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Budget Essay Examples and Topics

Importance of Cash Budgets

Total cash available: this is the value of all the cash received within the month of December and hence available for offsetting any bills to be incurred during the month. The value of cash available [...]
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The Politics of South County Budgeting: Problems

For instance, the County's step of restraining the kind of developmental industries, worthy of erecting within it turns to be the main barrier towards the County's capability to attract more businesses.
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UK Budget Deficit: Alternative Policies

The root causes of the budget deficit problem can to a large extent be attributed to the feeble economy of the time; and the impacts of the increased government channeling of funds into the funding [...]
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US Federal Budget and Economic Scarcity

Unfortunately, the U.S.federal budget is no exception to this, and the reason for it may be seen, inter alia, in the fact that for years the U.S.government has been driven by a desire to reduce [...]
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Budget Aspects of a Family

As disclosed by the couple, they have been living off borrowed money by taking loans on credit cards and taking loans for their car as well.
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Capital Budget: Term Definition

It is concerned with a process of evaluating and choosing project for long-term which are better consistent with the goal to maximize the wealth of the owner.
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Different Types of Budgets

Estimates of sales are budgeted on the basis of variety of factors like earlier period sales, production capacities, existing and expected sales environments, economic factors like trade policies of the Governments, seasonal fluctuations, entity's capacity [...]
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Zero-Based Budgeting vs. Traditional Budgeting

Lack of agreement on the correct focus move toward to and rank of budgeting hypothesis as well as difference on a basic meaning of the idea have militated the theoretical dialogue and iterative discuss essential [...]
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Budget in the American Government

For the purpose of this paper, we are going to examine the budget cycle and analysis of a public district school. In this step, the budget is made public for the citizen to view and [...]
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  • Words: 1991

Budgeting in a Philosophical Way

Budget is basically the allocation of funds in accordance with the needs, purposes, and objectives of the person planning for his/ her budget.
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Public and Private Budgets

While the purpose of budgeting in both public and private sectors is to plan expenditures and revenues, there are considerable differences in the approach to budgeting.
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Budget Methodology in Alabama

The state has a bifurcated budget system, which implies that it is divided into the General Fund and the Education Trust Fund.
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Sacramento County Financing a Capital Budget

Even though there seems to be enough money allocated for the project, the developer, the Judicial Branch of California, may want to consider additional funding sources to avoid a money shortage. In short, the Judicial [...]
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Performance-Based Budgeting

Performance-based budgeting is also inclusive in that it involves all the stakeholders in the development of strategic plans, identification of preferential areas, and in the assessment of the outcome.
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Production Department: Budget Report

The quantification of the cost of the inventory is based on the current consumption, and the trends observed in the business, and the anticipations for the three months.
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Budgeting Process and Public Policies

First, the budget will be compared to the incoming revenue of a government body to ensure that there are existing sources of income and any deficits do not endanger the government's ability to operate or [...]
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US Voter Ignorance Threatens Deficit Reduction

This article reports that some Americans are of the view that the government is not spending appropriately, otherwise, it would be able to support all programs and, at the same, reduce the deficit.
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Federal Government’s Tax Spending: Rules and Limits

The article called "Federal employees ask taxpayers to buy them personal items" posted on The Washington Examiner news portal by Sarah Westwood discusses the areas of expenditures of the federal employees and the prohibitions concerning [...]
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Former Senator Pushed for Balancing the Budget

Although both Democrats and Republicans want to avert the fiscal cliff because of the expected consequences, an agreement is yet to be achieved. The economic growth rate lacks the capacity to reduce the rate of [...]
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Dalles City’s Budget Issues and Priorities

This budget can be used to evaluate performance when the budgeted level of activity is the same as the actual results Budgeting is a process of planning and controlling the use of assets in running [...]
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Austerity Policies in Accounting of Public Agencies

For instance, the introduction of New Public Management sought to shift the austerity policy's focus from routine expenditure cuts to ways of improving efficiency and value for the money that governments spend on the public.
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Budget Management Tools in Atlanta and Georgia

Unlike the budget system of Atlanta/Georgia, the federal government's budget is required to follow certain rules to propose or implement the budget, for example, the resident initially submits the budget request to the Congress, and [...]
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California Budget Crisis in 2010-2011

According to the Legislative Analysts Office, the shortfall in the 2010/2011 budget was $18. The residents of California had to bear the brunt of the shortfall in their budget.
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Financial Issues: Budgeting

When it becomes apparent that changes should be carried out in the budgetary allocation, the departmental staff and the principal investigator review the terms and conditions of the cost principals to determine whether the change [...]
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Allocating Fixed Costs and Budgeting

Most of the cost allocation methods focus on the accumulation of cost; at the same time, ABC is different in its nature and is used for the purpose of maximizing the accuracy of the product [...]
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  • Words: 875

Government Budgets in Dubai and Thailand

The document is normally approved by the legislative body of a country and the head of government. A national budget is a representation of the amount of revenue the government intends to collect and the [...]
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  • Words: 1404

Government Budgets in the UAE and Singapore

In most general terms, the government budget is a financial status of the government, covering its proposed income and spending for a particular financial period; it includes all the money, of which the country can [...]
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Deficit Spending Methods Usage

To avoid adverse effects of emission, the supporters of the Keynesian perspective suggest the implementation of deficit spending as an effective method for the distribution of tax burdens in time and the consequent facilitation of [...]
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The Necessity of a Budget Narrative

To give the funder an opportunity to evaluate the project's financial costs and understand whether the implementation of the project is real, the budget narrative is necessary.
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The US Budget Making Process

After creating the budget, the Congress must then pass a law that is signed by the president authorizing the government to spend the money through the authorization bill. The presence of long-term and short-term deficits [...]
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Springdale City’s Public Budgeting and Finance

Thus, the objective of this paper is to interpret all the implications related to the case of the city of Springdale in order to provide precise recommendations regarding the city's audit follow-up system, in particular, [...]
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  • Words: 1990

Congressional Budget Office’s Policy and Forecasting

At the same time, one of the objectives of this paper is the estimation of critiques of the CBO work regarding budgetary forecasting issued by both outside analysts and the Congressional Budget Office's officials.
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The US Fiscal Policy

Despite the positive influence of the taxes on the national economy, the insufficiency of governmental decisions might lead to the growth of the debt of the country. The debt of the country has been increasing [...]
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US Government Budget: Sources and Expenditures

The main sources of the U.S.'s national government revenues are payroll taxes and individual income taxes; another source is the corporate income tax. 11 The appropriations are responsible for the provision of a large part [...]
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Balancing the Budget: Planning and Prioritization

A balanced budget is the one that addresses all the crucial issues especially the ones concerning the public. Again, national defense funds have to be provided to enhance the country's security, which is a mandatory [...]
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Federal Budget Deficits: Cost and Benefits

Huntley notes that the most important consideration when discussing the benefits accrued from this type of deficits is that the economy is not slowed down by any margin contrary to the perception of some economic [...]
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  • Words: 2288

The Sequestration Effects on the Budget and Government

Moreover, the paper will look into the impacts of sequestration on government agencies and the operations of the government. This followed the ratification of the Federal Budget Control Act of 2011; the process targets to [...]
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  • Words: 4176

Local Government Budgets: the City of Philadelphia

This analytical treatise will present a budget line for funding the renovation of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, which is of interest to the local environmental groups and the area residents of the city of [...]
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  • Words: 830

Capital Budgeting Techniques

The advancement of the economic growth by means of the full mobilisation of the resources of the private sector to assist the economic development is its final goal.
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  • Words: 2425

How to Manage Budget Hotels – Cases in London

The quality of service offered and the satisfaction of the customer are factors that have been considered to be leading to the retaining of customers and the general success of the hotel industry.
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  • Words: 4993

Alpine Wear’s Cash Budget

When the volume of sales declines, it is important to add the variable target balance to the cash flow in the budget.
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  • Words: 1387

Overview of the Budget

The budget is a crucial component of a proposal, as it portrays a financial image of the project. However, it is crucial to ensure that the costs considered as indirect and are non-core should be [...]
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  • Words: 617

Public Sector vs. Private Sector Budgeting

In the light of the above, budgetary processes of the private sector still emerge to be better than the public sector especially based on the principles governing both budgetary processes.
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  • Words: 940

Budget Forecasting and Its Importance in Planning

Sales = Variable Expenses + Fixed Costs Management team costs = $5,000,000 Interest expense = 3,000,000 Amortization Costs = $200,000,000/10yrs = $20,000,000 Total fixed costs per year = $28,000,000 Variable Costs per Unit Direct material [...]
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  • Words: 870

Governmental Budgeting Process

The intergovernmental revenue is the largest contributor to the government revenue. The government usually holds funds in trust for the members of the public.
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  • Words: 861

Capital budgeting projects

Some characteristics of capital budgeting projects may cause the net present value and the rate of return method to the ranking of the projects to be extremely differently.
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  • Words: 535

Economics of New York

The third part highlights the evolution of the city's economy in the immediate past. In the 1980s, the city's rise in the average real earnings was due to the growth of jobs in the Finance, [...]
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  • Words: 3389

Managing Financial Performance – Beyond Budgeting Movement

The First doctrines focus on the process of management while the second doctrines focus on the leadership of the organization. Additionally the organization upon embracing the beyond budgeting movement becomes accustomed to the transforming environment [...]
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  • Words: 1675

Budgeting in Qatar

Considering the state's income from gas and oil operations and comparing the price to the population of the country, Qatar may become the wealthiest country in the whole world.
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  • Words: 561

Public budgeting

However, the government sector follows a different set of financial reporting accounting principles: the international public sector accounting standards, which, adapt international financial reporting standards to suit financial accounting for public sector.
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  • Words: 869

Local government agencies budget in the United States

Public policy decisions, such as the revenue restriction amendment bill, are meant to uphold transparency in the use of public funds. In such cases, the control of funds is removed from the local government and [...]
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  • Words: 836

The Public Budget Cycle

A public budget cycle is the process from the start of developing a budget to the final execution of the budget.
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  • Words: 1099

Capital budgeting practice

The CAPM, multibeta CAPM, DD method, and the AHR are among the traditions of manipulating the cost of equity capital. The answers indicate that CAPM is the most favored method of approximating the cost of [...]
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  • Words: 1252

Federal Government Budget

Another approach to the budget was the reduction of the tax loopholes that have in the past led to the loss of the expected revenue.
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  • Words: 3295

The Budget Tyre Market

There is an extremely huge number of consumers in the market, and consumers opt for companies with lower prices and discounts when the products are homogenous.
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  • Words: 542

Budget and Taxes

This is in the attempt to institute efficient tax systems. The tax system in the majority of the developing countries is lopsided.
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  • Words: 808

Concept of Capital Budgeting

Government entities have to implement all the debt strategies of the federal government and ensure a successful execution of all programs.
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  • Words: 842

Capital Budgeting Process

Led by the counsel, the underwriter and the company thereafter begin to review the specifics of the bond that includes, when it shall mature and the interest rates it shall attract. The main purpose of [...]
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  • Words: 664

Material Supply Budget

Importance of a material supply budget Materials supply budget represents the estimates of the materials required for a project. The budget helps in setting the mentioned goals themselves and monitors the way towards achieving them, [...]
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  • Words: 544

The Definition of Budgeting, Its Types and Methods

Another type is a government budget, it is a budget according to which government plans the resources of the nation. There are different types of taxes that are paid by individuals and businesses to the [...]
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  • Words: 550

Venture Capital in JTB

In an effort to align the company goals with the market dynamics, the company relies heavily on the experience and ability of the faces behind it.
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  • Words: 1143

The Procedure of the Sequestration in the United States

Although these measures have the capability of controlling the rate of growth of the debt, the harmful effects that accompany the regulations are lethal to the survival of the United States, its citizens, and the [...]
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  • Words: 1447

Federal Budget Simulation

It is impossible to reduce the budget deficit by only cutting spending, the revenue should be raised as well as only in this case the balance may be achieved and the participants of the budget [...]
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  • Words: 828

Consumer’s Utility and its Maximization

The demand schedule is used to generate the demand curve that is usually sloping downwards indicating that as the price of the products in a given market keeps increasing, consumers demand less of the products.
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  • Words: 1096

The California’s Budget Process

The study will also focus on the financiers of the budgeting process and the different criteria employed by the government of the California state to facilitate the smooth funding operations of the budget process to [...]
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  • Words: 2228

Budget Deficits and the Economy

In order to understand the relationship that does occur between the budget deficit and the economic growth of a country, it is important to examine factors that are associated with each of them.
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  • Words: 1878

Concept of the Budget Management

According to QFinance dictionary, budget management refers to "the comparison of actual financial results with the estimated expenditures and revenues for the given time period of a budget and the taking of corrective action".
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  • Words: 2726

Budgeting in USA: Property Tax

Property tax began being levied on the property itself and not on the occupancy of the property owner. The tax is levied on a certain tax rate of the given value of the property.
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  • Words: 1923

Concepts of Budget and Cash flow analysis

A liability are any claims against the assets of a business or financial organization, they are the obligations that the business has for or against the external stakeholders of the business which may be the [...]
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  • Words: 524

Obama’s speech on 2012 budget cuts

On February 14th, 2011, the president of the United States of America, delivered a speech detailing his government's vision for the county, alongside the speech, he presented the government's suggested changes in 2012 fiscal budget. [...]
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