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Does the American Government Bully the World? Research Paper

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Updated: Oct 18th, 2019

American citizens are proud to be associated with their own country. They are happy, proud and sometimes lucky to be Americans. America itself is a successful nation, the most powerful in the world. It fights for American freedoms and civil liberties. On the other hand, she has fought for minority countries all over the world.

Americans believe in a world where individual rights and freedoms conquer, unity of purpose over segregation controls and above all, Americans understand the fundamental basics of life and human dignity. Nevertheless, there is parallelism of ideas between American citizens and American government. In most cases, American government has acted in a manner likely to suggest bullying the world.

However, who is a bully? A bully is someone who takes advantage of someone’s weakness to attack, fights, and ignores rules whenever they suit. This has been the scenario with American government for a long time. (Is America the bully of the World? Para. 1- 3).

For example, under Republic administration, America has invaded some countries leaving them desolate and unstable. Few years ago, television broadcasts in America saw Iraqi citizens mourning the death of a young boy who had died because of American bombing.

This particular broadcast had a lot to say especially to American citizens and the international community about American government. Nobody seems to understand why the American government decided to invade Iraqi, obliterate property, stateliness and lives of blameless Iraqi citizens.

From time to time, American government has used the opportunity of being the world’s strongest to maim, invade and destroy property belonging to other countries. So many instances depict America as the world bully. From the war in Iraqi (Persian Gulf War), Oklahoma City bombings the NASA space shuttle upheaval, the September 11 attack, the war in Afghanistan and the current Operation Iraqi Freedom, American government has become the subject of debate by many countries.

This has seen many countries hate America and especially, the American foreign policy. Because of its bully, innocent civilians have died, property destroyed, internal conflicts escalated and enmity increased. (Planet1985 Para. 1-8).

Libraries all over the world are full of newspaper articles, journals, books and magazines all criticizing American government over its bullish philosophy. Today, America has troops spread all over the world. Nobody can ever speculate why American government does send troops all over the world yet, there has never been an internal military combat in America since the Second World War.

Ever since the Second World War, people gaze at America as the world bully. It was joy to many American enemies when, al Qaeda extremists crashes unites states airlines into the world trade center and Pentagon in what is famously known as, September 11 attack. (Freeley Para. 1- 17).

Beforehand, United States government had been bombing and invading countries and it was now their turn to feel the hitch of bombing. Immediately after the attack, the media in America showed street Palestinian celebrations but dashed off almost immediately in order to avoid further broadcasts of comparable sentiments around the world.

Verily, there is an associated truth in seeing America as an international bully. Additionally, when it is their turn to rule, Republic administration does everything possible within their realms of power to reinforce American government bullish acts, without realizing the aftermaths to American citizens.

These Republicans believe that, they are immensely powerful beyond measure, but fail to realize their omniscient nature. The truth of the matter is that, they can push everybody in the world, and even the world itself, but they fail to recognize how people hate bullies. (Is America the bully of the World? Para. 4-16).

The best example of bullying from American government is when it attacks weak countries. Since the Second World War, United States government has invaded more countries more than any other superpower. For example, America invaded Iraqi twice, Haiti, Panama, Grenada, North Korea, Cuba, Somali and many other countries. These invasions happened amid international law prohibiting such dubious American activities.

For example, President Bush (Republican) led a highly criticized war in Iraq, which saw many Iraqi citizens die in the hands of American soldiers. Leaders all over the world scorned President Bush while on the other hand, in indie and Palestine, political demonstrations engulfed for days. (Younge p. 1).

Even today, Americans themselves do not understand why their government decided to invade Iraqi and other countries like Vietnam. Moreover, American government is the only government that does bombing indicating how bully it is. In Japan, the effect of American bombing exhibit even today. On the other hand, countries, which have tasted American bombings, include Sudan, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo to name a few. (Roots of Anti-American Feelings Para. 1-36).

In another act depicting the bullish behavior of American government, United States government has been involved in many cases of overthrowing or even attempting to overthrow dozens of regimes around the globe.

Although these regimes have some elements of dictatorship, many people believe that, American government has been equivocal in aligning coups, which saw democratically elected governments in Guatemala, Chile, Haiti, and Iran crumple. Interestingly, regime overthrow happen during Republic administration in what Republicans refer as ‘regime change’. Ironically, American government does not invade second tier countries because of fear.

This is a show of bully because, had America invaded Korea or Vietnam, it would have entered into war with Russia. In essence, American government fears countries with substantive nuclear weapons. Additionally, American government is trying hard to stop nuclear proliferation in Korea and Iran for fear of invasion. (Is America the bully of the World? Para. 6-12).

American government is a world bully because; it ignores international treaties citing American liberties as the reason. Republican administration especially during the era of President Bush saw many international treaties rejected.

For example, American government depicted its bullish mighty when it decided to abort the Kyoto protocol, refused to be a signatory to the International Criminal Court of Justice, annulled the ABM treaty, refused to link with treaties on land mines and biological weapons vehemently and in the recent, the refusal to cut gas emissions by half.

United States of America behaves like a bully when it started building a global military empire. American troops can be found everywhere in the world in what the government terms, controlling borders and American interests abroad. Even countries like China with the largest military do not have their troops spread all over the world. In fact, China spends US$ 50 billion on military budget while United States government spends US$ 500 billion every year on military budget.

This is because; the troops spread all over the world do require great federal spending hence, high federal military budget. The reason that many ask themselves is why America deploys such an enormous military overseas. Perhaps the main reason is American government wants to be the global police, ruling the world. Furthermore, United States government can decide who will die or stay, who administers and those administered, and which administration takes leadership and which regime to overthrow.

Unsurprisingly, many people are not reminiscent of this bullish behavior. To some extent, some of these policies might help countries marred by dictatorial regimes to change for good. However, the cumulative effect of these actions generates national interests where America receives no damage hence; a selfish, arrogant American government treated according to its bullish acts. (Jensen, pp. 1-4).

It might be true America is the strongest, largest and the most commanding nation on earth, and it might decide to let those who criticize it go on, however, the external perception continue to weaken American government.

On the other hand, as al Qaeda and other enemies attack America, it is justifiable. Consequently, this rationalization strengthens support from American adversaries, and makes American friends disinclined to support America. Eventually Americans becomes weak and prone to attack whenever they tour other countries.

American enemies are so much eager to trash America when it comes down because that is what it exactly did when it trashed up. With the ongoing economic recession, the US$ 7 trillion federal debt increasing by US$ 500 billion per year will see America insolvent. Extremists and resurgent groups will find the energy to banish American troops from Iraq’s Sunni Triangle.

Life speculation indicates that, if the financial constraints continue to invade America, the government will find itself in a sorry state, not even able to fund its global military empire. It will be sad for America if people continue to view America as a bully.

Nevertheless, the Obama administration has tried to combat Republican policies with an aim of regaining its past friendship with other nations. The closure of Guantanamo Bay, withdrawal from Iraqi and ceasefire in Iraqi are clear indication of a free bully American government.

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