Banking Analysis Essay Examples and Topics

Boosting Sales in Retail Banking for 2012

Business is always driven by change. The manner in which a business responds to change determines its profitability and impact on the market. The best businesses are not concerned about the magnitude of change taking place around them, but the impact of change in their day to day operations. At FX, change is met with […]

UAE’s Banking Industry Analysis

UAE’s banking industry is regarded as the most competitive market in Gulf Cooperation Council region (Haseeb, 2012). This competitiveness is justified by the comparative statistics of banking industries in the GCC region. As for instance, the difference between interest paid by UAE’s banks on their customers’ deposits and the interest charged on loans and advances […]

Financial Analysis – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Introduction Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) and National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) are two leading banking institutions based in the capital city of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. This report comprises of a financial analysis of both banks while taking into consideration financial information in the past three financial years, i.e. 2009, 2010 and […]

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Recommendations

Based on the analysis and exploration of the issues and challenges faced by Commonwealth Bank of Australia, some feasible recommendations have been suggested. The Commonwealth bank will be required to increase its interest rates on deposits to encourage a higher deposit rate by customers. As a result, the bank will increase the level of deposits […]

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Why the company has been so successful Commonwealth Bank of Australia has a long history; consequently, it has acquired a large asset base and fostered high penetration among the masses. In fact, one in every three Australians banks with the firm (Commonwealth Bank of Australia 2012). Numerous companies will approach banks for lending purposes if […]

Bank of America, Philadelphia

Introduction In essence, teamwork involves individuals cooperating in order to achieve results that none of the individuals can achieve by their own. Many organizations today are structured into teams that work toward the overall goals of the organizations. The main objective for creating teams is to achieve results. A team is therefore evaluated against its […]

Bank of England Role Compared to the Federal Reserve System

Discussion The bank of England acts as UK’s Central Bank (Singleton, 2011, p. 229). The bank plays a number of roles in the UK financial system, and these roles include: one, issuing notes and coins. These notes and coins are then sold to banking systems which in turn distribute them to clients as they make […]

Global Expansion of Beyond Bank Australia into Doha, Qatar, Asia

Introduction Background information Beyond Bank is a firm that operates in the Australian banking industry. The bank ranks as one of the largest customer-owned banks in Australia. The bank’s headquartered are located at the Australian Capital Territory in South Australia. The bank has undergone significant changes with regard to its operations and structure. Initially, the […]

Comparison between Islamic and Conventional Banks

Introduction The banking system is very essential for the economy of a country since it offers financial advice to business people besides taking custody of the money which will otherwise be risked at homes. Nevertheless, religion has found its way into the economic well being of the society and to a larger extent determines the […]

The Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is the top performer in the international banking industry and is one of the biggest world’s banking institutions. This multinational corporation currently employs over 150,000 of workers all over the world and operates in more than 40 countries (RBS, 2015). It maintains its reputation as a top player at […]

Leading Innovation and Change Management

An Evaluation of a Successful and Less Successful Innovation / Change of Which You Have Personal Experience, Related to Relevant Theory Clegg, Kornberger, and Pitsis (2005) are sure that it is impossible to predict the outcomes of the change, therefore some projects appear to be successful, other projects turn to be less successful. Having personal […]

Determining the Effects of Banks Privatization through Data Analysis

It is important to deteermine the effects that privatization of banks have on the general public interms of whether it makes banking services better or not. To assess how individuals from different bank sectors, both private and public, view privatization in terms of efficiency of service delivery and employment creation, a sample of 30 active […]

Continuous improvement strategy in Bank central Asia

Introduction To illustrate the ides of continuous improvement strategy the organization to be used as the case study is Bank central Asia. This is a financial institution that specializes in providing financial services to the public. It mainly deals with all types of accounts, loan provision as well as foreign exchange services. Continuous improvement strategy […]

AIG Bank Marketing Strategies

Introduction of the background information necessary to understand the marketing situation in the case study One of the banks in Australia, ING Bank, is known to be one of the major banks capable of lending substantial amounts on credit to willing customers. There was launching of debut securitization by ING Bank Australia an occurrence which […]

The banking industry in the United Arab Emirates

Background The banking industry in the United Arab Emirates is faced with fiancé completion from public and private players. The United Arab Emirates has a well-developed banking sector and the economic strength of the country has created a business opportunities to foreign and local players. The economy has some of the world largest international banks […]

Bonus Banking: Case of UBS

Introduction Background Employees of financial institutions have been considered for quite some times as being among the top earners in the country. Indeed, financial service organizations have defended their compensation and bonus structure, claiming that it helps them attract, recruit and retain the best talent. In addition, these organizations have previously claimed that their employee […]

Business Report on Commonwealth Bank Australia

Introduction Every organisation has to carry out an audit after a certain period of time. This is done to establish the performance of the company, how the finances of the company are being used, whether the company is making losses or profits and what needs to be changed to better manage finances of the company. […]

Barclays Bank CSR

Introduction Barclay’s Corporate Social Report centres on community support, growth contribution and carrying out business using sound principles. The company focuses on improving its customer’s lives as well as the well being of its communities. CSR Summary Growth contribution is one of the key areas that Barclays addresses in its corporate social report. The need […]

United States Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve System refers to the United States central bank which was established back in 1913. Most people prefer to call it fed, but this is in local slang language. Prior to its formation there were frequent financial set backs in the economy that were experienced from the year 1907. The fed was invented […]

World Bank Effects on the UAE

Introduction Considering the current dept crisis facing the Dubai’s World real estates and the government, a constructive engagement with the creditors would be very helpful for its acceleration on economic growth as well as its dependants who are mainly the developing countries benefiting from its exports of the wide range of products and machinery. The […]

Safaricom’s Mobile Banking

Analyzing & Summarizing the Innovation Environment Safaricom’s Mobile Banking Introduction In 2005, Safaricom, a mobile phone company based in Kenya launched M-PESA, a mobile money transfer technique. This innovation was however a brain child of Vodafone, which is Safaricom’s subsidiary company based in the United Kingdom. With funding from UK based Department of International Development (DFID), […]

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Analysis

Executive Summary This report analyses in detail the overall environment in which the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank operates with a view of identifying particular areas where the management needs to put in measures that can enhance growth and performance. The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank operates in the banking industry of the United Arab Emirates and […]

HSBC Bank Analysis

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) bank was formed in the year 1865 by Thomas Sutherland (Padmalatha 36). It was established after the United Kingdom invaded Hongkong and established a colony there. The main objective of the bank was to facilitate trade between China and Europe. HSBC bank expanded gradually and became one of the […]

Brisbane Savings and Investment Bank

Introduction Brisbane Savings and Investment Bank (BSIB) have developed to be a major player in banking industry in Australia. Although relatively new having been established ten years ago, the bank has experienced a fast growth rate. Due to good business environment, the bank was able to expand its domestic operation by increasing the number of […]

Forecasting at Bank of Eureka

Does the data support a connection between the rate of increase in the money supply and inflation? The data support a connection between the ate of increase in the money supply and inflation because the regression and correlation coefficients show that the two variables are related. There is a positive relationship between the two variables. […]

Company Analysis HSBC

Executive Summary HSBC Bank is one of the largest banks in the world, and the largest foreign bank operating in Canada. The bank has been pursuing entry into the Kenyan economy, an economy which is characteristic with unskilled and semi-skilled labor, like all other developing economies. The Kenyan authorities have been exercising caution, avoiding harm […]

Information System of Mashreq Bank

Objectives of the Research Paper The objective of this research is to demonstrate how Mashreq Bank has benefited from the adoption and implementation of Microsoft windows based platform in its core banking operations. The windows platform is becoming increasingly attractive to large banks. It is used to support their primary banking services that include ATM, […]

The Changes in Interbank Lending Rates in China, India and Switzerland

Introduction Interbank lending is a market that exists among the banks, and it is all about banks lending money to other banks. Banks usually lend out money to other banks, but the terms of the loans are usually short term. The maturity period for the loans lent to the banks is usually one week. When […]

The Bank of Canada and Economic Issues

The bank of Canada is central or national bank. Like in Canada, almost all countries worldwide have made sure that there is an establishment of central bank to help in dealing with monetary policy. Central bank does not help in managing the financial part of the economy (Bank of Canada 96, ). The bank of […]

Customer Relationship Management of Royal Bank of Canada

Introduction to CRM and its benefits to an organization Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy that is designed to facilitate the company’s interactions with its clientele and potential customers. The strategy is intended to increase profitability by maximizing on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. CRM has outlived the perception that people had of […]

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) invested internationally with the intention of sourcing capital to expand its operations in china. The bank targeted the international markets as they readily have adequate capital. In addition, ICBC wanted an opportunity to increase its wealth, manage bank risks, and increase its loan productivity. ICBC is China’s biggest […]

How Saudi Banks Deal With Money Laundery

Introduction As the world develops, new challenges are emerging. The 20th century ended with the world facing a number of challenges; for instance poverty reduction and eradication of diseases like polio were the main concern. These challenges were brought together in the 7 millennium development goals in which countries were supposed to tackle by the […]

Barclay: Matt Barrett’s Journey-Winning Hearts and Minds

Capabilities and Core Competence of Barclays Barclays is a global financial institution that offer a variety of services for instance retail and commercial banking services, investment banking and management services, wealth management and credit cards services. Barclays has superior performance as it has been leading in profitability in relation to other institutions involved with banking […]

Bank of England

In order to facilitate economic recovery, the Bank of England (BoE) and the UK government have proposed that major commercial banks should raise some extra £25 billion by December 31, 2013 (Wilson, 2013). Issuing the statement on March 2013, the Financial Policy Committee in BoE pointed out that, some banks were at risk of losing […]

Time Bank and Saudi Arabia

Time Bank is a community-based strategy in which people who voluntarily decide to spend at least one hour of their time assisting others gain at least an hour time credit, as an appreciation of their effort. These people can in turn use the time credit they earn from the voluntary work to hire assistance from […]

Goldman Sachs Inc. Compensation Practice

Introduction One of the annual concerns of the company is its compensation policy or strategies. Compliance to the compensation policy and plans has remained to be a sensitive issue to most companies. The compliance requires that the firm board and chief executives exercise greater independence, judgment, as well as skills while implementing its compensation plans. […]

Morgan Stanley Bank

Organization and job posting of Morgan Stanley Bank Most financial organizations have been doing stellar business over the years in the United States and are continuing to serve people even in present years while addressing their financial issues via their profound services. Moreover, the organizations also play a major role in the economic context via […]

Organizational behavior analysis outline

This outline explores the aspects of “THE RBS CITIZENS” basing on its history, purpose, stakeholders, practices, challenges, opportunities and recommended solutions. Organizational Overview Relevant History “The RBS CITIZENS” is a commercial bank that constitutes diverse companies, branches, ATMs and employees (Benioff & Adler, 2006). The bank was initiated in 1829 as the High Street Bank […]

Overtime Analysis

Abstract The main aim of this study was to determine the most cost-effective method that the Immigration Branch of Commercial Bank of Dubai would use to minimize their annual expenses. The choice to be made was between overtime and hiring of new employees. From studies that have been conducted on the topic, it has been […]

Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia: Towards Understanding the Factors that Affects the Sector

The internet-based marketing research survey was initiated with a view of understanding the various factors that affects the usage of mobile banking in Saudi Arabia. The conjoint study utililized a quantitative research design and subjects were drawn from the selected banking institutions. To ensure reliability and validity of study results, the questionnaires for the survey […]

Playing with fire

Andrew Palmer explores the benefits and costs of financial innovations. He goes ahead to assess the previous and current regulatory frameworks. Financial innovations are essential in that they may produce many benefits just as they would enhance growth and efficiency in any other industry. However, it should be moderated so that it does not tend […]

Banking Industry Analysis

Introduction The central bank has emerged to be the greatest financial institution that controls the economy of any country. The Government does rely on the central bank to foresee the economy on its behalf. Among the crucial roles the central bank plays are supervision of other financial institutions, acting as a banker of other banks, […]