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Banking Analysis Essay Examples and Topics

Dubai Islamic Bank’s Ratio Analysis for 2012-2017

Here, different financial ratios of this bank will be presented by rearranging and simplifying the data from the financial statement of DIB group and the analysis will be done by creating relationship among the information [...]

Commercial Bank of Dubai: Strategic Audit

The purpose of the given strategic audit report is to describe the current performance and mission of Commercial Bank of Dubai and analyze external and internal factors using EFAS matrix, IFAS matrix, and SFAS matrix.

The European Central Bank and Price Stability

The process of fostering price stability requires the ECB to engage in monetary policy actions that range from the definition of the financial guidelines to the promotion of the efficient operations of payment systems.

Deutsche Bank’s History and Its Current Position

The first sections will provide important information about the company and its structure, whereas the remaining part of the paper will concentrate on the $10-billion scandal and the problems faced by Deutsche Bank as a [...]

Bond Market and Banking in Gulf Countries

State-owned organizations sometimes engage in insecure projects in order to gain a competitive advantage, which is expected to lead to the establishment of a beneficial connection between corporate measures and state control.

Norwegian Central Bank’s Interventions

The central bank of Norway popularly known as the Norges Bank was formed soon after the separation of the country from Denmark in 1816. In this intervention, the bank aims to improve the exchange [...]

Satisfaction Management in Banking Industry

Consequently, it could be said that this analysis not only provided the sufficient background for the future research and expanded the understanding of the topic but also had a beneficial impact on development and revision [...]

Sharia Advisory Board: Rakbank Case

Approved by the Fatwa and Sharia Supervisory Board of Rakbank, this process is as follows: a customer contacts the bank and requests to finance the purchase; the bank demands that the customer promise to purchase [...]

Traditional versus Modern Banking

Traditional banking is characterized by the application of strict regulations, while modern banking is differentiated by the introduction of new laws that resulted in the deregulation of key aspects of the banking industry.

Internship at Banque Saudi Fransi

The internship was a valuable experience as it allowed applying my theoretical knowledge to practice and understand the principle of banking operations from inside. The list of the main shareholders is represented in the table [...]

Retail Banking Products and Services

Using the examples and contrasting the products and services of Emirates NBD and Bank of Singapore will assist in understanding the key problems and consequences of the global business environment.

Banking Industry Guidance

Moreover, the guidance points out the essentiality of the regular risk assessment that is critical in the context of the rapidly changing environment.

The World Bank and Good Governance

The paper works to determine the issues that are related to the concept and demonstrates the intricate relationship that the World Bank, donors, and recipients create as the idea of good governance is being promoted [...]

Barclays Bank’s Innovations

These are challenges that this firm has to deal with in order to remain relevant in the market. However, the stiff market competition, the changing technological world, and stringent regulatory policies are all affecting the [...]

The Commercial Bank of Dubai Case

It is one of the institutions that record the highest return on assets in the banking industry. As for now, the bank is a major financial institution in the UAE.

Islamic Banking: Sales and Lease-Centered Models

For instance, Masih asserts that irrespective of the extent of success recorded by banks in the Islamic world, such institutions have failed to faithfully utilize the PLS model as the original theoretical foundation of their [...]

Saudi Arabian Commercial and Investment Banks

The report shows a growth prospect in the country in client lending because of the increase in the borrowing capacity of the people. Further, both commercial and investment banks are competing in the lending market [...]

Northern Rock Bank’s Corporate Governance

In the present case, the board played a negative role in the development of the organisation. Some of the most apparent reasons for such failures is the lack of experience in the financial sphere of [...]

Online Activity of Banking Sector in the UAE

The technological progress and the ever-increasing availability of the Internet in almost every aspect of our lives promotes a transition of many day-to-day activities into the internet, and banking is no different.

Emirates NBD: Leadership and Governance

Emirates Bank International and the National Bank of Dubai considered that their cooperation can be advantageous for both sides and will allow them to reach a common goal of becoming the leaders in the industry.

Bank of America: Profile Analysis

To build a compelling case for the company's strengths, it is imperative to note that the Bank of America has a customer base in 175 countries around the world, is listed by Forbes as the [...]

Bank of America: Strategic Initiatives

In a communistic economy, the government owns the better part of the instruments of nation's economic propagation and the government through its established instruments of governance dictates the manner and the protocol of the resources [...]

SAMBA’s Integrating Customer Focus

A research on the progress of the organization is on the strategy and segmentation of customer relationship. Evaluate and analyze the marketing strategy of the bank in terms of customer relationship.

South Africa’s First National Bank

Critically evaluate the research on leadership, organizational transformation, and emotional intelligence as presented in the case study outlining the merits and limitations of these concepts as applied to FNB' organizational context The topic of leadership [...]

Islamic Banking Principles and Relevance

UAE populace is Muslim dominated; considering the rate of growth of Islamic banking and the championing of equitable reward to the factors of production in the Islamic financing system.these gains include achieving country wide and [...]

Bank of China Limited

The objective of this paper is to provide a report on the Bank of China's IPO of 2006. This listing was also one of its kind in Shanghai's since it was only the Bank of [...]

Islamic Banking: Tools and Techniques

As a result, their investments are based on comprehensive ethical considerations on the business, the products produced and services provided, the policies and strategies and the effects of the business to both the society and [...]

The Banking Industry and Interest Rates

The government and the central rates have been the major bodies used to determine the interest rates. The main purpose of this study is to determine how the interest rates affect the Competition in the [...]

The Royal Bank of Canada

The move is controversial in the public arena because of the current state of the Canadian labor market. The interest of the public is usually difficult to capture or measure because of the indefinite and [...]

New Technology Trends Used in Banks

4 Mobile and online banking have managed to keep clients out of long queues in the banking halls. The safety of mobile banking has enabled the majority of clients to sign in.

Citibank Analysis: Brief Overview and History

Citibank's history touches on the implementation of important historical milestones such as the development of the Transatlantic Cable, the development and commissioning of the Panama Canal, the initialization of the Marshall Plan, the development of [...]