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Google`s Functional Strategies Essay

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Updated: Sep 16th, 2022

A functional strategy is defined as an organization’s plan of actions aimed at optimizing the use of resources and improving its overall performance. According to Hajar (2016), functional strategy alongside corporate and business strategy is one of the strategic management levels. Usually, a company is divided into different functional departments, each of which executes plans that contribute to achieving the overall goals. The broad concept of functional strategies is comprised of production, marketing, human resources, financial, and research and development strategies.

Google’s production strategy is based on the employment of technical development to solve issues in unprecedented ways. Besides, Google also focuses on optimization for the sake of growth, not for the sake of revenue. Instead, the increase in revenue is viewed as an outcome of the company’s development. In terms of marketing strategy, the most important one is that everyone could use Google services for free. Undoubtedly, Google has some paid services; however, this brand became popular mainly because every person could freely use Google search, drive, email.

Particular attention should be paid to Google’s human resources strategies. First of all, Google is famous for its creative tasks for job seekers. This strategy allows Google to choose the most qualified people thinking outside the box. Additionally, Google is concerned with creating a working environment in which employees would feel comfortable and happy. This attitude to employees allows Google to optimize their productivity. Finally, Spector, Norvig, and Petrov (2012) claim that the decision to couple research and development was a breakthrough since it eliminated the technology transfer process’s problem. This means that the same specialists work with technology from the stage of research to the final product stage.

To conclude, other companies could learn a lot from the strategies utilized by Google. Its experience shows that a business should prioritize growth over revenue, attract consumers via free and unique services, and focus on creating a pleasant working environment. Still, even though Google is one of the most successful IT companies in the world, it is necessary not to forget that other companies should not blindly copy its strategies. Instead, Google’s ideas should be adjusted to the needs and specialization of a firm.


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