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Architecture as a Career Field Definition Essay

It is almost impossible to count all the professions and various occupations which help people earn money. Professions differ in their nature and the character of the results provided. Architecture is one of the most popular occupations in the sphere of those careers which depend on the successful combination of creativity and developed practical skills in the fields associated with engineering and technology.

Architecture as a career focuses on planning, designing, and building different constructions with references to organizing the space and environment with the help technologies which are necessary in building. An architect as the representative of the profession is a specialist in designing buildings and further controlling the process of their construction.

Architecture is traditionally associated with the process of creating not only usual buildings but also with the famous constructions which are built according to various architectural styles which developed during different historical periods.

That is why, it is possible to state that architecture reflects the main tendencies in the social and cultural development. From this point, architecture as a career field includes the knowledge of the architecture history, modern tendencies and the practical realization of the knowledge in the processes of planning and constructing.

Architecture is based on the innovations and accomplishments in science and technology with references to engineering. However, one of the most important aspects is the creative approach to planning and designing a building. Architecture as a career is often chosen by people who are interested in design and art and who have the strong knowledge of sciences.

Several decades ago the career of an architect was available only for persons from the highest social stages because of the top status of this profession. Nevertheless, the situation has changed and today any person with the basic knowledge in technologies and engineering and with creative thinking can become an architect. Architecture is the prestigious field with high-paid jobs. Architecture as a profession is important for increasing the quality of the people’s life, and it can be discussed from the perspective of its importance for the social life.

The results of architects’ work are houses where people live, public buildings where people gather or work, and those buildings which have the practical meaning for towns and cities. Moreover, the plan of towns and cities is also the result of the work of architects who are responsible for the sector of urban planning and design.

An architect is a specialist in the field who is qualified to plan and design objects and constructions according to aesthetic and technical norms and principles. The key requirement to practice is the license which supports the architect’s qualification. One the one hand, the profession of an architect can be discussed as creative, and it is correlated with the sphere of art and design where it is necessary to work with different forms, textures, and materials.

On the other hand, the architect’s activity is based on the effective usage of practical and technical knowledge. The profession of an architect as any other career also involves the ethical aspect because architects design and work out their constructions and buildings for people, with the help of people, and according to the people’s desires.

Thus, it is possible to state that the field of architect’s responsibility is large, and it includes the processes of designing, constructing, building, restoration, and urban planning. These activities form the fundament of the architect’s professional practice. Nevertheless, there are a lot of the other activities which should be determined to make the complete picture of an architect’s responsibilities.

Projects can be different according to their significance and in relation to the number of people who are involved in its working out. There can be two persons who are an architect and a client or there can be a group of architects and a company as a client.

The work at the definite project starts with discussing the purpose of a building or a construction, paying attention to the specific characteristics. The next stage is the discussion of the desired elements of a building or a construction. Architects should focus on the desires of clients, their visions and ideas to fully satisfy their expectations.

The architects’ task is to design a construction which could meet the requirements of the technological process and be rather creative. The following client and architects’ discussions are based on the models and drawings developed basing on the previous discussions and proposed by the architects to consult the clients’ vision of the object.

It is important to note that architects should approve their projects and provide the necessary technical documentation for the town or city administration. The processes of planning and designing the building depend on following definite technological principles. Thus, architects must control and coordinate the process of building with paying attention to correct following all the specifications.

The success of architects’ projects depends on the effective combination of such factors as the function of a building, its safety as a construction according to the engineering norms and standards, and the aesthetic aspect. Architects pay much attention to discussing and thinking over the decorative elements which are used for making a building significant in relation to its aesthetic quality.

Moreover, architects have different styles, and the peculiarities of these styles help distinguish the works of one architect among the others. From this point, an architect functions as a designer and painter and as a constructor and engineer to solve all the issues in planning a building.

To conclude, architects can not only plan projects and control building but also provide advice in relation to the architectural issues. Architects also spend a lot of time solving the tasks which traditionally are not discussed with direct references to architecture.

Thus, architects communicate a lot with clients and the other architects who are organized as groups for working at projects, consultants, and the representatives of administration. It is also their task to estimate the costs of the project and provide the creative and effective ideas in order to win the next tenders.

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