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American Products and Services: Persuasive Speech Essay

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America has established itself as a model nation in the 20th and 21st century. Great achievements seen today on the global stage have been credited to the country and as such making it an undisputed leader. The American culture is one that prides itself in placing a high value on quality with the country creating a global image that projects it as a one where fake products rarely see the light of day (Gilpin 33).

Introduction to the topic

The U.S. has been the greatest advocate of Capitalism from the Cold War period when wrong social, economic ideologies were being bandied around by communist states. It is imperative to realize that the burden to shape up the world is not easy and that it requires stable leadership. Democratic values together with sound economic schools of thought are the best prescription that the world needs for the long term purpose. These vital facets can be found within the stable American governance system.

Relevance statement

The American people are always keen on the quality of the products they buy. They also tend to value reputation and will promptly reject the products of a company that becomes associated with unethical practices. Such tendencies on part of the Americans explains the reason for exploring the the need to purchase American goods.

Thesis statement

Quality and timely innovation characterize the American culture and its products, offering a strong reason for one to consider American goods over most of the rest.

Credibility statement

The sources used in this speech are from credible sources that include peer reviewed journals, books and renowned websites that have built a reputation for providing reliable information.


The position of the United States of America as an economic giant has been put under threat by emerging nations like China who have eaten into America’s economic sphere. It is imperative to note that America’s greatness has been achieved through a powerful military which is backed by a strong economy. Therefore, it is right to postulate that the United States of America achieved its dominance through a strong economic backbone that was fuelled by industrialization and agriculture (Mander 72). A weakened American economy is not good for the nation and the world as a whole because it destabilizes the achieved balance on the global stage. China comes up as a great challenger to everything American while, on the other hand, American technologies and inventions remain the best.


China is coming up as the biggest rival that the United States of America has ever faced since inception with a stable GDP growth since 1960 (Trading economies par. 3). The Chinese economy is fully centralized and enjoys the benefits of economies of scale in production (Shin 248). Although China has evolved from a socialist state into a capitalist state, its values as a nation cannot be trusted to sustain the necessary world order.

The cause

The Chinese government has induced big manufacturers around the world including America’s largest manufacturers into outsourcing their work to China because of cheaper production costs (Shin 248). The move has had a counterproductive effect on the American economy because it has provided affordable products for consumers. At the same time, the move has deprived the people of employment opportunities as American manufacturers run to other countries. In basic terms, there is imminent collapse of the American production industry because of China. A stronger China in economic terms means that it might one day catch up with America and even dominate the world (Jarreau 285). The idea to buy American products is intended to empower the American working population that contributes significantly to economic growth. It is unimaginable to have a country like China overseeing the world affairs with its human rights record. As such, a strong campaign to buy American products will ensure that power remains in good hands.


There is a need to take advantage of the fact that American inventions are the best. A look at all the leading technologies in the world would trace 90% of their origin to America. The U.S. is the leader in setting technology trends used worldwide (Chakravarty 13). Apple products remain outstanding American goods that are the proof of quality and innovation that should convince anyone to buy. A comparison between Apple Inc.’s iPhone and the Samsung phone has proved that the iPhone stands out. The recent recall of Samsung note 7 phones due to battery defects has validated American products as being the best on the market because such recalls have not been heard of when it comes to Apple products.

The best alternative in accessing quality products for consumers is through insistence on getting the best value for their money, something that they can be sure of it they opt for the American goods over the others. When products fall below expectation, it is the consumer that is cheated on confidence that they had built (Mander 73). American standards do not allow such instances to happen and when they happen, adequate measures are employed to correct the situation. The need to buy American products is as such borne out of the confidence that American manufacturers have built over an extended period by basing on strong standards.


The “buy America” campaign is meant to remind consumers about the value that they stand to gain from the American market. Globalization has opened the market to both regulated and unregulated goods whose quality is suspect. For this reason, there is a need for consumers to understand where they can obtain goods and services with certain quality. American products and services remain uncompromised and offer the customer value for their money.

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