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Economic Concepts Essay Examples and Topics

Science of Economics

Households consider goods as physical products that are able to be delivered to a person who is willing to purchase and there is the transfer of ownership to the customer from the seller.
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The Concept of Economies of Scales

Bank of America has also managed to reach economies of the scale with the help of extended brand portfolio while having the same input that is money.
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Capitalism Characteristics and American Identity

The aim of colonization was occupation of new lands and new ways of wealth accumulation for France and Britain. The plantation was an instrument in the growth of trade and industrial development, and can be [...]
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Karl Marx and the “Communist Manifesto”

He outlined a framework of the future course of events on which he based prescriptions for a strategy on the part of those who wished to change the nature of society.= The Communist Manifesto was [...]
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Joseph Schumpeter: His Life and Work in Economic Theory

Joseph Schumpeter completed three more books while at Harvard: his didactic Business Cycles, his popular Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy - in which he famously predicted the downfall of capitalism in the hands of intellectuals - [...]
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Economic Policy and Global Environment

But on the whole, the global economy concerns not only unemployment and inflation, but also economic growth and displaced workers, increased government spending, reduced taxes, and a reduced deficit, and the tradeoff between capitalism and [...]
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Individualism and Collectivism in Agreement-Making

The original aims of the Federal arbitration legislation were to prevent strikes and lockouts, to provide for conciliation 'with a view to amicable agreement between the parties' or, in default of that, to settle disputes [...]
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Political Realism in Light of Marxism and Idealism

The reason for the above statement is because the underlying principle behind this theory is that politics is rational and that there is a reasonable explanation for the actions of states in politics.
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The Concept of Taylor Rule in Economics

Inflation gap adjustment factor based on the gap between the inflation rate and a given target for inflation.output gap adjustment factor based on the gap between real GDP and potential real GDP."The two factors give [...]
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Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomics

Moreover, the peculiarities and current state of the fiscal policy can be discussed by the Council of Economic Advisers, which means that this body is another aspect that might include macro.
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Profit and Capitalism on the Facebook Example

Milton and Friedman's school of thought discusses the power of the market in the sense that the majority of economic fallacies are driven by the lack of attention to simple insight and the tendency to [...]
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The Concept of Profit Externalities in Economics

In order to analyze the effect of this phenomenon in more detail and to assess profit externalities, it is required to consider the classification of these economic components and what they are.
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Principle of Scarcity

The principle of choice, selecting a path of action that presents the most benefits based on the available information at the given point in time, is the core of economic operations.
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Gravity and Tipping Point in Economics

The gravity of its importance to the function of the world cannot be disregarded. I believe that this influence which economics has in the world and its critical role in the development and evolution of [...]
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Monopolistic Competitive Firms

This attracts new firms into the market in the long run given that the monopolistic market barriers to entry are low, firms have good knowledge of the market and there is an opportunity for the [...]
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Economics Concepts: Articles Review

In this case, the authors of the article pay attention to the evaluation of the Phillips curve and understanding its advantages and drawbacks.
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Consumer Price Index and Unemployment Rate

The first issue is related to the tendency of consumers to adjust their preferences based on prices faster than the CPI can reflect, leading to inaccurate representations of the data in the index.
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The Federal Reserve Importance

The article expects that some of the officials may choose to reduce the number of increases they believe to be necessary due to the outcry from the stock market.
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The Cost of Production Calculation

The received result for the various levels of the output is given in column 4 of Table 1. The received result can be seen in column 6 of Table 1.
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Counterfeit Fashion Purchase Behavior in the UAE

Being an attractive tourist destination, the UAE is interested in coping with the problem of counterfeits because it has a negative impact on both the economy, especially the luxury fashion industry, and the country's image [...]
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Economic Principles: Price Analysis

This also applies to the opportunity cost of forgoing part time or full time work for the purpose of earning income. With the increase in insurance cost, the cost for the cars also increases.
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The Supply and Demand Simulation

The demand for the apartments reduced at a rental rate above this, while supply increased creating surplus supply. This shifts the demand curve leftward, indicating a lower demand for apartments at a particular rental rate.
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Money Market and Value-Based Pricing

Consequently, the GDP can be defined by the equation: Y=C+I+G+NX where: Y= Total GDP, C=Consumption by household, I=Investment, G=Government expenditure, NX=Net Exports Net Domestic product entails the reduction of the GDP by the depreciation of [...]
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Repositioning Dynamics and Pricing Strategy

The important thing that needs to be considered is that the price of the product that would be paid by a consumer would depend on the promotional allowances and volume discounts apart from the manufacturing [...]
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Economy Issues Analysis

The downside of such an approach is the limited capacity for growth, which is especially apparent in developing countries, where it is constrained by the restrictive monetary policies and recession.
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Commodity Prices

In the early years, the cost of items was determined by the amount of labor required to gather these commodities. Nevertheless, the price of a particular item is determined by three factors: labor, land, and [...]
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Gross Domestic Product in the UK

The major question of the investigation was the identification and analysis of the limits of Gross Domestic Product as the indicator for measuring the economic performance and social progress of countries and the discussion of [...]
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The Value-Added Amount Definition

The research scrutinises the various methods of calculating the value-added amount. First, the value-added amount is calculated using the formula approach1.
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The Business of Behavioral Economics

It should be noted that the third party can be a relative of the client or a charitable organization. It is one of the issues that can be identified.
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Marginal Concept in the Mining Industry

Over the years, the world governing bodies have closed down many coal-mining companies due to the increased pressure on the mining companies from the environmental conservation bodies, seeking to have the mining companies minimize the [...]
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Volatility Concepts

First, it should be mentioned that volatility is essentially the measure of variability or fluctuations rather than the direction of the price.
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Emerging Market and Developing Economies

In the 17th century, the Dutch Republic became the 1st nation to develop and implement such a system. Great Britain was the first country to adopt the financial system of the Dutch Republic, in the [...]
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The Virtual Economy Impact on the Small Real Economy

Furthermore, considering the opportunities for the coexistence of virtual and small real economies will be explored in this paper since it is the cooperation between the participants of the two areas that is bound to [...]
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Elasticity Effect on American Economy

Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to highlight key economic ideas displayed in the article, determine the impact of elasticity on them, and underline its effect on the economy of the United States [...]
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OnePlus Company’s Economics

The purpose of this research is to analyze the case on the economics of OnePlus by using managerial economics standards; as a result, the paper has investigated a number of academic concepts in order to [...]
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Positive Externalities in Production

For example, such activities as the development of water resources and the consequent water allocation are commonly associated with adverse externalities including the reduced supply of water to urban areas and environmental deterioration as opposed [...]
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American Products and Services: Persuasive Speech

A weakened American economy is not good for the nation and the world as a whole because it destabilizes the achieved balance on the global stage. There is a need to take advantage of the [...]
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Managerial Economics and Its Principles

It is the cost assigned to one unit of the product produced by the company. In such a market, the MR curve is horizontal, and it is equal to the price.
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Securities in the US Economy

As such, the developed status of the financial market in the US has a positive correlation with the creation of economic wealth.
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“Undercover Economist” by Tim Harford

If to reverse the example of rent and suggest that the resources are abundant, it is essential to understand that the owner could not have the liberty of putting high prices on rent.
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Easterlin Paradox in Leonhardt’s Article

The case study of Japanese citizens that support Easterlin paradox do not factor in the confounding psychological effects of the Second World War on the entire population and the country.
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Production Possibilities Curve on National Level

The creation of everything needed is due to the insufficient resources, and the option taken has features of the optimal mix. A curve below the production possibility curve of an economy shows underutilization of resources [...]
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Scarcity as a Current Economic Issue

The phenomenon of scarcity may lead to the creation of the bandwagon effect because of peoples; willingness to follow the standards set within their society and, therefore, make the choices that are similar to those [...]
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Hedging in the Energy Sector

A fall in the price of the concerned hedged product will not limit the profits of the producer in the short-term.
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Unemployment Reduction Strategy for Chesapeake, VA

A comprehensive unemployment reduction strategy implemented within Chesapeake, VA, would drive the current unemployment rate of 4. The unemployment rate exacerbates local economic concerns in terms of healthcare costs, household income, and living standards.
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Emiratisation: Concept, Process and Effects

Therefore, the research question can be put in the following manner: What are the factors that defined the engagement of the staff as the primary reason for the failure of the Emiratization for the private [...]
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Brazil and Venezuela: Economic and Political Environment

According to Cardenas, in Brazil, the major issues are of the structural and infrastructural character, i.e, the "cumbersome" tax system, high labor costs, high cost of production and some other bottlenecks which may not allow [...]
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Sustainable Organizations and Human Factor

The research results show that the human factor does affect the sustainability of an enterprise in a rather negative way, leading to the threat of developing such problems as inequality, poor job design and the [...]
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Supply and Demand Matching and High-Demand Effects

The basis behind this is the concept of supply and demand wherein supply refers to the amount of commodities that are present within the market which it can subsequently offer and demand which entails the [...]
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Economic Indicators and Healthy Economy

The economy as we know it today hinges on consumer spending; the more consumers spend within a given business year, the healthier the economy is since this improves the amount of monetary liquidity that is [...]
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Price Discrimination Concept in Economics

Price discrimination is the resultant price of selling same commodities at different prices to different people by the same trader; the trader basis his prices of perception, quantity sold, location, buyer's social status and social [...]
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Business Cycles: Theory, History and Indicators

On the other hand, the peak period indicates the end of the expansion period and the onset of contraction period. However, with the emergence of the new concepts in the economy such as business cycles, [...]
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  • Words: 1389

Demand and Supply in the United Arab Emirates

The food industry in the country is thriving because its main airports and sea ports are connected to other regions in the Middle East which makes it possible for finished products to be transported.
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  • Words: 876

Inflation Tradeoffs and the Phillips Curve

In the findings, Lucas concluded that the there is a direct relationship and variance in the tradeoff between full employment and inflation rate at a particular level of input in the countries studied.
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  • Words: 1653

Speculative Growth: Hints from the U.S. Economy

Thus, one of the main strengths of Caballero, Farhi, and Hammour's investigation is in the fact that the researchers propose the discussion of the episodes of speculative growth in the economy of the United States [...]
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Competition Authorities Role in the UK Correcting Market

Competition in any sector of the economy is beneficial both to the consumer and to the government. Other practices that lead to the unfair competition are when companies agree to limit their production to cause [...]
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Impact of Volatility in Oil Price in GCC Economy

The GCC offers a market that is dissimilar to the markets of the developed countries and other emerging markets because the GCC separates from the entire equity market of the world and is highly affected [...]
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The Key Concepts in Economics

The essay elaborates four key points namely market economy, regulations and laws on economy, economic decisions, and pricing of goods with respect to the market structure of the USA.
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The Concept of Minimum Wage

Moreover, the rise of the minimum wage boosts the economy of the whole country and increases the quality of life. So, if the minimum wage is 10% higher, and that causes the reduction of poverty [...]
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Green Economy and Sustainability

In regard to the above-mentioned definitions, the issues raised in the interview conducted with a representative of the concerned party, i.e, an "instructor at UCRI", as the respondent called herself, sheds some light on the [...]
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Innovative Government’s Role in Economics

Innovative governments are sustainable because they are efficient, and they help the citizens to come together for the common welfare. Therefore, governments should equip younger generations in all sectors of the economy with skills to [...]
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Return to Gold Standard

The supporters of this policy argue that the value of gold is recognized in various countries. Nevertheless, the critics of this approach point out that the value of gold also fluctuated in the course of [...]
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  • Words: 1146

Attractive and Unattractive Industries

While having the potential for higher profit attractive industries have a far greater degree of market competition resulting in the erosion of a firm's economic performance as compared to companies that exist in unattractive industries [...]
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Efficient Market Hypothesis

Essentially, this EMH level insists that the prices of the present securities directly reflect the degree of information alongside the historical prices.
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Economic Theory: Exploring the Marginal Concept

Relevance of Marginal Concept to the Destruction of the Rain Forest Certainly, deforestation has a negative impact on the earth ecosystem due to the decrease in oxygen production, which is essential for sustaining normal existence [...]
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Behaviour in Economics

In his exploration of the organization of complexity, Herbert Simon brings out the understanding of economic rationality in, "The sciences of the artificial".
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Price-Cap as Monopoly Rogulation Mechanism

From this analysis, two elements are recognized: the first one is the rate of inflation, which is utilized in the price cap index signifying the general price increase rate in the market; the second one [...]
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Long Term Investment Decisions

Another policy, which the government may have in the regulation of a market economy is the regulation of the amount of tax levied on products and services.
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International Monetary Fund

The major objective of the IMF was to help in reconstructing the economies of the nations that were badly affected by the war.
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Economic concepts: Cost and Curve

The higher the difference between total revenue and total costs, the higher the amount of profits. Production possibility curves come in handy in enabling business people to know the quantity of inputs that can be [...]
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Economics concepts: Alfred Marshall

In the case of studying late in the night, time is the only input being increased. The point of intersection of the supply and demand curves is the market price.
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The difference between corporatism and capitalism is based on economic circulation and role of organizations in a given state. Corporatism is threatened by emergence of economic and political instability in some states.
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First of all, she was unhappy about the way, the legal system was in her area, and wanted to make a change.
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  • Words: 1528

Shock Doctrine

In a synopsis Klein tells us that upheavals and disasters are a perfect recipe to the implementation of corporate friendly policies and business ventures.
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  • Words: 1747

Capital and collusion

He asserted that the gap between risk and uncertainty in these countries is what leads to their perpetual state of underdevelopment.
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  • Words: 1935


Social capital theory approach to outsourcing Outsourcing relationship, can give forth to realization of social capital in the form of the actual and potential resources.
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  • Words: 1373

Vertical and Horizontal Integration

The attractiveness that a firm has in the industry in which it is operating is a primary factor in the determination of the profitability that the firm will enjoy.
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  • Words: 1501