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Bossini International Holdings Ltd.’s Human Resources Essay


The success of Bossini International Holdings Limited can be attributed to the exemplary performance of different leaders such as Tak Cheong Mak, Cheuk Him Chan, Man Tsin, and David Hui. These organizational leaders have been empowering their followers using their competencies and skills. Consequently, the employees at the apparel company have managed to deliver quality services to many customers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, and Singapore (“Bossini International Holdings Limited,” 2017). The activities are undertaken at the company focus on the targeted vision. The vision is for Bossini to become “the most preferred everyday wear brand” (“Bossini International Holdings Limited,” 2017, para. 4). The presented paper gives a detailed analysis of the information obtained after interviewing David Hui, the company’s human resources manager.

Responses from the Interviewee

Organizational Effectiveness

David Hui has been instrumental and inspirational in the company. The interviewee has been undertaking the most appropriate activities to support the needs of different workers in the organization. These efforts have made it easier for the followers to innovate, market, and promote appropriate strategies that add value to the customer. The first objective of the interviewee was to understand how human resources (HR) managers at the firm supported organizational effectiveness (Thomas, 2014). The leader believed that it was appropriate to offer continuous support to the workers and mentor them whenever necessary.

In order to achieve organizational effectiveness, the respondent indicated that it was necessary to have a great personality. Since Hui was dealing with many individuals from diverse backgrounds, the concept of personality was a unique attribute of his leadership. He was always charismatic, encouraging, and optimistic. He believes strongly that positive decisions and continuous collaboration can make a difference in the company’s human resource department. The personality has been replicated by other leaders in different units at the company. The leader’s personality promotes innovation, teamwork, and cohesion (Spaho, 2013). These attributes encourage different workers to present their grievances. Amicable solutions are usually realized through mediation. Such practices explain why Bossini has remained a leader in the sector.

Mr. Hui identified the unique benefits of workplace evaluation. The performance of different leaders and followers is what dictates the quality of products available to the targeted customers. The HR manager has been focusing on the best strategies to evaluate the performance of different followers. The HR department has designed simple scorecards that are used to gauge the goals and strategies of different workers. Hardworking individuals are usually rewarded by the company (Thomas, 2014). The manager has always been liaising with the other departmental leaders in order to ensure the workers focus on the company’s mission and vision. Areas that should be improved are identified and presented to the company’s top management.

During the interview, the HR manager was keen to outline the unique components of productive performance management. To begin with, the leader indicated clearly that a positive organizational culture was directly proportional to both effectiveness and performance. The success of organizational culture is something dictated by the nature of leadership in a company. At Bossini, the managers focus on specific artifacts, rewards, and practices that resonate with the targeted mission. The workers are encouraged to support one another, present their challenges, and offer useful insights that have the potential to improve performance (Sulkowski, 2012). Useful indicators such as customers’ feedbacks and rankings in the sector are used to gauge the company’s performance. The leaders go further to identify new initiatives that can boost performance.

The HR manager went further to highlight his special interest in the research and development (R&D) department. As the HR leader, Hui was always concerned with the needs of the members of this department. He always encouraged them to collaborate with other departments especially the marketing segment in order to understand the changing needs of the customers. This strategy is what has made it easier for Bossini to produce superior clothes and products that meet the diverse needs of the customers (“Bossini International Holdings Limited,” 2017). The interview showed conclusively that any strategy focusing on the changing needs of the customers was essential in order to record positive results.

The concept of teamwork was identified as a powerful attribute of Bossini International Holdings Limited. The human resource manager used his competencies to bring more workers together. Teamwork was considered by many employees because of its potential to promote performance. The majority of the workers were willing to be part of different teams. Rewards and incentives were used to ensure the teams realized their goals within a short time (“Bossini International Holdings Limited,” 2017). In order to support the goals of the teams, David Hui was constantly embracing the power of different practices such as decision-making and problem-solving. The productivity of the teams in the company was also enhanced by the concept of work-life balance. This means that many workers in the company are usually contented with their positions. The provision of competitive salaries and working conditions are critical factors that have influenced the performance of the workers. Consequently, the firm has managed to realize its business goals.

The top management implements new changes and practices depending on the emerging needs of the customers. New cultural practices are implemented whenever necessary (Spaho, 2013). Specific models such as the total quality management (TQM) are embraced to ensure the products of the company meet the needs of the customers in the targeted regions. These ideas identified from the interview can be implemented in companies that want to emerge successfully.

Personal Development

David Hui believes that leaders should always be willing to improve their competencies. The interviewee indicated clearly that the concept of lifelong learning made it easier for him to become successful. He was always focusing on new practices, leadership theories, and managerial strategies that can be used to support the functions of the company (Sulkowski, 2012). He was always liaising with different stakeholders in order to acquire new ideas that can support the needs of the workers.

The interviewee singled out the concept of collaboration is a powerful strategy capable of supporting a person’s career development. David Hui was always willing to learn new concepts and skills from other people. Leaders who collaborate with their followers find it easier to come up with new practices that can influence their managerial tactics. The practice empowers many workers and eventually promotes performance. He also indicated that leaders should have unique goals that are attainable and realistic. For instance, Hui indicated clearly that he was working hard in order to acquire new skills that can make him a competent leader. When current goals are met, a leader can find it easier to take up complex and demanding roles in the future (Schoemaker, Krupp, & Howland, 2012).

A career development philosophy is another attribute that was identified by the respondent. The philosophy acts as a benchmark to ensure every missing trait and weakness is carefully addressed. The use of philosophy is what made it easier for Hui to become a competent leader. He was always examining new materials, embracing evidence-based practices, and identifying powerful theories that could transform his abilities (Schoemaker et al., 2012).

At Bossini International Holdings Limited, David Hui has managed to mentor and collaborate with his workers. He attends a wide range of leadership seminars, conferences, and meetings. He believes strongly that he can learn something new from every individual. The concept of continuous improvement has supported his career path. At the same time, the approach has made Bossini International Holdings Limited a leading player in the apparel sector (“Bossini International Holdings Limited,” 2017). These attributes and practices have therefore made it possible for David Hui to develop himself over the course of his career.

Concluding Remarks

Leadership is a powerful practice that dictates the performance and success of every organization (Schoemaker et al., 2012). Every leader can use his or her competencies differently depending on the intended goals. David Hui’s exemplary leadership strategies explain why many employees at the company are satisfied with their working conditions. According to Hui, positive organizational culture, teamwork, mentorship, and collaboration are powerful strategies that have made it easier for Bossini International Holdings Limited to realize its goals. Leaders should always have defined philosophies to support their career paths (Crowell, 2015). They should constantly identify and develop new competencies in order to realize their professional goals.


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