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Economic Problems Essay Examples and Topics

The Improvement of the U.S. Economy

Mainly, the paper targets the issues of the U.S.fiscal debates, the introduction of the American Reinvestment Act. According to the review of the content of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the beneficial reformations, which [...]

The Social Cost Issue

The concept of "social cost" is applied in the economic analysis and estimation of most impacts. The writer observes the economic implications of such impacts on the social realm.

Japan’s Economy and Endaka Process

The main discussion centered on the dollar development in relation to the Yen currency. For example, the heightened price of the dollar on the Japanese cars led to a drop in their competitiveness.

2008 Financial Crisis in Dubai

In order to address the collapse in the real estate market observed in Dubai in 2008, the Emirate's authorities focused on elaborating stricter regulations on developers of the housing projects and on the buyers. 26 [...]

Dubai City Crisis: Rise and Fall

The size of a city serves as a measure of economic performance and it also focuses on the existence and development of a positive feedback of a given city.

Lithuania Economic Issues

The economy of the country is in a poor state and Lithuania also has to deal with the issues concerning emigration due to the economic problems.

The Long Bow Village Economic Reform

Despite the fact that originally, the economical reform that was carried out in the Long Bow Village, was intended for the fair distribution of the land resources, some of the aspects of the procedure were [...]

Optimizing Production in the Food Industry

The realization that tones of food end in landfills through irresponsible habits should drive people to engage in rational behavior about consumption, and storage of food. Also, correct societal perception would help in instilling the [...]

The Experience Economy

The establishment of new intervention principles and the surfacing of new regulatory organizations have been the combined effect of the political values and economic conditions in many countries.

Economics for Transport Managers

A reduction in the quantity demand will result in the quantity demanded from Q to Q1 will result in the reduction of the price of the laptop computers from P to P1.

Why Do Acquisitions Fail?

In the context of flawed strategic vision, Metz blames a majority of the business executives concentrating on the financial outcome of the acquisition instead of the core capabilities embedded in the company that is visible [...]

Reasons and Solutions for Unemployment in USA

Unemployment provides statistical evidence of the economic health and performance of a Government and is defined as a count of the number of people who are not actively engaged in gainful jobs, have failed to [...]

Healthcare Services Consumption

Even though the presence of the governmental supervision of the key marketing processes may seem unreasonable and restricting for the companies, promoting complete market power will pose a tangible threat to the sustainability of the [...]

Inequality and Development

The irritating consumerism of the rich and the shortage of basic needs in low income societies lead to the multiplication of conflicts between the rich and poor.

Small Businesses Affect on Unions

The discussion in the essay is about the effect of small businesses on the labor movement. The effect of small business on labor movement is worthwhile to note as the small businesses can deny the [...]


The following are some of the advantages of using the hard system method It provides a deeper understanding and analysis of the problem of unemployment and answers the question of how to mitigate the unemployment [...]

Differences in Consumer and Business Markets

It is based on this examination of both economies that it can clearly be seen that the company would be better off catering to the Chinese market and scaling back operations within U.S.markets until such [...]

Why the Breton Woods System Failed

As far as future decision making is concerned the US was guaranteed of a veto that was effective because it held a third of the all quotas of the IMF At the end of the [...]

Laws vs. economy

This law in view, will serve both the corporations and the residential internet consumers, however the highest beneficiary will be the corporations as most of the time, they use the data from google search which [...]

The Effect of Famine in North Korea

The ceasefire of 1953 marked the end of the Korean War but since then the relationship between the government of North Korea and America, Canada, Japan, Europe, the European Union, as well as South Korea [...]

Challenges of Developing Economies

These include agreements by developed countries to provide aid to the developing nations, urging the developing economies to open up their economies for international trade and signing of agreements to allow preference of imports from [...]

Advisory report to Governor Jerry Brown

The following information should be well tackled in the talk, The policies to be adopted for mutual benefit, how the oil project will benefit the Native Americans particularly those who own the lands, steps the [...]

The Report: Abu Dhabi 2007

The government housing policies oriented to the Arabs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are citizen-friendly, and the citizens have the opportunity to choose among several developed housing programmes to participate in which are sponsored by [...]

Currency War

The danger with this kind of scenario is that the stability of the international monetary and financial system is a public good and depends on the good will of every single state to contribute to [...]

Did Obama’s Stimulus Work?

Moreover, the question of the act's effectiveness is rather controversial because it is possible to discuss the results from the point of the immediate successes and long-term goals with references to the economic measures which [...]

Great Recession: How It Can Be Avoided

Therefore, an increase in the supply of liquidity will increase the purchasing power of consumers thereby stimulating the level of production in the economy. This will stimulate the level of productivity while leading to economic [...]

Currency Wars in China

The approval of these changes by the IMF was dependent on the nature of the reserve stock, whereby a fall in reserves beyond a set threshold resulted in devaluing or efforts to restrain demand.

Defense Deal Would Roil Industry

Overall, Daniel Michaels' arguments are based on the premise that the partnership of BAE and EADS can improve the core competencies of these organizations.

Problems in Thailand

The intensification of child prostitution is largely associated with the growing industry in Thailand, the relegated position of women in the Thai society due to Thai Buddhism and the culture of recreational sex.

Labor Unions Negative Effects on Economics

This minimizes the disparity between the wages that is paid on the lowly-skilled with that is paid to the highly skilled As a result of this, the highly skilled workforces often forced to join labor [...]

The economic problem for Marx

According to the theory of surplus-value, it was established that there were different classes in the society and the ruling class produced a social surplus product. Thus, according to Marx, the labor used in the [...]