Financial Growth Essay Examples and Topics

The Practical Value of Purchasing Power Parity Theory

Background information Multinational corporations (MNCs) are faced by various risks in their operation (Gallagher & Andrew, n.d, p. 595). One of these risks relate to economic risks. For example, the cash flows earned from the firms’ operations have to be repatriated to the parent company which means that the cash flows are subject to exchange […]

Islamic Religion: Zakah

The Islam religion in addition to giving spiritual guidance, also gives economic guidance one of which is the Zakah. Zakah is listed among the five pillars forming the basic foundations of the religion of Islam; it is the third of the five. The word ‘Zakah’ in Arabic means to be purified, to grow and receive […]

The Existence of Fraud Cases in Major Global Corporation

Abstract Fraud as defined by Wells (2011) is “any act, expression, omission, or concealment calculated to deceive another to his or her disadvantage” (61). Fraud is mainly depicted in financial terms with financial reports of different firms being main ways through which the vice is executed. This study will examine financial fraud in major multinational […]

Total Risk, No-Diversifiable Risk, and Diversifiable Risk

Introduction The relationship between total risk, no-diversifiable risk, and diversifiable risk are in the context of the level of diversifiable in the investment portfolio, which is critical in identifying the type of risk to diversify as economic investment environment dynamically changes. In this case, diversifiable risk is the only relevant risk because of its specificity […]

Financial Structures: Domestic and Foreign

Introduction While financing foreign and domestic projects, many options for financial structures may exist. A company would select a foreign investment project option based on the risks and costs that relate to the various available options. This short paper gives a synopsis of how financing a foreign project differs from financing a domestic project. It […]

Financial and Fraud Auditing

Differences between Financial and Fraud Auditing Financial audit is the review of financial statements of the organization. A financial audit exercise is taken to be the process that seeks to verify financial statements of an entity. This is done with a view of expressing or making an audit judgment about a legal entity. On the […]

Corporate finance and Volatility

Introduction Stocks’ beta expresses how much the stock prices may change as a result of changes in the financial market prices. A stock’s beta of 1.06 indicates that for a 1% change in general market prices, the price of the particular stock will change by 1.06%. Such a stock price is considered to be less […]

Cost Allocation in US Army

Introduction Cost allocation refers to assigning a cost that is standard to various cost objects. For example, if a company has one electric or water meter, it may apportion the cost of the electricity or water to various departments that use electricity. Allocation is arbitrary in nature whereby the kind of allocation done is on […]

Auditing and Assessing Financial Condition

For the economic wellbeing of a country, it is crucial to carry out financial analysis at the end of each fiscal year. Data from various years can be compared in order to evaluate the economic and financial position of the country. In general, the financial position of a country can be measured using parameters such […]

Role of International Financial Institutions in 2008 Financial Crisis

Introduction Late towards 2007, the earliest effects of 2008 financial meltdown were already being felt at some sectors of economy in several countries, notably in Europe and America. The financial crisis that would later become apparent throughout the year 2008 did not only catch the world unaware but would later turn out to be the […]

Professional Discourse in Financial Institutions Making Knowledge and Change

Discussion Basically, finance and banking literature falls into two classes. The first category is found in textbooks which introduces basic concepts in this field to trainees. However, textbooks do not have much to speak about profound changes transforming financial systems. The second category on the other hand tends to be discussed by a small group […]

Mortgage-Backed Securities as an Investment Type

Definition A mortgage-backed security (MBS) is a type of investment that is similar to bonds. Its value is secured by pooling several mortgages, which are then sold to investors (Mishkin & Eakins, 2012). The security is a derivative element. The reason is that its value is tied to that of another asset. The investor does […]

Financial Accounting by Dr. Ebenezer

Discoveries, Revelations and Impressions A presentation concerning accounting and finances was provided by Dr. Ebenezer. In his presentation, Dr. Ebenezer provided a brief overview of the phenomenon of financial accounting, as well as the process known as operational accounting. The presented identified the key functions of FA and the means of carrying out the procedure […]

Managing Risk Appetite of a Financial Institution

Retail banking in the UAE Retail banking concerns the transaction of banks with consumers without relying on corporate intermediaries. Here, the services on offer include savings or transacting accounts, loans, credit and debit cards, and mobile or internet banking facilities. A common thing about retail banking in the UAE is that all banks offer Islamic […]

How Structured Financial Management Techniques Affect Public Services in the US

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to discuss the adoption and reforms of structured financial management techniques and then identify the manner in which such techniques affect the availability and delivery of public services in the United States of America. Creation of public value is a major goal of the public sector (Bandy, 2011: […]

International Finance: Trend of Exchange Rate

Trend of exchange rate over time The graph presented below shows the trend of the weekly exchange rate of the Turkish Lira and Thai Baht against the US dollar for a period of five years that is, between 2008 and 2013. Based on the graph above, it can be observed that the exchange rate of […]

Fundamental principles of corporate finance

Introduction In corporate and business finance, there are three fundamental principles that have been studied and utilized over years. The principles take into account the capital flows intended to offer support to various business ventures. In fact, from global corporations to the small and medium sized enterprises, it is apparent that each commercial venture ought […]

The Monetary Policy of the Reserve Bank of Australia

This paper looks into the Reserve Bank of Australia in terms of the bank setting the cash rates with accordance to several factors with regards to the decision made by the RBA in April 2012. In the case where the RBA lowered the interest rates by 25 basis points, Australian banks are expected to reduce […]

Leasing (IAS 17)

Leasing IAS 17 refers to a set of regulations put in place by the government to guide the leasing process. The key objective of these regulations is to offer a clear prescription to both lessees and leasers appropriate accounting policies and disclosures to apply in relation to finance and operating leases (Badaracco 2003). These regulations […]

Costco Wholesale Corporation Finance Management

For a corporation to succeed, the management needs to have sufficient knowledge on financial concepts. Companies that apply these concepts manage to outdo their competitors as illustrated by Costco Corporation. Costco Wholesale Corporation runs 592 warehouses across the globe (Brigham & Houston, 2009). They sell various product brands together with the company’s own Kirkland Signature […]

Performance Of GCC Stock Markets In The Past Ten Years

Summary This research reviews the performance of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) stock market for the last ten years. GCC consists of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. GCC market experienced rapid stock market activities since 2000. However, these growths changed in 2005 due to falling oil prices and increasing interest […]

Troika Dialog

Troika Dialog is a principle asset corporation that was founded in nineteen ninety one and has been operating in CIS market. The center lines of trade for Troika Dialog comprise of; private investments and funding, investment banking, resources markets, unconventional investments as well as asset management. Troika Dialog works with customers from worldwide companies, administration […]

Sources Of Finance For The Mcdonald Inc.

To any business, funding remains an issue of critical importance that needs to be addressed with utmost care. Sources of funds to any business remain a critical issue that demands that an organization’s strategic managers guard the sources of funding to guarantee business growth. Traditionally, funds for business come from the sales proceeds. However, the […]

Modern Portfolio Management

Executive Summary The world economy has suffered severe financial crisis following a number of economic meltdowns that occurred in early 1990s, the beginning of 2000, as well as late 2000s. Specifically, the 2008 financial crisis was stern and affected economies of various nations in the world intensively. As result, diverse individual and institutional investors have […]

The availability of finances

Introduction Development of the economy is dependent on the availability and access to finances. The availability of finances is affected by the financial system. The financial system heavily relies on the market and whenever the market forces change, the financial system is affected Hawkins (2005, p. 65). Financial institutions give loans to fund economic institutions. […]

How innovation happens: The ferment of finance

This article highlights financial innovations which have become a common thing for investors and investment banks currently. According to the article, this may not be the most suitable time for financial innovations given the current global economic problems and the industries regulatory overhaul though the current environment looks perfect for stimulating finance’s innovative products. With […]

Methods of Using Inventory as Short Term Collateral

Inventories are appropriate as security for loans since they are liquid assets. While using inventories, the lender establishes a percentage advance based on the market value of the collateral. In other words, the market value of the collateral serves as a basis in which the lender establishes a percentage advance. This paper focuses on floating […]

History of Ashford hospitality trust

Executive summary This report presents the financial performance of Ashford hospitality trust, through an extensive analysis of financial ratios. Ashford is a hospitality company, which has operated for many years, and its financial performance has been relatively good. Essentially, these rations include those that reveal liquidity, profitability and capital structure of the entity. The implication […]

Risk Aversion

Definition of Risk Aversion Risk aversion, also referred to as risk avoiding, is the likeliness of an investor to take the investment with a lower risk rather than the investment with a higher risk, given that the expected return for the two investments is the same. A risk-averse person is often not willing to take […]

Finances and Accounting

The Philosophy of Public Finance Mason Gaffney is one of the philosophers in the economic world who has created the philosophy of public finance. One of the principles of this philosophy is that a person does not pay taxes from the land, this is the land gives money for payment. Therefore, Gaffney draws a line […]

Off Shoring of Manufacturing and Services

Off shoring as a method of conducting business involves transporting business operations such as manufacturing and service activities to emergent nations like China, India, Malaysia, Russia, and other countries. Some of the nations known for exporting their business ventures include the US and other European countries. The manufacturing activities include designing of complex computer chips, […]

Capital Asset pricing Model

Executive Summary Used by investors to establish relationship between expected return on investment in asset or security and the risk. It assumes that taxes do not exist in the market and transaction costs are not incurred. CAPM also assumes that investors borrow at risk free rate and uses the beta coefficient to measure volatility of […]

Activity Based Costing and Its Main Advantages

Traditional Costing Approach Using the traditional costing method, the total cost of each product will be as shown in the schedule below. The total cost column represents a summation of the variable and fixed costs. Number of Units Variable Cost Fixed Cost Total Cost 0 0 3,000 3,000 1 1,100 3,000 4,100 2 1,200 3,000 […]

International Business Incentives

Many countries across the globe have put up measures in place to attract foreign investments with the aim of fostering economic development. This paper will examine business incentives that have been put in place by Australia and Brazil as a strategy of attracting foreign investments. Australia is a thriving economy with a high Gross Domestic […]

Policies that support SME business start-ups

Legislative initiatives for SMEs have altered dramatically over the decades. In the 1960s, when these policies were initially passed, most SMEs were defined as disadvantaged groups. However, this perception changed tremendously in the late 1990s when the government recognized that small and medium enterprises were a crucial driver of the economy (EIU 2010). Uchikawa (2009) […]


Evertone Limited is a reputable company that specializes in the provision of hearing aid equipment. It operates in the industry that is dominated by other companies, among them Widex, Starky, Bernafon, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens and Sonic Innovation. Since competition is a reality that is anticipated in any industry, Everton has the responsibility of proving its […]

Global Commerce: Asian Market Venture

Introduction Scientific invention and innovation in transport and communication has facilitated growth of international trade. International trade is an element of globalisation that has necessitated the movement of factors of production across borders. Asian countries are experiencing rapid economic growth; they are offering an increased market to businesses with a capacity to trade internationally. Recognising […]

Analysis of the three projects

Project Juniper The project is clearly at the initiation stage (Reiss, 2007). The risk profile for this project is lowest. It is likely to be complete in six months and making a profit within one year – one of the deliverables of this project analysis. Although investing in this project does not serve the company’s […]

Importance of Outsourcing in Purchasing

Introduction Outsourcing is a process of seeking external services from another company or group other than getting the services from within the company or organization involved. It has become an important tool in shaping business especially as globalization takes place. It is growing very fast as people realize its importance. Although outsourcing has many benefits, […]

Diversified International Portfolio

A diversified international portfolio is an investment model that spreads an organisation’s or individual’s investment between securities in various foreign markets (Levi, 2005). This investment approach means that the investor does not focus on a single local market but various foreign markets. On the other hand, diversified local portfolio is an investment approach where the […]

Global Sourcing of Capital

The global sourcing of capital refers to obtaining financial resources from debt, equity, money or capital markets. Amongst these, debt refers to those financing sources which provide financing opportunities for both short and long terms. Equity, on the other hand, refers to obtaining finance for a business through issuance of stocks in local and / […]

Marketing environment forces

Economic factor This is the most important aspect of the marketing environment. It entails all the aspects that impact on consumer’s patterns of spending (Silk, 2006). Marketing managers of Oatmeal must, therefore, pay attention to the various developments in the economy. The key elements to be considered under economic forces include the following issues. Inflation […]

Developing a pricing strategy

For a business to be successful, it must have a working product pricing system. There are several factors that should be considered when setting the price for your products. The methods applied when setting your pricing include; cost-based pricing, completion-based pricing and customer based pricing. Competition should be considered when determining the price of a […]

Roles of International Financial Institutions

Global financing is a system that involves financial institutions that work internationally or around the world. Such institutions include the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. These institutions are global banks that give funds to countries with financial constraints as well as giving economic advice. This paper focuses on the roles of international financial […]