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Education Essay Examples and Topics

Student Experience in Academic Environment

In this narrative, I would like to share a story about the role appreciation and encouragement played in my personal experience of being a student, and also offer some thoughts on how it changed my [...]

Classroom Schedule, Transitions, and Academic Play

The intended audience of the schedule are parents and caregivers, and the language of the schedule is appropriate. The teachers helped to resolve the argument, which helped to minimize the delay and prevent the distraction [...]

Students and Pressures

Student years are often associated with a great deal of pressure on the learners many of whom tend to experience elevated levels of stress and anxiety related to their academic performance and high demands of [...]

Lesson Plan for Louisiana Purchase

Using of maps will also enable the students to understand the significance of this purchase. The map will enable the students to understand the shape of the United States before the purchase.

“It’s Not About You” by David Brooks

The ideas presented in the essay might be interesting both to adolescents who have their own children and could think about their future; for graduates who will face the described problems and try to overcome [...]

School Uniform’ Policy

Implementation of school uniform policy belongs to the number of questions that are considered to be quite controversial. In such a manner, students will be more likely to become interested in the topic of a [...]

Science and Mathematics Teaching and Applications

One essential thing that the teacher should consider in the teaching these subjects is the use of real-life experiences. In this case, it is the responsibility of the teacher always to ensure that understanding of [...]

Ethics of Online Education

However, in order to be able to accept some principles as binding, it is necessary to have a system for the systematization of the concepts of "right" and "wrong" in a specific context of online [...]

The Opportunity Costs of Studying

The opportunity cost of higher education is the sum of all the alternative activities a student could pursue instead of spending time in college attending classes and doing other activities.

Opportunity Cost Definition

For instance, going to school would deny the student the opportunity to work. However, the opportunity cost is not the sum of all the other things the student would have done.

Sensorial Materials in Education

In order to understand how sensorial materials can help a child in an auto-education process, it is, first and foremost, necessary to define the essentials of this process. The use of sensorial materials helps to [...]

Practical Life Education

It is important to make sure that children use buttons of the right color and size. A shell washing activity is important as it contributes to the development of motor skills and children's independence.

Concept of the Recommender System

Then, a range of possible prospects will be outlined; the future methodology that is going to be used to achieve the research plan will be described; different recommender approaches will be compared; and the conclusion [...]

Core Values in Education Sphere

The core values of integrity, service, and excellence are present throughout the childhood, school, college, and teacher education."Integrity First" is a primary value that stands for directness and transparency in every action.

School Counselors Definition

School counselors are expected to uphold the basic ethics and professional standards of the counseling profession as well as the American School Counseling Association.

Leadership Style of Jordanian Academic Deans

The researcher introduces the basic concepts of leadership and emphasizes the significance of the leadership behaviour in the achievement of positive organizational outcomes providing the evidence from the academic works of over ten prominent scholars [...]

Abu Dhabi Autism Center

The Abu Dhabi Autism Center has to operate within the laws and regulations of the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs.

Primary Sources and Backward Design in History

Therefore, it is essential to instruct students to help them to comprehend the issues related to the use of both primary and secondary sources and to understand the importance of utilization of both of these [...]

Speech-Language Therapy in Early Childhood

In the analysis, some information about the patient will be provided, and the objectives of the session will be stated; further, the materials, methods, and the client's response will be examined.

College Education Controversy and Its Sources

The outcome and the quality of lives after the attainment of the college schooling determine whether it is worth pursuing. Graduates are therefore not guaranteed to get their expected jobs, a factor that makes the [...]

Access and Equity in Early Childhood Classrooms

Did you know that this country was once home to the great civilization of Maya?" Providing students with new information about other cultures will be an effective strategy for sparking interest and encouraging engagement, especially [...]

Labor Unions in the Education System

Teachers unions today have become tools for protecting the selfish interests and gains of teachers while neglecting the needs of the average student and the school at large and should therefore not be part of [...]

Self-Efficacy in On/Offline Counseling Programs

The research question guiding the study is, "what are the differences in perceptions of self-efficacy among counseling students in online and land-based counseling graduate degree program?" Initially coined by Albert Bandura in 1977, the "self-efficacy" [...]

University of the Incarnate Word and Its Core Value

Analyzing such values as innovation and education, it is necessary to notice that the university should use modern technologies in order to increase student's capability to study online and improve their practical skills, using modern [...]

Students’ Critical Thinking Skills Development

If Tsui only states the perspectives according to which it is possible to reform the existing approach to enhance the students' critical thinking abilities with references to the conducted research, Payne and Gainey provide the [...]

The Science Classes Changes

The aim of this paper is to propose a model for identifying and implementing the change needed to address the situation, as well as a means of assessing and evaluating the process.

The No Child Left Behind Act

While the responsibility for the performance of schools remains in place, and the interventions for the underperforming entities must be implemented, both the standards for testing and the character of interventions are now decided by [...]

Student Success in Online, Mixed, Direct Courses

The key research question that the study had to answer was the existence of a relation between the type of educational environment and the effective student performance as measured by a preliminary exam, course exam, [...]

Academic Honesty and Electronic Screening

The first example is when a learner utilizes the work of another person, or changes a few words and keeps the same structure and the same importance without acknowledging the author.

Stress in College Students, Its Causes and Effects

Recognizing the cause and effect of stress in college students is an important aspect in college management and leadership as it will lead to a better understanding and development of the appropriate methods for intervention.

Narratives in the Middle School Language Arts

It is important to note that the narrative is not the story itself, but the event of telling the story; the narrative is not several happenings, but the act of communicating those events, possibly omitting [...]

Visual and Hearing Impairments in Education

The influence of such impairments on a person's development and academic achievements is considered; legal and educational definitions of these impairments are given; and, finally, their types, degrees, and causes are discussed.

Communication Channels in a Daycare School

One area that has to be changed in this program is the interaction levels between children and the staff. A different program has to be designed for communication between children and the staff.

Tuition-Free University Education: Argument Against

The three reasons for opposing the argument are that tuition is a continuation of learning, a progress evaluation criterion, and an ideal environment for proactive learner interaction or networking. In summary, I oppose the sentiment [...]

Students with Learning Disabilities and Assessment

The education of students with learning disabilities poses great difficulty for the majority of parents and educators. It may not be self-evident that the learning problems of students are attributable to learning disabilities.

Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

In the contemporary world with its rapid technological progress, computer-supported collaborative learning is an excellent way to improve education with the help of innovative technologies and integrate it into the modern life where the use [...]

Curriculum for Adult Multicultural Students

The objectives of the class and the characteristics of target learners are also highlighted in the instructional plan. Learners will be expected to develop new knowledge and skills on the use of new technologies to [...]

Romanian Education Strategies and Management

The developments in Romanian educational management can be thought of largely as determined by the national culture, especially considering the characteristics of ideological and political components dominating the country's culture in the recent half of [...]

Teaching Fraction Problem-Solving to Autists

According to a survey carried out by Pennington, the majority of the studies in this area emphasize the literacy of learners with ASD as opposed to major other areas such as academic performance and functionality [...]

Reading Intervention for English Language Learners

In addition, it is known that educators often experience problems distinguishing between students who are unable to comply with the curriculum due to the difficulties of learning a second language and those who suffer from [...]

Sex Education, Its Approaches and Legal Aspects

Thus, one can argue that the values of residents can be reflected in the design of sex education curriculum. In particular, one should determine the extent to which these people try to influence this area [...]

Experiential Learning for Student Engagement

The main aim of experiential learning is the variation of the content and forms of teaching and student activities to determine the effect of these factors on the rate of development and formation of specific [...]

Curriculum Design Reform and Current Trends

While some scholars tend to narrow down the origins of the problem-centered approach to the introduction in medical schools in middle-nineties, the exact starting point of the phenomenon is less specific.

Teaching, Its Ideals and Reality

Perhaps, one of the most popular myths that are subverted unbelievably fast in the environment of a classroom is that everything goes according to the lesson plan and that all the items from it will [...]

Massive Open Online Courses Impact on Adults

This paper examines the advantages and disadvantages of MOOCs and compares them with traditional online courses. With MOOCs, one does not have to search for online courses and worry about the admission.

Learning in the Innovative Classroom

The foundation of motivation is invoking participation in the process of learning and transparency of the systems since all results and performance are visible to everyone in the classroom.