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Financial Growth Essay Examples and Topics

Higher Education Financing and Economic Growth

Throughout the article, the author uses data to show that increasing government spending on higher education has a negative impact on economic growth, and it leads to a decrease in the number of students joining [...]

Japan’s Period of Affluence

The rapid growth of the Japanese economy in the period between 1955 and 1973 remains as one of the unprecedented developments in the history Japan.

Zakat Fund Growth Monitoring

In order to achieve its mission of fostering the role of Zakat among Muslims, Zakat Fund has developed an online platform, which allows users to calculate and remit payment too. The ease of payment and [...]

Islamic Religion: Zakah

Zakah is listed among the five pillars forming the basic foundations of the religion of Islam; it is the third of the five.

Financial Structures: Domestic and Foreign

Organizations that wish to invest in foreign nations design financial structures of a foreign project with the chief intention of scrutinizing the mechanisms for capitalizing domestic and foreign funds, the equities of one market, the [...]

Financial and Fraud Auditing

Financial audit is the review of financial statements of the organization. The information provided will show that there is sufficient monitoring of the actions of the people in managerial positions.

Corporate finance and Volatility

Assets' beta is the average of the different sources of finance that a firm chooses. Fabozzi et al.discuss that the "asset market risk is the weighted average of the company's debt beta and equity beta [...]

Cost Allocation in US Army

The main reason why cost allocation is done from a federal point of view is to ensure that the cost of running projects is distributed equitably.

Auditing and Assessing Financial Condition

Data from various years can be compared in order to evaluate the economic and financial position of the country. In this economy, it would also be necessary for the government to diversify their sources of [...]

Financial Accounting by Dr. Ebenezer

I was literally captured by the new and exciting facts about the phenomenon of accounting, the possibilities that it opens for a businessman, and the benefits that a company may obtain with the choice of [...]

Fundamental principles of corporate finance

To finance a project effectively, the company must consider the amount of equity that should be tied up on the project. The principles namely the investment, financing and dividend principles collaborate to influence the value [...]

Leasing (IAS 17)

The proposed alternative laws that would treat both the land and the house as two separate assets would be of much help to the sector as the two would always be handled differently despite the [...]

Troika Dialog

The PEST kind of analysis has been of importance in comprehending the growth in the field of market as well as the expected declines thus, enabling the managers of the corporation to know the direction [...]

Sources Of Finance For The Mcdonald Inc.

Therefore, this means that although the main purpose of all business is to get revenue form the sales that they make, it is also important to invest some of the proceeds to some other forms [...]

Modern Portfolio Management

In addition, one has to compare the performance of debt markets in various countries in order to choose the best performing bonds, which should be in line with the taste and requirements of customers.

The availability of finances

Hawkins argues that the market and the structure of the financial institution contributes to the financial stability of a financial institution.

History of Ashford Hospitality Trust

Financial performance of the company in the last three years using ratio analysis, including what the results indicate about the state of the company Ratio analysis is used by the management, the shareholders or the [...]

Risk Aversion

Risk aversion, also referred to as risk avoiding, is the likeliness of an investor to take the investment with a lower risk rather than the investment with a higher risk, given that the expected return [...]

Finances and Accounting

Considering the building on the new houses, the landowners in this case should be reduced from the taxation as new buildings promote the development of the city and land, in this case, is considered as [...]

Capital Asset pricing Model

This paper outlines the types of risk and assumptions of the capital asset pricing model as well as demonstrating an application of the CAPM equation using a simple example. The rate of return represent the [...]

Policies that support SME business start-ups

Additionally, it was found that the second largest number of SMEs is in the service industry, including the hotel or restaurant industries. One may, therefore, assert that the number of new SMEs is reducing in [...]


The company has the capacity to achieve strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace hence it is the most appropriate one to be awarded the government tender to provide hearing aid equipment.

Analysis of the three projects

In this project, the techniques may be useful to the project manager in evaluating the progress of the project. Making profits in the first month is one of the deliverables of this project.

Importance of Outsourcing in Purchasing

This paper discusses the reasons and benefits of outsourcing, the drawbacks and remedies that should be taken, the process of outsourcing, the levels of outsourcing, and finally application of outsourcing in purchasing.

Diversified International Portfolio

A diversified international portfolio is an important investment approach since it enables the investor to take advantage in foreign markets such as emerging markets and specialized markets.

Global Sourcing of Capital

Systematic Risk, Unsystematic Risk and Beta Systematic risk refers to the risk related to the market which cannot be diversified by the investor.

Marketing Environment Forces

For the company to remain fairly competitive in the market, it has to adapt to the rapidly changing technology. To identify market opportunities, the marketing manager of the company must carry out comprehensive market research [...]

Developing a pricing strategy

The ability to balance between the perceived value and the price of the product is an idea in coming up with the best price for your product.