Budget Essay Examples and Topics

Capital Budgeting Techniques

Introduction about the topic Capital budgeting is the process by which companies appraise investment decisions, in particular, by which capital resources are allocated to specific projects. It requires firms to give account for the time value of money and project risk using a variety of more or less formal techniques. The decision to invest in […]

How to Manage Budget Hotels – Cases in London

Background With the steady growth in tourism, provision of quality and affordable hospitality services is exponentially gaining credence (Weygandt et al., A 2008). The quality of service offered and the satisfaction of the customer are factors that have been considered to be leading to the retaining of customers and the general success of the hotel […]

Alpine Wear’s Cash Budget

Proper management of cash budget is an important practice in business management that enables an organization to efficiently utilize cash inflows and control the cash outflows. It is in this regard that this is study looks at the various issues that affect Alpine Wear’s cash budget. Seasonal Variations and Target Balance When cash requirements are […]

Overview of the Budget

Introduction A project budget is an approximated fiscal plan for a project, for which funding is needed. This document should include all the anticipated expenses that are envisaged to be incurred during the specified period of time, as well as revenue generated through the use of funds granted to the project during its implementation period […]

Public Sector vs. Private Sector Budgeting

A budget is a financial list of all planned expenses and revenues. It shows saving, borrowing and spending habits. The budget of a government summarizes all intended plans of revenues as well as expenditures. It consists of a plan developed in monetary values (Cooper, 2006: 23). Budgeting keeps economies active. It is worth noting that […]

Budget Forecasting and Its Importance in Planning

Budget forecasting is very essential in planning. In most cases, budgets are prepared for upcoming periods, which could be in terms of weeks, months, years or decades. Budget forecasting is fundamental in setting future targets. Therefore, the budget compels a firm to aim higher in order to achieve predetermined targets. However, a number of businesses […]

Governmental Budgeting Process

Introduction The government has to plan annually for its expenditures as well as revenues. This forecast initiative is referred to as the government’s budget. The year in consideration is normally termed as the fiscal period. Imperatively, it should be noted that a fiscal year must necessarily coincide with the normal calendar year. In the U.S, […]

Capital budgeting projects

Introduction Capital budgeting is the process assumed by a firm to make long-term decisions, which have a direct effect on the investment of the company or business for that matter. It determines whether an organization’s long-term objectives are worth pursuing and budgets on the substantial capital investment of a business and the expenditures. Capital budgeting […]

Economics of New York

Introduction New York is one of the globally recognized cities due to its high economic development. The city’s economic growth has undergone several developments from the previous decades to date. This essay highlights most of this progress. The first section explains the city’s overall economic performance. The second section focuses on the city’s current state […]

Managing Financial Performance – Beyond Budgeting Movement

Introduction Beyond budgeting movement is founded by the Beyond Budgeting Round Table organization in respond to shortcomings encountered with the use of traditional budgets. The traditional budgets are the annual budgets that organizations use to allocate resources and plan and implement in a fiscal year. An investigation was conducted by ‘Beyond Budgeting Round Table organization’ […]

Budgeting in Qatar

Budgeting is a huge problem for each state as it is necessary to make it balanced. Qatar is the country which depends on oil and gas development, however, the country cannot be called a poor one. Having considered three articles on Qatar budgeting, it is possible to check the dependence of the increase of the […]

Public budgeting

Public sector finance is a branch of finance, which looks into the allocation and distribution of government revenues and its fiscal and monetary policies. Public finance has three fundamental attributes: public revenues, public expenditures and public debt. Public revenue deals with sourcing by government for money to fund its activities through means such as taxation. […]

Local government agencies budget in the United States

Local government agencies in the United States include county governments, towns, municipalities, and special purpose local governments such as school districts and special districts. County governments are authorized in state constitutions and statutes. Similarly, town governments are allowed by the existing laws of the land governing various states such as the Northeastern and the Midwestern. […]

The Public Budget Cycle

Definition of the public budget cycle Generally, a budget is a statement that apportions resources so as to achieve the objectives of an organization, entity or an institution within a given period of time. A budget focuses on a financial plan. It shows the amount which an entity expects to receive and draws a plan […]

Capital budgeting practice

Preferred capital budgeting NPV and IRR are the most recurrently used capital budgeting practice, judging by the retorts of the interviewees (Graham & Harvey, 2001). The outcomes depended on the nature of the firm and its supervisory distinctiveness. Large firms are comprehensively more prone to use NVP as contrasted to miniature firms. Vastly levered firms […]

Federal Government Budget

Introduction In Canada, the federal government and other provincial and municipal governments are confronting difficult choices as they face persistent deficits. They are facing tough decisions on the means of raising revenue, balancing the budget, and modes of taxation and taxation regimes. These issues continue to affect the individuals in authority and those out of […]

The Role Played by the Chinese in the Budget Tyre Market

Why the world “budget” tyre market may be considered to be more-or-less perfectly competitive The world “budget” tyre market is becoming more competitive, but cannot be declared more or less perfectly competitive, owing to the challenges it poses to the tyre market in general. It also has some advantages as it offers low-priced tyres; thus […]

The Budget Tyre Market

Reasons why the World “Budget” Tyre Market is more or less perfectly competitive An assessment on the European mass tyre market reveals that a tyre’s price is spread across a reasonably great array. Morgan Stanley Research analysts claim that the most costly tyres are approximately one hundred and twenty percent compared to those that are […]

Budget and Taxes

The improvement in the taxation policy in developed states has resulted to a remarkable success. On the other hand, developing states experience immense tax policy challenges. This is in the attempt to institute efficient tax systems. This paper is aimed at exploring the challenges states face while managing their tax policy, how states make choices […]

Concept of Capital Budgeting

The financial obligations of a government entity can be planned through effective capital budgeting (Peterson, 2004, p. 56). Most government entities have adopted capital budgeting as a way of enhancing economic stability and debt planning. The government has been forced to have multiple roles when it comes to capital budgets because of the ever increasing […]

Capital Budgeting Process

Introduction Capital budgeting is the process undertaken by the business in order to identify and establish projects that are viable and worthy to pursue. Mostly; it involves acquiring and investing in new assets that can earn a return in a long run. Other companies prefer to issue bonds as a way of financing their operations […]

Material Supply Budget

Importance of a material supply budget Materials supply budget represents the estimates of the materials required for a project. Such a budget entails details such as the materials themselves in form of composition, where they are found and how they would reach their destination. The overall costs that relates to all the aforementioned activities are […]

The Definition of Budgeting, Its Types and Methods

A budget cycle A budget cycle can be defined as a duration in which a budget will last. In other words, it is a time taken to exhaust the budgeted resources of a budget. A budget cycle can also refer to the time span between one budget and the next one. Budget cycles normally differ […]

Venture Capital in JTB

Executive Summary Venture Capital is a type of financial capital given to early stages of growth for start-up companies. It is always a high-risk fund with a high-risk potential. The fund owns equity in the company with a business model. The stages of the fund are normally six. Seed money is the first stage and […]

The Procedure of the Sequestration in the United States

Sequestration is a procedure for limiting the federal government’s spending in the United States (Benson par.1). This procedure is entrenched in the United States’ constitution. Government spending in several of its departments are limited to a certain figure that is calculated based on the set principles. If the Congress passes an annual budget that is […]

Federal Budget Simulation

Federal budgeting is a complicated process as a number of aspects should be included. Thus, to make sure that all the items are considered while federal budget simulation, it is crucial to remember the following, the budget consists of spending and revenue sections and the ability to make those balanced is an art of budget […]

Consumer’s Utility and its Maximization

Utility Maximization and Scarcity Economic concepts are usually concerned about the problem of scarcity of resources that are used to fulfill many unlimited needs of individuals. Many resources that are used to fulfill the needs of different people exist. However, they are randomly distributed throughout the world and across different countries without any formula. The […]

Relationship between budget deficits and tax cutting

Introduction A budget deficit comes about when the government’s spending exceeds government revenue. That is, income from taxes and other sources are not adequate to meet the expenditure. In most cases, budget deficit calls for either external or internal borrowing or increase of taxes. On the other hand, tax cuts refer to reduction in the […]

The California’s Budget Process

Introduction The budgeting process of any given state is an arduous task since it involves a number of active processes. A budget of a country is reviewed annually in order to determine the expenditures within that fiscal financial year. The California budget process is a dynamic process which requires regular reviews in forms and procedures, […]

Budget Deficits and the Economy

Abstract A budget deficit is a situation whereby an individual or a state spends more than its income. This paper examines the factors that can cause a government to experience a budget deficit. It examines how the budget deficits will influence the economic growth in a country. It examines government trade policies, as well as […]

Concept of the Budget Management

According to QFinance dictionary, budget management refers to “the comparison of actual financial results with the estimated expenditures and revenues for the given time period of a budget and the taking of corrective action” (Para 1). It entails the process of formally identifying, approving and paying all costs or expenses incurred in a project or […]

Budgeting in USA: Property Tax

Introduction Taxes levied on property acquired in form of land and buildings are a huge source of revenue for local government in U.S.A. The value to be taxed is resolved by an evaluator according to the market worth of the property. Avoiding tax is taken to be a criminal offence in America and every owner […]

Budgeting Preparation in Economics Sector

Budgeting entails preparation for the achievement of specific targets and missions within a given duration by calculating the necessary funds together with the funds at hand. The budget is meant for use by the government in putting its policies to work by regulating the money spent by various agencies in the government (Robert & Lynch, […]

Concepts of Budget and Cash flow analysis

Liability A liability are any claims against the assets of a business or financial organization, they are the obligations that the business has for or against the external stakeholders of the business which may be the shareholders, creditors to the business, suppliers and even the lenders (Swart, 2004). A liability can also be defined as […]

Essay on Obama’s speech on 2012 budget cuts

On February 14th, 2011, the president of the United States of America, delivered a speech detailing his government’s vision for the county, alongside the speech, he presented the government’s suggested changes in 2012 fiscal budget (Wasson). This paper analyzes the speech; however, it will focus on the suggested budget cuts. The speech and budget changes […]