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Classroom Environment and Students Development Research Paper


Constructive and creative settings can play an active role in educational, emotional and social development of students. As a matter of fact, such an environment has to be created, which might include introduction and/or improvement of several components. By way of this research, it will be established that a school’s physical environment helps, to a great extent, the performance and progress of students.

How does a school’s classroom environment help students perform and progress better?

Research Background

The research topic of this study is “Classroom Environment”.

Need for Study

Several schools in Dubai are not comfortably suited to students. The ambience of schools has a negative psychological effect on students. As such, it is imperative to understand the impact of the physical environment of schools. This would help in improving such conditions that might help future students to perform better. Eventually, the real objective of attaining education will be achieved.

Detailed Scope of the Study

This study will try to answer the following research questions:

  • Is physical environment in schools responsible for the performance of students?
  • What are the factors that are conducive to better learning at schools?

Research Methodology

Research Plan

The initial step was to talk to students and get their perspective on the impact of physical environment at schools on motivating students. Another method used was to create an experimental dummy classroom with several physical amenities. An experimental group of students was also selected. This group was made to compete with a controlled group of students that was made to sit in their usual classroom. The time frame was two months, after which the results of students were compared.

Method of data collection

Students were asked questions about their perceptions of the impact of physical environment on their performance. Results of the two groups of students, the controlled and experimental, were also compared.

Primary data

The questionnaire was designed in a manner that most of the factors concerning physical environment at schools were covered. Students and teachers were chosen as the target population because ultimately, they are the ones whose performance matters. Controlled and experimental groups were created in order to ascertain the impact of physical environment on the performance of students.

Secondary data

Scholarly journals were referred to in order to understand views of scholars on the importance of better physical environment for better performance of students.

Literature Review

Summarize and analyze the articles that you read.

It is understood that the physical environment plays a vital role in motivating students to learn better. Physical environment refers to infrastructure within the school premises such as, building, classrooms, washrooms, library, play grounds, etc. Current researches have suggested that the current availability of such amenities is only in a couple of schools. Awful performance in schools can be attributed to the absence of such facilities (Akomolafe & Adesua, 2016).

Educational system can be considered a manufacturing unit where experienced and skilled people and monetary resources are essential to get better production. Every unit has its own special environment that gives an idea of the kind of production being carried out. Basic amenities such as better buildings, tools, equipment, electrical and water supply are essential for such a unit. Better quality of such amenities would ensure better production. A beautiful and artistic exterior of the school building can make the students proud and boost their morale (Koroye, 2016).

Earlier, the surrounding environment in schools was not considered to be a deciding factor in the performance of students. However, over the past couple of years, scholars and their studies have suggested that environment does play a crucial role in students’ academic performance. Education can flourish only if students have access to the required information at all stages. The surrounding environment is very crucial for developing an interest in learning among students. Classrooms should be well-furnished and beautifully painted (Oselumese, Omoike & Andrew, 2016).

Educational performance of students depends on the physical environment of schools. Studies in this field have suggested that students who study in well-equipped classrooms perform at least 19 to 26 percent better than those who study in normal classrooms. Studies also show that there is a positive association between the physical environment of classes and the performance of students. Proper ventilation, lighting and temperature are also important (Kekare, 2015).

Physical environment has a vital role in any sort of activity. Some of the most important aspects are fresh air, lighting and temperature. Fresh air is a must for creating an environment conducive to learning. Proper lighting in the classrooms ensures brightness and students stay alert. The atmospheric conditions should also be soothing. Humidity and higher temperatures might result in fatigue and make students work slowly (Suleman & Hussain, 2014).

Recently, the impact of a school’s physical environment on performance of students has been a subject of grave concern. Studies suggest that owing to poor physical environment, performance of schools has not been appreciable. In addition to academic performance, school environment also influences the behavior of students (Oguche, Angelina & Dondo, 2015).

Describe how they help your understanding of your topic.

The journals that were referred to gave me more insight about the topic. I understood things of which I was not aware before. For instance, I did not know that the color of classroom walls could also affect student’s performance.

Describe their limitations

Even though all the consulted journals have been written by scholars, the information is limited to their respective nations. Educational standards might differ from nation to nation.

Explain how your proposed research project furthers our knowledge of this topic.

The proposed research covers all aspects of physical environment that have an impact on students’ learning. The detailed research will include an in-depth study of this field.

Detailed information about your research findings

Consider and critically review your own research process and the challenges you faced. Discuss how this research could inform a possible future senior thesis project.

When students were asked about their perception of the impact of physical environment on academic performance, they were not able to give any encouraging response. According to them, they were not aware of any impact because they had never studied in well-equipped classrooms. Truly, unless they experience anything, they cannot explain it.

However, the creation of experimental classroom and comparing it with a regular classroom yielded encouraging results. The only difference between the two classrooms was the ambience and atmosphere. Proper seating arrangement and controlled temperature along with ventilation was provided in the experimental classroom; the controlled classroom was not changed at all. Other factors, such as teaching styles, the number of students, efficiency of students, and the proficiency of teachers were kept the same in both classrooms.

The experiment was carried out over a period of two months. After two months, the results of students were compared and, predictably, students from the experimental group performed much better than those from the controlled classroom. This shows that physical environment has an impact on the educational performance of learners.

What difficulties did you face in this research and how did you overcome them?

Some difficulty was faced while arranging the experimental classroom and assigning students for the two classrooms, experimental and controlled. All students wanted to be in the experimental classroom. A lot of explaining was involved and finally, the principle had to intervene.

If you did the project again, what would you do differently?

In case I am allowed to do a similar project again, I will make some more changes in the experimental classroom. For instance, this time, the classroom size for both the classrooms will be kept the same. I intend to make the experimental classroom bigger.

How could your research proposal inform a possible future project in the field of art and design?

Besides other things, physical environment also consists of beautifully painted walls, well-adjusted furniture and even the exterior look of schools. In this manner, a future project in arts and design is also possible in the same field.


What are your overall findings and what is your final conclusion from the findings?

It is evident that better physical environment can improve the academic performance at schools. If students are comfortable, they will remain energetic and anxious to learn new things.

What are your recommendations for the research project and are there any further suggestions?

It is true that providing better amenities involves lots of funds, but school administration should consider such expenses as assets. If their students perform better, they will be the ultimate beneficiaries. They will get a better name and popularity. The investment will happen once, but the profits will be reaped every year.


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This research paper on Classroom Environment and Students Development was written and submitted by your fellow student. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

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