Economic Trends Essay Examples and Topics

Economic Impacts on Talent Management UK vs China

Introduction Talent management encompasses the processes of identifying the best human capital that can go a long way in improving performance outcomes of an organization (Collings & Mellahi, 2009). Effective talent management ensures that the products of a company are produced and sold, resulting in excellent outcomes (huge profits) (Tarique & Schuler, 2010). In this […]

Retail in 2025: Physical and Digital Spaces

Retail landscape has undergone continuous change from the growth of railroads and big cities to modern department stores to shopping malls and now to e-tailing. The changes that have set in have transformed the way consumer expectations have transformed, evolving retailing strategy. Retailers, therefore, had to continually adapt to the changing situation in order to […]

Retail Development Forecasts: Online vs Offline

Practically every person at least once in a lifetime had a desire to get a glimpse of the future. At the same time due to the rapid development of modern technologies, it is rather difficult to predict what the world will look like in the future. A short ten years ago, there were no such […]

Relationship between Neoliberalism and Imperialism

Introduction Neoliberalism and imperialism are two concepts that expound on the political and economic discourse in the world. The two are part of the many theories that theorize the functioning of the society. Therefore, the two concepts are highly related in the manner in which institutions in the contemporary globalized economy function. Neoliberalism, which was […]

Current Developments of the Business and Economic Environments

Introduction The evident current developments in economy, business trends, and financial markets have had significant effects on people’s jobs. The writer of this article was formerly a manager in one of Russia’s exporting companies specialising in the export of grains from the Russian market to the global market. The company specialised in the export of […]

International Business. European Union

The Evolution of the European Union After the Second World War, Robert Schumann proposed a plan to unite Europe; however, he realized that it could not be done at once. He proposed that it could be built through its achievements. The union began by the establishment of three European Communities; Coal and Steel Community, Atomic […]

Socialist Market Economy of China Shift toward Capitalism

Introduction China has constantly experienced high growth and development rate that is equivalent to 9.70%. The growth rate materialized since the fiscal 1970 when China instigated to lay emphasis on the open door policies and national reforms. In fact, this growth rate is not an upshot from the Chinese stringent adherence to the socialist principles. […]

The Dirty Work of Neoliberalism

Introduction With the ever increasing cost of living, everyone would be thrilled with the idea of buying quality and readily available goods for less. Similarly, as the wave of neoliberalism sweeps across the globe, profits are amplified and economies stabilized. That is the ultimate embodiment of neoliberalism; passing the market test. Challenges have been encountered […]

Science & Commerce

The debate on the impact commerce has on science have been ongoing for several years so far. Notably, Slaght and Pallant (2012) stress that businesses were not interested in science until a new trend in the society appeared. The new trends occurred due to the change in consumers’ demand. People have understood that scientific research […]

What are the Main Limitations of the Solow Model?

Introduction – Explanation of Solow model Solow model is one of the unique theories that explain the long-term national economic growth. In spite of its uniqueness, it has some significant limitations. This paper discusses the meaning and major limitations of Solow model with respect to the available theories and economic references. The model is based […]

The Extent to Which FDI Inflows have Influenced GDPGrowth in India

Abstract Previous studies on the impact of FDI on GDP concluded that there was no long run relationship between the two. The Granger Casual analysis provided this inference. Sirari & Bohra (2011) provide a conceptual framework to explain the relationship between GDP and FDI inflows. Technology and knowledge transfers provide the key indications for the […]

The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship and Creativity

A Critical Analysis Trends in the current economic environment indicate a shift from “knowledge based activities to creativity, imagination, entrepreneurship, and innovation” (Oke et al., 2008, p. 56). The 21st century has realized a tremendous increase in business activities and opportunities owing to increased technological innovations and globalization. This has resulted into stiff competition for […]

Making Decisions Based on Demand and Forecasting

Introduction Background Before a company enters a new market, it is important to conduct a demand analysis and forecast for the product the company offers. Demand analysis will entail analysing the factors that are likely to affect the demand of the product at issue. Some of these factors include demographic factors (population size and pattern), […]

Keynesianism vs Neorealism

There are a lot of different approaches which help consider the economical and political situations in the world, connect the realities and help solve some problems. The economical theories are created with the purpose to help the country to solve the issues either social or economical. Some of the theories are effective, others are not. […]

Free Enterprise System and the Development of Individuals

Introduction Free enterprise is an economic system that provides individuals the opportunity to make their own economic decisions, free of government constraints, and as private profit potential businesses. It equates to a capitalist system of economy which is completely different from a socialist or communist system. It is, however, important to note that a free […]

The Importance of Innovation in International Business

Introduction: The Concept of Innovation in International Business The global operational opportunities, great discoveries as well as collaboration employ the conception of constant movement. Since the character of both local and international relations is changeable, it is easy to deduce that there are no prerequisites for economic progress and growth without global innovations. The leading […]

The Balance between Sustainable Construction and Project Success in the Current Economical Situation in the UK

Rationale The construction sector is a key industry in the positive growth of the UK economy, making an 8 percent contribution to the GDP (Zhou & Lowe, 2003). Construction sustainability, on the other hand, is an important aspect in the current undertaking of construction projects, not just in the UK, but in many other parts […]

Beijing Consensus Becoming an Attractive Political Economy Paradigm

The first economic and policy recommendations were conceived in the year 1989 by the reputed economist, John Williamson and were referred as the ‘Washington Consensus.’ These recommendations would be accepted globally as a convenient model upon which growing economies and developing countries could base their all their political and economical potentialities. Focused in achieving its […]

Business economics: The market mechanism

Introduction In any given market, the process of resource allocation is the responsibility either of the market forces or of government through its interventions in the price mechanism. Each of these two forces plays an important role in resource allocations if allowed at their most appropriate times otherwise they become a bothers in the price […]

Natural Selection Among the Foraging Blue Jays

David Stephens and Dack Anderson discussed the theory of short-term benefits as guide to animal feeding decisions. In a series of experiments conducted in an operant laboratory, blue jay birds were the subjects of the study. The foraging animals were tested in two situations namely the self control paradigm and the patch-use problems. The article […]

Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction Corporate social responsibility is an essential aspect in the business world. It is an obligation for a business organization to pursue long term goals that are good for the society. It can also be termed as the continuing commitment by business firms to behave in an ethical manner and contribute to economic development while […]

Collaborate with Your Competitors and Win

In recent years, global competition in high-tech industry has taken a new form – collaboration. Despite the fact that it might seem as a harmonious unity of two companies, an alliance is, in fact, a form of rivalry in which each of the constituent companies fights for its interests. In such symbioses harmony is a […]

Economic Justice versus Political Participation

Introduction Over the past five decades, there has been an impressive evolution that has triggered an intense debate on human rights. Economic justice is an issue that was first proclaimed by the UN General Assembly, when they made a Universal declaration on Human Rights. This was an awareness that was made publicly as it necessitated […]

Sports and Business: The Complicacies and the Benefits

Abstract Sports play an important part in people’s lives, whether they take active part in it or merely enjoy watching it on TV. Tracing the events in the life of famous sportsmen, the audience cannot help noticing certain peculiar issues. Considering them the specifics of the profession, people seldom ask themselves a question, what the […]

Desk Research on the Low Cost Airline Sector in Europe

Introduction The European low cost airline sector has grown tremendously in the past few years. This trend is predicted to increase in the next few years (Binggeli 2005, p. 1). However, some researchers note that the airline sector is going to falter in coming years because they can’t continue to enjoy profitable markets since their […]

Characteristics of Japanese Employment Relations

Changes in the some national factors such as institutions, labour markets, capital markets, national relations, businesses, economy, culture and rule triggers the employment relation practices and its changes. Considering the Japanese employment relations, it has some key aspects, which include the lifetime, enterprise based and seniority based amalgamation that determines employment relations. Japan is a […]

Municipal government strategies for controlling personnel costs during the fiscal storm

The article begins by stating that indeed, the increasing personnel-related costs are stressing the city governments. Lately, America cities have experienced a decline in the number of resources, yet the public employees demand for benefits and pay rises every year (West & Condrey, 2011). In fact, personnel- related costs account for about 80% of most […]

Tourism Destination in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction The report involves the selection of an appropriate site in the United Arab Emirates where a tourist destination will be set up with the help of key stakeholders and the local community. Some of the reasons for the selected location and the type of tourist attraction will be given. This will be followed by […]

Could Socialism ever Work?

Introduction There are a number of significant economic ideologies currently practiced by governments all over the world. Obviously, the most popular ideology is capitalism, which is characterized by private ownership of property and the means of production and each individual is responsible for their own lives. Socialism is another significant ideology that promises to transform […]

Unemployment in California

Unemployment in California As a result of the current increase in the unemployment rate in California, this paper will discuss an article by Semuels (2011) on “California unemployment rate hits 12.1% as employers slash jobs” posted on the Los Angeles Times on September 17, 2011. Introduction On August this year, California’s employers slashed some jobs […]

Economic advancement is a function of effort

Introduction State intervention can lead to dramatic alterations of wealth if done poorly as seen in autocratic nations. Conversely, they may explain why certain countries are more economically powerful than others. These divergent views will be examined with regard to a series of failed and successful nation states. Existence of Bureaucracy Weber (15) argued that […]

Summary of the Article “Should We Fear Derivatives?”

Should We Fear Derivatives: Help or Harm to the Economy “Should We Fear of Derivatives?” is the article by Rene M. Stulz for The Journal of Economic Perspective of 2004. The main subject of this work is the evaluation of the essence of derivatives, their types, prices, and effects in the sphere of economy and […]

A Case Resolved by the Britain Press Complaints Commission

This paper analyses a case resolved by the Britain Press Complaints Commission. The case analysis shows clearly that journalistic code of practice was not adhered to by the journal in question. Codes of practice or conduct are important self regulatory tools at the disposal of journalists. The complaints councils play an important role as arbitrator. […]

Ethical Decision Making and Sustainable Development

Introduction Ethical decision making is always a difficult task since the decisions made affect to some individuals and the society. There exist ethical dilemmas in determining the right path to follow when values are in conflict. For example, there are some instances where the requirements of the customer may disagree with the organizational goals and […]

Neoliberalism as the Ideology of the Market and Private Interests

Introduction In the last twenty years of the 20th century and the previous decades since World War II there was a dramatic difference and it was not uncommon to give details of the last twenty years of capitalism as neoliberalsm. During the change between the 1970s and 1980s the functioning of capitalism was deeply transformed […]

Trends in U. S. Employment

The United States of America is one of the countries, the employment trends of which are not stable and have more chances to be worsened than to be improved. Lots of factors from different spheres of life have a certain impact on the development of employment trends and its significance. The problem of unemployment is […]

Early Retirement: Pros and Cons

In order to exhaustively evaluate the merits and demerits of an early retirement, it is important to consider the longtermview as opposed to a short term view. Reductions in personal expenditures in the short term have to be balanced with increasedpension benefit liability and expenses over thelong term. Nevertheless, budgetary and administrative discipline is necessary […]

Determinant Factors in Choosing a Career

Making a career choice is, perhaps, one of the most difficult decisions that people are faced with in their lives. There are varieties of considerations that should be made before making a career choice. For instance, a person may want to choose a career that he/she has a passion for, but the career may not […]

Effect of economy on culture and social structure

Introduction As societies grow, community members and local officials are continually confronted by the desire to balance social, fiscal, environmental, and economic goals. They face the challenge to decide on the amount and forms of the new development that the society can confront so that not to put lives of the members of the community […]

Effects of social-economic trends on suburbanization in Australia

Introduction Over the recent past, the prevailing socio-economic trends in Australia have resulted in a reversal of the long-term trend towards suburbanisation. There is new housing and retailing and many other important developments in the inner parts of city areas with a rapid growth of the area beyond the city fridge. These changes can be […]

Information Technology and Economic Performance

2187 A summary of a critical review on the empirical evidence This study was carried out to explore the relationship between IT and economic performance. Initial surveys showed no connection between IT and economic performance at the three levels: firm, industry and the whole economy (Roach, 1991, p. 86). Following those results, the research led […]

Benefit of students who have part-time jobs

Introduction The supreme desire of each and every parent on taking their children to school is for them to get the best education and excel. Despite this fact, there comes a point in time when the student needs to supplement the income from their parents or rather source funds to even cater for their education […]

Aspects of Global Poverty

Introduction Poverty is a very critical global issues that affects a majority of people from different parts of the world including the developed and the developing countries. This is brought about by poor living conditions where the income earning is far below the poverty line with combination of other factors like economic inflation and recession […]