Globalization Essay Examples and Topics

Globalization of Australia

Introduction Liquid Animation This is an entertainment company that is located in the Brisbane. It is known to produce educative, informational, and enlightening and entertainment materials that adapts to the most modern technology. It is known to produce high classic series of animation and general media resources in all the aspects and forms such as […]

Political Globalization in India

Introduction Globalization is defined as the process through which trade and investment barriers are gradually eliminated. It is aimed at achieving efficiency in economic activities by initiating competitiveness while attempting to improve social and economic development. However, there are many misconceptions about the concept. The concept has been in existence for a long period of […]

Global Trends in Economics

Students joining the 21st Century workforce face an occupational world literally unrecognizable to their parents’ generation. Industries, organizations, management and employees around the world are now interconnected in a truly Global Economy; a network that seems to ignore or subordinate geographic, political and even cultural differences for better or worse. Globalization has flattened the world […]

Globalization’s and Business Relationships and Responsibilities

The world is fast changing into one big village. Cultural diversity, religion, race, and differences in ideology, which have created barriers among nations, are fast fading as people learn to accept and tolerate each other. The free flow of capital and labor among nations give evidence of this change. The political, economic, and socio-cultural turbulence […]

Reflective Thinking – Globalization

Introduction Hospitality industry is considered as one of the fastest expanding sectors globally. This is largely due to globalization. Most companies were traditionally fixed to national boundaries until recently when advancement in among others, infrastructure and technology enabled further expansion. This has brought about several changes in organizational structure of the industry. Moreover, the industry […]

Globalization and Its Effects on Businesses

Introduction Due to easy availability of substitutes for most commodities and the increasing number of firms, competition has stiffened as firms try to outdo each other. It is, therefore, the aim of each firm to try and enhance its market share as well as increasing the demand for its goods, so as to increase the […]

Economical Globalization in the United States

Introduction Globalization is the process of enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally. This is as a result of deregulation and improved communication. On the other hand, economic globalization refers to the interdependence of national economies across the world through a rapid increase in cross-border movements of goods, services, technology and capital (Held and […]

Marketing and International Business

Introduction In the current globalized world, firms have come to the realization that it is important to look for foreign markets for products in order to remain competitive and sustainable. The emerging technologies have created a global village where geographical barriers that existed before no longer prevent individual from conducting business. Firms can easily spread […]

International Business and Saudi Arabia

One international company that has remained on the successful path is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had set out different strategies that enabled it to succeed in numerous fronts. For instance, the company has edged its competitors by producing several brands of all its products. As a result, customers have been able to choose products from a wide […]

Globalization Has Meant That the Local Is No Longer Important

Introduction The world is increasingly getting globalized as technology keeps advancing in various fronts. According to Doucet (2011, p. 83), globalization is “The process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.” This scholar says that globalization has taken place rapidly over the last century due […]

The Effect of Other Countries’ Dumping in United States: Why America is acting against Chinese Dumping in the US

Introduction Over the last two decades, most countries, including the United States, have become more cautions of the excessive supply of cheap products from foreign markets. In particular, the United States has enacted anti-dumping campaigns and measures to control the influx of cheap goods from, among other nations, China. Since China accessed the world trade […]

Globalization Effects on the Economies of the Third World

Introduction Globalization is concept that has numerous effects on the economic and political systems of any country in the modern world. This means that it affects the growth of the country in a number of ways given the fact that foreigners are allowed to invest freely. Research shows that locals would not have any advantage […]

Impacts of Globalization in the World

Abstract Globalization is the process by which people from different geographical regions exchange ideas, products, information and other resources. The world is more connected than ever before because of advances made in technology, transport, communication systems and education. Globalization has made it easy for different people to share political ideas, trade links and cultural resources. […]

Globalization is not a peaceful process

Introduction Globalization is perceived to mean different things to different people. With a wide-ranging level of success, academicians and practitioners are gradually becoming conversant with globalization. Researchers of peace and conflict resolution in recent decades joined the bandwagon by attempting to investigate what globalization meant to them and the global peace. The subject of globalization […]

Reaction Paper in Globalization and Its Discontents: Face the Heat

There has been much said about globalization and its possible outcomes, including the positive ones, such as the opportunity to expand worldwide for literally any organization, and the negative ones, such as a steep rise in the prices for such crucial products as oil. Indeed, like many other events of a truly massive scale, globalization […]

Are We More Free than We Were in the Past?

Centuries ago, production was limited to long hours of manual labour, which yielded low output. Simple goods required a lot of man-hours to produce. The 18th century was accompanied by revolutions that changed man’s way of life. Machines were invented and production started growing. The labour intensive model that was used before the invention of […]

The Effects of Globalization on the Future of Turkish Economy

Introduction Globalization has had a lot of impact on the world in various aspects, which include exchange of cultures, development of language, faster spread of information and international financial and economic growth. This paper will analyze the economic and business effect of globalization on Turkey as well its position in the global economy. The economy […]

Denmark: Globalisation and the Welfare State

Abstract In this article, an attempt has been made to explain how globalization has exerted unstoppable influence on the Danish economy. We attempt to look at four different influences of globalization on the Euro zone together with European integration, which is an aspect of globalization. How did it affect the Danish economy? European integration and […]

Globalization Potential Benefits and Costs

Globalization has become a compelling aspect in the new world system. O’Meara (3) asserts that globalization is one of the most important aspects in the determination of the world’s future due to its multifaceted nature. Globalization entails political, environmental, health, economic, security, cultural, and social dimensions. The term globalization refers to a phenomenon whereby the […]

Globalization and Culture: Possibilities and Anxieties

Introduction Globalization can either enlighten or pacify society. It can also help widen the boundaries and at the same time, narrow perspectives by creating both, losers and winners. While the benefits of globalization to the economy cannot be overestimated, still statistics have proven that the world is at a worse state of inequality than it […]

Who benefits from Globalization?

There are various arguments regarding beneficiaries of globalization. Are they the citizens of the poor or rich nations who benefit from globalization? In theory, globalization should benefit citizens of both poor and rich nations (Fischer, 2009). However, this is not the case. Instead, poor nations benefit from globalization at the expense of their rich counterparts […]

Globalization and IT Business

Introduction In the contemporary world, information technology role on everyday activities has significantly increased. The modern businesses are characterized by high level of information technology, which has improved the level of efficiency to a greater extent. Information technology has facilitated interaction among different people from all over the world. This has facilitated business activities through […]

Internationalization Process in China

Introduction Internationalization of SMEs The concept involved in the paper is about internationalization of SMEs in the era of globalization and issues related to it. After these, the issues related to establishment of Austrian SMEs in China are the point of review in the context of internationalization of SMEs. The Context of China As China […]

Globalization: A Blessing or a Curse to US Middle Class Workers?

Key Concepts and the basic logic of postmodernism Postmodernism is a movement that is historically and philosophically against modernism. According to a certain cadre of leading intellectuals, the world has moved from modernism and is now in a new era – an era of revolution. We are sandwiched between the presence and the future in […]

Globalisation Phenomenon: Political and Social Debates

Introduction Since the beginning of the 20th century, globalisation has been the main driver for international trade. Even though the interaction of communities is not a new phenomenon, globalisation has stirred many debates, both politically and socially, about its potential ramifications to human societies. To this extent, it is difficult to analyse the dynamics surrounding […]

Multinational Company and Its Strategic Aspects

In this day and age, this world is referred to as globalized due to the fact that humans are now able to get in touch with each other from anywhere around the world. From all sides of the world be it the Eastern side or the Western side, or from the Northern to the Southern, […]

Financial Effects of Globalization

Due to globalization and increased competition in the field of business, international investment has gained popularity as a way of increasing sales. Many firms both large and small have found that to increase demand of their products as well as enjoy economies of scale, they have to invest in various foreign countries. Besides increasing choices […]

Contemporary Stage of Globalization and Neo-liberalism in Europe

According to Weber, globalization is a concept that refers to the growth of universal social relations, economics, as well as growth of technological factors (23). Without doubt, its level and perception of impact may not occasionally be common; nonetheless, it may be different with respect to certain concerns of its analysis. Consequently, most scholars primarily […]

World Health Organisation and Globalisation

Introduction The world has turned into a global village that is characterised by the evident globalisation of aspects of daily living such as trade, disease, communication, transport, and travel. Global health has also matured, with health being a key factor in the globalisation arena. The health sector has also become pleural, with many sectors and […]

Why Did Globalization Cause a Demand For Business Process Management?

Business process management (BPM) refers to a way of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes in order to adapt the business or organization to the volatile and ever-changing business environment of the modern business world (Jeston &Nelis, 2010). A business process refers to activity that achieves a certain goal or objective by eliminating […]

Competitive Advantage and Globalization

When a company is oriented to globalization strategies, it focuses on overcoming the national barriers in market and industry with references to coping with financial and cultural issues. Today, it is possible to speak about the company’s competitive advantage when the company can operate successfully globally and according to the trends associated with the globalization […]

Liquefied Natural Gas Growth and Development

Introduction In 21st century, energy has become one of the vital international political issues. The globe is witnessing multiple energy confronts, soaring energy prices, climate change, global resource competition and energy poverty. The emerging of new vibrant economies like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) have hastened and worsened the present energy trends. India and […]

Economic Globalization and its Limitations

Introduction One main feature of the twenty first century is globalization. This phenomenon has permeated and affected almost every facet of today’s global society, ranging from the economic to the social sphere. Brady and Denniston (2006) describe globalization as the integration of regional economies, societies and cultures of the world. This has led to what […]

Blue Mountains Hotel College International Business

Executive Summary Globalization is an aspect that is transforming major corporations of the world. The corporations that find themselves strategically placed and positioned with necessary resources have exploited the opportunities presented by the globalization of economies. As such, the new century presents an opportunity to many organizations to align their goals with international goals if […]

How Can We Account for the Globalization of Production?

Introduction With the fall of communism, the world became enjoined in a unitary global political economy, but of great importance was the formation of global markets, crossing national borders an event that resulted into globalization. For some time, the definition of globalization has conceptualized on the process of economic exchange in finished goods and commodities […]

Microeconomics: competition and monopoly

Introduction There are four market types namely; monopoly, monopolistic competition, pure competition and oligopolistic markets (Peterson 1977). Pure monopolies and pure competition firms represent the two extremes of competition which is not easy to find in practice. The following is a review of an example of an organisation in Maryland operating in a pure competition […]

The devastating Globalization effects on State Sovereignty

Introduction Advancements in technology have made the flow of information, capital, labor and other factors of production considerably effortless. State boundaries are fast becoming insignificant as a seemingly seamless virtual world is created1. The expansion of international trade has led to the rise of multinationals which are not content with a strong presence in the […]

Globalization and Development

Introduction Globalization can be defined as the process of spreading and speeding up the processes and structural reforms internationally rather than on a national level (Lawal, 2006). Globalization is widely viewed as a factor that speeds up the rate of development in most countries. However, this factor has been distributed in an uneven manner such […]

“The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy” by Rodrik, D

Introduction The book focuses on the globalization trends and the competing interests of nationalism and internationalism. The author of this book gives a chronological account of the globalization trend, from West Europe to East Europe, North America, India, and then China. The author presents his argument in historical approach other than from an economic perspective. […]

The Efficient Sustainability of Globalization

Identify and describe any two key policy measures that make globalization sustainable The efficient sustainability of globalization and economic growth is largely predetermined by foreign investments and international relations of the country. According to Gaspar et al., the country that lacks an adequate system of economic policies cannot become a significant participant in the global […]

The Anti-Globalization Movement

The primary aim of this research is analyzed the anti-globalization movements and their impacts on the international firms and international business. This paper conducts scholars’ research to evaluate both sides of the globalization argument. This research paper includes the views of different scientists and authors related to the topic of the anti-globalization movement and their […]

American Economy Vs Outsourcing

Outsourcing has remained a hot topic in US economy chiefly due to the persistent high unemployment rate and poor state of economy. Pundits have thus waged debates on the merits and demerits of outsourcing often rancorously. Proponents of outsourcing point at the reduced costs of production and possibilities of added returns to the economy while […]

In what ways did Globalization affect financial management?

The integration of regional economies through trade was generally seen as a unifying factor due to the reduction of international trade barriers. The objective was to increase material wealth of the people improving the economies of the nations through good global relations, competition and specialization. According to Clark (1998, p.482), globalization refers to the process […]

Comparison of the Impacts of Globalization in Developed and Developing Countries

Antagonists to the process of globalization point out that the effects of globalization on emerging economies and developed states vary. Brittan (1998, p. 8) points out that globalization pilots to enhancement of affluence in developed states and not to larger deficiency in the developing states. As an illustration of development in the emerging economies, Brittan […]

International Business Environment

Scientific innovations and inventions in technology and transport networks has facilitated the growth of international trade; companies’ engaging in international trade benefit from an increased goods and services market but also suffer an increased competition from domestic and international players. Countries and companies trade the through economic policies of absolute and comparative advantage (Hitt, Hoskisson […]

Globalization and sustainable development

Executive summary The economy of the world is undergoing a profound change in the ways it is being operated. Globalization entails having social economic and environmental process. Some of the various changes that have been brought about include the following: Extension of the global market to such a point that it incorporates all world economies, […]

Globalization, Its Effects and Theories

Introduction Globalization can be defined as a process of redesigning the earth in terms of integrating the economic, political and cultural systems at a global level. It may also be described as an intensification of the knowledge of how the world is through increased consciences. With globalization, integration of economies, cultures and societies have been […]

Globalization Impact on Life Career and Future

Introduction Globalization is the international unification, global amalgamation of individual national economies, social cultures, technologies, and political powers into an integrated single society. Globalization is not a recent day concept and has taken many years for the current world to develop into what it is today. Globalization has transformed the world outlook into a more […]

Impact of globalization on the market power

Introduction According to Asiedu & Freeman 12 globalization is the increase in international relationships in cultures, people and economic activity. This is also attributed to the reduction of restrictions on the movement of capital and investment. In short economic globalization refers to free market, economic liberalization and western dominance. Discussion The view that globalization, by […]

The strategic alliance

Introduction and background of strategic alliance A global perspective is necessary for businesses since it assists in the process of identifying the prevailing threats and opportunities in the contemporary marketing arena. In spite of the fact that it is necessary to safeguard a business against global competition, it is vital to note that firms should […]

Globalization and its influences

Introduction It is clear that the world has continued to experience change from one generation to another generation. One obvious thing is that a lot has changed in the last one hundred years; the manner in which business was done in 1912 is completely different from how it is done today. At the end of […]

Global Competiveness and Global Organizations

With the advent of globalization, various companies attempt to engineer products, which have worldwide utility with the sole objective of marketing them globally. The concept of global marketing relies on the idea that the world has neither specified centre nor an end (Philip & Kevin, 2009, p.3). The world of no demarcations in terms of […]

Orange Telecommunication Company: Alternative Organizations Ideologies Promotion

Introduction An alternative organization refers to non-governmental organizations which have alleviating and reducing poverty in the developing countries as their main aim. Poverty is a major issue facing developing countries and most developing countries are finding it hard to alleviate poverty. As a result, most developing countries will seek financial aid in the developed countries. […]

Negative Effects of Globalization in Developing Nations

Globalization refers to global integration of cultures, economies as well as people. Globalization has benefits, for instance, enhanced relationships between nations, increased trade as well as greater acceptance and tolerance of foreign cultures. However, despite numerous benefits connected with the issue of globalization, it is also must be highlighted that globalization has some shortcomings that […]

Globalization as a positive factor

Introduction Globalization is defined as the integration of ideas, values and culture among different nations across the globe. People around the world share ideas in the different fields of practices such as technology and economy. Since the emergence of globalization, nations have realized its importance in the different spheres of life. It has facilitated the […]

Effects and Nature of Globalization

Globalization is definitely the exhortation of new millennium. The issue of effects and nature of globalization has become an insightful controversial topic and a major concern in economics nowi. There are debates surrounding the unending controversy on globalization on whether unregulated market forces will either unite or differ income in the worldii. Those who support […]

Global Competitiveness

Abstract Globalization, especially economic globalization, has led to a competitive business environment. To meet the demands of globalization, firms have undertaken various strategies including outsourcing and international diversification of their operations. Outsourcing has the advantage of lowering operational and net production costs. However, companies outsourcing abroad must consider various factors associated with the foreign supplier […]

The strategies that were employed by Spain to revive its economy

There are a number of strategies that were applied by Spain to revive its economy. A number of literatures provide these strategies. The integration of Spain into world economy is one of the key strategies that made its economy grow. Similarly, the development of standardized exchange rates systems resulted in the economic growth of the […]

Internet and Everyday Life

Introduction The Internet, otherwise referred to as the cyberspace, stands out as the most welcomed technological advancement ever to happen. Virtually every person uses it either directly or indirectly. As a result, it has become popular and a key driver of economic systems in the world mainly through globalization. According to Heilbroner and Bottke (2007, […]

Companies’ Damage Control

Introduction Through the process of globalization markets around the world are experiencing a greater degree of interconnectivity resulting in a far more efficient process of global capital flows and resource allocation. In other words resources from one area in the world can now be allocated to another area in the world in a faster, cheaper […]

The Intellectual Capital in Globalization Practices

Globalization is characterized by the increased movement of capital, information and people across international borders in an unprecedented manner. In this regard, globalization is being experienced widely in manufacturing, information technology and export industry such as tourism. For instance, tourism has had a profound impact on hospitality sector in most countries. This is because it […]

International Entrepreneurship: Competing models of Nationalism

Introduction Whether the nation state is of any more importance as compared to supranational organisations remains an intriguing question. Ralston Saul, the author of ‘The Collapse of Globalism and the Reinvention of the World’, as well as Ronkainen Czinkota, Sutton-Brady, and Beal, the authors of ‘International Marketing: Asia Pacific Edition’ come in handy to provide […]

Global economy during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century

Globalization is the integration of regional economies through trade by reduction of international trade barriers in order to increase material wealth of the people and improve the economies of the nations through good global relations, competition and specialization. The objective of globalization is to enhance the interdependence, business operations and connectivity on an international level […]

The Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing Operations

Introduction The definition of globalization stems from capitalism. It is the domination of the world markets by multinational organisations with massive capital bases through the imposition of free trade policies leading to existence in massive frontiers simultaneously. The practice has been ongoing for quite some time but has however picked momentum in the last half […]


ESL 015 The word globalization can be defined as the world greatest and most important force, which has an impact on economy (Mostert, 2003). In some cases, globalization can again be regarded as a whirlwind of basically relentless changes, which sometimes can leave most governments helpless and full of economical problems. In actuality globalization, globalization […]

Globalization as a Powerful Aspect of the New World System

Introduction The concept of globalization represents a powerful aspect of the new world system and may be considered one of the most influential forces determining our planet’s future course. The globalization process is continuous and involves the integration of regional economies with the international economy using trade, technology transfer, migration and injection of capital (Intriligator, […]

Globalization and the Developing Countries

Background Globalization is defined as the process by which a nation strives to widen its cooperation and involvement in global affairs. Involvement and cooperation is normally in the realms of business, communication, socioeconomic, political and environmental developments. The aim of globalization is to give nations a greater competitive position with lower operating costs and to […]

Multinational Companies

Introduction This essay discusses how multinational companies can help host countries achieve industrial and trade competitiveness. Multinational companies are enterprises that operate in more than one country. The foreign markets in which the multinationals operate are known as host countries. Most multinational companies have their headquarters in their country of origin, which is referred to […]

Backlash against globalization

Introduction The description of globalization has been as dynamic as the extent of its influence. In the contemporary society, the word globalization is used to refer to the continuous process through which economies, societies and cultures are brought together by global communication and networks of exchange (Pederson, 2011). Globalization is one of the global issues […]

Competition in the Market

Introduction The purpose of this study will be to explain why competitive markets are usually better for consumers when compared to monopolistic markets. The study will also evaluate the policies that are used to try and achieve competition in Australia. A monopoly or a monopolistic market is defined as a type of market that has […]

Globalization and the Study of International Security

The essay is an in depth examination of globalization as well as how it can be a security issue in the globe. Globalization is a term that has been used frequently in the past ten to fifteen years1. There is very little that cannot be linked with globalization when studying international politics Globalization is a […]

Globalization: How can it improve the Quality of Education?

Scholars and mainstream commentators are of the opinion that the term ‘globalization’ is a contested phenomenon by virtue of the fact that it does not lend itself easily to any single definition or characterization. Indeed, the term wears many faces, and is typically discussed in economic, educational, political, socio-cultural and technological terms in the framework […]

Globalization and the Economics of Child Labor

Introduction A defining characteristic of the 21st Century has been the phenomenal increase in the interaction of people from various countries. This interaction has resulted in the integration of economies and cultures in a process referred to as globalization. This phenomenon has had an effect on the labor practices of countries and especially on the […]

The New Concept of Strategic Sourcing and Its Implications

Executive summary In the business environment today, making decisions on an effective strategic sourcing method to adopt has become one of the key supply chain management challenges that managers are faced with as they seek better sourcing methods which favor them against intense global competition, short product life cycles and increasingly demanding customers. In strategic […]

Effects of Globalization

Introduction This paper discusses the effects of globalization in regards to economic, social, and environmental realms. It also looks critically at the shift of ownership of organizations from the public sector to the private sector. In addition, it discusses the benefits and disadvantages of privatization of institutions in detail. To begin with, globalization refers to […]

Globalisation Impacts on International Business

Introduction Globalisation has been seen as an opportunity for international business. Indeed, it has become part and parcel of international business that influences the movement of goods and services and the nature of trade patterns. Globalisation has been associated with the expansion of international business in various regions around the world. International business relies on […]

The impact of globalization

Abstract Globalization has far reaching implications on several aspects of communities. With the world today being a global village, where everybody can access everywhere and everything, globalization has been seen to have major impacts on community practices and the livelihoods of people. This paper seeks to establish the impacts of globalization on meso level in […]

Has Globalisation Led To Economic Growth?

Globalization is the increased interdependence of nations due to increased integration of individuals, finance and trade (Ritzer 2011, pp. 2). It is characterized by increased integration and interaction of individuals, governments and companies (Scholte 2005, pp. 2). International trade and investment are the key factors that drive globalization. These two elements are the essential components […]

The world is flat

Friedman, in his book, describes how social shifts and technology have flattened the world making all regions to seem as next door neighbors. According to Freidman’s argument, it has now become easy for anyone to simply plug and play irrespective of their location. He says that by the year 2000, ten flatteners converged forming a […]

Political Consequences of Globalization

Introduction While there is little consensus on a precise definition, globalization usually refers to a multidimensional process whereby markets, firms, production, and national financial systems are integrated on a global scale (Brawley 2008, p. 12). This definition, however, emphasizes the economic aspects of globalization. Globalization in other areas of life such as communication, has ramifications […]

Concept of Globalization and its Impact on the International Trading Order

Introduction According to Temin (1), globalization is a subject that catches the attention of many people across the globe. Recent debates on globalization have centered on its impact in north and south countries. Globalization has an enormous impact on the rate at which countries adapt to the trading order and trend in the international market. […]

Globalization in business

Introduction Many of the corporations doing business in the global environment have had to encounter various economic, cultural, environmental, and social challenges while doing business. This is unlike other businesses that operate within confined geographical environments. The modern-day economic landscape is highly dependent on international logistical and operational capabilities. As competition in the global market […]

The Effects of Globalization on the World

Introduction Since the ancient times, people have wanted to intermingle and travel to various parts of the world, not only for exploration but also for business purposes. In this regard, there has been increasing research on technology to expedite the flow of information from one part of the world to the other. On top of […]

Globalization Arguments and Impacts

Introduction Globalization has been a very hot discussion topic for decades. Many arguments have been given to explain the concept of globalization and how it began. More importantly, the of globalization has also been looked at from the perspective of benefits and burdens that it has on the world community. Additionally, numerous arguments have been […]

Market Failure: Failure in Competition

Market failure arises in a situation where the outcomes that the market produces are not efficient in meeting the consumers’ needs. Alternatively, it can arise when the market is incapable of meeting the equilibrium. Notably, the market performance depends on the interaction between consumers and produces, government participation, and other externalities. There are different forms […]

Impact of Globalization on the American Worker

The world is quickly becoming so integrated that it is difficult to think of any nation in absolute isolation. Gone are the days when people from one region would think of themselves as unique, and plan for their activities without putting people from other areas in mind. Nowadays, it is quite easy for people to […]

Impacts of Economic Globalisation in Australia since The 1980s

Introduction Economic globalisation surfaced in the field of social sciences in the early 1980s. During this period, people were skeptical about it, and thus no one believed that the world would one day acknowledge the role economic globalisation. However, by 2007, enough evidence pointed to the reality of economic globalisation, especially in the developed countries […]

When the Free Market Dries Out: Bremmer’s Account of the Future Economics

It seems that the idea of a capitalistic society and the fact that capitalism is at present the only logical way to structure various social and economical relationships seems obvious enough; yet it cannot be denied that certain alternatives may exist and that capitalism is, after all, the idea created by people and can be, […]

Globalization Impact on Modern World

Gradually, the world’s population is becoming integrated in to one community. Interaction between people from various continents and countries is bringing people together such that the national boundaries and racial differences are becoming of little significance. This process has been facilitated by the growing entertainment industry. Prior to the modern communication and the internet, the […]

Contemporary Globalization and the American Worker

Introduction The establishment of globalization as a principal theme in social analysis today is difficult to ignore. Consequently, the representation of globalization in diverse fronts, either broadly or narrowly continues to solicit interest among sociologists, political scientists, economists and other academicians. While there are numerous advantages associated with contemporary globalization, the wrangles and setbacks associated […]

Benefits of Globalisation

The introduction Some fundamentals on globalisation It is impossible to imagine the modern world without such phenomenon as globalisation. Generally, there are many definitions, which cover the term; although the most appropriate one is mostly related to the filed of economy and business. Thus, globalisation is considered to be a process “by which the world […]

Centralising the Treasury Operations

The treasury in a business environment is the unit in charge of the management of the funds’ flow. Usually, the treasury fulfils its roles through cash flow and liquidity management. In addition, it controls the management of all the financial risks in an institution. Globally, treasury managers in international banks encounter immense challenges concerning the […]

Globalization: a Blessing in Disguise

Many African countries and third world countries do not have enough funding to sustain them during war times. This leaves the countries in absolute poverty after spending a lot of finances in wars. To cater for financial needs, the countries involve themselves in huge financial borrowings that result into huge amounts of debts. The inability […]

Tobacco growers in Swabi

Tobacco growers in Swabi, Pakistan have warned to hold protests to the Pakistan Tobacco Board due to low payments for tobacco production. The tobacco growers who are dissatisfied with the current payment threaten to stage protests at the offices of PTB. Their main frustrations are with the multinational corporation whom they claim to exploit the […]

Globalization and workforce diversity

Workforce diversity as a factor of globalization The whole world is a community. The basic unit of this community is an individual with unique features and characters. Individuals differ in both the visible and unseen features. The visible features include gender, race, ethnicity, religion culture and even sexual orientation, amongst many other variables (Mannix and […]

Effects of Globalization on Developed and Developing Countries

Introduction Antagonists of the process of globalization point out that the effects of globalization on emerging economies and developed states vary. Brittan (8) points out that globalization leads to the enhancement of prosperity in the developed states. However, it does not lead to deprivation in the developing states. As an illustration of development in the […]

Effects of Globalization in the UAE

The role of globalization in UAE based firms “Globalization is defined a process of interaction and integration between governments, companies and people of different countries” (“What is Globalization?” n.d). This process is usually triggered by international trade and investment; and is made faster by information technology. Generally, globalization has numerous effects on a country’s operation. […]

Problems of Globalization Process

Many problems of the contemporary world, from poverty to environmental degradation, are casually linked to the process of globalization Globalisation refers to the increased awareness among nations of the world. The term globalization is used to refer to the transmission that takes place in societies as well as the world economy (Findlay 2002). Globalization results […]

Rethinking Microeconomics Competitiveness

Introduction Competitiveness refers to the productivity of a nation‘s resources. This productivity arises from a combination of domestic and foreign firms. Through competition, an organization creates wealth and jobs; offering the most productive environment for businesses in any nation. The public and private sector plays a great role in creating a productive economy. Microeconomic competitiveness […]

The Core features of globalization and their impact on state sovereignty

Introduction Globalization encompasses one of the modest endeavors of multinational organizations of 1990s that proactively needed to increase their profitability. With the prominent fruits of going globally: an endeavor that finds subtle breeding grounds in the world bank policies, several arguments have been advanced by scholars in virtually every social discipline among them literature, economics, […]