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Economic Problems Essay Examples and Topics

Sovereign Debt Default

To begin with, the Sovereign Debt Default cases in most of the affected countries have been triggered by unwise lending. Fraudulent lending may also weaken the ability of a borrowing country to repay a given [...]

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

Lewis also explores the bond market and exposes the institutions, banks, governments, and people who were aware of the impending doom on the stock market and the crisis but chose to stay quiet due to [...]

Financial Crisis of 2008

Economics specialists have argued that the global financial crisis of 2008 was caused by a combination of factors, including the abundance of cheap credits in the macroeconomic environment as well as counterproductive decision-making in governments [...]

The U.S. Debt Crisis

In other words, people are investing in the U.S.government due to the assurance that when it is time to collect the debts, the government assured them to pay the amount it owes to the investors [...]

City Size and Urban Economics

On the other hand, city dwellers and people working in urban centers will find this topic of the relationship between city sizes and utility as very important since it elucidates the trade-off between agglomeration economies [...]

The Central African Republic Economy

However, certain issues hamper the development of the state, the steep rise in the corruption levels, and the subsequent reduction of the commodity prices being the key one. A gradual rise in the economic progress [...]

Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations

If the organization implements the anti-fraud activities, it will be able to experience all types of benefits and protect itself from fraudulent events.

The Global Financial Crisis and Its Effect

The latest global financial crisis managed to restart a debate on the value of both the stakeholder as well as shareholder theories. This led to the managers being more attentive to the prices of the [...]

Unemployment as a Local Economic Issue

The evaluation of these aspects is crucial to the current research for the reason that it would help highlight the weak spots of the modern employment apparatus and suggest novel ways of dealing with unemployment.

The US Economics History

The economic situation in the US during the 1970s was connected with the Great Inflation that was observed from the middle of the 1960s till the beginning of the 1980s.

Economy of Russia: Analysis

The framework designed by the state authorities is quite different from the Western counterpart because it is supposed to represent the needs of the Russian people and be applicable to the environment of the target [...]

The National Debt of the USA

Thus, it is necessary to consider reduction of expenditure and the increase in taxes to ensure the country's economic growth and reduction of the national debt.

Economic Problems and Solution in the USA

The primary purpose of the paper is to examine the problem of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Stagflation of the 1970s and 1980s, and provide the Keynesian and monetarist solution.

Economic Policies During the 2008 Great Recession

The main impact of the recession in the economy includes the decline in production, the collapse of the financial markets, decrease in lending activity, the increase in interest rates on credits, growing unemployment, decline in [...]

Market Failures and Impact of Human Activities

Stern insists that it is the most problematic market failure in history, and it would be reasonable to conduct a global economic analysis because it is quite evident that possible risks are enormous, and the [...]

Financial Crisis and Great Recession Causality

The financial crisis is typically viewed as a primary factor behind the development of the Great Recession. Instead, the financial crisis of 2008 can be deemed a prerequisite of the Great Recession as well as [...]

Scarcity, Decision-Making, and Macroeconomics

The inability to concentrate on a particular task due to distractive thoughts about an ill parent/child or the need to make provision for a family usually plays a huge disservice in the matters of general [...]

Unemployment as National Economic Health Indicator

Unemployment is considered a key indicator of national economic health as it directly reflects on the efficiency of government policy and the population purchasing potential. The concept of the natural level of employment in the [...]

Can Europe Be Saved?

The article "Can Europe Be Saved" written by Krugman begins by drawing the attention of the reader to the magnitude of the crisis which faced Europe.

The Role of the US in Developing Haiti’s Economy

It happened when the economy of Haiti had shown signs of growth after the United States passed the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act, the Act was crucial in boosting the apparel industry in [...]

The Ponzi Scheme’s Concept

In this type of scenario, high returns are paid to early investors using the money from later investors, but, in the end, the scheme collapses when there is no longer enough money to complete the [...]

Sustainability Initiatives and Economic Regulations

Therefore, the reinforcement of responsibility among the stakeholders and the focus on factoring the essential principles of sustainability in the framework According to the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030, the focus on preserving the biodiversity of [...]

Economic Crimes and Oil & Gas Transactions

2 To understand the aspect of money laundering, it is important to know what necessitates it, the people behind that act and what their motives are, and the strategies put in place by the authorities [...]

The World Economic Crisis in Stiglitz’s View

The arguments by Joseph Stiglitz on the approaches the IMF took to solve the financial crisis in East Asia are substantial since countries have different political, economic, and social systems that guide their market operations.

Economic Crisis in the USA

As such, the future of USA economically is in the hands of the Chinese if the government and the business owners will not provide a solution to the bombes launched against the country.

The Improvement of the U.S. Economy

Mainly, the paper targets the issues of the U.S.fiscal debates, the introduction of the American Reinvestment Act. According to the review of the content of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the beneficial reformations, which [...]

The Social Cost Issue

The concept of "social cost" is applied in the economic analysis and estimation of most impacts. The writer observes the economic implications of such impacts on the social realm.

Japan’s Economy and Endaka Process

The main discussion centered on the dollar development in relation to the Yen currency. For example, the heightened price of the dollar on the Japanese cars led to a drop in their competitiveness.

2008 Financial Crisis in Dubai

In order to address the collapse in the real estate market observed in Dubai in 2008, the Emirate's authorities focused on elaborating stricter regulations on developers of the housing projects and on the buyers. 26 [...]

Dubai City Crisis: Rise and Fall

The size of a city serves as a measure of economic performance and it also focuses on the existence and development of a positive feedback of a given city.

Lithuania Economic Issues

The economy of the country is in a poor state and Lithuania also has to deal with the issues concerning emigration due to the economic problems.

The Long Bow Village Economic Reform

Despite the fact that originally, the economical reform that was carried out in the Long Bow Village, was intended for the fair distribution of the land resources, some of the aspects of the procedure were [...]

Optimizing Production in the Food Industry

The realization that tones of food end in landfills through irresponsible habits should drive people to engage in rational behavior about consumption, and storage of food. Also, correct societal perception would help in instilling the [...]

The Experience Economy

The establishment of new intervention principles and the surfacing of new regulatory organizations have been the combined effect of the political values and economic conditions in many countries.

Economics for Transport Managers

A reduction in the quantity demand will result in the quantity demanded from Q to Q1 will result in the reduction of the price of the laptop computers from P to P1.

Why Do Acquisitions Fail?

In the context of flawed strategic vision, Metz blames a majority of the business executives concentrating on the financial outcome of the acquisition instead of the core capabilities embedded in the company that is visible [...]

Reasons and Solutions for Unemployment in USA

Unemployment provides statistical evidence of the economic health and performance of a Government and is defined as a count of the number of people who are not actively engaged in gainful jobs, have failed to [...]

Healthcare Services Consumption

Even though the presence of the governmental supervision of the key marketing processes may seem unreasonable and restricting for the companies, promoting complete market power will pose a tangible threat to the sustainability of the [...]

Inequality and Development

The irritating consumerism of the rich and the shortage of basic needs in low income societies lead to the multiplication of conflicts between the rich and poor.

Small Businesses Affect on Unions

The discussion in the essay is about the effect of small businesses on the labor movement. The effect of small business on labor movement is worthwhile to note as the small businesses can deny the [...]


The following are some of the advantages of using the hard system method It provides a deeper understanding and analysis of the problem of unemployment and answers the question of how to mitigate the unemployment [...]

Differences in Consumer and Business Markets

It is based on this examination of both economies that it can clearly be seen that the company would be better off catering to the Chinese market and scaling back operations within U.S.markets until such [...]

Why the Breton Woods System Failed

As far as future decision making is concerned the US was guaranteed of a veto that was effective because it held a third of the all quotas of the IMF At the end of the [...]