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Economic Trends Essay Examples and Topics

Fluctuations in Cigarette Consumption

The paper will first examine the trends in the consumption of tobacco leaf, cigarettes, and other tobacco products. Most of the growth in consumption of tobacco should be attributed to China.

Hong Kong Economic Times Group: Global Strategies

In the last two decades, the world newspaper industry has faced a number of changes in the business environment, which has affected the performance on the global as well as regional or local levels.

“Post Crisis Innovation Will Rule” by Mary Sullivan

In the last part of the article, the author focuses on the most innovative organizations in the world. By doing so, the firms will be in a position to prompt and integrate innovation.

Economic Analysis of Trade and Labor

Oil and cars are compliment goods, which are used together; thus if the price of oil per barrel goes up to $200 this means that the demand for new cars will reduce that is a [...]

Lush Bath Department: 2016 Spring Market Trend

In a competitive business environment, it is prudent for business managers to develop strategies that will enable their business establishments to thrive and maintain their customers. It is also critical to analyze the market trends [...]

Global Natural Gas Prices in 1940-2015

Moreover, oscillations of the price of natural gas lead to significant changes in the market and can result in the appearance of the world financial crisis.

The EXPO 2020 Effects on the Economy of the UAE

As the host of the first global EXPO held within the region of the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, the Dubai 2020 EXPO is expected to have a massive impact on the economy [...]

How and Why One Should Reform the Global Economy?

Ten years ago, the world was on the brink of a depression because of the financial crisis, and even the emergency measures undertaken in response to it failed to adequately address the issues that it [...]

Innovation Role in the UAE Economy

The proximate reasons were the need to conquer the world through colonialism that made it necessary for them to use their military and economic power to influence cultural and political structure of other countries around [...]

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

To be more precise, the redistribution of funds is one of the main features of the contemporary economy, and effective redirection of free funds is the key to its effectiveness.

Insurance: Purchasing Trends on Consumer Behavior

These aspects have been seen to create dynamics for marketers in the insurance sector because they have continuously influenced the psychology and expectations of insurance consumers across the world.

Global Economy and Intermodal Transport

To a great extent, this issue has affected the Port of Houston, which is one of the largest ones in the United States.

The Recent Trends in Gasoline Consumption

This is due to the importance of the transport system in the furtherance of trade activities as well as provision of employment access.

The BRIC Nations Position in the Future

This paper asserts that in the next twenty years, the BRIC nations will replace the United States as the greater economic power.

Gulf Countries’ Social Insurance

Social Insurance: Social insurance is the type of compensation that is offered and controlled by a government for the people who are aged, handicapped, or unemployed.

Economic Impacts on Talent Management UK vs China

This paper aims at making a recommendation to the management of my organization with respect to the analysis of various economic opportunities in the UK and China.

Retail in 2025: Physical and Digital Spaces

This is where technology will help the physical retailers to provide what the digital retailers provide to their customers and more.

Retail Development Forecasts: Online vs Offline

The main tendencies that will determine the development of digital retail will be a personification of orders and an individual approach to a customer in general.

Relationship between Neoliberalism and Imperialism

As the western world, led by the United States, later attained the control of the world long after the Second World War, the idea of putting the state at the centre of the economic functionality [...]

Current Developments of the Business and Economic Environments

The work of the manager involves coordinating the marketing activities of the company in terms of finding a market for the products of the company, signing of sales agreements, coordinating the shipment of wheat to [...]

International Business. European Union

It also ensures that the regulations and directives of the union are adopted by the Parliament and the Council, and if not the offending party is taken to the Court of Justice by the Commission.

Socialist Market Economy of China Shift toward Capitalism

In fact, the United States is currently the largest world economy though it could be surpassed by the second biggest global economy of China by the financial year 2015 in terms of the PPP.

The Dirty Work of Neoliberalism

Ideally, neoliberalism is expected to harness and transform into operations the strategies that employ the language of the market, the competence, consumer preference, self independence and conventional thinking to move the risk from states and [...]

Science & Commerce

In the first place, it is essential to make the government and local authorities to invest more into science. In conclusion, it is possible to note that commerce has a negative effect on development of [...]

What are the Main Limitations of the Solow Model?

The fundamental explanation of the Solow model is that simply the promptness of the technical growth is lasting for significant durable economic advancement.

Making Decisions Based on Demand and Forecasting

The demand for Pizza in this community is believed to be dependent on the population size, the income per house hold, price of Pizza and the demand of soda.

Keynesianism vs Neorealism

That is why the government should regulate the economy by means of influencing the economics of the country by means of the effect on the aggregate demand applying to one of the following measures, increasing [...]

Free Enterprise System and the Development of Individuals

The key ingredient of the free enterprise system is the right of individuals to make their own choices in the purchase of goods, the selling of their products and their labor, and their participation in [...]

The Importance of Innovation in International Business

The domain of international business provides considerate challenges for the individual forms, for, in every part of the world, the tendencies of marketing are influenced by some inner tendencies and specific cultural ideas.

Business economics: The market mechanism

This imply that the market must obey the law of supply and demand, which states that, when no one has the power to set prices, the interactions between the forces of supply and demand is [...]

Natural Selection Among the Foraging Blue Jays

In this notion the long term model is determined when the discount rate is zero since the value of the gain is the same even if it was obtained early or late in a sequence [...]

Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility

This therefore dictates that it is advisable to support the idea of corporate social responsibility for the sake of one's prosperity as well as that of the society at large despite the cost that could [...]

Collaborate with Your Competitors and Win

Despite the fact that it might seem as a harmonious unity of two companies, an alliance is, in fact, a form of rivalry in which each of the constituent companies fights for its interests.

Economic Justice versus Political Participation

It is therefore important to take necessary actions to achieve economic justice in a country so that the political, social, and economic stability of a country be attained.

Sports and Business: The Complicacies and the Benefits

Taking into account that the wages of the world famous athletes changed in the period from 1983 top 1991, and comparing it to the present rates of sportsmen's salary, ) it can be considered that [...]

Tourism Destination in the United Arab Emirates

The tourist attraction will involve the creation of a moving hotel that will float on the ocean adjacent to the Ra's Ghanada lagoon where it displays some of the cultures in the area that Abu [...]

Could Socialism ever Work?

Socialism advocates for the abolition of the private-enterprise economy favoured by capitalism and the establishment of a system where public ownership maintains a dominant position in the economy.

Unemployment in California

The unemployment rate increased due to various reasons such as uncertainty arising from the slow growth in the economy, current slide in the stock market and the debt crisis from the European region, which spooked [...]

Economic advancement is a function of effort

In this regard, it can be argued that Weber's theory on the role of the bureaucratic institution has an application when it comes to the realisation of these benefits.

Summary of the Article “Should We Fear Derivatives?”

It is necessary to become more attentive to the use of derivatives, to follow the development of derivatives, and to study the peculiarities of each derivative's type in order to use them properly.

Ethical Decision Making and Sustainable Development

To begin with, making ethical decisions require consideration of the facts, the subjects involved, the best approach to follow, the effect of the approach, and the examination of the whole process.

Analysis of Employment Trends in the US

The trends in U.S.employment have changed because of numerous factors, connected with education and population growth, within a couple of decades; this is why some of the trends should be properly analyzed in order to [...]

Early Retirement: Pros and Cons

In order to exhaustively evaluate the merits and demerits of an early retirement, it is important to consider the longtermview as opposed to a short term view.

Determinant Factors in Choosing a Career

For instance, a person may want to choose a career that he/she has a passion for, but the career may not be rewarding moneywise.

Effect of Economy on Culture and Social Structure

They face the challenge to decide on the amount and forms of the new development that the society can confront so that not to put lives of the members of the community at risk.

Benefit of students who have part-time jobs

Disadvantages of students engaging in part-time jobs As mentioned above, the decision to engage in part-time jobs is wholly dependent on the student.

Aspects of Global Poverty

There are arguments that have been put forth in regard to the causes of poverty in various nations with some people saying that the governments in various nations are there to be blamed for their [...]