nov 28th, 2018

Several schools are using i-Pads to improve the way students are learning mathematics. I-Pads have several applications which have widened students’ access to maths learning resources. This has led to improvements in the way students are studying math. Research shows that iPad devices encourage different schools to share ideas which improves learning outcomes in such institutions.

The gadget also makes it possible for learners and teachers to share ideas on how to solve different math problems. Learners are able to communicate with each other through discussion board because their iPads gadgets facilitate group discussions more effectively. The iPad enables some students to present their findings to a large audience when through projectors.

The iPad offers a lot of flexibility to both learners and teachers on learning methods used in the classroom and outside the classroom. Instructors can conduct various lessons electronically because students are equipped with tools that allow them to take notes electronically.

The device allows students to download crucial digital resources which they can save and read later in their own free time. Students are able to access different classroom assignments and exercises which their instructors upload to the internet. Students do not need advanced technical skills to work on different math assignments because the iPad’s touch screen is user friendly. The device allows them to do complex assignments and submit them to their instructors electronically.

This device makes it possible for teachers to assess their learners more effectively. It enables instant communication between a learner and a teacher. Therefore, a teacher is able to monitor the progress a learner is making on assigned tasks through feedback. Learners are able to use response systems to brief their instructors on progress they have made on different math activities they have been assigned.

The iPad has several applications which improve way students learn new problem solving skills. The device enables students improve their skills in geometry by using various applications which are easy to use.

There are several challenges which limit the use of iPads in schools. The device is very expensive and this limits its usage by instructors and learners in various learning environments. The costs which students and their schools incur when purchasing these gadgets can be allocated to other activities which improve learning outcomes.

However, if schools increase their usage of these gadgets, they will save money spent on textbooks, scanners, papers and other learning materials. Schools can also choose other tablets which are less expensive to allow teachers and students to engage effectively. This helps to improve learning outcomes in school. The iPad’s design does not favor storage or transfer of files between different iPad users. This limits students’ ability to share important information acquired through research with other classmates.

The i-Pad tablet cannot perform some functions which require flash technology. This makes it difficult for students to access and share high quality graphic content through the internet. This limitation is likely to make schools and their students to shift to other tablets which can perform a wide variety of functions.

The iPad also needs a strong support infrastructure which many schools cannot afford to implement. Students who are unable to purchase these gadgets because of their expensive cost may not participate effectively in some class activities. Such students will find it difficult to interact with their teachers and classmates outside the classroom which may slow down their learning.

The study did not adequately reveal benefits which schools, learners and instructors will achieve by using iPad devices in education. The study failed to show how the adoption of iPads in leaning will improve students’ performance and results in mathematics. The research did not show any data that reveals the extent to which the device is used for learning in schools.

There was no scientific evidence to show how iPads are used in class rooms and what learners have achieved by using them. Educational policies should be reformed to provide best practices to be followed when integrating i-Pad devices with educational curriculum in schools.

The sample used in the study was not uniform because some students surveyed had solved Algebra problems using the device yet other surveyed students had not studied any Algebra at all. The article quoted one teacher who claimed that the number of students using iPads in learning with good calculus results had increased.

However, the report failed to show the exact number of students who passed these calculus exams. It is necessary to gather more information which explains how iPad gadgets can improve the quality of education in different schools. Schools need to focus on student retention, understanding and participation in learning activities.

The iPad should be integrated with other learning methods to enable schools come up with comprehensive instructional models that serve their needs effectively. An appropriate model will make learning more flexible because students will have improved access to educational resources and assessment.

The use of this device in education enhances the quality of learning students get and this improves their performance. iPads need to be made more affordable to school students to make it easy for them to use these devices at home. Students should be trained on how to use iPads effectively to make them access a wide variety of educational content on their own from the internet.

Students can use iPad tablets to take notes in class instead of using pens and paper. The instructor can save important class files on an online portal where absent students can access them easily. Several iPad applications should be developed for students to enable them solve problems together through group discussions.

A variety of graphic tools should be used to enable students retain complex subjects easily. Students need to test the way they understand key concepts by posting questions and answers on interactive discussion boards. They can correct each other on these boards to enable them acquire more knowledge.

The adoption of this device in education encourages an instructor to assign more learning activities to students. The instructor is also able to monitor how learners perform their assignments. Therefore, students submit their compeleted assignments through the internet.

The iPad has applications which allow a teacher to obtain responses from students on various classroom tasks. Teachers can encourage their students to explore the internet for more educational content to expand their knowledge in mathematics. Students can assess their fellow classmates’ work posted on discussion boards and correct each other where necessary.

The iPad enables students share what they have gathered digitally to enable them acquire more knowledge in mathematics. The adoption of iPad applications in learning helps learners and their instructors to plan their time better. Learners are able to research widely which improves their analytical skills in mathematics.

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