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Taxation Essay Examples and Topics

Tariffs, Their Advantages and Disadvantages

The primary objective of the essay is to evaluate the pros and cons of tariffs. As the primary goal of tariffs is to provide favorable conditions for the development of national manufacturers, foreign producers experience [...]

Value-Added Tax in the United Arab Emirates

The discovering of the oil sources transformed the UAE to the economically powerful country; however, the other side of the problem is that oil and gas made the UAE dependent from the sources and can [...]

Internal Revenue Service Transformation

The stakeholders in IRS transformation included the government, outside institutions, IRS employees and the public. The organization lacked mechanisms that could allow the presentation of taxpayers' records in a simple and clear manner understandable to [...]

Need of Tax Cuts

However, in the long term, a tax cut is speculated to have macro-economic benefits if the taxpayers use the supplementary income they get wisely, and at the same time, the governments adjust well to its [...]

Economic Stimulus and Unemployment

The role of government in influencing the macroeconomic sphere of the economy is one that cannot be understated. One of the foremost negative effects of such fiscal policy is that the influx of government-induced money [...]

Fluctuations in Inflation and Employment

Debate surrounded what is termed the multiplier effect: are they higher for tax cuts or government spending, the differences in multiplier effect from different tax cuts, Incentive impact from tax cuts.

Hollywood Taxes for the Film Industry

The article "Hollywood Asks California to cut Taxes for the Film Industry" discusses a petition launched by Film Works aimed at convincing the state of California to implement tax cuts for the film industry.

Taxes Effects on Goods and Services

On the other hand, if the elasticity of demand is higher than the elasticity of supply for a given commodity, suppliers will have to bear the burden of the tax alone or pay the higher [...]

Economic Advisor’s Role

In the light of this view, this paper discusses the role of property tax to in helping a developing nation to attain the goals of encouraging capital formation, increase the rates of savings of its [...]

Tax Law Analysis

This essay explores the primary and secondary sources of tax law, substantial authority and the roles of the courts and internal revenue service in interpreting and applying the sources of tax law.

Banking Regulation and Taxation

Due to the scope of activities of the banking industry, it is vital for governments to regulate the industry. It is vital for the government to consider whether banking regulation or taxation would help in [...]

Tax Equity in Countries Economy

Therefore, a tax bracket should be created to cushion the poor from high income taxes. This is because the poor will be forced to spend a large portion of their pay on taxes.

Mineral Resource Rent Tax Policy

According to Golob, the MRRT policy was expected to expand the coverage of the present Petroleum Resource Rent Tax; in such a way that as from 2012 1st July the proposed tax policy would be [...]

US Taxation System’s Features

The researchers stress that the tax is not efficient as it is based on gas emissions mainly. It is necessary to add that the researchers provide a thorough analysis of the problem and support their [...]

Taxation: Theory and Practice

Citizens pay most of the taxes directly or indirectly such as the income tax, sales tax, and FICA tax. The market value of property additions done on the property increases the market value of the [...]

Bush Tax Cuts Debate

Calls to end the federal tax cuts are majorly spearheaded by the democrats because they are of the opinion that the tax cuts majorly favor the rich and consequently lead to the growth of the [...]


The claims in the media belong to the camp of freedom and community. Marx argued that taxation is one of the reasons that will force workers to challenge the elites in society.

Taxation in Asian market

Foreign companies in Pakistan are charged corporate income tax at the rate of 35% of the taxable income. Foreign companies in Thailand are obliged to a corporate income tax of 30% of taxable income.

Taxation in the United States

The system of tax may also be proportional or regressive; a regressive system of tax is one when the tax paid decreases and an individual income increases at the same time; a proportional system of [...]

Mining Resource Tax

As a result, the prime undertaking of the kingdom of Australia is to get a hold of transfer tax scheme that look forward to and has the aptitude of acting in response to these prospects.

The Mineral Resource Rent Tax in Australia

This essay will look into the effect of Mineral Resources Rent Tax on the accounting policies of the affected mining industry prior to the introduction of the tax and after the introduction of this tax.

The Economics of VAT

The article begins with explaining the impact of high rates of VAT on the people of a country, especially the middle class.

Review on Cap the gap by Janine Carmichael

The report contains valuable statistics data of the tax rates and entrepreneurs' opinions of the current policies which can be recommended to small business owners for enhancing their understanding of the current situation in the [...]

Legal and Illegal Tax Shelters

In this arrangement the shareholders are recompensed in two ways; the first one is the almost immediate tax savings while the other one is the probable huge returns in the case that the firm discovers [...]

Roles of Property Tax

It will also highlight the roles that can be attributed to the property tax in encouraging the foreign investors to invest in the nation.

Effect of tax on Vietnamese hangers

The effects of the duty have already been felt in the U.S.and other parts of the world. To begin with, the duty imposed on the hangers forced the wholesale prices of the hangers to rise.

Economic effects of tax reform

The objectives of this study were; To investigate the effects of tax reforms on the economic growth and development of a county To investigate the best tax systems that support the growth and development of [...]

Tax Evasion in Egypt

A gauge of the degree of tax evasion is the quantity of the unreported revenue, which denotes the variation between the quantity of revenue that ought to be accounted in the tax systems and the [...]

The Debate About Tax Cuts

Therefore, understanding the pros and cons of the tax-cut arguments shows that state and local taxes have a small burden on the businesses and are unlikely to affect their operating costs.

Review of the book Fair Play

On the issue of minimum wage, the book successfully gives a detailed evaluation of the estimations and approximations of minimum market wages and the significance of streamlining business operations and money management techniques.

Germany and the United States Comparison

Comparative, analysis of GDP of Germany and the United States shows that they have similar growth of GDP in spite of their differences in lucrative sectors of the economy. Germany and the United States have [...]

U.S. Corporate Tax Havens

But it can be argued that many multinational corporations have found a way to reduce the amount of taxes they are supposed to pay the government through the use of tax havens.

The Issue of Huge Taxes

Increased taxes are perceived to be detrimental to the growth of economy in the sense that, increased taxes on income discourage majority of people from working, more so due to the fact that, they work [...]

Federal worker’s ‘tax’

Within the plan, the federal government is asking federal employees to more than double their contributions towards their pensions, by about 1.8%.

Tax efficient financial planning

Taxes are inevitable, and since their impacts on our clients, investment, and income are adverse, our company should create awareness on the various vehicles one can use to reduce taxation.

Financial Revolution in Australia in the 2004

Most of the stakeholders are expecting this year's investigation of the Coopers Review to outline a major breakthrough in the superannuation systems. Some people are of the view that to live in Australia equities should [...]

Fair Tax and Laffer Curve

The disadvantage of the Laffer curve shows that the increase in the tax rates will become too unbearable to the paying individuals and business people.


The author uses the Gulbranson case to indicate to the public that a large number of the critics of the Government Safety Net benefit from the services provided immensely.

Australian Tax System

The GST system provides a lot of revenue for the Australian government due to the fact that most of the goods normally consumed in the due course of everyday life have to be charged GST.

The Fat Tax Concept

Therefore more research is needed to establish the estimates for the national obesity-related cost, and the benefits in order to settle the uncertainty of fat tax implications.